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02 November 2008


Russ Steele

I am not a citizen of Nevada City, but i have always admire George Fosters insight into economic issues and the financial risks associated with government. Having coffee with Mr. Foster can be an educational moment. It would be great if Nevada City voters had time for coffee with Mr. Foster before the election. Having him as the city's economic watch dog should reduce the risk for all citizens of this fine city.

Disclosure: Dear Union editor, I did not donate to George Foster's campaign and he has not given me thing in return for this endorsement, we paid for our own coffee.

Jeff Pelline

I'm glad to know that the "bastiat triangle" is riding george's coat-tails. you could learn so much from him — on so man levels. BTW, thanks for leaving your flyer in our family's mailbox this morning. We are residents of nevada city, unlike the "bastiat triangle," so we'll handle matters on our own.

Jeff Pelline

Also, in the interests of "link journalism, here's the URL to george's "other voices" that ran in the union:
(i know the "triangle" is a big believer in "link journalism" — at least when it suits them).

George Rebane

Dear Reader - RR always includes links to Union content when needed in its posts. In this piece no link was provided because the linked GeorgeF flyer pdf contains the cited Other Voices in its entirety. RR has always had a permanent link to the Union on its startpage. As a rainy day exercise, try to find a reciprocal link to RR or any other blog on the Union website. Dead-end sites make you 'back out' to reach other content.

Jeff Pelline

Click on this URL at The and you'll see a list of blogs written by a wide range of people in the community, including Russ Steele:

A "dead end" is referring people to a PDF (especially if they don't have Acrobat software).

George Rebane

The Union links are to specific posts on other blogs (RR excepted) - which I salute as a step in the right direction. There are no links to other blogs per se as you see on the right column of RR and other blogs. Some day The Union may become the facile information startpage of our community. But the clock is ticking.

For those confused by Jeff's comment about 'Acrobat software', Adobe's Acrobat has been a free download for over ten years which has made the pdf file format a worldwide industry standard. Your computer probably came with it pre-loaded.

Jeff Pelline

Come on. The more appropriate, honest action would be to link to the URL (the source of the original editorial) rather than a PDF (a copy of it on a flyer). I learned that in Bibliography I at Cal. RR is welcome to post a blog on our site, just like Russ or anyone else.

George Rebane

A link to the Union’s Other Voices was not necessary in this case because George Foster’s campaign handout in the pdf contains not only the Other Voices piece but additional information not in the newspaper. However, much confusion remains about what is link journalism. I have attempted to clear this up by posting a separate explanation here">">here instead of continuing this fruitless comment thread. And
">here is an additional link that will take you to the Union website and GeorgeF’s article. This is an example of link journalism that, I am told, is not allowed by the Union’s management. No one may embed links into their blog posts or comments that will take a Union reader to another website. The Union does not link to other blogs like RR, only to its internal blogs.

Jeff Pelline

Even more fruitless is George's response. See my response to his response, including an example of The Union linking to another blog — something he says doesn't occur on our web site. What a wast of time. Can you imagine being one of George's students?

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