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24 January 2013


Douglas Keachie

George, let's keep this real simple. The biggie here is that the right is looking for ANYTHING they can to can the Obama administration bad. So they've come up with the notion that somehow it was of the upmost importance to the Dems to pretend that Al Qaeda is dead, and so they were planning on pretending that the high trending tale of the video that had caused riots elsewhere was the obvious cause of the Benghazi situation, forever.

And then along came Jones, in the form of the Right Wing, guns a blazing, and screaming "Coverup, Benghazigate, Evill Lying Clintons, etc., while the State Department was still trying to figure out exactly what went down. Immediately followed up by more cries of, "You aren't doing enough to catch the bastards that did it.

Do I have to remind you, the Bush had eight years to get Osama Bin Laden, and despite spending the USA into the poorhouse, he FAILED!

So stuff it, there's no there, there, in Benghazi.

There were probably cables from every single embassy in the mid East after that video surfaced, all expressing similar concerns, and the Republicans are the ones who cut the funding for beefed up security in the first place!

Get a life, and do run the images of her in 2016. We need to be reminded why it is so important to vote against Rand Paul, whose only contribution to the national scene has been to come out against drone surveillance of anyone and everyone, and be sure to take in the PBS documentary, "The Rise of the Drones" and Jon Stewart's interview with the MIT lady, F-16 pilot and professor at MIT, who wrote the book of the same name.

Ben Grazi, crazies, are not needed on this World! Get a life.


Entitlements promise security and deliver enslavement. Entitlements FORCE the receiver and tax payer to bow to almighty government and they completely f-up the natural order.

One could argue that the dreams of the environmentalists would be reality if the progressives did not micromanage/centrally plan every faucet of our lives... in this case agriculture.

You want to curb sprawl, provide jobs, fight corporatism? Support a local farmer. You want to support a local farmer? You need to pay realistic prices (mkt prices) for your food and in most cases break the law (buying many local agriculture products is illegal thanks to corporatism, lobbyists, central planners).

Ben Emery

Here is the deal, Christopher Stevens was a respected person in the region and had been there for years. The ugly incident that took his life along with three others has more to do with US foreign policies and globalization policies than a lack of security failure on the present administration. The anger against US policies not people comes from our corporate plundering backed by military presence and CIA clandestine interference in promoting/ opposing leaders of these nations. If the leader is a US puppet the people resent that leaders pathway to power and the US propping them up.

That is it, what you should be opposing George is our foreign policies to empower and secure private profits at the expense of keeping already poor people powerless. I know they are just brown pigmented people that don't universally except Jesus Christ as their saviors but none the less they are human beings created by our creator.

Here is my offensive but legitimate exit question for the whole lot of RR regulars-

Why do natural rights for human beings go out the window in your principles/ convictions if the region is resource rich and the people are brown and poor?

Ben Emery

Sorry here is a link to what I was pointing out against our foreign polices.


Ben, yes offensive. Considering guys like PaulE and I have been loud opponents of our foreign policy. I expect to take heat from guys promoting/accepting/encouraging the military indusrial complex, not from guys who need to put me (and PaulE) into a box. I will assume that your offensive question was not actually intended for the 'whole lot of RR regulars'.

I am surprised that you did not voice any comments regarding agriculture.

Scott Obermuller

Thanks for the great post, Ben. Nothing more than 'anything bad that happens should be blamed on white, Euro-descended males' moving on to name-calling and ending with a "when did you stop beating your wife?" question.
All points duly noted.

Brad Croul

So, we should be up in arms over the fact that some of (Fiat owned) Chrysler products might be made in China?
Why? That news flash is on par with the Benghazi drama playing now on Broadway, I mean Beltway.

Watching the big non-event that is the Benghazi hearing, it was clear that the forum was just another opportunity to witness the usual right wing partisinship, accusations, and grandstanding.

The hoot of the day was that House Republicans will not release money to reinforce embassy security around the world.

Also mentioned was that thousands of lives were lost on 9-11 but no one in the Republican admisitration was fired; also thousands of lives were lost based on the Republican admistration WMD lies that led up to the war; but 4 American people died at the embassy in Benghaze and the right is whining, "But, you said you thought it was a parade/protest that went bad" - so you lied to us!

Let's not also forget the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon that, hero, Reagan presided over. 241 Americans died in that fiasco.

Where was the security detail apparantly needed to protect the Marines?

Douglas Keachie

"the dreams of the environmentalists would be reality if the progressives did not micromanage/centrally plan every faucet of our lives... in this case agriculture.

You want to curb sprawl, provide jobs, fight corporatism? Support a local farmer. You want to support a local farmer? You need to pay realistic prices (mkt prices) for your food and in most cases break the law (buying many local agriculture products is illegal thanks to corporatism, lobbyists, central planners). "

I'm puzzled, are the environmentalists the central planners, or are the corporations the central planners, via their lobbyists? Last time I looked at an ag faucet, it was in the same place it's always been, and powered by electricity, most likely powered by Oroville Dam.



Yes, Keachie, the central planners=environmentalists=corporatists/lobbyists. Central planning begets more central planning (in attempt to fix the errors of micromanagement decisions not made in vacuums), begets more central planning...

Central planning is an attack on markets and individuals.


The "hoot of the day" is that the security budget was increased, not decreased, from year to year. It's just that the increase wasn't the full dollar amount requested; it's SOP in Washington DC to call an increase a cut.

Let's remember what prominent Democratic donor David Geffen said about his friends, the Clintons: "Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it's troubling." Such emotions, voice cracking when recounting the bodies being returned to the US, pounding the table... Sincerity remains the key to success; once you can reliably fake it, you've got it made.

Hillary 'takes responsibility', but for what, we're still not sure. State hasn't made the requested emails available to the committee, nor has it been been revealed how the CIA knowledge that the attack had nothing to do with the "film" got completely stripped from the "talking points" Ambassador Rice was sent out to sell in the Sunday talking heads shows.

Douglas Keachie

Let's let the private sector take responsibility for ripoff of the Foreign Service, as for example here in Kabul. Where is the outrage of the the Republicans in the Senate on this misbehavior that may lead to deaths?

The guards are hirelings of private corporations, where greed rules.

Douglas Keachie

"it's SOP in Washington DC to call an increase a cut." ~Gregory Goodknight~

Except when you want it to go the other way, as in, "removing the tax cuts for the rich will increase their taxes, and decrease job creation." Call it whatever you want, the amount of money allotted by the Republican controlled House failed to protect the four lost in Benghazi, despite the requests of the State Department, headed by Hillary Clinton.


Anyone notice how Keachie, Ben and Brad had to change the subject to make a point?

BTW FIAT owns Chrysler/Jeep because Obama *gave* it to them as a part of the Detroit auto/UAW bailouts.

Douglas Keachie

Notice how Greg and the rest have dropped all commenting on gun issues? I attacked the first paragraph of George's original post here, first segment, right out of the chute. The image is timely (taken on Monday) and to the second point in George's list. Haven't changed the subject at all.

Ben Emery

One of the big reasons since 1998 that the Defense Budget has tripled is due to both parties being totally beholden to the Military Industrial Complex. To address our Defense/ Offense Budget is to reduce American weapon manufacturing, which will increase unemployment and it stops the protection of private industry. Weapons manufacturing is only second to refined fuels in US exports in the last four years. Our military, which if funded by debt through the federal reserve, protects pipelines and passage ways for private energy industry to make big profits by taking natural resources from point A to point B. Then we give tax breaks, subsides, and take on external costs as citizens. Such as health related illness to the burning of such energy and the processing fossil fuels only to export them to developing nations creating a shortage in the US that increases the cost of purchase. Private industry profits at every level while the US citizen pretty much takes it on the chin at every level.

So who is it again our government represents?

Here is Dr Lawrence Britt list and article on the tenets of fascism. If you want the descriptions along with the list go here.

I would argue one of our major two parties fits the descriptions perfectly and increasingly the other party takes on a much softer version with much of the list. The hard one for voters of the latter is they only compare our two major parties and go no further. If they would dig deeper and internationally they would find that both parties have become corporatist and fascistic.

The List of Tenets of Fascism/ Corporatism

1)Powerful and Continuing Nationalism

2)Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights

3)Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause

4)Supremacy of the Military

5)Rampant Sexism

6)Controlled Mass Media

7)Obsession with National Security

8)Religion and Government are Intertwined

9)Corporate Power is Protected

10)Labor Power is Suppressed

11)Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts

12)Obsession with Crime and Punishment

13)Rampant Cronyism and Corruption

14)Fraudulent Elections

Ben Emery

We are agreeing on many issues on this thread, it is nice to see. If you are critical on our foreign policies my offensive but legitimate question doesn't pertain you.

Ben Emery

My underlining point is almost always that the wrong dialogue is being promoted. It isn't about a specific administration but rather a near century long oppressive foreign policy that promotes "US Interests" a.k.a. corporate interests in my opinion.


"There were probably cables from every single embassy in the mid East after that video surfaced, all expressing similar concerns, and the Republicans are the ones who cut the funding for beefed up security in the first place!"

-Doug Keachie

Doug, thank you for not disagreeing on the actual facts of the matter. Republicans, and Democrats, in Congress *increased* the funding for beefed up security, and besides that, State has made it clear that funding wasn't the issue at Benghazi.

Everyone of your posts have been at right angles to George's post, starting with the first and ending with the last.

It that what modern "educators" refer to as "critical thinking skills"?


See the new F16s that "O" and co. just sold to terrorists? ( Egypt to be exact)
"O" says he won't bargain with Conservatives. But he has no problem bargaining with those that hate the U.S.
Then we have those within the U.S. ( enemies within) that want to disarm us, and scaring the ill informed to do it. ( AGW game plan reused)

The anti "black gun" crowd, which has plenty of tree huggers within it's ranks, should be more that thrilled we stopped using trees to make gun stocks.
But your so hell bent on "cosmetics" to bay at the moon on.

And isn't it just great that people that have NEVER handled a gun in their life's, get to write those laws.
The more laws they pass, the better the thugs like it. ( ever hear of Chicago?)
Those anti gun laws sure have cut back on crime and shootings.... Haven't they?

Douglas Keachie

"Everyone of your posts have been at right angles to George's post, starting with the first and ending with the last. " ~Gregory Goodknight~

If that's your obtuse way of saying I disagree with George, you are correct.

"State has made it clear that funding wasn't the issue at Benghazi." ~Gregory Goodknight~

If that is the case, then you disagree with some of George as well. BTW, who the heck is "State?" What is your evidence for them holding this position? Yes, there is the notion that ultimately the hosting state is responsible.


Ben, I love Rage Against the Machine. But, I bet Zack and I (and you and I) have two very different 'solutions' to the corporatism/cronyism/special interests/lobbyists/military industrial complex that have taken over our country like a cancer.

It takes a (too) powerful government to support corporatism/cronyism/SI/lobbyists/MIC...thus, asking for a larger government (my perception of your solutions) is counterproductive.

An assault on the size/scope of government is an assault on the corporatists/cronies/SI/lobbyists/MIC.

Again, if a cancer requires a large host, why not kill off all unnecessary hosts (instead of adding more)?


For those that enjoy pictures:

Paul Emery

From Ruminations – 24jan13
"Ag subsidies make up just one of the cesspools of federal government policies that we quietly tolerate, mostly because we are an ignorant electorate."

But of course George you heatedly support a taker of agricultural welfare for the house of Representatives whose family has benefited enormously (millions) from government farm subsidies for generations.


Mikey, I liked the way PJ O'Rourke put it... "When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators."

Paul Emery


There's no such thing as stealing an election. They are bought fair and square.


And LIBS are masters of that Paul,,.


Have you seen the list of guns DIFI wants to "ban"?
I guess she wants to drive every gun maker out of business.
Just like "O" wants to drive every power plant into the ground.

More and more people see the LIBS pushing for another civil war,
and just like the last one,, THEY will start it.
The last one was over all that "free labor" they were going to (and did) lose.
Then they formed the "dudes in hoods" club to intimidate the Republicans and those sympathetic to the freeing of the slaves.

Sorry guys,,, NO revisionism allowed.


The Sphincter of the List demands more info regarding the opinion of the State Dep't and the effect of budgeting on the slaughter of Ambassador Stevens and three others. Here we go:

"In testimony Wednesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Charlene Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, was asked, “Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which led you not to increase the number of people in the security force there?”

Lamb responded, “No, sir.”

Recall that Lamb is the person who denied requests from the top diplomatic security officer in Libya to retain a 16-man team of military personnel who had been protecting diplomats.

That would seem to be the end of the story."

Douglas Keachie

Read plunkett of Tammany Hall's treatise entitled, "Honest Graft and Dishonest Graft." Basic theme, if you are bought, you are supposed to stay bought, by those who first bought you, for it to be honest graft.

Douglas Keachie


DIFI thinks trotting out some preacher sympathetic to the LIB cause is going to help. Now tagged "the cross lobby". May I remind LIBS of a thing or two.
What tune do you find in any hymnal? Yes,, "the Battle hymn of the Republic"
Then we have that famous tune " Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition".

Maybe this man of the cloth forgets that. We know how LIB minds are susceptible
to memory loss at the most convenient of times.
Us church goers also know just how much "the cross" is under attack by the Left.
And now LIBS have the balls to try and use religion to go after guns? LOL!!!

Douglas Keachie

Support your right to arm bears, except, of course, Gladly, the cross-eyed bear, who can't shoot straight.

Douglas Keachie

So the anal retentive obsessive of the list comes up with the evidence that it was not Hillery making the decision, but rather some underling, how nice. So why does not the Senate Witch Hunt Committee can that person to testify?


Ya, Dougy, This must have been one of those attacks that " we can just absorb".
That quote look a little familiar? "O" said it.
Witch hunt you say? We now have a grave in this County that was needlessly filled, and there are three others just like it elsewhere.
And to this day, NO ONE has been held accountable in government. Not one of the decision makers is or has been sent to the unemployment line.

Yup, " What the hell difference does it make today". Gotta love that boilerplate excuse. Now if it was the Conservatives in the hot seat under these vary same conditions, would a LIB like you still be calling it a witch hunt? ( Me says NOooo)

Joe Koyote

They are called witch hunts if the Libs are doing it and they are called special prosecutors if the Cons are doing it. Speaking of witch hunts, who would care to explain why almost $50m was spent on Whitewater but only $800k on 9/11?


Here you go, old farts, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition", from the top of the charts recording by Kay Kyser in '43.

Count the number of M1 Garands in the illustrations as they pass by.


The *underling* the Sphincter of the list, Doug Keachie, dismisses as a nobody was the person at State who had the authority to make the decision to keep the 16 Marines at Benghazi, and she made it clear that the budget had no bearing on her decision to dismiss them to other duty. Bad call.

Keach, it's clear your posting was meant as harassment, with a flag to google meant to bring others to what you mistakenly thought was an error. Once again, you were full of it.


Thanks Gregory, Even today that tune can bring a tear to your eye.
( well some of you at least)
" so we can all stay free." Think the Progressives heard that part?
I guess not, since that witch from the Bay wants to regulate and ban ammo sales right along with everything else.

There was also a comment made by a LIB that went sort of like this." Nowhere in history has the public had access to military weapons".

This just in from the other computer in the house.
" The Hypocrites diary"

Communist until you get rich, Feminist, until you get married;
Atheist until the plane starts falling.
And anti gun until a thug is standing in your bedroom with a hammer.
( in our case, MJ patches)


I have a challenge for everyone. A Little friendly entertainment. How far can you get through
this before the waterworks start. May I suggest full volume
on your audio for full effect. Besides. It's a great reminder
of what it was all about.

I got about a minute and 40 sec. in before it got me.
If you make it through without shedding a tear, you have no
Now who is up for it?

Ben Emery

The dialogue degrades to the usual ideology/ partisan bs. So sad to see intelligent human beings make claims of wrong doing from the other side aisle when both sides of the aisle are guilty of doing the same things. The repugs cut funding and the dems continue to expand the empire alienating more and more people. Both are lefty takes on what is happening in the region of Libya.

Repubs cut spending
"It also deserves resources. In each of the last two years, Congress has cut President Obama’s request for U.S. Foreign Service and U.S. Agency for International Development staffing levels despite repeated analysis by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, indicating that our embassies are critically understaffed."

Dems expand militarism and empire
"Meanwhile, AP - under the headline "White House Widening Covert War in North Africa" - describes how, even before the consulate attack, "small teams of special operations forces arrived at American embassies throughout North Africa" in order, among other things, to "set up a network that could quickly strike a terrorist target". That is because "the administration has been worried for some time about a growing threat posed by al-Qaida and its offshoots in North Africa." The Post similarly reports that this is all being driven by "concern that al-Qaida's African affiliate has become more dangerous since gaining control of large pockets of territory in Mali and acquiring weapons from post-revolution Libya."


Let's just make one more excuse Ben, Help was told to stand down because bullets and hazard pay just wasn't in the budget.

Ben Emery

I would say it is our imperialistic military approach and the oppressive policies that follow it for over 80 years in the region that caused the attacks. For some reason we think since we are The United States Of America we can do whatever we damn well please without any repercussions. We would be wrong and the "peace through strength" ideology has created almost all of our "enemies" of the last two decades. To extend it back to the beginning we need to go to the Truman administration with the Policy of Containment. If we actually look back objectively we see a very distinct picture of why the policies of the USA are so opposed by so many.

May I direct you to my 8:24 comment and the exit question.


Paul, I beg your pardon. I never said anything about stealing/buying elections.

George Rebane

My, what a lively exchange. Re BracC's 913am - The Repubs did NOT make Romney's observation on China's manufacture of Jeeps a national issue. It was the Dems and their lamestream press that started the howling, and then went on to label that truth as "the biggest lie of the campaign". Wrong Way Corrigan is taken, but Wrong Way Croul is still available, and I believe you have more than earned it in these comment streams.

PaulE 1253pm - I have "heatedly supportedP NO ag subsidies. I have relayed my understanding why such subsidies are a commons, and why any unilateral withdrawal from such a commons gets punished, sometimes severely. I have written extensively on how subsidies distort markets and corrupt their participants wholesale. Your statement, that totally ignores this record on these pages and implies the opposite, is more than disappointing.


Do you believe your own BS? "Peace through strength" works every time it's tride. Apparently you don't truly understand our enemy.Their attacks on us have NOTHING to do with military action.
They do this all in the name of their beliefs. They hate our way of life. They hate our freedoms.( what little we have left)
Now they will be really pissed that we are now putting women into battle. ( Didn't the LIBS in DC think about how Islam will take it? We know how much they push for as much sensitivity to that colcher as possible as it is.)
Since we tucked our tails between our legs in Libya, and have done nuttin about it, their balls will be dragging the ground looking at the next target. And it's not like we don't know who did it, and they are still breathing today.
If you are seen as a coward in any way,you will be someones pray.

Ben Emery

You have to be kidding, right?

Brad Croul

George@8:45pm, I am not sure why you are attempting to make a "gotcha" moment out of Chrysler's decision to make some Jeeps in China. Is this another attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill? The election is over.
Like the Benghazi brouhaha, some people did not have the story quite right for some period of time - so what?

Here is what I found,

Romney’s comments came the same day that the Free Press reported that 1,100 new Chrysler workers will begin making the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs at a plant in Detroit next week.

“I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking of moving all production to China,” Romney said during a rally in Defiance, Ohio, before 12,000 cheering supporters, according to several reports. “I will fight for every good job in America, I’m going to fight to make sure trade is fair, and if it’s fair, America will win.”

Romney apparently was referencing conservative bloggers who misrepresented a Bloomberg story from Monday that discussed Chrysler’s decision to consider starting Jeep production in China, the world’s largest new-vehicle market.

That story, while accurate, sparked a raft of other stories and blogs that incorrectly concluded that Chrysler might close plants or move Jeep production from the U.S. to China.

Gualberto Ranieri, Chrysler’s vice president of communications, criticized those stories Thursday even before Romney made his comments.

“Let’s set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China,” Ranieri said. “It’s simply reviewing the opportunities to return Jeep output to China, for the world’s largest auto market. U.S. Jeep assembly lines will continue to stay in operation.”

Ryan Mount

I found it interesting that large portions of the new and nifty, despite its recent electrical issues, Boeing Dreamliner were manufactured in other countries.

Of course this nation's disembrained predictably jumped quickly on the whole "American labor would have never produced such defects" bandwagon.

Digging deeper, this was not a cost-cutting out-sourcing maneuver by Boeing, but rather a way to encourage sales adoption in other countries. It seems that foreign countries are more apt to encourage their airlines to purchase a 787 if some of the manufacturing happened domestically.


Since the dream liner was hot button for the union turf war,
it's vary possible that union monkey business is in play.
And to add insult to that injury where the union lost the battle,
now the Obummer stacked deck called the NLRB, just got whacked again. Those "appointees" "O" had up his sleeve are illegal.
( like we didn't know that back then to start with)
Sorry Union LIBS,, CARDCHECK is now our of your future.

Paul Emery

George January 2013 at 08:45 PM
Farm subsidies are transferable assets that can and are sold with the property. The fact is that La Malfa and his family are taking advantage of government giveaways and you support La Malfa. If his Democratic opponent was in the same situation you would have jumped on him like flies on poo and you know it. It's this kind of Party allegance drives me nuts and dilutes the integrity of your message. There were several Republicans running that did not receive millions in subsidy.

Do you really think that LaMalfa will make any effort to eliminate farm welfare? Is he one of the takers that Romney included in his infamous 47% gaffe ?

George Rebane

BradC 939am - One more time. One of the major propositions underlying RR's commentaries on current events and the direction of the country is that the lamestream media is composed of outlets that are ideologically calcified and totally in the tank for the Left. Romney's Jeep prediction was made a big deal of by the administration and echoed a fortiori by the lamestream. It is they who made the big deal by highlighting it and trumpeting nationwide before November as the "biggest lie" of the campaign.

Now they and their local leftwing choristers want everyone to forget about it. My purpose is to continue highlighting their shameless reporting by bringing up recent history so that we can evaluate their current conduct on issues like Benghazi - which they are today successfully burying. (Did we not recently hear The Hillary exclaim "What does it matter?!" about how our administration handled the response to Al Qaeda's killing of four Americans?)

On this blog you will encounter such commentary as a constant theme. If you want to be helpful, you're invited to point out errors in such an assessment of our pervasively progressive media.

Todd Juvinall

I bet Brad Croul ripped Carli Fironia a new one for her sending some jobs overseas. And PaulE demands we withdraw support for LaMalfa because his 1800 acre rice farm receives ag subsidies. Now I would like to ask PaulE why he is such a single issue person. I am a "whole" person supporter and it would appear PaulE is the poster child for why partisanship is so rampant in DC and Sac.

George Rebane

PaulE 1046am - Actually not. I have also jumped on no specific Democratic recipient of ag subsidies. But I have always opposed ag (and other business subsidies) with the knowledge that they cannot be removed piecemeal nor by recipients individually, as I have explained several times (to no avail from your side). And this too has been a constant theme on RR.

For the broader education of people who criticize others for endorsing politicians with warts, I'd like to counsel them that all politicians have warts. Moreover, we all see different warts and variously attribute their effects. Were we to demand a wart-free politician to endorse, we would shun them all. I do my best in picking politicians who most closely support my aggegate worldview. From you remarks, it appears that you have solved this conundrum and are able to deliver us messages with undiluted integrity.

Todd Juvinall

Here is another "anything goes" democrat Senators. Menendez may be in deep doo doo for his sexual peccadillos. Jerry Springer watchers, you know, those moron voters for Obama, will be glued to the TV.

Paul Emery

So George, to what degree would you brand those who thrive off of government subsidies as Socialists or at least beneficiaries of Socialism?

Todd Juvinall

Here is your hero PaulE on global warming and the fight against "big oil". What a hoot!

Joe Koyote

Gawd.. I wish folks would get off the Liberal media myth. If any of you knew anything at all about how the global media system has evolved over the last three decades other than what pundits like Limbaugh, Beck, and O'Reilly (who make their money by creating controversy) have told you, you would be embarrassed by your own words. Hello... 1984..double speak. The con is on.

Todd Juvinall

So wily coyote, since you all pounded your chests with glee when "theone" was re-elected, how is it the media is supposedly conservative dominated? You want it both ways.

George Rebane

PaulE 1128am - Not sure how all that ties to socialism per se. Special interests have gotten government subsidies (and protections) in various forms since time immemorial - i.e. way before collectivism reared its ugly head. Some of those subsidies could even be argued as being legitimate, as when the government awards contracts to keep a concern alive that is deemed to have a technology critical to the nation's security. Britain's maritime chronograph technology during the 18th century qualified for such benefices. However, today one can make a case that most subsidies are evidence of corruption legitimized.

Joe Koyote

Todd..for one I did not pound my chest, Obama is a Clinton clone..very pro big corporation.. a lesser of two evils I say when compared to Mitt on a shingle. As for media, it's a matter of common sense.. who owns it Todd? How many liberal businessmen own a network.. ZERO. Would you hire people who are going to bad mouth you? Not unless you are stupid. You hire people who see the world as you do.. and then they hire people who see the world as they do. So the net result is viewers ultimately get the overall viewpoint of the owners. If you think the press bashes conservatives, compare what you see and hear on lamestream (because it's owned by convervatives) to real journalists like Amy Goodman or Greg Palast. The conservative owned lamestream gives us watered down coverage that puts corporations in the best light possible. Just image what the truth is.

Scott Obermuller

"Liberal media myth"? Not a myth. It's been proven over and over. Newspaper reporters, editors, newsreaders, major network and cable news anchors and pundits are overwhelmingly on the left. The wire services are so far to the left it isn't funny. The head of BBC admitted his news is slanted solidly to the left. I'd love to know how Joe the K has full knowledge of what all of the conservatives who post here know about how the global media system has evolved. ESP, Mind Control, Special Powers From God? How do you do it, Joe?
"...Limbaugh, Beck, and O'Reilly (who make their money by creating controversy)..."
Please tell us Joe who we should really be listening to. I want in on the secret inside info you get.

Todd Juvinall

Joe, you never answered the point of if the media is all conservative then how did O win? You want it both ways.

Joe, please list the conservatives on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, LA Times, Sac Bee, Atalanta Journal paper, MSNBC and The NTY's. List them please, I am so excieted to finally see the list of conservatives!


Todd, you missed mediamatters, NPR, and how "O" and Co. have been
red handed conspiring with the far Left (ha) media. Our resident Leftists will never acknowledge this because "they" didn't hear it from "their" so called news sources.
Just like the claim the Tea Party is dead. Of course they would get that impression when they collective Leftist media has a blackout on all things Tea Party.

Our own Leftists that suffer from short and long term memory loss
forgot that when the first or second Tea Party rally packed in 5 or 6 thousand on the steps of the state capital, how Leftist news killed the coverage, despite CNN and all the rest having cameras and crew there. NOTHING was reported on the nightly news for days.
There was only ONE newspaper that had the balls to write ANYTHING,
and that was our own The Union when Jeff was at the helm.
Do some homework LIBS,, just who's story was in The Union about the festivities? Why did The Union's server crash shortly after the story hit the pages and was down for hours?
Maybe if Lib controlled media had been a little more "neutral" in their reporting ( as they should be, but NOT) they wouldn't have such a bad wrap. ( today, that "wrap" is well deserved.)

Joe Koyote

O won because more people voted for him despite BS like birth certificates and muslim identification from the "news" and billions of corporate Citizens United money. Why.. for whatever reasons you want to ascribe to it.. a majority of Americans are fed up with the tax breaks, off shore accounts, etc. etc, of the wealthy that Mitt epitomized. There is a difference between pundits and news. The conservative bias I am talking about is systemic. For example, every newspaper has a business page that covers business but no paper has a labor page to present the working persons view of things, that's a bias. As for a list.. I have better things to do.. I didn't really expect you to believe me anyway. I taught mass media at a large university for over 20 years.. I have done my homework. Perhaps it is time for you to do the same rather than believe what the Limbaughs of the world have to say. Senator Al Franken wrote a book called "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar" that very carefully documents the right wing propaganda and misinformation spread by him and is ilk. Of course, you wouldn't believe that either, so it really doesn't matter does it.

Paul Emery

25 January 2013 at 12:04 PM
Deft dodge George but it's a little thin. I seriously doubt that you wouldn't have pounced on Jim Reed with everything you could if it was his family that had been propped up by nearly 5 million dollars of taxpayer subsidies. there were other Republicans that spoke out against the apparent hypocrisy of La Malfa

Republican candidate Pete Stiglich said "it's hypocritical for a fellow Republican to receive federal farm aid, especially because LaMalfa has billed himself as a leader in the fight against expensive government entitlement programs.

"When it meets his personal interest, it's not a big entitlement," Stiglich said.

Gregory Cheadle, a Happy Valley Republican, agreed.

"You can't condemn welfare recipients on one end then get welfare on the other end," Cheadle said. " I mean 5 million bucks? Come on."

Douglas Keachie

Walt "Since we tucked our tails between our legs in Libya, and have done nuttin about it, their balls will be dragging the ground looking at the next target"

How long did it take for BUsh to catch anybody? Say for example, Osama, who openly bragged and claimed responsibility.

Greg's undying love of the nether regions of the human body is expressed again. Gregory Goodknight can be vetted by Google or whoever, and I am doing a public service by making sure his character is known far and wide. He can change his character any time he chooses, butt so far shows no sign of doing so. Never seen a man so obsessed with whoopie cushions.

Scott Obermuller

Joe K at 5:04 - O won despite lying through his teeth and failing at everything he said he would do, except to 'fundamentally transform America'. He's doing that all right. As far as most of Americans being fed up with 'offshore accounts' and tax breaks for the rich - then why do they keep re-electing the same folks that set up those tax breaks? Our new stinking rich Sec of State takes advantage of tax breaks and has foreign investments. Seems like no one in the LSM wants to even mention how wealthy he is. As far as newspapers having a business section, that would be because they are in the business of making a profit by providing interested parties with information (news). They can sell ad space at higher rates on those pages because they offer a high value to the advertisers. If they could sell ads for the same rates on a 'labor' page, they would be most happy to do so. As it is, most newspapers provide ample service to the unions on the ed/op page and on the front page quite often. All free of charge. The Bee does have a 'State Workers' section on-line and it is clearly pro-union. As far as having a section to - 'provide the working persons view of things'... It's called the business section, Joe. Those business folks work, and work far harder than the average union slacker. The special section for the union folk you have in mind is found in the back of the Sacramento Snooze and Review.
'As for a list.. I have better things to do..' So you can't back up your blather, either.

Brad Croul

GeorgeR 10:48 - "the lamestream media is composed of outlets that are ideologically calcified and totally in the tank for the Left". Agreed, but what I did not hear from you is that the Right has its own echo chambers - which it obviously does.

I referenced the Detroit Free Press. Is that a lamestream media outlet? The article seemed relatively unbiased to me. Note that the big drama is about the use of ONE word, "all", as in, "all production to China".
So, are you still going to deny that Romney got it wrong, and that not "all" Jeep production is moving to China? Or, is the Detroit Free Press wrong?

Here is another article,

Sounds like the Libs ran with Romney's error and called it a lie when it was just a mistake.
It only illustrates the amount of nitpicking that goes on in these political bitchfests during election season.

The Romney Jeep spinout sounds a lot like what the Repubs are doing with Benghazi. The loss of the Americans in Benghazi is lamentable, but it is petty, partisan political bullshit to keep harping on whether it was a protest gone rogue, or a military offensive that caused those deaths. That is what Hillary was implying, in my opinion.

The Libyans have attacked the embassy before. "The United States withdrew its last U.S. Ambassador to Libya in 1972. All remaining U.S. government personnel were withdrawn and the embassy was shut down after a mob attacked and set fire to the U.S. Embassy on December 2, 1979."

Remember, we did not know, immediately, what really happened on 9-11-2001... we only found out later that Bush was reading, "My Pet Goat", Lol!

George Rebane

BradC 956am – I believe the type and scope of lamestream outlets and their reach is of markedly different kind than what you call the Right’s “echo chambers”. The number of people watching and listening to progressive broadcast media is much larger than those doing so with conservative media. If you begin listing the Left’s outlets – MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, BBC America, … , the long list disappears into the mists. On the Right you have Fox News, a cable purveyor. And the same is true for newspapers both print and online. I could go on, but I think the point is made. The Right’s voice is small and begins first to be heard by a small number of Americans after at least 12 solid years of collectivist indoctrination in the public schools. It is remarkable that today the polarization is as even as the polls indicate. There must be something to the Right’s message to make that much of mark on predisposed minds.

Not sure how much anyone here wants pursue the import of the administration’s Benghazi failures – the were many, and they all were revealing of what’s going on under President Obama NOW. The cover up (i.e. substantive lies) before the election was significant and, I believe, contributed materially to the election’s outcome last November. That is probably the main reason why no leftwinger wants Benghazi touched.

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