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26 July 2011


Barry Pruett

Obama Tells the Banks...hey...we are not going to default...I was just kidding.

I am disgusted with the "kill grandma"/class warfare rhetoric of which Obama is the King.

America (and Obama) must live within its is that simple. The time is ripe for a balanced budget amendment, and it is about time.

Todd Juvinall

I listened to both last night and what a world of difference between the left and the right. What I find funny about the left especially here in our little county is they are no different than Obama and his petulant world view. Boehner was the adult and Obama the child. Obama blamed Bush just like the libs do here and we adults have to chide them into reality.

I actually don't care for either of the plans because they are not really achieving real cuts. I watched a bit of CSPAN yesterday and the Congress was debating the Interior Dept. budget. A Congressman from Idaho, a Republican, opposed cutting the spending! Idaho is mostly "owned" by the feds and he was probably afraid of something they would do to his state. Anyway, what we need to do is elect people with heuvos who will not be swayed by the lies and the power. Hard to find them anymore.

George Rebane

My question in this post is a very serious one. If not raising the debt limit and promising to live within our means will result in a credit downgrade, and continuing to borrow more money for which there is no plan for repayment will keep our credit rating at its highest, and going through the whole debt limit raising process is so stressful for our economy and national politics, then why not take this bitter pill off the table for the next several years?

Would the credit agencies than breathe a sigh of relief and Chinese again begin increasing their share of our public debt? Something tells me that this would not be so, and examining why is the invitation here.

(As substantiation for my approach I offer what we in science are trained to do with any new theoretical proposition as we examine its verity. We take its critical variables to their extremes (and also any apparent singularities) and see if the answers the theory provides still make sense.)

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