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15 July 2014



back in the dark ages of the Zumwalt navy I know that missing ships movement or going AWOL was vigorously enforced and a over half the brig space on any given base was for such pending Courts Martial

Desertion in the field during war time was something else entirely

add the "pink slips" being given to O-3's & E-5's on the front lines, a woman who has not seen combat, commanded a combat ship or squadron promoted to admiral

I fear for our nation's security

Todd Juvinall

Interesting that the military is trimming 75,000 true heroes and then retaining and normalizing a desk job for this deserter.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 15 July 2014 at 02:42 PM

I'm not so sure that Sgt. Bergdahl is in the clear quite yet!


Bergdahl will be politically/usefully ignored for two election cycles, then he'll be thrown to the military court if we're still a Constitutional Republic by then.

Gary Smith

What is puzzling is why he was let go from Coast Guard boot camp after short stay and accepted by the Army later and sent to Afghanistan. I do not like the desertion but he obviously has some mental issues and I for one am glad we did not leave him. Would we leave a soldier with a physical injury? Why would it be okay to leave someone with a mental injury? 5 more Taliban that are going to terrorize Afghanistan don't = 1 American solider in my book, a good trade. I certainly didn't like the President and the Rose Garden photo op with his parents. A shameful display by our President, but not surprising.

George Rebane

GaryS 712pm - Unfortunately the trade was not as simple as you make out. First, it is not clear at all that Bergdahl has any "mental injury", perfectly sane people have turned their backs on America. Second, the price paid was lives lost and bodies maimed, in addition to five Taliban leaders who (I'm willing to bet the farm) will not keep their terror in Afghanistan. So how many American lives, lost and debilitated, should equal one soldier that, all evidence indicates, deserted his unit? Before being convicted and sentenced to death, Hasan also had an audience that saw him as mentally ill. Somewhere, sometime people have to be responsible for their actions.

Gary Smith

Dr. Rebane:
True I am not psychologist, he was doing survival training and saw himself as a soldier of fortune and tried to join the French Foreign legion but was turned down. He then joined the Coast Guard and was turned out of boot camp. Before he deserted he was sending pretty weird emails to his friends and family in Afghanistan. He was trying to walk to Pakistan to take a plane back to the US. He was deeply troubled at a minimum, that of course does not make it okay to go AWOL. Though you did not say that we should leave him, plenty of people do think so. He should he face some punishment, but he has some mental issues IMO that should be taken into account.

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