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06 April 2010


Steve Enos

So far AB32 has support:

San Francisco, CA Apr. 6, 2010 – A new statewide poll conducted for Next 10 by Field Research Corporation finds that a majority of California voters support both the state's landmark 2006 law that requires reducing greenhouse gas emissions (58%), and imposing a fee on companies that emit these gases if most of the money collected is returned back to state residents (64%).

More voters think state energy policy encouraging new cleaner energy technologies will add jobs (36%) than take jobs away (14%). Another 41% say such policies will have no effect on jobs. In addition, a large majority (69%) agrees that "California can reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and expand jobs and economic prosperity at the same time," with 44% agreeing strongly. The size of the majority in agreement, however, is down somewhat from earlier Next 10/Field Research surveys conducted over the past three years -- 74% in 2008 and 83% in 2007.

"Even in these hard economic times, most California voters remain bullish about the prospects of green energy technologies having a beneficial effect on the state's economy," said Mark DiCamillo, Senior Vice President of Field Research Corporation.

"The financial crisis has hit hard in California, so it is not surprising to see that the current recession is causing somewhat greater uncertainty," said F. Noel Perry, founder of Next 10. "Yet this research shows that large majorities of voters continue to believe that clean energy policies don't take jobs away, and that expanding jobs, growing the economy and reducing global warming emissions are mutually compatible goals."

The survey also finds that two in three voters (64%) would favor imposing a fee on companies that emit greenhouse gases if most of the money collected is rebated back to state residents, with 41% strongly in favor of this approach.



The Support for the California Jobs Initiative is growing. The supporting organizations grew from 90 last Friday to 107 today. Here are just a list of the organizations. One thing that impressed me was the broad reach across multiple ethnic groups and business sectors. Regardless of the polls, there is broad and growing support for California Jobs Initiative ( I have only listed the Organizations, your can go to this URL to find the politicians and the business that support the CJI:

California Small Business Association
California Manufacturers & Technology Association
California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce
California Small Business Alliance
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce
Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
National Tax Limitation Committee
Nisei Farmers League
California Taxpayer Protection Committee
Carson Black Chamber of Commerce
American GI Forum of California
California Citrus Mutual
California Republican Party
California Coalition of Filipino American Chambers
California League of Food Processors
Lumber Association of California and Nevada
Printing Industries of California
Southern California Rock Products Association
Santa Maria Valley Contractors Association
California Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA)
California Automotive Wholesalers Association 
California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations
Chemical Industry Council of California
Filipino Progress
Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles Regional Homeless Restoration Advisory Coalition
Independent Oil Producers Agency
Alliance of Contra Costa Taxpayers
In His Power Christian Center
California Dump Truck Owners Association
Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce
Western Agricultural Processors Association
Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento County Taxpayers League
Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce,
Development Foundation
American GI Forum Women of California
Kern County Taxpayers Association
San Diego Tax Fighters
Stockton/San Joaquin County Filipino Chamber of Commerce
California Dairy Campaign
National Taxpayers Union
Fontana Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
California Poultry Federation 

George Rebane

Hard to contend with your comment Steve. I do think you may understand that that was the point of the my post, it's too early to celebrate any rollback on AB32. As I concluded, the teachers' unions have delivered.

Steve Enos

Calpers, what a mess! Add the unfunded retirement needs and you have a massive train wreck on the way.

What about all the pre-retirement wage padding that toke place and the retire, but work part time double dipping too? In the so claimed conservative bastion Place County we see this has been rampent. There are also examples here in Nevada County.

What about Tea Party "members" that are retired government workers? I'm betting that the TP has a number of retired public sector folks. Folks that wave their beliefs and then go cash that government retirement check each month. The there are those medicare benefits and social security checks some TP folks use.

Calpers... a total and complete mess.

Mikey McD

Steve, it is the normal first response is to "attack" the employees who "double dip" or "spike" or receive what anyone in the private sector would call a rich retirement paid by taxes. However, while their is some hypocrisy for citizens enjoying such rewards and moaning about the size of government, hypocrisy or the manipulative public employee actions are not illegal. I think it is natural for a public "servant" to game the system to receive every legal cent. We need to change what is legal.

Jeff Ackerman nailed it- public employees are (as planned) the new aristocracy.

Steve Enos

What about Tea Party members that are retired government workers? I'm betting that the TP has a number of retired public sector folks. Folks that rant about government and government employees living large, chanting their "beliefs" and then going to cash that government retirement check each month.

EXIT QUESTION: So does the TP have retired government workers as members?

Mikey McD

YES, GUARANTEED. This is hypocrisy via self preservation. A retired government worker knows that future paychecks require more fiscal responsibility- now that they have gotten their guarantees in writing. Retired government employees know that the benefits bestowed upon them are not sustainable and to keep increasing the spending threatens their benefits.

Kind of like the NH2020 folk wishing to pull up the draw bridge once they move into town.

Scott Obermuller

Answer to Steve - I'm sure it does. But that line of reasoning shows how little you understand about the TP. Folks who worked for a lifetime and had to pay into a defined benefit retirement system and SS were promised a certain retirement package. The govt. took the money and either squandered it(SS) or mismanaged it (CalPers) and now you would blame the workers? CalPers used to be a very well run outfit that was fully funded for decades. The rot set in about the same time the unions got control of the state workers. What a coincidence! There are a lot of conservative state workers that are pretty pissed off at the unions, the legislature and the governor. The voters have the final say and they voted in a bunch of financial morons. Most state workers don't get anything like the high retirement packages that are examples of the few that can inflate their salaries in the last year and bail with 6 figure retirements. Those govt retirement checks are the workers' money that was earned. The TP is upset about the tax money that is poured out to people and groups that never worked a day for the billions they now get as an entitlement.

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