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27 October 2015



Can I ask- am not clear at all of your last point- how exactly has PC sentiment hurt Lawton, OK? People don't shop there unless they see a flag in the window? Overrun with Muslim immigrants? Or is Lawton simply the same as every other military town I've driven through and spent time in- none of them look really vibrant to say the least..

Russ Steele

Found this on Drudge. It seems the Islamic invasion has pulled the trigger on Europeans scrambling for guns.

Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, said he recently returned from a gun rights event in Europe, where he sensed a change in attitude toward firearms.

“I just returned from a gun rights meeting in Belgium, and I can attest that all over Europe people now want the means to defend themselves,” Gottlieb told WND. “Self-defense is no longer a dirty word. In countries like Austria, where it is still legal to own a firearm, gun sales are at record levels. I can tell you first-hand that people in Europe now wish they had a Second Amendment.”

The primary gun buyers are women. Perhaps the reason is there is no punishment for Muslim immigrants who commit rape in many countries. The majority of the immigrants flooding Europe are young men in the 20-30 looking for economics opportunities, bringing with them a culture that does not respect women. This makes all women in the host country vulnerable to rape by male Muslim immigrants.

Today Sweden is deemed “The Rape Capital of Europe” because there is virtually no punishment for Muslim immigrants who commit rape. It is their cultural heritage. If I were a woman in these host countries, I would want some protection from the rapist.


The "jon" hasn't been paying attention. Most of Europe is POed with the overrunning of their cultures by the Muslims. The Muslim "refugees" are now demanding the people of those nations convert to the Muslim way. The "refugees" are demanding more. More money. Better housing.. The list goes on.

George Rebane

RussS 457pm - you might be interested in the second link referenced in the above piece.

George Rebane

jon 357pm - your "flag in the window" comment tells me that you didnt understand my commentary. Give me evidence that you did, and we'll trade ideas.


I fully understand your commentary, George, in relation to Europe's problem with Muslim immigration. But you shifted course in the last 2 paragraphs to point out the economic challenges in Lawton, OK and evirons.

My question remains- how are the new PC dynamics and Europe's Muslim problems impacting the economy of Lawton, OK?



...perhaps the Lawton commentary wasn't really relevant to anything...:)

Ah, the risks of lumping all the conservative fears and conspiracies into one basket.

Bonnie McGuire

If true it's disgusting, but easy to see if you want to destroy western society and set up a new world government that supports Genecide. Not many years ago humanitarians wanted the United Nations to stop the atrocities and killing of non Muslims in Africa. After dragging its feet the UN finally concluded what was going on was merely ethnic cleansing. In Germany it was called Genecide. Is this what is being planned for us? What kind of dope are the world leaders addicted to by aiding and abetting this formidable army to invade their countries and force their citizens to have to protect themselves from those they also have to feed?


That's right Bonnie. I'm pretty sure that's the plan- ISIS, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba are all original Sustaining Members of this mass conspiracy to take over the West and sanction mass genocide. Heard they had their first Board meeting in Havana in July.

Bill Tozer

Ah, just roll them in bacon grease as an indoctrination to Western Culture. Show them the good side of life.
Sure, it's not pleasant when a bloated camel jockey washes up on the shore of the Mediterranean after one of their gut barges sprung a leak. Nor is it particularly fresh as an ocean breeze when you come across an illegal's body out there in the Sonoma Desert. Vultures are really big birds with strong jaws, I tell ya. Simply amazing creatures with a strong sense of smell.
But, as unpleasant as these things in life are, its so much better than stumbling across a live one, be it on land or sea. Always a silver lining.

George Rebane

Jon 733pm - BonnieM's 723pm puts her finger on it - the tie is a global attack on western civilization and the Westphalian world order as explained before in these pages. Your snide remark about the "mass conspiracy" withstanding, it is the Left that does not want anyone to tie together the distributed agenda toward a comprehensive collectivist global governance. And that's how the cultural shifts in Lawton USA tie to the Muslim migrant colonization of Europe.

Pay attention, the whole has many parts and the one worlders don't need a secret cabal somewhere to coordinate everything (but they do need a unified theme/crisis for central planning and control - today PGW is the hysteria of choice.)


Sorry guys, you guys are the master of looooong stretches, but I'm not so inclined. Nor are most people of average or better intellect. But I do respect your ability to really go out there on the limb!

don bessee

So what's your mensa score 'the jon'?

Bill Tozer

Jon @ 2015:
"Sorry guys,"
Well, if you are truly sorry, I am sure you will be forgiven. Not for believing everything you read spewing forth from The Gray Lady nor your gross inability to connect the dots even with the most simplistic of linear thinking, but rather you will be forgiven solely because that is the kind of people us Right Wing Extremists are.

Speaking of Jon, I had the most euphoric experience of getting behind Jon just yesterday. He had a bumper sticker that read "the NYT says it, I believe it, that settles it"

Oh Jon, it's all Islam, be it a raghead terrorist, an IS fighter, or the greatest misnomer of all time, the moderate Muslim. It all falls under Islamic Code with Sharia Law and Muslim Supremacy over all others. There is no middle ground when they are 100% right and everybody else is wrong. And wrong people must be forced to come over to their side, dead or alive.
A militant Muslim wants to kill you, yes you.
A moderate Muslim want a militant Muslim to kill you.

Todd Juvinall

DonB, the "jon" is really not very smart as we all see in his writings here. He does the copy/paste just like Frisch and Ben Emery. No substance, as well as no knowledge of history.

I wonder what the "jon" would do if our country was looking at a few million southern countries citizens wanting to cross the border together. Maybe he like it seeing his "brothers" of Muslim faith?

Bill Tozer

My, that is one way an open society deals with packs of gang rapists roaming the streets: just have a news blackout and stop tracking crime, including the rape of a two year old girl. The PC culture has ways of dealing with occurrences outside the box, aka, censorship with penalties for mentioning the elephant in the room.


Bill Tozer

A mugging would be preferable to a rape, IMHO. Those that embrace waves of Muslim immigrants are they same "holier than thou" libholes who embrace a misogynst culture and society.

"Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration. It cannot have both."


Bill Tozer

Coming to America. The USA allows 100,000 immigrants in per month. That is one Super Bowl stadium filled to the brim released into our cities every month.
No longer the best and brightest, we are becoming a nation of new immigrants that have the equilivent of a 6th grade education with little skills to keep America on the cutting edge. Without prospects of having a visible means of support due to not speaking English, living with clusters (not assumulating) and having their homeland culture ingrained in their psychic, half of our new "immigrants" will be on welfare.

It doesn't sound all that bad when looking at figures on paper, but when all Section 8 housing in our little village is filled with non-English speaking people from the Old World who drain our social services and overwhelm our social workers, many poor hard working (or unemployed) citizens will be singing a different tune. That anchor baby term should be called Jackpot Baby, a much more accurate term. When a Jackpot Baby is unfortunately born with severe handicaps or even some primies, the cost to the taxpayers can be a half million bucks, easy. And another 100,000 will come in next month and every month, half will be on the dole. It's no longe a matter of the haves and the have nots. Nay, it's now a matter of the cans and the cannots.
How can we clean up our side of the street when the. Garbage Truck keeps delivering?

Bill Tozer

Yo Jon, here is your Brave New World. It's change only your ilk can believe in.


Steven Frisch

It doesn't sound all that bad when looking at figures on paper, but when all Section 8 housing in our little village is filled with non-English speaking people from the Old World who drain our social services and overwhelm our social workers, many poor hard working (or unemployed) citizens will be singing a different tune."

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 28 October 2015 at 04:46 AM

Never mind that the typical affordable housing resident in Nevada County makes 80% of the median household income, which is about $59K per year in 2015.

A Section 8 housing client has to make at least less than 50% of the median income and 75% must make less than 30% of the median income. Very few Section 8 clients here my friends.

The people you are so intent on not housing in Nevada County because you fear affordable housing are working families, store clerks, students, schoolteachers, single parents, starting police officers, mid level management, and other dangerous elements.


Great points Steve. We need more diversity in Nevada County, more folks with foreign accents and a different way of thinking. The non-citizens like this that I know, and socialize with, are all wonderful, hardworking, honest people who help our economy and enrich our community.


Posted by: Jon | 28 October 2015 at 09:44 AM

WOW....you read that right out of the proglodyte talking points memo.

Jeez..... if you're going to turn in someone elses "homework" at least change up the wording a bit so as to not be quite so obvious.


fish, you're apparently living in a diverse community but seem to pine for the foothills. Why not move here where there are less of the type people you really don't want to be around. My Muslim friends from Turkey live a few miles from you.


Posted by: Jon | 28 October 2015 at 09:56 AM

Betcha didn't know that the internet is changing the way we communicate!

George Rebane

An observation: The current topic of overwhelmingly Muslim 'false flag' economic migrants crossing borders illegally and flooding into Europe (and America) is apparently too hot for liberals to handle. They instead sing the globalist paeans to unassimilated multi-kulti communities. The real news from such communities and their impact on the indigenous culture is not reported by the politically directed lamestream media (see also above comments). Meanwhile, the crickets sing and the beat goes on.


Its called yet another wave of historical immigration, following the hundreds before it over the millenia. If you're prepared to go to war to totally stop the flow, please let it be known.

Bill Tozer

Steve and Jon. You completely missed my point. Nothing to do with diversity in the foothills or limited slots on the years long waitin list to obtain a physical Section 8 abode in God's County per se. I should have said Quainty Town, USA.

My point is when hundreds of thousands of unskilled, uneducated, non-Enlish communicating people are fast tracked into our country, then our social services are going to stretched beyond the breaking point. The New arrivals from primitive cultures need to be fed, housed, and given cash and it becomes very expensive and robs American citizens of the limited social services designed for the current folks going through hard times and the disabled. Not really about the Queen of the Northern Mines.

With that said, folks living in other much larger communities than ours(10-30 times larger) are reporting that Section 8 housing are full of new immigrants only. Gobberment loans a builder the money with very sweet terms, he/she builds the complex, then under agreement fills it with immigrants from 3rd World countries and kicks back and collects the rents. SWEET!, unless you have been scrounging yer next meal and praying for years for a Section 8 housing slot to open up. Yes, this is really an instance you can cry "it's not fair!"

George Rebane

What is most interesting in this discussion (and the Dems' debates) is that no socialist wants to expand remarks like Jon's 1027am into a statement of their proposed national policy. That liberal's comment clearly recommends that western nations bend over and grab their ankles in response to the illegal migrant onslaught. If that is a foreign policy plank in their platform, then call it out explicitly - 'we shall abrogate our borders and unconditionally welcome and fully franchise all who manage to set foot on our shores' - and see how that flies with the electorate. Don't just substitute videos of the desperate and destitute huddling in the rain. End the sound of silence, speak clearly to us of the future you want to fashion for America.


Steve will appreciate this one, found this morning:

"A Muslim, A Jew, A Christian, A Pagan and an Atheist all walk into a coffee shop....and they talk, laugh, drink good coffee and become good friends. Its not a joke. Its what happens when you're not an asshole."

Bill Tozer

So that's the reasyou are friendless, eh, little Jon.

Todd Juvinall

No more immigration for twenty five years so we can assimilate the ones legally here.

Todd Juvinall

Fish it looks like "jon" is just a Pelline sock puppet. Eventually these sock puppet personalities screw up and become known.

larry wirth

Tozer's 6:07 link is something the libs here should go back and read, in its entirety. Some real unpleasant images and statistics, but its mandatory that all who would like to continue living in freedom understand what the Muslim world is about.

And if you (Jon?) prefer not to believe, read the Koran for confirmation from the horse's (ass) mouth.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 28 October 2015 at 11:17 AM

As I have suggested before....if "jon" is one of jeffys multiple personalities he could do far worse than to stick with that one. Say what you want about "jon" he's far less whiny than jeffy....a trait worthy of praise!


Suggest away fish!:) So utterly clueless.


Pelline is a distinct possibility for "Jon", so is Michael P. Anderson, an even better bet as we now know he wasn't "JoKe".

Todd Juvinall

These sock puppets never post on Pelline or even mine. If you would like to see how loony they are go to the dark knights blog and read his exchange with Steve Cottrell this week. No wonder the world is in such a mess!


Posted by: Jon | 28 October 2015 at 11:28 AM

Actually you convinced me a while back that you probably weren't "The Scold of the Sierras". But I've been wrong before.

In any case, no one who dispenses pearls of wisdom like this:

"We need more diversity in Nevada County, more folks with foreign accents and a different way of thinking. The non-citizens like this that I know, and socialize with, are all wonderful, hardworking, honest people who help our economy and enrich our community."

Has any business tossing around the term "clueless" carelessly.

.....just sayin!

don bessee

The 'jons' 1105 must mean he will never live that scenario! ;-)


Posted by: don bessee | 28 October 2015 at 01:00 PM

"A Muslim, A Jew, A Christian, A Pagan and an Atheist all walk into a coffee shop....and they talk, laugh, drink good coffee and become good friends."

Sounds like it was penned by a 13 year old girl doing her diversity paper for presentation before student council.

Bill Tozer

Ah, he just needs to work on that punch line, even if it was not supposed to be funny. That wry humor of his needs a wee bit of wry humor.

don bessee

13 year old girl, hmmm who does that sound like?


You chaps....Paul, Ben, jon.....might want to hit Euro Socialist Disneyland before they close the gates forever and have their "Going Out of Business" weekend.


By the time this all settles out Hitler will have a higher favorability rating than Merkel!

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Time to pull out the hot dogs and marshmallows for old times sake. Been many a year since I spent a night in the pokey for roasting wieners and marshmallows as the BofA burned in Isla Vista. Those where the day, I tell ya.
Nowadays, folks don't have it so easy. They stopped making metal coat hangers, the culinary implement of choice for street campfires. What's up with dat?


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