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21 March 2016


Brad C.

Googling to find the non WSJ paywall copy of the article I ran across this,


This is my shocked face........

George Rebane

BradC 807am - to that we might add William Gairdner's 'The Great Divide'.

Bill Tozer

The family unit breaking up is one of the most devasting factors to societal coherency.
Just a very minuet example, but makes a good point. A young person watching parents and neighbors going through rock bottom times and how they cope and get through it is a lesson that cannot be taught, only learned by observing, IMHO. Validation starts at home and the family unit is the training ground for developing confidence, character, challenges, opportunities, and overcoming adversity.
Seems to me that everything thatBig Bro does is to replace reliance of the family unit.
Second thought. If we as a nation adhered to the Constitution of these not so untied states, then it would not really matter who is President. Assault on the balance of powers is the only way to achieve "Utopia". The Left's ideology is the most destructive force our United States faces, IMHO.

Bill Tozer

But, I do take them seriously. Very seriously.

George Rebane

BillT 924am - Mr Tozer, you correctly highlight a much discussed aspect of collectivist thought, promoted widely by socialists, and made mandatory at various times by communist regimes, and that is the destruction of the family unit. The Left wants your child as young as possible to be enrolled permanently in an education/indoctrination program run by the state. It is only through such early and total control schemes that we can proceed to a society of compliant and correctly behaving individuals who will live as harmoniously as a colony of ants.


Whole lots o disconnectin breaking out alls ovah!

"California’s government can no longer said to legitimately represent the interests of the people. When semi-clownish geriatrics like Jerry Brown can ignore his state’s real needs — water, jobs, safety — while wasting billions enriching single-party insiders building high-speed trains to nowhere, then it’s safe to say that the polyglot peoples of California no longer live under a legitimate government.

And now if that Bloomberg story I quoted at the top of this article is correct, it would seem that a foreign government may be using citizenship as a weapon to further its own interests via our election.

Under these conditions, how long will the people of California, or at least the southern half of it, continue to look to Washington? How long will they continue to think, “Of course we’re a part of the United States!”

How long can they remain a core?

Robert Cross

Corporations are an intrinsically evil collective, cynically organized, incompetently operated, and staffed by board rooms most of whom are evil. For this reason alone, citizens must keep their corporations small and always on a short leash.

Let us not forget the puppet masters who run our evil government from behind the curtain. Sometimes in the ongoing corporate quest to "starve the beast" that seeks to keep corporations on a short leash, the general public comes to accept Orwellian tomes to the contrary.

George Rebane

RobertC 1121am - RR fundamentally opposes corporatism. However your analog of my assessment is too broad if you include corporations that do not need the government gun to stay in business. The overwhelming amount of wealth created by society is done by non-corporatist enterprises which are not evil, are well organized, and run very competently. We have yet to see ANY government be able to generate wealth; all they can do is confiscate it, redistribute it, and piss it away.


George, from a number of accounts I'd have to say Denmark does a nice job of not pissing it away, mostly. However, they do take and spend a huge amount of the nation's income.

Denmark is very probably not reproducible anywhere... they seem to have little problem hurting the feelings of folks who need to have their feelings hurt.

George Rebane

Gregory 135pm - Agreed. Denmark is a culturally cohesive country that fits into the perfect 'goldilocks' size of what a high QoL country should be. Yet even they would be on their fiscal ass were it not for their extractive industry income, which BTW is still insufficient to keep programs like their national healthcare sustainable (they tell us its fraction of GDP grows annually).

Scott Obermuller

from a non-thinker: "Corporations are an intrinsically evil collective, cynically organized, incompetently operated, and staffed by board rooms most of whom are evil."
Such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? Oops.
No corp can compel anyone to give them money. (except govt established monopolies).
Would you care to compare the body count of innocent civilians killed by corps compared to govts?
Governments are controlled by the people that vote.
Some of those people (like me) are not swayed by money or hysteria. Most voters barely even consider what they are voting for or have even the slightest idea how their vote will affect their lives.
Folks like R Cross haven't the slightest clue how a free market economy works or what it looks like.
They confuse and conflate crony capitalism (corporatism) with free market capitalism.
The left is constantly campaigning for ever more govt regulation of private enterprise without stopping to think how that regulation plays right into the hands of the large scale corporatist enterprises they claim to hate.
The left claims to hate 'money' in politics until the money flows to their side. Then they become a chorus of crickets. Witness the big money coming in against Trump. Where are the little darlings now with their sweet ideas of getting 'money' out of politics?
The chorus is in full song.

Bonnie McGuire

Bravo Scott Obermuller! You described it well. I believe it was Mark Twain who once said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Bill Tozer

Oh boy. Gunny's job just got more dangerous and tricky. Talk about a disconnect.

There are no points for political correctness in combat,” one reader wrote. “This insanity will get Marines killed both male and female.”

rl crabb

A government or corporation is only as evil as the people who run it. History has shown numerous examples of what happens when either gets too big for their britches.

Bill Tozer

Education and disconnect. I love these trick questions:

Robert Cross

Scott 7:25--1) obviously you must consider yourself a thinker, however your first example CPB is a bust. They don't call PBS the "Petroleum Broadcasting System" for nothing. PBS land NPR both have corporate heavy boards of directors and have been co-opted by corporate money since Reagan began cutting their so called "public" funding decades ago. According to their own information the CPB is a PRIVATE corporation funded by taxes. It is not a government entity but a private one like the Fed. So if you are going to impeach CPB then you must include every other private enterprise that receives government grants, subsidies, etc.

2) "Would you care to compare the body count of innocent civilians killed by corps compared to govts?" -- Would you care to discuss the fact that the US companies sells more arms worldwide than any other country? Of course guns don't kill people, people do. Have you considered the idea that the defense lobby likes war because it makes them money and they donate to hawkish legislators who want to send other people's children to their deaths, often killed by US manufactured arms? It is not "the government" that starts wars, it is your duly elected (and lobbied) legislators. Governments don't start wars, people do.

3) "Governments are controlled by the people that vote. " Thanks for the 4th grade assessment of our political system. If this is the foundation of your political systems theory then this statement alone is enough to negate everything else you have stated. Yes, people vote but big money determines and selects just who the public gets to vote for. Twiddle dee and twiddle dumb as choices aren't really choices at all. You fail to factor lobbying, graft and corruption into the legislative formula.

4) "Some of those people (like me) are not swayed by money or hysteria. Most voters barely even consider what they are voting for or have even the slightest idea how their vote will affect their lives. " Are you a Trump supporter?

5) "They confuse and conflate crony capitalism (corporatism) with free market capitalism. " Free market capitalism does not exist and has never existed since people began to form city/states with governments. Governments have always been the tool of merchant class members trying to gain economic advantage over their competitors via getting their cronies elected/appointed to positions of power and using them to further personal agendas and fortunes. It is nothing new.

I would go on but my coffee is getting cold. Have a nice day.

George Rebane

RobertC 844am - Mr Cross, perhaps after your coffee you might give nuanced thinking a little try.

Just like there is no perfect socialistic government in, say, the EU, there is no perfect free market in the world. But both notions are practiced close enough to allow productive use of 'socialism' and 'free market'. Zero/one thinking is so stultifying.

(Even our fearless leader lectured Castro on America's "free markets" this morning in Cuba.)

Scott Obermuller

Thanks for the reply R Cross
1 - "So if you are going to impeach CPB..."
I didn't, Robert - you did.

2 - Blaming war on the arms manufacturers is a typical left wing bit of nonsense. Nice to see you are letting tyrannical despots off the hook for genocide. "wahhh! I had to order millions killed because Colt and Remington Arms MADE ME! Stalin killed millions through starvation, but Robert Cross says it's not his fault - bad corporations MADE him do it. A gun is no more liable for it's handlers actions than a hammer. Both can (and have) killed humans. It's a mystery to me why otherwise intelligent folk believe in animism. But who am I to question their spiritual beliefs.

3 - "Yes, people vote but big money determines and selects just who the public gets to vote for."
Well - maybe you and the non thinkers, but I seem to be able to vote for anyone I want. Yes - they usually lose, but only because more folks freely voted for somebody else. I'm sorry you feel compelled to vote for candidates that are backed by lots of money. I can help you over come that problem, but it will involve discipline, intelligence and not listening to the magic voices in your head from the big bad corps that have so much power.

4 - "Are you a Trump supporter?"
Nope - I don't trust his conservative credentials and I don't like his views on erecting trade barriers and slapping tariffs on imported goods.

5 - "Free market capitalism does not exist and has never existed since people began to form city/states with governments."
Now there's a winning statement. So - if something doesn't exist, that proves it's a bad thing. And we shouldn't try to make it exist or at least move towards it. Maybe Orville and Wilbur should have stuck with bicycles? Good grief.

"I would go on but my coffee is getting cold."
I can type and sip on my coffee at the same time. I can show you how to do that too.

"Have a nice day"
I will and the same to you. I really wish you'd learn to start thinking and acting for yourself, though.
Darn those evil magical powers emanating from weapons and corporations.


Someone should tell Mr.Cross that North Korea and China would love to sell the world all the arms they want but the world generally wants the good stuff we make and they buy it because then we're generally forced to buy the stuff they make to make the books balance.

Oversimplified, but not far off the mark.

Bill Tozer

Disconnect from Frisco Values. Oh Nancy, you still have the touch.

Bill Tozer

Walt, you are going to love this. Stay tuned for part 3. What a disconnect.

Bill Tozer

Part 2

George Rebane

BillT 1141pm - Mr Tozer, please give me some odds that the 'Army mom' votes Republican.

Bill Tozer

Odds? Hard to say over all the yelling and swearing.


Holy crap! OH that was a great read. As the story goes, that was "gucked up".
I had to find PT.3 at all costs.(didn't know you already posted it here.)
Dr.R. Odds? 1000 to 1.. That woman is a Progressive PC as they can get.
Hell. She could't take a hint to save her soul.(or her Son's for that matter) "do you read these pages?"

Thanks for reminding me of the vary first sounds of boot camp. The slam of a steal door, and the echoing clicks of the taps on the DI's boots.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

What a disconnect:

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