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26 November 2012


Russ Steele

Obama the Redistributionist as reported at Power Line:

With the reelection of President Obama secured, Washington Post economics reporter Zachary Goldfarb finally identifies “the bedrock belief that has driven the president for decade” (or Obama’s “driving force,” per the web edition). That bedrock belief is that the power of the federal government must be used reduce income inequality in America. According to Goldfarb, Obama formed this belief as a child and young adult living abroad, where he observed, in Obama’s words, “the vast disparity in wealth between those who are part of the power structure and those who are outside of it.” (Apparently, Obama has been unable to distinguish the situation in the U.S. from that of Indonesia in the 1970s).

Todd Juvinall

I actually went out on a date with a liberal woman two weeks ago and I must say, she is one of the best examples of the idiocy of the left. We discussed the election and I was coy while listening to her go on about how wonderful Obama is and how she would have slept with Clinton if given the chance. This person is a PHD educated woman! Anyway, the only way these nuts will pay attention is if they are hit in the pocketbook or there is a shortage of hallucinogenic drugs. Let it happen.


Please don't shoot the messenger... very much worth a listening to.

Yaron Brook lecture the day following the election. Any self-respecting capitalist should give it a listen/watch.


Bill Tozer

I feel like screaming. Why is nobody taking about debt reduction?? Raise taxes to keep doing what we are doing? Lower debt is good. Higher taxes is bad. Maybe going over the cliff won't be a bad thing. At least it will start to begin to commence to thinking about reducing the current spending level to a mere exorbitant unacceptable level. Hey, how about getting GDP growth to 4%/year first. My, what a concept. We can focus on the debt now and talk about taxes when sunny days come back. They can be dealt with separately.

Meanwhile, in California it is can kicking time...again.


Michael Tanner - “[W]e could confiscate every penny belonging to every millionaire and billionaire in America and still cover less than a third of Medicare’s red ink, even using the lowest estimate for its unfunded liabilities.”

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2012/11/26/its-time-to-unplug-medicares-third-rail/#ixzz2DRMPC7RK

George Rebane

Dear Readers - We are going over a fiscal cliff; if not the 1jan13 one, then a bigger one not much later. In the meanwhile the reach of government into our pockets and restrictions in our lives will multiply. Why am I so certain of this? Because we now live in a country where ignorance, stupidity, and corruption are the modus vivendi of the new order. For confirmation, just look at the hordes of gleeful idiots celebrating the recent national disaster, and asking for more of the same of which they know nothing.

Russ Steele

I agree with George, we should all be preparing our personal lives for the plunge off the cliff. Ignore the ignorant, stupid and corrupt, let them dance in the streets and start making your own preparations. You and your family will increase the probability of survival by being prepared.

Russ Steele

From Infowars.com Black Friday Gun Sales Hit New Record High.

Black Friday gun sales hit an all time record high last week with demand for new firearms so overwhelming that it caused outages at the FBI background check center on two separate occasions.

Fueled by fears that the Obama administration will go after gun rights during a lame duck term, the FBI reported 154,873 background check requests on Friday – a 20 per cent increase on last year’s record total of 129,166 checks.

The number of guns sold could actually be double or more that figure because only one background check is recorded per sale even if buyers purchase multiple firearms.

“With the recent election, some people are making buying decisions just in case something (new law) happens,” Don Gallardo, manager of Shooter’s World in Phoenix, told USA Today.

Obama told Sara Brandy he was working “under the radar” on new gun control policy. Brady added that Obama assured her gun control was “very much on his agenda.”

It is more that just another gun law, some people are preparing for the future and the ability to protect their assest once the crash comes and hungry hoards are roaming the streets.

Bill Tozer

I am allegedly prepared for the upcoming Fiscal Cliffs (FC sequels 2,3,4, and 5. But I have already done what this article suggests. What else can a poor boy do?


George Rebane

BillT 557pm - good link Mr T, now all you have to do is standby for ram.

George Rebane

As a general observation, note the crickets from the Left on the topic of posts such as this.

bill tozer

I liken this Fiscal Cliff thang to the Mayan Calendar. So, the world will change or end as we know it on Dec 21, 2012? If the Mayans were so enlightened to predict that a thousand of years or so into the future life would change/end as they knew it, why couldn't they foresee that the Spaniards would obliterate their way of life is a few hundred years?

16 trillion in the red will fundamentally change America as we know it and they results will be not be pretty. Better to keep an eye on them Spaniards plundering the treasury.

Ryan Mount

I suppose the Democrats are secretly wishing that Romney was elected so they can put this on his shoulders. And it's possible, in an admitted tin-foil hat way, that the Obama administration wants to throw the economy over so they can blame Bush [again] and the Republicans in the House.

What's worse than the fiscal cliff? Having to take the blame for it for years to come.

I too would love to hear from those on our American Left. Maybe George you have some insights on their odd silence.

George Rebane

RyanM 634am - The selective silences from the Left on the realities that dominate issues like the fiscal cliff and healthcare are not only endemic, but they form part and parcel of their entire dialectic that is worth a more considered word - it is in the works.

Ryan Mount

I feels like we're having a conversation with teenagers. Except when teenagers sense they're losing the battle, at least they'll give you a passive-aggressive "whatever!" before storming off. Here we have [crickets].

It also reminds me of a family member of mine who conveniently needs to use the bathroom when it was time to do the dishes. Then after the dishwasher's loaded, the range cleaned and the counter tops are wiped down, she magically re-appears.


Move a dishwasher to the bathroom. (get one cheap from Habitat Restore)


I guess we'll go over the Fiscal Cliff, guns a'blazing... More guns in circulations means easier pickings and lower prices for those who can't buy legally. Good ol supply and demand, at the Midnight Ghetto Superstore. Love to see if there was a corresponding rise in gun safe sales, pop on lights, and security systems???


"hungry hoards are roaming the streets."

So how many of the 37,000,000 Californians have prepared with food and ammo to last how long?

If this fantasy were to come true, how long do you think it would take for them to armor the front of a Peterbuilt with whatever is available and ram it into your structure? Or just toss a Molitov in your general direction? Do you think you could survive? Like I've said before, an uphill hike to a well stocked and well hidden cave/mine would be about the only chance to survive that many Zombies running hungry.

Ryan Mount

> Move a dishwasher to the bathroom


Ryan Mount

BTW Doug, after thinking about your solution, I fear that I'd end up with piss or crap in the kitchen sink.


We need a "Like" button, Ryan. In the meantime, the latest on the home invasion front: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2012/11/ninth-circuit-gives-ok-warrantless-home-video-surveillance

George Rebane

JesusB 1241pm - Doug, how do you respond to the Ninth Circuit's ruling?

Bill Tozer

Mr. Mount, we ARE having a conservation with teenagers and those who have a not fully developed frontal lobe. Sometimes a teenager caught doing a bozo no-no says "She did it too! Why are you picking of me!!" Bush did it too! Whatever....

Our libbies are soooooo predictable. Its like reading their mail. They think they are so sly, but unfortunately they don't think. They are still stuck in the 60's and stuck on stupid.

Case in point is Obama's balanced approach to the fiscal cliff. He proposed 50 billion in more stimulus, higher taxes, and 400 billion of undisclosed cuts to entitlements at a date to be discussed sometime next year. And the libbies think that is a starting point?? That 400 billion of mystery cuts is simply "cuts" Obamacare already has baked into the cake next year as the Feds will past their costs for Medicaid onto the States. Smoke and mirrors and downright yellow bellied deception. Me thinks he speaks with forked tongue. Plus he wants an automatic increase of the debt mechanism so he does not have to be bothered with a pesky Congress or silly Supreme Court decisions. Bold face power grab. Automatic increases in the debt limit is a balanced approached?? What a piece of work.

I think it is high time for Obama to own the Fiscal Cliffy. Its all his. If we go over, the Republicans will be blamed anyway. If we don't go over, the Republicans will be blamed nonetheless for unforeseen problems and unintended consequences. Obama and the libbies will never ever own nothing. They will blame Bush and the Great Right White Wing Conspiracy for the next 60 years.


George Rebane | 30 November 2012 at 01:01 PM

It sucks!

If Obama was a woman, you'd be calling it "The Rad Cliffe."

Except he attended after it was dissolved for undergrads.

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