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04 June 2012


billy T

I like Bob Dylan, but I would not go as far as Obama and call him a hero. The physical evidence on the dead teenager did create much needed silence on the Zimmerman case until this bail thing. The decreased had torn skin on his knuckles and bruised fists pointing to close quarter hand to hand combat. When everyone cried that Zimmerman was not hurt...well, anyone who has brawled or even bumped his/her head on the bathroom sink knows the sore spot you go to bed with will turn to black eyes or ugly welts in the morning. Still, it is best to wait and see on criminal cases. At least we got a break from the case for a couple of weeks. The other story that is eerily quiet is the jobs reports from March (not May). Revised figures show that there were no green sprouts in March, but considering the work force and the population and young people entering the job market we actually lost jobs in March, April, and probably May when the figures are revised before June's job reports. This was happening before the recent Spain thing grabbed the headlines and makes is so easy to blame Europe for our current woes. Appears that things here in the USA looked better briefly because of a mild winter and now the work has dried up. Isn't this the time of year when things ramp up? BTW, the jobs "created" in May are part time/temp jobs...until the figures are revised down again. Silence is golden and sometimes refreshing. When the hens start squawking, I start walking...away.

Earl Crabb

Zimmermans in the news...Culture vultures will note that Bob Dylan's birth certificate lists him as Robert Zimmerman. Coincidence? Hmmm...As for the other Zimmerman, let's remember that he took it upon himself to stalk a teenager armed with nothing more than a hoodie and a big cup of soda, which may be a crime in NYC, but not in the sunshine state. Despite advice from the Proper Authorities, Zimm couldn't let it go. Maybe old farts like you and me would turn the other cheek, but a hot-blooded teenager might take exception to having a self-appointed thug breathing down his neck while simply walking home from the store.
As for the lamestream press, I don't have much problem finding all the information you seem to think is being squelched. That NBC is in the tank for the Dems is obvious, just as Fox is for the other side. I plan on watching both on election night in November, because odds are that either Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow will experience exploding head syndrome.
Bob Zimmerman may not be a hero in the classic sense, but he did leave us some great songs that have held up over the years. Remember this one?...
"Come Senators, Congressmen please heed the call. Don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall." Good advice then and now.

billy T

LOL, Duke of Earl. First, no matter what side one falls on, the Zimmerman case (the one with the dead 6'2' teenager) is a sad and tragic event no matter how you slice it. The case has revealed that wearing a hoodie is banned from the floor of Congress as well. Second, Hannity will have his hair on fire per usual, but I think having exploding mellons on live TV is not fit for family viewing and against Fox's rules. Some of the younger folks grew up with Max Headroom and Max's mellon never left bits of pulp on the cameras. Maybe Chris Matthews will blow his cork about Bill Clinton defending private equity and calling Romney a good man with a sterling record, but I can watch the highlights on YouTube. Maybe Mr. Ed will drop the f bomb or worse if the recall effort fails in WI. Of course Rachel will be singing a song from Dylan's Blood on the Tracks..."come in, she said, I will give you shelter from the rain." Honestly, I have stopped watching most of Fox and the 2 digit cable stations and have gravitated to Fox Business and a bit of Bloomberg as this old fart finds their news more relevant and reveals how the real world responds to things political. At one time I had every single Bob Zimmerman album he ever made, including the "basement tapes" with the Band. Played them over and over and the album covers began to fall apart. One day my little sister loaned my milk crate of Dylan 33.3's to her new boyfriend. I never saw the new boyfriend or my albums again. When Bob Zimmerman came out of hiding and starting making songs again (Heaven's Door), I could not bring myself to ever buy a Dylan album again. CD's are not the same as album covers were works of art requiring the listener to spend countless hours staring blankly at them. Try that will a CD. Yes I buried the hatchet, but I never forgot the place I buried it. First love and all that stuff. Life goes on....for most of us.

Douglas Keachie

"district attorney released evidence supporting Zimmerman against the hooligan who was pounding his head into the concrete. "

What evidence? A man let go to go hoe and fix himself whatever which way he choose, or capable of self inflicting wounds even before the police arrived, could have done any of the damage by himself or even with help from others. He who is capable of denying having any money with $200,000 grand in the bank is capable of lying about the whole thing.

It could have been that Zimmerman already had the gun out, Trayvon turned around to face him, took a desperate swing, connected, they both went down, Trayvon yelling "help help help" and Zimmerman then got his shot off. Why would you believe anything this lying {PROVEN} stalking {PROVEN} gun tooting {PROVEN} woose would say? Why is there just a cell phone image of the back of the head, none of the face, none of Trayvon's body, why just ONE shot?

Douglas Keachie

Dylan's songs mobilized and promoted, among other things, the anti war movement, led by American patriots out to save the lives of their countrymen from slaughter and slaughtering in a senseless war. Let James rector of Berkeley and the Kent State Four also receive full honors. They died fighting for their country.

There is also a lot of good, self responsibility advice in them. Zimmerman Dylan's dad had a furniture rental business, and young Bob was assigned the task of collecting the monthly rent, from folks often much richer than his dad, who were often in arrears. The impression that made on him, also shows up in his music.

Douglas Keachie

BLT: "storm" not "rain"

'Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue and the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form.
"Come in," she said,
"I'll give you shelter from the storm."

And if I pass this way again, you can rest assured
I'll always do my best for her, on that I give my word
In a world of steel-eyed death, and men who are fighting to be warm.
"Come in," she said,
"I'll give you shelter from the storm."

Earl Crabb

My sympathies, BillyT., on the loss of your Dylan collection. I too, have suffered indignities at the hands of overzealous relations. While living on the east coast my mother sold a box of my first edition Marvel comics for five bucks. It was my 401K, and it would have been a nice addition to my retirement right now. Que sera, sera...

Douglas Keachie

This GD editor preview trashes stuff if you try to edit from within the preview mode. I hate that! Just lost three paragraphs, will not be inclined to use, about the htird time it has happened, as I tried to be nice and review my stuff before posting.

Anyways, as I was saying, the 3/5th stuff merely reflects the racism in effect at the time. Freed black might have been able to vote, but marry whites, ha! Practically all slaves were black, show me a white man, not a felon, picking cotten. Indentured servants for limited terms, yes, working off the cost of their passage. This is not to deny that Scottish children, even in the 1890's were warned to saty away from the docks and harbors, lest they be whisked up and sailed away, until they grew to adulthood and the lies could no longer be sustained.

I got started as a Marxist around age two, my first set of trains. Then in 1955 I went NAZI when we went to Germany, and I got Marklin trains. I still have them all. BTW, what I do salute about our host here, is his childhood survival, and probable kinship with one of Estonia's finest generals.

Greg, nice recovery, and proof that you do have a sense of humor, and well honed intelligence and judgement to go with it.

Steven Frisch

Just to show my fairness in proofing statements--lots of poor whites who were not indentured servants picked cotton. And not just in the 18th and 19th centuries either. Lyndon Johnson picked cotton as a boy....and he hated it. That's how he became President of the United States!

billy T

Mr. Keachie, thanks for the much needed correction. I knew it was wrong, but I only caught the I not the "I'll" give you shelter but decided to not correct minor details. Was going have Rachel singing its a hard rain gonna fall, but that is little dramatic for primaries. I'll wait until November to use more artistic license. Knew that lyric sounded wrong, Mr. Keachie. Duke of Earl, my grievance shrinks in comparison to the magnitude of your irreplaceable loss. My condolences. And Greg, excellent recovery and landing on both your feet as well. Good job. I am certain none of these historic events will ever make it to the lame stream media, he writes, trying to tie it all in to the topic at hand.

billy T

Mr. Frisch. I had an employer here in Nevada County that picked cotton as a lad in Mississippi. He and all his family were white. He too hated it and became rather wealthy and successful after coming out to California and learning how to sharpen a pencil.

Douglas Keachie

Lot's of poor whites did indeed pick cotton, but, NOT, as slaves.

Steven Frisch

Correct-a-mundo Mr. Keachie. This equating all people's condition and lot in life as somehow equal under our 'original" documents is the worst sort of revisionist nonsense. I will never understand why we can't just admit that our founders institutionalized slavery when they had a chance to eliminate it, that it was wrong, and inhumane. We should celebrate the fact that we realized our mistake after 600,000 people died in a civil war to correct it and then went through another 100 years of institutionalized racism under Jim Crow. But no, we are going to pretend that we were somehow saints and never sinners!

George Rebane

StevenF 1205pm - As is your want, you again fill in both sides of the conversation you wish to have. billyT's 1101am in no way equated free whites and enslaved blacks picking cotton. This seems to be a common affliction among progressives who always know what the other side believes or meant to say, regardless that none such was uttered or implied. But it does simplify a debate, and you don't have to put up with that inconvenient delay before doing your victory lap.


"You say you need a leader?
You say you need a plan?
Well, who were you expectin'?
Jesus Zimmerman?
Well I don't give a darn, no!
Out behind the barn. Oh!
... oh, out behind the barn...
I'm chewing on a piece of hay.
I'm up to my knees in cow .
I'm shoveling my blues away."

Sung by Chevy Chase (as Bob Dylan) in NatLampCo's Lemmings, 1973.

There are millions of civilians in the US who are legally able to carry concealed firearms, in some states even without a permit. The "white Hispanic" Zimmerman has reminded all that, even if a use is eventually found to legally be self defense, it doesn't mean you won't ruin your own life. Don't go looking for trouble lest you find it.


One line above read "I'm up to my knees in cow [excrement]"

... but my choice of angle brackets caused the excrement to hit the fan.


"Anyways, as I was saying, the 3/5th stuff merely reflects the racism in effect at the time." -Keachie

Not really. It was just a political struggle between the northern free states and the southern slave states. They needed each other, and the 3/5 compromise was enough to get an agreement.

The compromise was ONLY about the weight of the weight given someone for congressional apportionment. I agree with the Abolitionists, folks of any color (the Constitution was colorblind in this case) held in chains should not have given the slavers more votes in Congress.


"Greg, nice recovery, and proof that you do have a sense of humor, and well honed intelligence and judgement to go with it." -Keach 8:50AM

First, you're confusing threads. Second, there was no recovery needed because you missed the mark in the first place. Your idiotic demand I discuss my Marxist past because of one date with a Marxist just screamed for a Firesign Theater inspired parry and slash.

billy T

Dr. Rebane and Mr. Frisch: I in no way considered Mr. Frisch's last post directed at me personally or generally. I understand Mr. Frisch's point and it is not offensive. There is frustration on the left that most righties on RR fail to have our come to Jesus moment. Some were a wee bit put out that we did not concede and decry racism as the real factor behind the Zimmerman Florida case. We did not condemn, rather took a "uhuh, that is interesting, let the slow wheels of justice take their course." Just because we don't constantly bring up our full history (good, bad, and indifferent) and admit on every topic that America has done bad things in the past does not mean we are unaware of our past or choose to ignore it or condone the "me bads". Nay, rather, what is the point? I did my America bashing in junior high and my Burn Down Bank of America at Illa Vista in high school. Now, just to pacify you, here is my Great Awakening moment of the sins of our fathers. Slavery was bad. Wiping out the Native American Indians (First Nations people)was bad. Smashing little Indian babies' heads against trees and passing out blankets laced with small pox to them was bad. Testing what would happen to untreated black men with syphilis was bad. Starting the Spanish American War under false pretenses was bad. Letting the dogs loose on black peaceful marchers in Selma was bad. Using political influence to personally enrich oneself (Teapot Dome scandal)was bad. Breaking binding treaties with the First Nations was bad. Putting people of Japanese decent in interment camps during World War 2 was bad and seizing their land was badder. To save space I will say is was bad, bad, bad, and bad dog. America is not bad. Things we have done were bad. That is what most liberals are dying to hear. The glass is half full and that half is bad. Must give them a woody or something. Nothing to do with most topics, but praising the United States of America is counter to their core belief that we are bad. Colleges drill it into our minds that we are bad. I could say that more slaves were sent to South America that North America (by far), but that would be very bad cause it would like we were absolving ourselves of our white guilt. Or like a little boy who when caught doing a no-no, defensively reacts in a millisecond by shouting " Bush did it too!" Live with your white guilt. Go live in a slum and take the front door off. Go wander about the backside of a res or barrio and blame America. Yes, there were no I-Pods or Maxi-Pads when the Constitution was written. So, take your liberal white guilt and put it in a nice warm place along with your Mini-Pads. Meanwhile, I think I will go make a nice snack and maybe a sweet nappy-pooh.


Billy, they're just wanting to save your immortal soul. Being a Democrat absolves you of all past sins, at least as far as most journalists are concerned; for example, Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Klansman Robert Byrd (D-Hell) would never have been given a pass by the "lamestream" had he not been a Democrat.

Todd Juvinall

BillyT, your 407 comment was a treasure. Made me want to take a pooh as well. The liberal does seem to m to be a self hater. I have known many of them and they are the most sour, nasty, mean people on the planet (they do like browm shirts though). I think there is a small minority of humans, maybe 20%, who have such low self esteem (remember John Vasconcellas?) that they have to bash our wonderful country to feel better about themselves. Frisch and Emery seem to me to be the poster children of self hate. What is funny is these "progressives" (doesn't that mean moving forward?) are now so bereft of relevant arguments they go back to the Pilgrims and the Founders for someone to beat up. What a hoot. America has been moving on since 1621 and if the Frisch's and Emery's had their way America would be hanging George Washington from the lampost in the town square. They are truly sad sacks.

Dixon Cruickshank

Jesus Keachie, the cuts on his head were in the video at the police station - plus that is legal discovery not hearsay - too bad the GD Editor doesn't edit alot more

BTW to all = the south was controlled completely by DEMOCRATS until late in the 20th century when more and more northerner's retired here. So all the slavery stuff goes right to the Democrats - Kerry would have slaves today if he could

Douglas Keachie

Very blurry video at the police station, very legal presentation to the judge about the attempt to secretly talk about the $200,000. I challenge you to prove my recreation of the event wrong as compared to what Zimmerman claims happened, as he's a total lair who's not too bright, and was on a mission to catch someone in the act, and basically found someone on a walkway, minding his own business. Let's see what the forensics on the audio reveals. In the meantime, have a bag of skittles.

Here is your typical opportunistic modern day racist, working any party he can, but only won as a Republican.

"David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan an American activist and writer, and former Republican Louisiana State Representative. He was a candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries in 1988 and the Republican presidential primaries in 1992. Duke has unsuccessfully run for the Louisiana State Senate, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and Governor of Louisiana.

A former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,[4][5] Duke describes himself as a racial realist, asserting that "all people have a basic human right to preserve their own heritage."[6] He is in strong opposition to what he asserts to be Jewish control of the Federal Reserve Bank, the federal government and the media. Duke supports stopping both legal and illegal Non-European immigration, preservation of what he labels Western culture and traditionalist Christian "family values", strict Constitutionalism, abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, voluntary racial segregation, ardent anti-communism and white separatism.[7][8][9]"

Douglas Keachie

There is a connection between Duke and the Tea Party, BTW,:

Dixon Cruickshank

So what and George Wallace was a memeber of which party - people can join whatever party they choose.

Keachie as far as your epic tale of what happened - sorry I don't read much you write, its usually gibberish and off topic


DC, it's always gibberish and off topic.

The David Duke thing reinforces my point... the press didn't take on Duke until he ran and won as a Republican, soon after becoming a Republican, in a special election that was "a choice between a bigot and an asshole" and the vote was 8,459 votes (50.7%) to 8,232 votes (49.3%). The Republican party spit him back out ASAP but he remains a cheap applause line for the Keachies of the world.

In earlier elections, running as a Democrat and losing, Duke got 11,079 in one, 9,897 in another. But a southern Democrat Klansman running for office was nothing new.

Douglas Keachie

Dixon: Off topic? Apparently Dixon doesn't read George Rebane's gibberish either, as the opening (topic) sentence of the first paragraph of George's post here consists of:

"Ramirez nails the latest. And did you hear – well, actually it was hard to do that – how the those self-adulating lamestream journalists all went silent the instant that the district attorney released evidence supporting Zimmerman against the hooligan who was pounding his head into the concrete. " ~George Rebane~

There's the topic, where are you, someone needs to unscrew the lid on that Mason jar of yours and let some light in.

Do you suppose that Zimmerman FL would have gotten out and confronted a white man in a gray flannel suit walking the exactly same walk on the exact same path, and wound up shooting that white man? Even if he had a suitcase full of Skittles? It's all about profiling and race, in case you hadn't noticed. Minorities do hold prejudices against other minorities, in case you hadn't noticed.

"In earlier elections, running as a Democrat and losing, Duke got 11,079 in one, 9,897 in another. But a southern Democrat Klansman running for office was nothing new."

Find me a plank in the National Democratic Platform going back to 1948 that supports the KKK, and next time cite the source and the rest of the numbers associated with the unnamed election you've referenced.

George Rebane

DougK 1037am - again you missed the mark. This post was about the type of coverage the leftwing lamestream gives to topics that don't tie with their politics.

But re your asides - yes, we all profile (since we are Bayesians) because it works and has allowed us to evolve to our present state of development. Profiling is even done by prominent black demagogues like Jesse Jackson who freely admitted to doing it to protect his butt against a potential mugging by young black men. This fact is independent of how we deal with (cover up) profiling in public policy, which is another topic.

Dixon Cruickshank

Mr Keachie, as someone who grew up in the deep south in the 50's and 60's I would have to say I just might be a better judge of what went on here than you.

Every sheriff in virtually every county - because of the Democratic Machines was a memeber of the Klan. Chicago had nothing on the south, the politicians needed protection and they didn't need Party Platform Planks - the planks were used for other things - kapeche

The blacks in my area which were ex slaves btw from the Mobely Plantation had their enclaves and streets and we white boys just didn't go down there - simple. Mr Mobely made some goofy title issues so when he gave them land it couldn't be taken from them - clouded to this day. Not that alot weren't outstanding parts of the community and well known around the area and their families well respected - the Walkers (school named after him) - the Allens and Sam Rose. You just didn't drive down to the Azalea Country Club or down Patterson Road on Friday night - ever

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