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22 November 2011


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Todd Juvinall

Couldn't sleep eh?

bill tozer

Musings on money. Hey, its only money. Poor folk are the most materialistic people I have ever met and they don't got no greenies. Go figure. I don't give a hoot about greenies. I use them to light my fine Cuban cigars, especially those ones with the picture of US Grant on the greenies. Franklins burn better than Jacksons by far when used to light my Coleman Lanterns. Wonder why? Europe would be a lot less stressed right now if they were not so darned concerned about money. Money, money, money is all they talk about. Go figure

George Rebane

You saw right through it all Todd; hope it also cured your insomnia ;-)

Todd Juvinall

What did the Bible say about money? The root of all evil? Money truly is a corrupter of the human character if it is the most important thing a person cherishes. I have made some and I have lost some and I find the true value of money is only secondary to family and love of a mate or the family. I know we need it in the modern world and the trap we all seem to get into is we have to make enough of the green to maintain a lifestyle we appreciate. Debt is what has made money so much bigger than the value of the actual money. When money lending was a full blown endeavor by banks and government (bonds) that allowed a fast paced race to build a modern society. The downside of debt is it has to be paid back and now we as a country can't pay it back. My guess is a sever recession number two to readjust the debt, perhaps to "monetize" the debt, and then start over.

bill tozer

Upon further musing, money seems more important to governments than the average Joe Q Public who, like myself, live on an altruistic plane. While money is not important to us enlightened ones, there is something about being forced to give government money that upsets even the most patriotic among us. The first thing Congress did back in the day was a nice little bill. The second thing our government did under George Washington was to tax whiskey, thus the Whiskey Rebellion. The dude who started the Whiskey Rebellion had to flee for his life after Washington ordered him executed. He fled to St Francisville, LA which was then Spain and hid out till Washington forgave him. We have a voluntary tax system, but try telling the IRS that you decline to "contribute" (lib speak)this year. See, the problem is the government requires to be paid in dollars, which we illustrious ones care little about and is so petty. I would like to pay them with some of my finger paintings or great ideas, but they don't value genius. They are too materialistic, just like po folk. Thomas Jefferson in his first Inaugural Address declared cancelling all domestic taxes cause the nation could get along just fine on foreign taxes (tariffs?) He was a great man and intuitively knew the evils and problems money would create. The traditions of our founders continue to this day

George Rebane

The Bible identified the root of all evil to be the LOVE of money.

All who toil today for the purpose of providing for tomorrow must understand money, for how else will we have yesterday's toil serve us today?

D. King

To properly redistribute wealth it is necessary to devalue labor / money.

D. King

I recommend a tax on carbon, which will affect all aspects of production and consumption.
We can use scary climate change, and the false belief that we can substantially change the temperature of the planet.


Mikey McD

Well written George. America took a heavyweight 1,2 punch in 1913 (16th Amend and Fed Reserve Act). Money has never been the same. Today we live with a worsening hangover from the reckless behaviors of past/present central planners.

Best quotations...
"(Interesting how governments preach the courageous cooperation of collectivism to their citizens, and then practice that “greedy individualism” when their interests are threatened.)"

"...commodity money based on precious metals could be debased, i.e. they could steal from the people without having riots in the streets from raising taxes too high."

Mikey McD

Re: 'money' it should be noted that us subjects need to report withdrawals from our banks of more than 10k, if we choose to leave the country (think citizenship) we are taxed on the way out, the FED has our savings yields pegged at ZERO (despite rampant inflation), employers (yours truly) are required to collect the IRS's taxes via withholdings, credit card purchases are shared with the IRS (they may not know what you make, but they can tax you on how much you spend), wages can be garnished without cause... ain't central planning grand.

bill tozer

One of my favorite lines about money was uttered in the movie "The Jerk": “It’s not the money I’ll miss. It’s all of the stuff!”

bill tozer

Perhaps we should revamp our tax code to exclude everything but credit scores. The higher your FICO score, the more you pay. The lower your FICO, the less you pay. Anybody under 600 pays nothing. It does not matter if you live in a shack sitting on milk crates burning kerosine lamps. If your FICO is above average you must pay through the noise. Simple. Don't we already punish the prudent and reward the irresponsible?

Douglas Keachie

Coming soon, your FICA score adjusted by the financial quality of those you "friend."

As in, "if you haven't got anybody you could borrow from in an emergency, you are obviously a higher risk person, and therefore get a lower FICA score."

George Rebane

DougK - that sounds like a very advanced and privacy intruding way to better assess the risk of lending to someone. Please tell us more if you have info on this.

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