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10 September 2008


Mikey McD

I am pleased to be given “guidelines” and “recommendations” rather than laws. Could it be that the BOS was acting in a manner that salvaged whatever liberties the State and Feds have not already revoked.

Jeff Pelline

The difference between bloggers and journalists? I was curious how the link to KNCO appeared at the top of the list on this Web site. Why? Journalists would merely list the links in alpabetical order or something more "nonpartisan." I figure it stems from Nevada City Rotary Club connections, as well as some publicized appearances on KNCO. That's fine, but perhaps it's time for another "full disclosure" statement. Honesty is always the best policy. — Jiminy Cricket

George Rebane

For all the Jiminies out there, KNCO appears where it does on the list because that's the way TypePad in its wisdom puts the last link added. I guess there may be a way to change it, but I haven't looked into it. And yes, I was invited to be a guest commentator on KNCO as I pointed out in a previous post. Listeners will note that KNCO has no problem with my mentioning Ruminations on my editorials. In the interval I still languish among the banished from our noble non-partisan flagship. The old "full disclosure" statement still holds, and I am happy, especially in this election season, not to be mistaken for a journalist.

Mikey McD

"Government lies, and journalists lie, but in a democracy they are different lies." -anonymous

Jeff Pelline

“'When all else fails… blog' —some guy who wishes he was famous"


George, as previously stated, you are welcome to mention Ruminations in your editorials. Just no "naked links" (to use your words). That's not what Emily Post of the Internet would say too. You know that. Cheers.

Russell Steele


Why blog at the Union? You present a level of analysis that is missing at The Union. Plus, your search engine rank is equal to that of The Union. Keep up the good work, linking and cross linking and you will soon have an higher ranking. The Union does not seem to understand that it is the network, not the individual newspaper cul de sacs that are important. The power of the Internet is the collective knowledge of ALL the participants on the network. Cross linking spreads that knowledge.

Jeff Pelline

Cross linking spreads knowledge. Naked linking stems from a much different motivation — a desperate desire to piggyback on someone else's success to grow your own traffic. Also, you might want to revisit the so-called "search engine ranks." Russ, I hope your analysis is more thorough and accurate as an appointed member to the Transportation Commission. When is that post up for re-appointment anyway? Nate? Sally? I think it's time to dig deeper on this issue.

George Rebane

Jeff, I agreed months ago to your criticism about naked linking and stopped it immediately. I also apologized to you in writing through our email exchanges and on my blog. Additionally, I apologized to JeffA during a coffee break we had together earlier this year. But every time I checked until a couple of months ago, I found myself still banished. During all this time I have continued to link to Union content and have maintained a permanent link on my blog to your website. Motivated by your comment above, I went to check tonight, and it looks like my account is alive again. Thank you. And as always, Ruminations' readers remain interested in your comments.

Russell Steele


My NCTC term is up in January 2010 and I have already told the commission it is time for new blood, and that I will not be interested in another term on the commission. I will post up my link analysis process at NC Media Watch so that every one with the Google Tool bar can do their own analysis. They can use the back link feature and see who links to the Union. They can compare the page ranks for themselves, they will not have to take my word for it. If you have problem with the facts I suggest you contact Google not the BOS, as the link analysis data is provided by Google.

Russell Steele

Update on pervious posts. The Union's Page Rank has jumped two increments this morning, the Union now has a higher rank than RR and NCMW. They have added some more links. More analysis of those new links at NC Media Watch this week end.

George Rebane

[gjr - Lauren emailed the following and asked me to post it as a comment.]


Mikey, Despite my concerns, I believe our BOS did what they felt would be best for Nevada County. If they were also hoping to salvage some liberties, that would be wonderful. However, concerns remain. Certain guidelines/recommendations included in the Safety Element support burdensome extreme environmentalist ideas that, if anything, have tended to undermine liberties. And positioned as they are in the General Plan under various policy headings, departmental staff and future leaders may interpret and implement them as rules.

If at least County staff's table highlighting County and State regulations had been included in the General Plan Safety Element, this would have provided more clear distinction of actual regulations/laws in that policy document. George's table distinguishing state and county regulations versus recommendations was especially helpful to this end. I hope George will make it widely available.

I agree with you Mikey, I am pleased to be given guidelines and recommendations as well. And even though various guidelines and recommendations should have been removed to the promised educational document, I anticipate applying them to my own property, as appropriate. The distance between some Heritage Oaks may not be far enough, and there is some dead wood on the ground that is not the right size.

Lauren M. Lund

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