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20 November 2011


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Russ Steele

I saw a CBS 60 Minutes interview tonight of Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform. He has pledges from all the Super Committee Republicans that they will never vote to raise taxes. We saw the wall of trophies in his office showing all the Republicans who broke the pledge and are no longer in office. There is no way that the Republican on the Super Committee can vote for a tax increase and expect to be re-elected to office. Grover is willing to spend million to make sure that every voter knows that they broke the no tax pledge if they vote for more taxes. Given the Tea Party’s demand for smaller government, any Republican on the Super Committee. and maybe even Democrats, will be burnt toast come the next election cycle. It does not appear that any agreement will occur with the Democrats demanding tax increases and Grover’s pledges in force.

Todd Juvinall

When this committee was announced we all knew it was a failure iut if the box. Now we have proof.

Michael Anderson

I agree w/'s a fail. Next subject.

Steve Frisch

Wow, how nice an-elected political activist has a wall of trophies on his wall of people whose careers he has destroyed that he can hold over the heads of our elected representatives to ensure a specific outcome from our elected bodies. If this is not exactly the type of political blackmail the Tea Party is supposed to be against I don't know what is.

So now Grover Norquist is the most powerful political figure in the country ---kind of the anti-Christ if you ask me.

How does this square with that constitution you all claim to love?

Todd Juvinall

I see the two previous socialist posters are at it again. Norquist is a great American and unlike you two ingrates, he loves the Constitution.

Russ Steele

James Pethokoukis: Democrats’ tax-hike obsession killed the SuperCommittee

The spectacular failure of the much-hyped, congressional debt-reduction panel completes the devolution of the Democratic Party back to its pre-Clintonion state: unabashed champion of the high-tax welfare state. And America is worse for it.

It’s like the 1990s never happened and the 1970s never stopped happening for the Washington Obamacrats. The U.S. economy faces two screamingly obvious problems: historically slow growth and historically high government spending leading to massive budget deficits. In this way, American is already frighteningly like Greece and Italy.

Yet Democrats used the SuperCommittee to push a trillion-dollar tax hike and block fundamental entitlement reform. As one GOP aide told Politico, “If they were willing to go a little further on entitlements, we’d see what we can do on revenues. That was the way it would have to work. What we found was, they needed a trillion-plus in revenues, and weren’t willing to do anywhere near that on entitlements.”

The Super Committee was doomed from the very beginning, Republican's = Not taxes! Democrats = No entitlement cuts! If either blinked, they would be voted out of office, so they all went into survival mode -- do nothing!

Russ Steele

Oops, should read: Republican's = No taxes!

Russ Steele

Double oops; Should read Republicans = No Taxes.

RL Crabb

Another lesson in "How to destroy a nation 101". When in doubt, do nothing and let the economy flounder in indecision and fear because both parties are all so cocksure that they will get some kind of a mandate in the next election.

I wonder if the American people are willing to starve that long?

Steve Frisch

That's right boys, don't answer the question. Who the hell is Norquist to have this power and how does it square with the fake outrage from the Tea Party about respecting the constitution.

And Todd, you are a Nazi.

Michael Anderson

But at the end of the day, Liszt is where it's at:

Greg Goodknight

What power does Norquist have besides the money to defeat incumbents in the Republican primaries by informing all their constituents that they voted to raise taxes?

If the issue is that powerful with the Republican core, it would seem to be fair play to hold that over their congresscritters. With the '12 elections about 50 weeks away, nothing significant is going to get done anyway, it's now all about posturing, and that's the case for both sides.

Sorry, RL, but I think the Feds in gridlock is one of the more positive possible outcomes. The Feds don't run the economy, although they can screw it up without trying too hard.

Russ Steele

Well as we can see, Steven F has one again run out of intellectual ammo and has resorted to name calling. How sad!

As for the Norquist question: He has not violated the constitution in any way. He is just holding Republican to their political promises, that is something that the Tea Party has been doing. It is something we all should be doing. If during the campaign candidates promise not vote to raise taxes, then they should be held accountable. That is all Norquist is doing, but he is doing it with a big stick, millions in donations to defeat those breaking their pledge. It is that simple.

Michael Anderson

Oooops, sorry about that...I definitely meant Brahms:

Steve Frisch

Russ, I called Todd a Nazi intentionally, knowing that one of you would call it name calling, and I could point out the double standard allowed here. If Todd can call people here socialists without being called out on it, I should be able to call him a Nazi, it is exactly the same thing.

And if all Norquist is doing is holding people accountable, then Soros doing that should be just fine with you guys.

Todd Juvinall

Steve is so childish, no winder SBC is tanking.

Norquist runs a organization that is helping the American people in their pocketbook. Socialists want to remove the money through force and give it to others. That is the difference and I can certainly see why Frisch is upset coming from hid ideology of taking.

One need only to look at the revenues taken by the Feds since 1980 and then look at the spending during the same years. Add all the laws passed by them and viola! You can see the reasons for the deficit and debt. Too much spending.

Steve Frisch

Yes Todd, entire 30 years of history covered by Todd in one simple minded sweep of the hand!

George Rebane

SteveF - you're still taking that proud moniker 'socialist' as a pejorative. Your calling Todd a Nazi is simply inaccurate since that is a national socialist, and Todd is anything but a socialist (national or international). No one here, that I'm aware of, uses 'socialist' as an insult, only as an efficient label that summarizes what they perceive a person's socio-political belief tenets to be. I don't take exception to being called a 'conservative' or 'libertarian' or 'Rightwinger', no matter what the finer semantics of each is (recall, I label myself as a conservetarian).

It seems only the collectivists don't like to be identified as such, and one can see why when given shown the unadorned definitions that the collectivists themselves offer. We only use those and don't practice the hubris of the Leftwingers who label us with accepted labels of the Right, AND then go on to also impose their definition of that label. Another of the many enduring asymmetries between us. But then, in these pages we have been around this barn so many times before.

Russ Steele

Some insight from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air that I find spot on. It does not do any good to finger point at the Rs or Ds as the problem. The Congress is the problem.

The real cause of the failure of the supercommittee was the idea that a supercommittee would act any differently than the Congress at large.  Instead of using the normal process of having each chamber pass their own bills and using a conference committee to reconcile them, the debt-ceiling deal assumed that a dozen eminences grises could hand down a solution from on high that would significantly depart from the months and years of debate that had already taken place over the debt and deficit problem.  The members of this committee were a part of that debate, which means they took the same issues into their chamber that everyone else had to handle outside of it.

Instead of using the proper procedure, we’ve just wasted three months in pursuit of a Deus ex machina rescue that was never going to materialize.  While that’s bad news in the short run, it’s probably good news in the long run.  Anyone proposing blue-ribbon supercommittees in the future will be laughed out of town –  which is what should have happened the first time.

It is time that we insist our Represntatives do the job we elected them to do, rather than keep kicking the can down the road. The only solution is to stop spending.

George Rebane

Re Norquist - while not violating any laws, the man is exercising his First Amendment rights openly and publicly. This is in stark contrast to Soros and others (of both parties) who like to work behind the scenes through organizations they fund and can quietly direct. Bringing up Norquist's actions as having some unconstitutional component, IMHO, shows ignorance of the Constitution or is simply perverse.

Steve Frisch

Well George than you should have absolutely no problem with me calling Todd a Nazi, and it should not be considered a pejorative.

Nazism is after all a political, economic and social system, just as socialism is, and I think I could make a pretty good case that Todd supports it, wholeheartedly.

By the way, your history, whether coming from personal experience as a boy or not, is incredibly inaccurate.

Although the Nazi's used the term socialist in their name, it was nothing more than an expedient during their rise to power to grab a portion of the populous that would be attracted to such titles. Almost nothing in the way they governed was socialist; it was more characterized as a corporate oligarchy with a dictatorial government. The Nazi's rejected the class conflict of socialism, rejected the dismissal of private property rights, and claimed to support an egalitarian competition based on merit. Their anti-capitalism was almost solely directed at international finance and what they perceived as Jewish owned banks or Jewish influenced industries. As a matter of fact I think a pretty good analogy could be drawn between your believe in an internationalist conspiracy to control private property through Agenda 21 and the Nazi fiction that Jewish financiers were controlling the world.

So you see, I do take socialist as a pejorative, just as Todd is likely to take Nazi as a pejorative, so as long as Todd (and others) are referring to me as a socialist I will refer to them as Nazi's.

Mikey McD

ONE of the hypocrisies of the OWS mob...

"Forgive all student debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt, debt is evil!"

"Increase government debt! We need more government debt!"


Todd Juvinall

George, how true about Norquist. The left whines about transparency and Grover certainly has that. He gets them to sigh a document for goodness sakes. The left as represented by Frisch's thinking can do all their backroom deals and resist transparency and somehow not hold themselves to the reality of what they say they require of us. I think Frisch and the rest of the progressives like him protest too much though. Income and expenses have gone his/their way since the Great Society and that is still not enough (15 trillion in the hole). That is why anything a liberal/socialist/progressive says about the budget is so disingenuous.

Todd Juvinall

I posted above and did not see Steve Frisch's post on the term Nazi. I must say, it appears he has become very desperate. Isn't Frisch that uses that Rule about the first person to use the word Nazi? Yep, so he once again shows the readers his total hypocrisy. Thank you Frisch!

It is interesting to me that Frisch;s claim that people who believe in individual freedom and the US Constitution would be called Nazis. Is that bizarre or what?

Mikey McD

Another sign of ignorance from the OWS/socialst mob...

Labeling those who seek and cherish individual freedom (less government) as fascist or Nazi's. When in FACT it is the socialist/progressive's dream to have equality enforced by tyranny. On the political spectrum Fascism and Nazism is just to the left of socialism.

CHECK OUT WIKI's starting line on the "Nazi" page ""National Socialism" redirects here."

Perhaps the easiest way to rat out an uneducated, hate driven liberal is there misuse of terms.

Scott Obermuller

Apparently the left thinks that democracy is very important - for Democrats and the left. Conservatives and Republicans should not be allowed to exercise this power. Grover Norquist has no power whatever that every one who posts here has. He simply keeps track of facts and informs people of those facts. A very powerful thing indeed that we here in this country have the right to.

George Rebane

SteveF's 906am is the obligatory Leftwing denial of Nazis being socialists that hangs on the rapid descent of Nazism into a pure dictatorship. They make no similar claim on the equally rapid descent of the USSR into a naked dictatorship since that tyranny continued paying obeisance to the Left's patron saints of Marx, Engels, and Lenin who still reside in their pantheon. As has been argued on these pages many times, socialism is not a stable form of governance - it will descend into tyranny as it destroys the economy needed to support its public welfare programs. This fact alone must be obfuscated and denied by the intellectual Left, for it to emerge in the common mind would remove the eternal promise of collectivism - as it is happening in Europe this very moment.

D. King

Without comment.

Todd Juvinall

Dave, that was a great video. Dissecting the Warren/Frisch socialist ideology is very important t the health of our country.

D. King

Yeah, it is Todd, and apparent to all but the living fossils.

Greg Goodknight

Today's news as covered by the Boston Herald. Edited to remove offensive language:

"MADRID -- Spain’s [Pejorative deleted] Party will elect a new leadership in February, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero announced Monday, following the party’s crushing defeat to the opposition conservatives in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

A party congress will be staged in early February to open "a new phase" for the [Pejorative deleted] after their "bad" election results, Zapatero said.

The party’s federal committee is due to set a date for the congress on Saturday.

Zapatero has earlier said he is not seeking a new term as the [Pejorative deleted] Party’s secretary-general. Names tipped to succeed him include Defense Minister Carme Chacon and former interior minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who was the [Pejorative deleted] candidate for prime minister in Sunday’s elections."

Russ Steele


[Pejorative deleted] Funny!

Greg Goodknight

Russ, you may be confusing expletives with pejoratives.

Todd, if you hadn't figured it out, Frisch was making fun of your spelling... you see, "viola" is a musical instrument that looks a lot like a violin, but burns longer. Some folks think violas are larger than violins, but that's an optical illusion caused by violinist's heads being larger.

Frisch, Todd is a fairly simple and common man, and like many common folk, he thinks if something looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, he'll call it a duck. And while you seem to think you're something of a moderate (maybe a majoritarian/authortarian Democrat, who knows), the fact that you never seem to have any major disagreements with folks who seem pretty socialist to the right leads him to use the "s" word to describe you.

I recall years ago watching Buckley's The Firing Line; someone (Buckley, I think) made some mention about socialists in Congress, and Gary Hart(pence) challenged him to mention one... the answer was there were so many it wouldn't be fair to single anyone out. I think part of the aversion to socialist is it being synonymous with being a Soviet Socialist sympathizer; it's a shame. A perfectly good word. Socialists should help rehabilitate the term by accepting it and using it. It's a shame our social democrats can't be as proud as their brethren in Spain.

Todd Juvinall

Greg you are correct I am a simple fellow. I misspell words and the "smarter than the average bear" types always revert to spell check when we simpletons best them. Voila, now I knew what I meant an so did Frischi, yet the best he could do is try a make a point, but with whom I am not sure. I usually don't correct others spelling errors because I figure out what they mean. It is not that important but it appears to be the best a Frischi can do. I have never corrected any of his spelling errors, but I do have to admit I make fun of his eftwing mantras. SO if one wants to correct my spelling, have at it, I could care less.

Greg Goodknight

Todd, neither Steve or I ever make spelling errors. Among the 'properly' educated it's called a 'typo'. You see, we're not stupid and any mistake is just an artifact of bad typing or cut and pastings gone awry.

Nothing wrong with simple, nothing pejorative intended. Viola for voila is also a very common misspelling. Common typo, too :)

Russ Steele


I am aware of the difference, I was just having some fun.

Todd Juvinall

Greg, I am doing a tongue in cheek. But I do know you are smarter than me. LOL!

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