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23 November 2012



I voted against and I have not paid (interest is piling up like Truckee snow during the Donner Party trek) the CDF 'fee'.

I patiently await the day when homes are destroyed by fires in the 'fee' district and the homeowners sue (and win) CDF.

And a 22 year old firefighter (who, btw has never fought a fire) gets paid more than my physician.

Don't get me started :).

Scott Obermuller

They did the same thing with Prop 30. 'You'd better vote for it or we'll have to cut something essential for you taxpayers'. It was a stupid lie, but it worked. And the sad thing is that they can do this over and over again and the proles never seem to learn. Ah well - it's a nice day outside, think I'll go and enjoy it before they tax that as well.

Ryan Mount

Prop 30:

Governor Brown held a gun to the teachers' heads and said, "If you don't give money to the police, I'll shoot your teachers."

But the prop 30/Jerry Brown camp gets Dr. Evil points for their campaign. They even had kids, parents and teachers out on campaign day unknowingly waving pro-Prop 30 signs for the police pensions. Chumps.

But then again, who actually read the text of Proposition 30, but instead relied on 2nd, 3rd, 4th (15th?) generation of TV noise hearsay to make their informed decision? They didn't even need Sally Struthers crying for the kids.

We certainly get the government we deserve. Now we get even more of it. Bon Appetit!


Ryan, I expect more prop 30 money will go to teacher pensions than to public safety pensions, but you have the basics correct.

This was extortion, pure and simple, Brown and the legislature telling the electorate, "Pass this tax hike or suffer cuts designed in advance to hurt you, not to spread the pain around equitably".

That the Fire district was pulling the same shenanigans, and is already back in the same fiscal hole, isn't surprising.

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