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06 December 2010


Bob Hobert

Best wishes to Senator LaMalfa. He will represent us well. That portrait of Moonbeam is so...lifelike.

Dixon Cruickshank

George were you sucking it in during the picture - maybe kinda

Jeff Pelline

This is the stuff of a Tom Wolfe novel. Thanks for sharing!

Steven Frisch

Yeah, even modern art is bad.

kim pruett

Congrats to Senator La Malfa, we are lucky to have him as our representative in Sacramento. Looks like a fun day and glad you guys were a part of it. I am looking forward to going to DC in January for Tom's swearing in ceremony, I will take pics and bring them back for you. That picture of Jerry Brown is interesting :)

RL Crabb

Brings to mind the portrait of Dorian Gray.

Mikey McD

George, your propensity to break bread with politicians concerns me. I can't imagine what a politician would have to do to get me to go to downtown Sac or Chico... I will file this in my "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" file. :).

George Rebane

Good points Mikey. But rest assured that only a few politicians want to break bread with me when they see me from a distance, and fewer yet when they get to know me. We elect them, so someone has to watch them. And those few who will listen are rare gems, rarer yet are those who will do what's right. My conversations are blunt and to the point, sort of like the stuff you read here.

The bobbers and weavers, those who claim to "know how the game is played" and play it, shun me like they would someone with a bad cold. Your filing system is appropriate.

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