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29 July 2011


Todd Juvinall

Europe is a continent of tribes. Those tribes have survived for thousands of years. They were and are comprised of like minded people who value their similarities and it appears not even the Mongol invasion, Ottoman invasion or the commie invasion and occupations changed them. So I would say your premise is correct. No laws were passed that forced these people to give up their culture and if the politicians did it didn't work. Kind of like the Russian Orthodox religion. It was banned throughout the communist rule but miraculously popped up as soon as the commies were tossed.

bill tozer

Dr. Rebane: this is a wee bit off target, but may contain one of the many components of rapidly changing cultures. May have to click twice to watch video and it already dated, lol.

Dixon Cruicksahnk

Actually they brought the tribes to America, look back at the history of NYC as the immigrants came over, they settled in nieghborhoods of like folks - completely understandable, lamguage, food, religon and culture were available.

George Rebane

And then Dixon, they quickly started leaking out and assimilating into the Americana that covered the countryside. There they continued to honor and celebrate their culture in private, and no longer gathered as ethnically defined coalitions that marched under their native flags on public occasions. In short, the presence of their native cultures waned in the American amalgam as the older ones looked down the generations during family gatherings. And America was the stronger for it. I am the product of such a cultural evolution, and have witnessed it intimately since getting off the boat in 1949.

Bonnie M

Interesting. I've an old English history book that tells about the "free necked" men of Europe. They were called that because they never bowed to a Lord. The secret to their status was that you had to have your own land to be self sufficient, and weapons to defend it. They were the ones that would come to the country's defense (for the king) against invaders. You can see how our culture evolved from experience...incorporated in our Bill of Rights concerning property and the second amendment enabling us to protect ourselves and property. Everybody wants to come to America where (as Lincoln put it) the little guy has a chance. It's those laws embodied in our Constitution that make it possible. This is our culture that protects ALL individuals regardless of the culture they bring with them, but sought to escape from. Don't you think our hard wraught culture of freedom must be upheld?

George Rebane

Absolutely BonnieM. And what a well turned and deep notion - "hard wrought culture of freedom" - thank you for gracing these pages.

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