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14 July 2014


Barry Pruett

This weekend and I do not think that it is even in the national news yet, Kim found out from her boss that Obama actually ordered the buses for the border in January. Further, Sheila Jackson Lee was caught brining voter registration forms to these people. This emergency is no emergency. It is a coordinated plan to harm the USA in order to achieve a goal. "Never let a crisis go to waste." And if there is no crisis, create one. I feel as though we are living in such dark a cloud hanging over the USA. I pray that the cloud will be lifted in my lifetime.

George Rebane

BarryP 719am - That appears directly sourced to the White House. When you connect that with pulling back the Border Patrol from the border (inhibiting entry) and make them just man check points already almost a mile inside the US, aren't we overflowing with impeachable offenses for this president? This guy makes the sins of Nixon truly negligible in comparison, yet we have regressed to the point of having a rogue federal government that considers the biggest threat to its existence the potential ire of returning veterans.

The rot doesn't stop at the Beltway when you consider what kind of electorate put these people into office, and will again. We are truly past the tipping point, and it will indeed take a long life to see this cloud lifted. May you have it.

Bill Tozer

This illegal immigrant/children thing cannot be ignored by the main stream media anymore. Thus, a silver lining. It has all the delicious topics the media loves. Children, poor people, homeless, and now called "the flood". The flood? Obama said there is no border problem. More like a tsunami than a flood. And the media suddenly finds out what we have known for a long, long time, aka, the Administration is not being forthright, honest, nor candid. Not what I would call the most transparent Administration in the history of the entire human existence.

Oh, this Administration is transparent all right. Even the casual observer can see what they are up to. Don't take a rocket scientist to see right through them and see their motives. Last thing Obama and his handlers need is a photo op down on the border.

A glance at the headlines today reveals that Nebraska is being targeted for the next bus load of illegals and the governor (among many governors) ain't too pleased....oppps...strike that about the media...only Fox news has boots on the ground.

My my, next thing you know they will be classified as homeless with little vouchers in their poor hungry hands and released into the general population from sea to shinning sea....oppps again! Its already happening. Love the fact that all kids are not from Central America, just told to say that. Love the fact that our Administration cannot verify whether they are from Mexican or not but classifies them as Central American. Love the fact that illegal immigrants already here and going down and "leasing" a kid claiming to be Uncle Pablo or sister momacita Rosa just so they (the adults) can stay here forever and ever amen. Rent a kid is a rewarding venture.

Papers? We don't need no stinkin' papers.

Russ Steele

Wall to wall Cloward-Piven, yet again. Cloward-Piven is now a staple of leftist electoral campaign strategy, overwhelm the existing institution to create an atmosphere for transformational change. We were warned, America is going to be transformed. The crisis was planned.

George Rebane

RussS 833am - agreed.

Bill Tozer

Had to Google Cloward-Piven to keep up with you brainiacs. And I thought Glen Beck was crazy or at least paranoid 6 years ago when he kept talking about Van Jones and destroying the system (burning it to the ground with an invented crisis) and raising up a new social order. Seems Mr. Beck was on to something too big for my unbelieving eyes and closed ears.

So, all this time I though Obama was just an inept oddball totally out of his league, known more kindly as The Amateur. He really really is a wily one and more dangerous than ever with the big bucks coming in as a direct result of his hopping from one closed door fat cat fundraiser to another. Guess this is our payback for them bad British colonists treating his grandpappy rudely. Heard another 2 week vacation at Martha's Vineyard is on the immediate White House schedule. Plenty of time for him to shoot hoops. No worries, the border is sealed, the Senate via Harry Reid is blocking all bills, and nothing to see here. Everything is going according to plan. Its all Israel's and talk radio's fault for causing all our problems today.


jeffy….still in there slugging. I got to hand it to him….the "stick to it" spirit.

“Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first.”

As opposed to your blog where the posts are "pre-errored".

How's that word search going jeffy……still stuck for a term to describe 90% of your posts this weekend? First letter…."L"……four letters again….the middle two are vowels…sounds like…."pies"!

C'mon jeffy a even a simpleton like you should be able to puzzle this one out! Call Steve he can probably help you through it!


When the "Annie Fox" sock puppet comes out to stroke El Jefe at the Citadel, you know he really needs a hug.

Just a note for regular readers... I never bring out where I went to college, but I do defend it when the likes of Jeffie, Stevie and Dougie use it as a cudgel. Dougie was the first, apparently still pissed at his Stanford EE brother, willing and able to lash out at anyone who got into a more demanding school and major than he did. It is interesting to hear that Jeffie has lorded his Berkeley years over people who attended lesser schools... let's just say I doubt a distinguished Cal physics professor would try to convince Jeff to change his major to physics as happened to a local Cal alumni I know. Rhetoric is wonderful when used honestly, but it isn't rocket science.


Regarding Cloward-Piven, the Watts Riots they patterned their strategy after so damaged the neighborhoods affected, they were still visibly scarred 40 years later, and economic development lags even now.

Destroying the village in order to damage it in perpetuity isn't a moral path.

Bill Tozer

Non-breaking news. The Border Patrol in Texas has been moved back 40 miles from the border. No longer paroling the border at the border. Anyone caught is gleeful that they won't be turned back because they made it inside our Nation.

!50 million smackers have been poured into our Border build detainment centers and housing for the illegal aliens WithOut Papers. Spending hundreds of millions for housing instead of 100s of millions to stop them at the border.

Think it is cheaper and more humane to stop the tsunami at the border and repair our broken flood gates than it is to turn our Border Patrol officers into quasi Red Cross volunteers. Need housing, food, medical exams?, come to our shelters. They are brand spanking new. Three hots and a cot if you can make to across the border plus a couple of miles.

We are being sold down the river and aren't even allowed to use the term wetback. Can't demean lawbreakers now can we. Smugglers and Traffickers Paradise on our southern borders. Racist comments? You bet your lily white ash. Open your eyes. We don't seem to have the same problems on our Northern Border now do we? Montezuma's Revenge.

The ones in charge of protecting us are following orders to make us less safe, less secure, more lawless as our President and HIS administration is committing dereliction of duty to the oath they swore. Very sad day. Lo, woe am I.


When the "Annie Fox" sock puppet comes out to stroke El Jefe at the Citadel, you know he really needs a hug.

Well he had a tough night!

Imagine…a place where his every utterance isn't treated like holy writ….well sir….not in my America!

We need a policy that balances jeffys need for constant adulation with the real worlds need for reason and sanity.

Because fairness…..

George Rebane

BillT 246pm - Hope to see you lend your powerful body to the throng at Gateway Park on 2 August Mr Tozer.

Barry Pruett

The funny thing is thatwe are traveling so much this summer that I will only be at Gateway for meetings and softball!

Bill Tozer

Dr, Rebane: what time?

Bill Tozer

Oh Dr. Rebane, you made me blush, you silver tongued devil you. I am just a sliver of a man now being older and uglier. I better bring the Thai houseboys and donate them to the cause. I may not be perfect, but a few old parts of me still are.

Back to my current angst, i.e., illegal immigration "reform".


From a very senior citizen…..

107-Year-Old: 'I Didn't Drink Liquor, I Didn't Dance'…

Maybe it just felt like 107 years.


It's starting….


Another gift from a progressive administration.

Russ Steele

While the local left is having a small cow over the State of Jefferson initiative coming to Nevada County, a plan backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into six states has gained enough signatures to make the November 2016 ballot, the plan's backers say.

A Twitter account belonging to the nonprofit Six Californias tweeted on Monday that "#SixCalifornias will be submitting signatures in Sacramento tomorrow for placement on the November 2016 ballot. Stay tuned for coverage!"

Roger Salazar, a spokesman for the campaign, said it's gathered more than the approximately 808,000 signatures needed to place the measure on the ballot, Reuters reported.

My guess is that the libs in State government will find a way to toss out enough signatures to disqualify the initiative. Stay Tuned.

Bill Tozer

Fish, from your 0818 link:

"President Barack Obama has not dealt directly with the crisis. During a recent visit to Denver, the president was photographed drinking beer and playing pool while declining to visit the border or facilities where the children are being held in crowded, refugee-camp-like conditions."

Duh, add 10 other things to the list Obama hasn't dealt with.

I remember Clinton's first month as President. He made a unscripted remark about Haitian refugees being allowed in. That very night hundreds of Haitians made makeshift rafts and headed across shark infested waters. The next day hundreds more. The rafts fell apart, were swamped by waves and hundreds died at sea. A day or two later, Slick Willy did is standard backtrack and pooh-poohed the remark. You know his MO..."I didn't mean that when I said that."

Point is, Mr. President, a President is the most powerful voice on the planet and when you telegraph a message, people listen. We Americans nod off when you speak lately, but Latin America, the Middle East, and parts between hang on your every word. Words have friggin meaning and a President of the United States words are like the shot heard around the world.

Now, YOU caused this and man up and deal with it. Quit blaming Congress for balking at the billions you seek to house and feed poor folks that hung on to your very words and actions.
Deal with it, Mr. B Hussein O, its your job classification.

Russ Steele


Well up to a point. You wrote:

President is the most powerful voice on the planet and when you telegraph a message, people listen.

Well, it is just words unless the President can follow them up with action. How many "Red Lines" did Obama draw?

I content that there are not many people who are paying any attention to Obama these days other than the adoring left, the poor and the uninformed, as he has squandered his moral authority, including in the current crisis as more children pour into the country.

In the end actions are more powerful than words and we have a leaders that cannot lead and abhors action. His only skill is reading a teleprompter loaded with words that someone one on this lefty socialist staff wrote.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Steele. Yes, I have tuned out to what Obama says. Problem is that when I tune back in, it is already too late. Homeland Security was already putting bids out for buses in the private sector to transport illegals from the border into our cities and sundry states since January.

I was being too kind if I insinuated that this was a crisis that suddenly appeared on the horizon like Katrina and he is reacting slowly. Shame on me for giving the Mo Fro that much benefit of the doubt. That A-hole planned this all along. Yep, just as soon as he won reelection the restraints came off and now he is running amok with the sole purpose to destroy American Exceptionalism. We now have opened a gateway for terrorists and evil doers to hide among the civilians coming across our southern border. Just like the Red Chinese Army did in Korea.

Ah, this one really gets my feathers ruffled. Sticks in my caw big time. Guess I will let visual aides do the squawking for me:

George Rebane

re BillT 1130am - The first comment in this stream, BarryP's 719am highlighted the pre-ordered buses, to which my 805am suggested that as further proof of an impeachable offense. This garnered a ho-hum from the other readers. Now we are lapping that barn again, this time apparently with ruffled feathers. Maybe the fuse on the initial comments were just a bit long, at least as far as our feathers were concerned ;-)

George Rebane

Fed Chair Yellen's testimony - after 5+ years our "recovery is not yet complete". This economic slump has passed all the tests to be called a bona fide depression. When we plunged in 2008-09 and then were told how our new socialist president (yes, he was called that in major news outlets, and by fellow world leaders) planned to architect the recovery, I dubbed the faulty labeled 'Great Recession' for what it was - Depression2. As each week passes, this assessment is vindicated, especially when we compare it to FDR's failed efforts in the 1930s. I believe that history will record this as Depression2 when more enlightened voices in the lamestream and academe are unfettered. And not to worry, there will yet be plenty of time to for lesser lights to discover this depression.


"BarryP's 719am highlighted the pre-ordered buses, to which my 805am suggested that as further proof of an impeachable offense. This garnered a ho-hum from the other readers."

A well-earned ho-hum I might add. The chance that there are any actual Obama fingerprints on this are about the same as Ronald Reagan having actually ordered Ollie North to sell arms to Iran to fund Contras.

Try again after there is something that can pass the smell test.


BTW El Jefe is still talking to himself at The Citadel. The sock puppet Annie Fox, which I suspect is His Nibs himself, replied twice to a Pelline reply to his own post, the last one asking if "Greggy or Fishy" will be attending either of the Penn Valley park events Jeffie has been trying to raise his rabble over.

Jeff, since I've never been a Republican, have never attended a Republican rally (whether TP or not) and have never written anything approving of the "Tea Party", the chances are small I'd show up for the coming events. However, since free food is apparently a feature at both, I wouldn't put it past Pelline or even Annie Fox attending.

Perhaps someone can photoshop a wig and a mu-mu on that great photo of Pelline on Broad Street as a possible artists rendering of Ms. Fox looking for a free lunch.


…..the last one asking if "Greggy or Fishy" will be attending either of the Penn Valley park events Jeffie has been trying to raise his rabble over.

No. fishy shan't be in attendance.

I think "Annie" also was curious to know the following, "My question is would they expect the same respect shown if Move On paid the fees and hosted a gathering there?"

Yes sockpuppet I would fully support the right of the….oooooh….HARD LEFT™….Move conduct a political rally if they paid their fees and received the necessary permits. I certainly wouldn't be whining about it like the man with his chubby mitt up your ass,

RL Crabb

Regarding 'Great Depression 2'...Although I would credit Obama and the Democrats with willfully impeding the recovery by keeping businesses guessing what their future tax obligations will be and keeping the price of gas high, the real culprit is the technological advances that have eliminated so many once-profitable endeavors. It's certainly devastated my profession as an illustrator.

George Rebane

RLCrabb 146pm - most certainly tech advances are a great contributor to systemic unemployment, but I maintain that Obama's policies have put that factor on steroids as companies to survive have become hyper-active in substituting technology for ever more cumbersome labor.

Gregory 1258pm - sorry to be so obtuse. My point was not to establish Obama's "fingerprints", as to comment on the belated reintroduction of this thread. As to finding such fingerprints, I agree that it's a low prob event (unless an administration spurned whistle blower emerges).

Todd Juvinall

Tens of millions in construction and related occupations have gone by-by. The 100 million people not working contain many of them. And they were jigh paying jobs. But good old Fed Reserve keeps pumping billions into Wall Street while Main Street get little or nothing except more regulations killing middle class jobs.

Bill Tozer

Better late than never. Call it being sociably tardy for the party. Yes, I read Barry's comments but it was not until I found collaborating evidence in print that my hackles became unshackled. Can't fault a man for being slow to anger can you? Had a tooth pulled very recently so that is as good of an excuse as any for having a longer fuse than ever before and, yes, that is soooo out of character for this lowly firecracker.

I just refused to believe it. I refused to even consider that an American President would ever do anything to violate his sworn duty to protect the citizens and security of The United States of America. Too far out there to even give it but a passing thought. Like a bird flying across one's view. You see it briefly, but it leaves no trail. Just a passing thought. This sinister plot to collapse (implode)our homeland is the stuff for Hollywood, not any non fictional Commander-in-Chief. Hell, one major grievance in the Declaration of Independence was King George did not protect our forefathers from those "savages".

The first step forward in recovery is to admit I have a problem. That means overcoming denial. This will be a long process with perhaps some set backs and maybe a grieving process.... Ah, forget that crap and Impeach the Bastard!!!

Holy smokes, am I the only one in the room that did not see this??? I thought we had a crisis, but noooo. We don't have a friggin crisis and Obama ain't going to deal with the "crisis" because he don't see any of this as a crisis. He sees it as his creation.

Time to wipe the egg off my face and get angry. Screw that. No time to wipe the egg off. He done this on purpose. A patriot's first duty is to protect his country from his government.---Teddy Roosevelt.

Bill Tozer

In other newsy, I noticed one of this blog's purple visitors has an lawn that looks too green. Too green for times of drought. Has he been sneaking out at night and doing the bad thing?? This drought is the perfect time to rat on people you don't like.

Todd Juvinall

My lawn is crfoaked. So is the purple lawn in Nevada City?

Bill Tozer

How about this topic. Its July and RECORD TEMPS are forecast from the Great Lakes down into the south. "Is it Global Warming Mommie, is it?"
"No, Johnnie, its the weather. Now wash behind your ears."


Greg, how 'bout this RFP?


Not only his Purpleness have a green lawn and is known for his unwavering Global Warming activism, but the tidy inheritance that enabled him to buy the place was earned by his father who worked at Humble Oil, better known as Exxon. Oh! the pathos and the guilt.

I had confused him with another jerk from Berkeley, and Barry misremembered his parents being in Marin, but it was apparently Sebastopol... not a big difference when it comes to home values or cache, is it?


Greg, further:!

Todd Juvinall

I listened to testimony this morning on the illegal alien kidlets from the 5th Congressional District Rep. He said if Obama would sign the proposed change to the immigration bill making Central American kids return the same as Mexico's, the cost to return would be about 20 million in airline charges. Obama wants 4 billion! And of course the cost of the ink to sign the bill is zip. We are being run by an insane man.

Todd Juvinall

Fox/Murdoch wants to buy Time Warner

George Rebane

Here's an interesting puzzle - what is the public's bandwidth for news items? I've thought about this for some time - is it 3 or 4 or 5 or ... major news items? We know that issues that could make news don't just disappear and reappear when the media decides about what to report. What tickled this enquiry again is the recent and sudden silence about Hillary, Ukraine, and China's territorial expansion. All the media seem to be exercised about the illegal entry of kids from central America, and the progress of ISIS in the middle east. Maybe the bandwidth limits also apply to the news media; how many copy writers can they employ? How do they decide what items will maximize the number of eyeballs watching and reading? Or do they themselves decide to what items we should now switch our interest?

Barry Pruett

Well...the FUE did not make it to our park board meeting today to discuss his idea to censor speech at the park. Is anyone surpirsed? In any event, I discussed the matter at length with the board during the directors' comment section.

Todd Juvinall

Only allow the FUE to choose the speech allowed. Everything will be just fine. LOL!


FUE is in Europe. I have no doubt he's thinking about park issues though.....and pasta...lots and lots of pasta.


George, The "news" is an Owner's directive Chef's Special each day. Give a rich buttered buffet for the low in-formation voters.

George Rebane

AI 858pm - By "a rich buttered buffet" I presume you mean everything tasty, easily digestible, and not too filling.


G - I mainly wanted to introduce the term, "low in-formation voters", which is the cynical
majority presumed to prevail herein.

George Rebane

AI 1000pm - so noted.


Just wondering... might Jeff P. share whether the cutrate Norwegian Airlines carrier forced him to buy two seats for his trips, or a hefty fee for a seat belt extension?

Barry Pruett

Kim and I went to see "America" tonight. It was like a damn Tea Party rally. It took us 15 minutes to make it past the fourth row from the back. Great movie...the video clip of Bono was the best part, I think.


Just wondering... might Jeff P. share whether the cutrate Norwegian Airlines carrier forced him to buy two seats for his trips, or a hefty fee for a seat belt extension?

These carriers ship cargo as well. Perhaps our FUElish friend went cargo netted to a shipping pallet?

Bill Tozer

Mr. Pruitt, sounds like the movie "America" was well attended. Unfortunately I opted to see Obama's new movie, The Jerk II. Best quote was "All I need is this pen, this phone, these golf clubs and this lamp."


Fish, it appears Ben and Stevie disapprove of the question, but I would think it important for Jeff's super obese readers to know if there were hidden charges for folks who can't actually fit in the seats.


Fish, it appears Ben and Stevie disapprove of the question.....

Yes...well consider me shocked at their reaction.

Anyway....I thought Stevie only dropped by "for the comedy"? jeffy rolled into the cargo hold of a 787....that's gold Jerry!

fish wonder I didn't see it. Posted just after the obit section of the "jeffy gazette".

Ben Emery says:

July 20, 2014 at 2:09 pm

It is embarrassing what goes on Rebane’s Ruminations. George how about being the yard duty at your playground and let the kids know that this type of behavior isn’t acceptable.

Gregory | 18 July 2014 at 08:48 PM

fish | 20 July 2014 at 11:29 AM


Ben Emery says:

July 20, 2014 at 2:10 pm

These unacceptable comments were made in the sandbox.


Thought you took the "pledge" Gentle Ben? No more slumming on the HARD RIGHT™ blogs for fear of just what "Mr Furious" might do ifn he saw another derogatory or snide comment?

Todd Juvinall

So the big boy from Truckee is defending him? LOL! I think Ben Emery gets lonely for the exchange and sneaks back for a peak all the time. So does the nut from Truckee. But as soon as those two charlatans are exposed they scurry off to hide under their respective hard surfaces. Two lonely boys. LOL!



I wonder if they would have approved this if their kids behaved like this in elementary school?

Greg and Fish,
I guess that is your Jiminy Cricket question you need to ask yourself before you hit post.

In elementary school I certainly wouldn't!

Now excepting the general maturity levels of cast of characters here (on both sides), and specifically as an example, your constant and overweening display of demonstrably childish and destructive progressive politics..... this isn't "elementary school".

As I've said Ben, I'm not here to convince you. I'm here to mock that which is stupid and destructive. Unfortunately for us both that means I have to waste time discussing your political and social views.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but last weekend you "tapped out" metaphorically speaking...felt that you were ....sniff ...."being bullied"....sniff? Since then I have, at your request, refrained from either addressing you or referring to your comments here or on any other of the local blogs.

Have we decided to rejoin the fray?


Proggies.......always pining for something they can't be!

During a recent vacation in Kiawah Island, S.C., Biden reconnected with old political friends. He played golf with Dick Harpootlian, a former state party chairman, who suggested that Biden is far more “authentic” than Clinton.

I can say honestly.....the United States of America deserves Shotgun Joe Biden.


.....oh the saying goes, self awareness certainly isn't your strong suit!

As the saying goes, “rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” fuhgeddaboudit! BTW, look who else is vacationing in Italy: LOL.

Ah my nearly spherical friend, this aphorism implies that you truly are "The Worlds Strongest Man".

Really Blasio....even by proggie standards he's a lemon? Keep looking...I'm sure that you'll find somebody decent to name drop before you return to the busy busy world of Western Gateway Park scheduling issues.

...and as always LOL

Bill Tozer

Fish, in all due respect, there has never been scheduling issues @ Western Gateway Park (a rare flat spot in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range with a little creek running thru it chalk full of beavers and leeches.). My kind of place. There is the pleasant sight on a daily basis of sweet maidens walking their canines, people picnicking on the tables placed all about, others enjoying the distant disc golf course away from the pavilion. Always some activity on the back side of the park beyond the beaver and leech creek and before the baseball diamonds. Clean restrooms to boot. In fact, I visit the park solely to pull in and make a quick pit stop to relieve my bladder when in the area.

There are no issues such as one finds at Pioneer Park near Lardo's abode. The only issues at Western Gateway are that in one small area of the green grass is a modest concert stage used for music and events. Apparently, some tub of lard surmises that events are being scheduled by some old white folks that do not share his world view, especially considering you can see the back of the pavilion from one of the disc golf baskets. Yep, in the self centered control freak mind, that is taking over the park. Go figure.

The tragedy of trying to control everybody and every little thing in the demanding world of playing God for control freaks IS they are controlled by their need to control. No escape. No rest for the wicked. They simply cannot let people, places or things be as they are nor do they posses any tools in their toolbox to free themselves of the chains they are bound up with by being control by the need to control. Sad story, yet not uncommon in the insecure self centered universe.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 21 July 2014 at 09:17 AM

Ah but William.....there are issues.....there are always issues that require bringing the world to a full stop in order to alleviate the oft mentioned but never explained or adequately documented complaints by that certain someone.

I ask you William, how can you turn a blind eye to charges levelled by "The Other Conscience of the Sierras" ?

Bill Tozer

One would think that being the conscious of the Berkeley of the Foothills would be enough for Lardo's ego, but noooooo. Now it has stuck its meat hooks beyond "in town" and has ventured all the way down to horse and sheep pastures and yonder old barn wood buildings of Penntucky (a friendly settlement 11 miles from Timbuctoo, California-knee-a). No rest for the wicked.

All in all I am most pleased that it was let us know on every second sentence exactly what was consumed and where. Tea infused with peach between meals is well worth writing home about. 24 hours there and already covered a lot of menus. It should be a restaurant critic, but to our dismay it has never found a dish it didn't like. What kind of critic is that? So many new menus, so little time.


…..and now young Ben Emery makes his triumphant return!

How can I make it any more clear? I don’t like the way I behave with you guys since it seems that I do not have the strength to stay on the high road in our conversations. So I decided to take personal responsibility for my behavior by removing myself from the atmosphere that causes me to behave in manner that I do not support. I am asking you to do the same.

As far as rejoining the fray, I will never sit by and let people purposely try and hurt the feelings of others. Disagree with a person’s opinions, no problem. Constantly hammering away at somebodies physical appearance is straight up childish and mean. Would you have made fun of Helen Keller being blind and deaf? I guarantee you would have disagreed with her political views.

How you behave or don't behave on blogs is neither my concern nor my responsibility…and yes…you can make it a lot clearer by either hewing to last weeks arrangement or not. If you call me out by "name" please expect a response.

Regarding your claim that you strive take the "high road" regarding peoples deficiencies I seem to recall a certain progressive stalwart who pulls no punches when discussing Todd’s intellect (I know that he returns that in kind) and exercise of his faith. Those that you consider like-minded have accused a regular poster at Rebanes as being in need of psychotropic drugs, again without proof. Fellow proglodyte luminary Michael Anderson felt compelled to inform me that he thought I was insufficiently patriotic and that perhaps a visit from Homeland Security was in order. He made sure to note that he could “arrange for that to happen”.

I’ve enjoyed recently being accused by you of suffering from a “lack of self worth”,

These guys, mostly white aging men, didn’t have a WWII to hang their self worth on so they are creating this idea that they are the next minutemen/ revolutionaries that are going to save their revisionary version of the founding fathers. Trying make their lives mean something while putting the rest of us in danger. It is actually very sad to witness and even more sad to try and converse with these adolescents on their home turf (blogs).

So Ben either participate or don’t but please don’t whine about not being able to control yourself or about “being bullied”.

As to your Helen Keller hypothetical, If Ms. Keller was as insufferable an ass as jeffy is I would have little hesitation to offer her the same kind and therapeutic comments that I'm forced to provide him on nearly a daily basis.

I'd like to think that this would not be necessary with Ms. Keller but I guess we'll never know.

Todd Juvinall

I guess Ben Emery and the others loony tune lefties just don't understand what they do. What is the difference in them calling us/me, names regarding my "sanity" or intelligence and me/us calling them fat asses? Both sides use personal traits for making a point. We just don't whine. I give them back in spades their crap though. I had to listen to them call me names for many years and I stayed above that when I was an elected official and candidate. Now that I am a private citizen I don't give a rat's ass. LOL! As always.

Todd Juvinall

Oh, and regards Keller. Ben Emery and the libs do the same thing with Christianity. They are non believers but think they can "guilt" us. Sorry Benny, get some religion first then you have the right to use it as a example. Get deaf and mute like Keller and then I'll take what you say as a real world example.

Bill Tozer

I would never call Helen Keller names. If she was a pompous ass, I would simply replace her Braille keyboard with a nice hot waffle iron or rearrange the furniture in her living room. Never would I can her names because she was a woman who could win every time playing Marco Polo. Respect is earned. However if she was a pompous ass, I would cop a feel just to see the look on her face. It's the women folk who have reserved the sole right to call other women disgusting names and they do it better than this lowly blood vessel could ever dream of.

Helen Keller and NAMBA?? Boy, is that the best Jeffry's two pool boys can do indefense of His Lardship???


You guys really don’t get it do you? My challenging your intelligence/ sanity had to do with your political ideology but it wasn’t justified and isn’t acceptable behavior on how I want to conduct myself. I can remember mentioning many times over the years guessing your are good people towards your loved ones but have some real issues with your politics. You CONTINUOUSLY going after someones weight and professionalism without any second thought or remorse is a telling measurement of your character.

Actually going after our political ideology was completely justified. I think your opinion is in wrong but you're well within your rights to call us on anything you feel is in error. And Ben there have been times where jeffys girth hasn't been central to the discussion….the Western Gateway Park thread last week was one of those times….

Posted by: fish | 12 July 2014 at 03:27 PM

Well jeffy is evading the question as should be expected and he's exhibiting the time tested method of not responding to my half of the exchange with Barry by metaphorically sticking his fingers in his ears and going….. lalalalala...I can't hear you.

This is doubly interesting because just this morning at 9:27 he was incensed that we couldn't, … debate an issue on its merits. Precious little mockery on this thread and we still have a "no show" from the perpetually aggrieved FUE.

jeffpelline says:

July 12, 2014 at 7:52 am

We’re in agreement that the goal isn’t to “trump free speech.” The goal is to manage it: just like all parks do. No other park in our county that I know of has become such a venue for political activism, so the Western Gateway Park board has a duty to address it — not blame the messenger.

I'm quite sure your goal is to "manage" free speech.....just like you do on your blog. Suppress anything that makes jeffy uncomfortable.

You should read the whole thread if only to educate you as to what a disingenuous hack jeffy really is. Do I need to mock jeffys girth? Probably not. But he's such a loathsome putz that it's difficult to restrain my baser instincts sometimes.

The park thread was also enlightening with regard to jeffys professionalism. One would think that the free exchange of ideas would be of supreme import to someone who considers himself a member of the 5th estate. It’s one thing to censor a blog that you host…it’s entirely another to whine about feeling vaguely oppressed because someone who holds political views antithetical to yours is voicing them publicly.

Remember Ben… jeffys world it’s all about “managing” free speech.

Bill Tozer

Dear sweet lit-o Brother Ben. I feel for ya. Trying to soar with eagles when you fly with turkeys is an exasperating reality check. The fact that you lower yourself down to our (my) level is a reflection of your character not mine. Darn, if only the self appointed defenders of the downtrodden could live up to their high philosophical and superior moral convictions, all would be swell. The people business is a messy business.

My sweet lit-o bro and buddy o buddy: It is nice to aspire to lofty places and I hope you continue to work on yourself and find that perfect place to go to get in touch with your inner child and be flooded with waves of serenity, tranquility, and peace on Earth good will towards man/woman and all the little precious babies of the world. Love rules!!, until you break a shoelace or blow a front tire.
But, my dear young friend and messenger from the Light, here is the unequivocal truth. You live on Earth. That is where the lost souls are. It's ok to have your head in the clouds if you keep both feet planted on the ground. That is where your fellow lower companions live and move and exist. Your calling is to get closer to the stink. May the force be with you and the bluebird of happiness nest on your shoulder. You have many miles to travel before you sleep, many miles to go.


The instigator in this scenario is the outright disrespectful way George and Todd run their blogs, period. You can claim it is free speech but free speech doesn’t have to be childish, rude, and mean. You guys just choose to exercise it that way.

How does George run a "disrespectful" blog? By letting people spout rudely.....leading to interesting discussions. Yes....tragic I realize.

As an alternative you can return to jeffys where you can leave absolute pearls like this:

Ben Emery says:

July 19, 2014 at 3:13 pm

I was introduced to Stone Brewing Co. this year and I have to say, it is awesome.

Awesome indeed!


If Jeffie can make up ugly lies about me (I'm thinking about the claimed temper tantrum at a Constitution Day celebration that had absolutely NO basis in fact, but that isn't the only instance), I can point out he's perhaps the fattest man living in Nevada City.

I recall, in one of his attempts at cutting me down, he waxed eloquently about how his dad used to help him with his Algebra homework, and opined that my attempts at fatherhood paled in comparison.

He had no comeback for my response, that I chucked my career at Cisco in order to be the one to TEACH my own son Algebra after his mom (an adjunct math professor at Sierra) died the year before, leaving me a widowed parent.

Jeff, from multiple accounts, was universally despised at The Union, and as far as I an concerned deserves all the crap he gets tossed back his way.

Bill Tozer

Here is a link many will find inflamorty, thus buried in the sandbox. I have been puzzled about Obama for awhile. Why did he treat the Ambassador from Great Britian so embarrassinglty/rudely on his visit here in early 2009? Why did he immediately run off to Cairo right after he first won the election. Why did he go upstairs and dine when the Israeli PM came to visit, leaving him to wait around and twiddle his thumbs? Why did he always side with the Muslim Brotherhood from the Cairo speech to present?

I ain't no shrink and have no background in that realm. Yes, it is plain as the nose on your face that Obama and First Lady really love the perks of the office as evidenced by her vacation spots and frequency of travel around the world. It's not the jet setting that raises a red flag. It is Obama's disconnect from Black America and constantly cowtowing to those who believe in Sharia law.
Who exactly are his people? This link, albeit just one man's viewpoint, answered some of my questions, if ineed it is true.


"You like to claim I have my head in the clouds." -Ben Emery

If this really is a photo of Ben, his problem is more serious than he thinks:

Ben, you have never engaged in conversation here with any of the grace you ascribe to your initial actions. Call people fascists and authoritarians who aren't and you will get hit back with all the righteous indignation that is due.

It also doesn't help that your campaign claim to be a nursing student was (and apparently remains) false.

Bill Tozer

Still laughing, I can't stop. Oh, Mr. Gregory, I wasn't expecting THAT from your link. Still laughing. Oh sorry Brother BM, I have no idea where this laughter is coming from. Ok, I b good now. Hands on mouth......It doesn't work,........still laughing!

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