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08 July 2010


Steve Enos

Why a "recess appointment"?

Well could it have anything to do with the big backlog of appointments that the R's have been blocking? Blocking the review of these appointments from moving forward becasue their basic plan uis to fight everything anf anytihng that our new President tries to move forward. No comprise, just no on most everything.

bill tozer

The last thing Obama wants right now is to have confirmation hearings on Berwick. Burwick's past statements, written works, nor his experience is NOT what the current administration is dodging. Rather, Obama does not want any discussion of the certainty of Medicare cuts, the gross overruns of Obama Care, the problems currently facing the Mass. health care plan (which Obama Care is based on) i.e.: the rationing of Medicare. A 2 week recess by Congress is just an excuse not to probe these matters before November. Sweep in under the carpet.

George Rebane

The apparent problem with Berwick was that Obama neither scheduled his hearing or even filled out the needed congressional paperwork for his application for the job. There was no intention to parade his straight talk about nationalized healthcare before the bill passed AND the mid-term elections were over. Makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

Todd Juvinall

Enos, you need to stay up on the news. Max Baucus, democrat, chair of the committee, delayed the hearings for this socialist, not Republicans. Get your facts straight before embarrassing yourself here.

Dixon Cruickshank

I keep telling him to go with just Steve so that quits happening

I will say this is about as blatent an afront to all americans than I can imagine, and yes the paperwork was never even submited - the questionaires and such for even a preperation of a hearing.

Todd Juvinall

No, you can't hang this on the R's no matter how hard you try. We are on to the liberal democrats strategy. The appointment is good for one year unless confirmed. Then this nut will have to tell America all about spreading the wealth.

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