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26 November 2015


Russ Steele

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Scott Obermuller

A very thanks-filled Thanksgiving it will be. Wishing everyone safe travel and good company today.

Don Bessee

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FRIENDS! Special prayers to our troops, cops and first responders who in this time of heightened security sacrifice their holidays and time with their friends and family to keep us safe.


I would be remiss if I didn't take moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Our ever patient host most especially!


A GREAT Thanksgiving to all. The bird is in the wife's caring hands this time.
She would't let me get it near the BBQ.


Posted by: Walt | 26 November 2015 at 02:08 PM

She would't let me get it near the BBQ.

Why? BBQ'd bird is the bomb!


Everyone fat, full, and happy? Things went off well in the ditch digger house. Not even one family squabble.(how come it's just don't feel right without one?)

Bill Tozer

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. Hope you all were well fed and enjoyed the love of family and friends and had somebody else do the dishes.
Walt, perhaps the Mrs. did not wish to wait for you to perfect your BBQ techniques today of all days. Sounds like she preferred tried and true compared to experimenting. :)


That's it Bill,,, rub it in..... I didn't overcook the last one that much..... So anyone burn down the garage going with the deep fry method?

Bill Tozer

Never if you deep fry the bird in an old fashioned heavy duty metal trash can outside!

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