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12 March 2016


Todd Juvinall

I watched it last night and did a article as well. I know when the the left gets desperate they always go violent. I was informed the Truckee troll is now claiming we locals are violent. Even though we all "disavow" it. That is what the commies like Frisch do, Alinsky is proud of Frisch. So is Bill Ayers, one of Frisch's heroes. And Ayers murdered cops! You can't make this stuff up when it comes to liberal/commie hypocrisy.


Damn... no, I hadn't seen GR's latest when I posted my 10:45 to the Sandbox.

Yes, disrupting peaceful meetings of those opposed to the Nazis by handfuls of Brownshirts was Hitler's tactic on his way towards absolute power.

Lefties, this will not lead to your victory.

Bill Tozer

There is going to be a lot more "last night", whether we want them or not.

That is what the people of this nation are up against.




More interested to see if jeffy will bounce Steve permanently for incorrect use of "siting" know how much that upsets The Nations Editor.

George then bounced me from his blog permanently because he took umbrage at what he believed was me making some reference to what his father was doing working as a electrician under Third Reich occupation. Actually I was just siting a historical fact.



1.quote (a passage, book, or author) as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work.
synonyms: quote, reproduce More
mention as an example.

"medics have been cited as a key example of a modern breed of technical expert"

synonyms: refer to, make reference to, mention, allude to, adduce, instance; More
praise (someone, typically a member of the armed forces) for a courageous act in an official dispatch.

synonyms: commend, pay tribute to, praise

"he has been cited many times"

LAW-adduce a former tried case as a guide to deciding a comparable case or in support of an argument.

2. LAW
summon (someone) to appear in a court of law.

"the summons cited four of the defendants"

synonyms: summon, summons, serve with a summons, serve with a writ, subpoena

"the writ cited four of the signatories"


noun: cite; plural noun: cites

1. a citation.

late Middle English (sense 2 of the verb): from Old French citer, from Latin citare, from ciere, cire ‘to call.’

You're welcome.

...and if George "bounced" you permanently why have I seen you as recently as 2 or so months ago?


George Rebane

Administrivia - Mr Frisch knows what has made him persona non grata on RR - his baseless allegations and inflammatory lies about me and my family's past, as we were fortunate to survive WW2 while experiencing and being witness to its most violent and tragic episodes, exceeded my tolerance threshold. However, my friends and colleagues have always pointed out that one of my weaknesses (there are more) is an unrequited readiness to forgive and go on. Were Mr Frisch to show some contrition re his past personal insults and lies (here and elsewhere), he would again be a welcome contributor to these comment streams.

Don Bessee

Are you sure he is not here on the down low already?

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR, you are a much more forgiving man than I. I once knew a woman whose husband beat the crap out of her over and over. Each time he sobered up and said he would never do it again. She had a good heart took him back numerous times until he finally killed her. Frisch is like the drunk man who doesn't even remember his transgressions. He is unforgivable, nasty and mean spirited. He is a taker and unrepentant for his tax fraud of his employees. He is a piece of dog excrement. But if you think he will ever change, I say good luck and happy days. LOL!

Bill Tozer

You forgive to free yourself, not the other guy. Forgiveness stops giving the slow, the lame, the violent free rent in yer head. I already forgive this guy. I am happy. He is an unhappy anal cavity. I will go to sleep not thinking about him. He will lie awake thinking about us. Forgiveness is the way to happiness and peace. We can only hope he finds whatever it takes to fill that empty void in his tortured soul so the cold wind quits blowing right through him. May God rest his soul.

Michael R. Kesti

I agree with the thrust of this article but must take exception to the notion of, "...violation of First Amendment rights from the Left." The First Amendment prohibits Congress from abridging freedom of speech. The incorporation doctrine has extended the First Amendment to the States and their Counties but not (yet) to NGOs, businesses, and individuals. This is not mere pedantry. Proper application of the Constitution serves to protect it and therefore the rights it protects.

For pedantry I'll add that "juncture," rather than "junction," would have better suited the intended meaning of the second paragraph's first sentence.

Bill Tozer

Excellent point, Mr. Kesti. And may I add (as if you had a choice) that you have shown remarkable restraint these past few weeks. I have often wondered if you skipped reading my prose or just took the high road and pretended not to see certain unorthodox sentence structures. It's hard to soar with eagles when flying with turkeys such a moi. You are a tolerant man. A good man is hard to find, IMHO.

Now, if I was a regular Joe Republican sitting on my man chair in Ohio watching the TV and seeing how The Berner Lives Matter are acting out, I might just feel like "unno, this is wrong, wrong, wrong.. Think I will switch my vote to Trump to send a message to them this is not right. We don't reward bad behavior in these parts. Besides, I wanna keep The Governor here at home. He is doing a great job."
Don't scoff. I have seen it happen a thousand times. Strikes at our innate fairness and justice thing we were born with. Poor Trump is the castigated underdog. He needs our help to right this wrong.. . We are, after all, on a mission from God.


Kesti is right (unless the government chooses not to extend protection to speakers because the government wishes their speech to be suppressed by the perpetrators), but the harassers really are committing acts of trespass, assault, disturbing the peace, battery and incitements to riot and those are generally criminal in nature.

You have a right to protest in public spaces but you don't have the right to crash a private party, to disrupt the party, to grab or threaten invited partygoers or to not leave voluntarily when asked to leave.

I expect it won't end well for the Trump Tormentors if they keep going down this road. This is community organizing at work.

George Rebane

MichaelK 344pm - I'll give you 'juncture', was typing too fast for the ol' brain to throw in the proper word.

But you strike out on the First Amendment. The Constitution mandates that the government guarantees constitutional rights to each and every one of us, rights which may be violated by anyone and not necessarily Congress or anyone else restricted to government.

Batting 500 is good in any league ;-)


"The Constitution mandates that the government guarantees constitutional rights to each and every one of us..."... umm, yes, except the right remains a limit on the power of the government (big or small) to restrict you, not some right to speak and be heard.

I think your 3rd sentence is on the clumsy side and mistakes the intervention to keep the peace or eject tresspassers as a 1st Amendment protection action. It is not.

Let's revisit the thing, lots of power in very few words:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Now there are limits to these... you have the right to petition the Government for redress of grievances, but you won't get in to see your Congresscritter in Warshington [intentional misspelling for Jeffie to get excited about] if you don't have a government issued photo ID. Imagine that.

Bill Tozer

Free speech and rights. Well, if I walk into a theater in the round to disrupt the fine actors, skilled actresses, and peaceful audience while purposely knocking over some props for effect, I am exercising what is known as disorderly conduct.

Now, if I put on a....say...a San Diego Charger uniform and get real liquored up and walk in the Black Hole known as The Oakland Coliseum during a Raiders' game and act like a total jerk.......well, let's look at the big picture, shall we? I probably will not get arrested or escorted out with my designated driver. I have a right to my free expression and right to assemble. However, there will be some old coots, some young millennials, some blacks, whites, Mexicans, legals, illegals, and a boatload of wild angry women of all shapes, sizes, and ages opening a can of Whop-Ass on my head.
Discretion is the better part of valor.

Todd Juvinall

The Freedom of speech is not a restriction on anyone or a grant from the government. It is as free as the air. It pertains to any speech by any entity. Except for those restrictions carved out by SCOTUS (of which we can all agree or not) Here are the words

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[78]"

I read it as a prohibition on the government trying to restrict any speech. Plain language to me.

George Rebane

Men have formed collectives called government for millennia. The prime role of government - from benign to tyrannies - has been to guarantee the security of its citizens/subjects from outsiders and each other, else they revolt or become mad max vigilantes. Our Founders gave us a constitutional government that doubled down on its obligations to provide an environment to keep us secure, peaceful, and have the ability to pursue prosperity. To argue that our founding document does not encumber our government with such obligations boggles the mind. Without the government to guarantee that aspect of our social contract forces the alternative of neighbor on neighbor warfare - civilization breaks down.


George, you're completely misrepresenting and misunderstanding my argument (probably Kesti's, too)... the keeping of the peace by law enforcement is virtually unrelated to any 1st Amendment issues. Any. In fact, when the Bill of Rights was new, it didn't even apply to states or towns... only a restriction on Congress and the Federal guv.

No cop has ever arrested an individual for violating the 1st amendment rights of another. There is no such law. There are laws regarding trespass, for example, but it doesn't matter whether an activity being interfered with was speech or a blowjob.


Paul Emery


Trump is a dream come true for the Dems. They are singing in the streets that he is going to be the nominee.

Bill Tozer

Todd, it does say Congress shall make no law abridging the right of people to peacefully assemble, does it not? That is Congress. As agents of Government, are not domestic LE required to make sure our rights to a peaceful assembly are not abridged? To protect and serve and all that stuff.

Ok, that was what lawyers can argue about until the cows come home. The Leftists and Pinkos have found a chink in the armor. They will use it over and over and over again, just like commercials of Paul Ryan pushing poor granny over the cliff in 2012. And claim it wasn't them, it was some PAC, lol. Expect the dog to return to its vomit on all Trump rallies going forward.
The Big Guns now are the Internationalists and International Corporations gunning for Trump. Romney and Co could only make us wobble a bit last Saturday, but we were feeling good last Tuesday after getting our land legs back.. They may cluster bomb us on a Friday night, but Super Tuesday is a'coming. They may do their wicked dastardly deeds on Good Friday, but Easter Sunday follows (to use a Western Civ analogy).
Bring it on!! It's now been made very clear. It's the American Trump voter against the entire globe. David vs Goliath. We are small, they are big. They are mighty, we just have our little ballots and hope.
This is a sure test of the Great Experiement. Do you trust the people or not??. Will evil prevail? I trust the people, that ragtag group of simpleton uncouth misfits. The shot heard around the world was fired from rural American. I trust us, therefore I feel good.
Rough seas and storm clouds gathering in mass. Darn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. "I fell real good, like they told me I would now". I feeeeel good!. Us against the World is a great spot to be.
Oh, Trumps numbers have been stuck around 38%-almost 40% for a long spell now among the divided R's. Don't be surprised to see them hovering around 45% after this. Little by little we chip at the dam like a master stonecutter until..until..Whoa Nelly, the dam is busting!

Don Bessee

Interesting close Gregory, good thread, not surprised it is a 'jon' free conversation.


"They are singing in the streets that he is going to be the nominee"

Paul, that's a strange description of sending thugs to disrupt his rallies and provoke his supporters.

Bill Tozer

Hmm. I report, you decide:
More of the same.

Now, nothing new under the sun.

Bill Tozer

Ok, I will not trader. Rebane's patience any further today. One more for the road:

Later. Exciting times, bro.

Bill Tozer

Opps. Auto correct working OT. Meant to say I will not try Dr. Rebane's patience......
This time I am going. And I mean it....after proofreading.

Michael R. Kesti

George Rebane | 12 March 2016 at 04:18 PM

If you are correct, George, then the FUE and you are in violation of the First Amendment because you both prohibit some from posting on your respective blogs.


and the beat goes on.

Todd Juvinall

Gregory, I think the anti=abortion people on the sidewalks in front of those clinics was adjudicated on the free speech platform. People were arrested. So there have been cops arresting people for practicing free speech. Of course I could be wrong.

It appears there is some confusion on the issue. Congress shall make no law keeps them out of it does it not? Therefore, speech from anyone or any entity is allowed. There is no requirement for a free individual to allow speech on their platforms from others. NO LAW. So George is right.

Bill Tozer

Back for a quickie.

Trump has out foxed, out maneuvered, out planned, and old smarted every enemy, foreign and domestic. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you "Trump the Victim."
Boy, sometimes a lucky break just falls in your lap.

Even my two formerly favorite conservative junkie sites went strong anti-Trump awhile back and are rushing to defend his rights. Them protestors violated his rights as well as all the nice salt of the earth families that made a great effort to hear Citizen Trump. They are the true victims, lol. A unifying moment if you will....


Keep believing that Paul. The "Burn" is circling the drain, no matter how fast he swims.
The LIBS just won't have him, and the fix is in for the criminal.

It's going to be Trump, maybe Cruz to swagger into the big showdown at high noon.
The GOP hate them both... Equally.
You don't see those on the Right pulling the disruptive shit LIBS do. Even at the Tea Party rallies we could count on at least one or two instigators looking to try and make the folks look bad.( Remember.. NO trouble what so ever was caused by the Tea Party, no matter how hard the LIBS tried to make it look. Then the press resorted to a blackout of anything TP.

Now it's "Blame Trump!!" It's all HIS fault!!!!"

Russ Steele


"Singing in the streets?" That is not the way some analysts see the disruptive action. The Democrats are scared sh*tless that Trump will win the nomination as up to 20% of Democrats have been crossing over in those states that allow cross-party voting in primaries. Trump rallies have been attracting blacks, Latinos and other minorities in higher numbers than past Republican candidates from low-income communities. These communities recognize for the last seven years the Democrats have screwed them, time and time again. Hope and change did nothing for them, but make health care more expensive, force companies to move plants overseas along with their jobs. Restrictive regulations have prevented community members them from starting small business.

Those disrupters were sent, organized on Facebook and Twitter, by paid coordinators with links to Democrat big money, according to talk radio. Which seem about right to me, and with money behind the disrupters there will be many more disruption of Trump events. Note, they are not disrupting Cruz, Rubino or Kasich events, as Trump is the most likely winner of the Republican nomination, according to a top Democrat Consultant on the news. So, the Democrats are aware that Trump is the most likely candidate unless they can take him down, and force the Republican to nominate a person who is not attracting large numbers of low-income Democrat voters. Stay tuned, the current disruptions are only the beginning of the season on Trump, all paid for by big money Democrats.

Russ Steele

strike "them" from last sentence in the first paragraph.

Russ Steele

In support of my 08:19PM post, found on Drudge

Ilya Sheyman, a failed Illinois contender for Congress and the executive director of Political Action, has taken credit for the violence at a cancelled Trump event last night in Chicago. He promised similar violence and disruption will occur at future Trump political events leading up to the election.

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events,” on the George Soros funded MoveOn web page. “To all of those who took to the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the general election.”

Bill Tozer

Russ @ 8:44 pm

Baptism by Fire. Thanks for the welcome mat George Soros. In return, we have a little gift for you as well. Stay tuned.

Bill Tozer

Russ, are you saying that the Road to the White House goes through Trump?

Walt, well, we made it through another day, another news cycle. It was all Trump, all day...again. Heard there were some primaries or caucuses going on somewhere today, but can't find out because all the news is about Trump. Oh yeah, some unindentified sea creature washed up somewhere in Mexico or someplace. Odd.


Trump 3rd in Wyoming. All generally downhill from here, save the continued nasty incidents at Trump Rallies. GOP Nominee? Who the hell knows?
If Kasich wins Ohio, Oh My....

A Democrat will win the Presidency 2016.

...but I already told you that months ago.


Trump running at 7% in Wyoming.

All downhill from here.

Best wishes boys. John Kasich is your only hope. :)


"Those disrupters were sent, organized on Facebook and Twitter, by paid coordinators with links to Democrat big money, according to talk radio."
So Say Russ Steele

Agreed. I would expect that from "talk radio." Ah yes, the old "According to talk radio". Same validity as saying "according to North Korean news sources."

George Rebane

Re First Amendment. My 418pm made a true statement about government's obligation to enforce First Amendment rights. Some readers misconstrue enforcement of such rights to occur only when police arrest someone for their violation. And some others misunderstand the right to be violated if a person is prevented from expressing themselves within a private venue such as RR.

Government has mostly enforced and guaranteed First Amendment rights through the courts. The case law for that is rich beyond expression. And I have no obligation to let anyone express themselves in these pages.

First Amendment rights are important, complex, and misunderstood. Here is one compendium of court cases and case law about which I have been talking.


George, can you find one of those 1st amendment cases that doesn't involve the legality of Government abridgment of speech... the fine line between protected (from government abridgment) and unprotected (from government abridgment) speech.

The government's enforcing of 1st amendment rights is always (iirc) about restricting governmental entities that are violating the 1st amendment, one of the fine checks and balances that keep the judicial, legislative and executive branches in the places, most of the time, eventually. I sanity checked this by hitting your wiki list above and of the five or so, all were as I expected. Could you find a case that wasn't about a government misdeed, real or imagined?

PS do you agree that "Jon" is probably a person or persons you've banished from the RR reservation, but are trespassing despite your having asked them to go away? And, btw, I do think you were libeled by Stephen Frisch over at Pelline's blog on Saturday.

Russ Steele

According to our local lefties the Chicago Disruption was all Trumps fault but the Daily Caller has a list and some background on the groups that planned and executed the disruption are here:

Here Are The Radical Leftist Anti-Tump Groups Behind The Chicago Protest

Russ Steele

How Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago

When Ja’Mal Green, a prominent black activist and Bernie Sanders supporter in Chicago, saw that Donald Trump was coming to the University of Illinois Chicago, he knew what he had to do. “Everyone, get your tickets to this. We’re all going in!!!! ‪#‎SHUTITDOWN‬,” he posted on Facebook last week.

Little did he know they actually would shut it down.

Friday night, hundreds of protesters invaded Trump’s rally while thousands more marched outside, leading the candidate to abruptly cancel the event due to safety concerns. The night spun out from there, as angry Trump fans clashed with protesters, who saw the shutdown as a victory.

Protesters interrupt virtually every Trump speech. But what made Chicago different were its scale and the organization behind the effort. Hundreds of young, largely black and brown people poured in from across the city, taking over whole sections of the arena and bracing for trouble.

And as the repeated chants of “Bernie” demonstrated, it was largely organized by supporters of Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate who has struggled to win over black voters, but whose revolutionary streak has excited radicals of all colors.

“Remember the #TrumpRally wasn’t just luck. It took organizers from dozens of organizations and thousands of people to pull off. Great work,” tweeted People for Bernie, a large unofficial pro-Sanders organization founded by veterans of the Occupy movement and other lefty activists. [My emphasis added, it was a well planned attack.]

Barry Pruett

Paul; I would not get that excited. I know a lot of Democrats that love Trump. In fact some that shocked the crap out of me. They like his trade stance and union guys like him. I am not a huge fan and am having difficulties figuring out what is going on with the general public, but I am starting to think that he is going to be the President. He is not conservative and he is not liberal. He is just a guy with no political baggage and tells it like it is. I would not be surprised if he wins 44 states.

Bill Tozer

A quote:

"Everybody’s talking about the angry white voters who are putting Donald Trump on a fast track to the White House. Who are they? Where do they come from? And, why are they so angry? In my view, only Washington insiders could ask such a stupid question."

George Rebane

Gregory 1258am - I am not aware of who 'jon' is. He could indeed be a sackhead I have banished who has come back to comment in a more civil mode. And yes, I believe Steven Frisch has libeled me and continues to do so at every opportunity. Just got another designated reader email this morning. On FUE's blog he blatantly lies about what I have stated, what I believe, and why he was bounced from RR. Now he gets to snipe from a distance to a like-minded and uncritical audience.

Am enjoying the First Amendment exchange, please see today's update to my post.

Todd Juvinall

I would suggest Frisch is a prime example of why America is in deep trouble. Not only did he fail miserably at free enterprise, he has figured out through a "non-profit" to make a lot of money off the taxpayers. You have to give him credit for tomfoolery and the ability to divert attention.

What is fascinating to me is people like Frisch somehow manage to gain notoriety in his town instead of chastisement. A real good used car salesman.

But lying about others is a liberal systemic problem and he is no different than the typical run of the mill commie/fascist.

Russ Steele

The Nasty Feedback of Open Boarders Politics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CDU party was humiliated in key regional elections on Sunday as voters delivered their verdict at the ballot box about her open-door refugee policies.

Exit poll results in three out of 16 German states foretell a wipeout in next year's general election as the hard-right capitalized on public disquiet and altered the political landscape forever.

The presidential candidates need to take notice of what is happening to Angela Merkel's political future, it does not look good. The US has an open border problem that needs to be fixed, as Trump explains in a language voters understand. It could be the issue that assures his election.

Bill Tozer

Interesting topic and update. The protections of free speech where the rubber meets the road appears to be in what venue violations/protections occur. One poster has already cited inciting to riot, disturbing the peace, trespassing, and what I call disorderly conduct as methods LE to protect peaceful assembly and speech.
In what venue? There are different policies for different places. I imagine the rules for getting kicked out of a rock concert are different that being 86'ed from a street fair or a dog park. Do they still have those signs prominently displayed in every bar and restaurant and business that proclaim "We reserve the right to refuse ervice to anyone"? Probably illegal to even possess one nowadays. Just kidding.
It is growing increasing cloudy which law s being violated while lawfully and peacefully practicing the 1st Amendent. A recent news blob from last week comes to mind.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Another take


@ Bill's 8:10 post,,

Uh, RIGHT HERE!!! Guilty as charged. We elect a so-called "Repub", and the first thing he does is put on the kneepads to spitshine a donkey peck*r. (Cruz being the lone exception at the moment) The GOP (as stated in the past) is LIB lite these days.
Name a "promise" made by the GOP that has been fulfilled since they took control.
" You elect US,, and we will stop "X"..."
It's been more like " Thanks for electing us!,, SUCKERS!!!!"

And they wonder why the blue collar voters are behind Trump. Like Barry said, he telles it like it is, and is no pansey apologist.

Bill Tozer

Walt: Sorry for diverging off topic, dear reader but....But nobody asks what a large portion of the electorate from both sides of the aisle are angry about. All they (the pundits) do is say "they are angry". But they never finish the statement. They are angry at....fill in the blanks. Then it is not a pie in the sky general mood, but a specific reason. Our anger has a target. Anger had a focus, a cause, a thing to be directed at.

I have often mused within myself Trump's meteoric rise. It is no mystery. First, I never watched his show, never even liked him in the least, and when I heard he was one of the 19 or more asswipes throwing his hat into the ring, I said "what a joke! He is an idiot. Besides, this is not time for a 1% to jump in since we (the county's left) have spent the last years since OWS hating on the 1%ers. Great, another New Yorker with a private jet" was my initial reaction. That's the facts, Jack.
Then he gets up on the stage and says we need to control our borders. The house erupted! Then, surprised by the reaction, he lets his hair own and says what everyone was too afraid to a wall! A big wall. And if you say we need a ten foot wall, I will build a 20 foot wall. And if you say we need 20 foot wall, I will build a 30 foot wall. And let's round up all the illegals who are robbers, cheats, liars, rapists, and murders and get them the hell out of here! With that, he blew the roof off the building and we are witnessing the aftermath from that day.
What are we angry about? Well, after losing to Obama twice, the RNC got together for a big internal introspection and came up a plan. The DNC did as well, but they said the problem was their message was not being heard. Oh, it got heard alright, which is why they got shellacked in 2014, but I digress.
Anyway, the RNC came up with a roadmap after much soul searching. The plan is to expand the base by being nice and reaching out to Latinos. Thus Gang of 8 and numerous proposals from all sides. Yet, the real point was never addressed. No use discussing legal immigration when illegal immigration is quasi-lawful, not enforced, and pretty much the practice of the land. We lost control of our borders as well as our say in a good orderly legal immigration processes. Plus the idea of rewarding bad behavior sticks like barbed wire in many a caw.
So, that is why I am angry. And when the Trumpmeister said build a wall, I erupted. Then, after Fergerson and Baltimore and everybody was talking about criminals being unfairly targeted in high crime areas and we need to be much more tolerate, understanding, gentle, and confess our sins of Whte Privlege, Trump said he would send nr cops to clean up the area ad make it safe for the residents! Wow, that blew the doors off the building and the beginning of black mothers (fearing for their kid's safety walking to school) standing on their chairs.
People are concerned about him being a homophobe. Not I. When the transgender topic had its 15 minutes of fame foaming out of every lib's lips, Trump said you got an innie and an outie, you figure it out. He ain't going to waste time on these side issues or do the micromanage thing.
I am angry that this push to make us like Europe (there was a Revolutionary WAR to not be like Europe) with a borderless Nortth America pisses me off. Don't trod or our country! I love most every legal and illegal Mexican I have ever met. And I speak Espanol quite well, thank you. I am angry over losing our sovereignty to not offend Muslims, illegal aliens, and the Globalists.
And I am half white and come from the First Nations, unlike the butt ugly late comers like the Navajo Nations and the idiots like the Apaches. Build the wall. Make it 40-50 feet tall as a replica of the Vatican.
Thank you.


Irony is where you find it.


on a related note.

rl crabb

The party of stupid continues to self-destruct...

Todd Juvinall

True the democrats are pretty stupid. At least there is a difference of opinion on the right. But you can bet the dems will put a convict in charge as well as a commie. Good call.

George Rebane

rlc 758am - "party of stupid", hmmmm. Admittedly the Repubs have not always done the right thing. But assuming you are contrasting the Repubs with the smarter Dems, then pray what are the particular attributes of the Dems that support your conclusion?

George Boardman

As The Wall Street Journal points out this morning, there's plenty of blame to go around:

As for Breitbart, any "news" organization that won't stand behind its own reporters isn't worthy of the title. Their reaction to the assault on their own reporter shows they are spineless toadies for the conservative cause.

Todd Juvinall

And ABC supported their gal who was gang raped in Cairo? Seems the press is slimy no matter what side it is.

George Rebane

Have to agree with the observations of both Messrs Boardman (939am) and Juvinall (1006am). My overall view of our Fourth Estate has been dim for a couple of decades now. And their claims to be 'fair, balanced, and unafraid' are for the most fraudulent. Some years back I was compared to a journalist; my considered response was -

rl crabb

Come November, we'll see which party has the least functioning gray matter. I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for either one.

rl crabb

I will say the Trumpster has been good for my profession...

Todd Juvinall

How many cartoonists were outside the cancelled gig? Any throw a punch?


"I will say the Trumpster has been good for my profession"

Scott Adams appears to be taking the blame, so maybe you have something there.

rl crabb

There are many who compare 2016 to 1968, or 1932. It makes calling this election difficult, because if it turns into a shooting gallery, all bets are off. (Does anyone doubt that RFK would have been elected if not for that Palestinian?)
I'm working on my time machine so I can go back and kill baby Hitler. Maybe I'll stop in the fifties on my way back to take care of baby Trump. But then, we might have a sane election and I'd have to work at these cartoons. Never mind.


Posted by: rl crabb | 14 March 2016 at 12:34 PM

I'm working on my time machine so I can go back and kill baby Hitler. Maybe I'll stop in the fifties on my way back to take care of baby Trump. But then, we might have a sane election and I'd have to work at these cartoons. Never mind.

OK....solid plan RL.....while you're back there I need you to pick up a lottery ticket for me.....I'll e-mail you the numbers! Just don't leave until you hear from me!


(Does anyone doubt that RFK would have been elected if not for that Palestinian?)

I doubt he would have won the primary.

I was just musing about the poorly behaved groups crashing the Trump get-togethers.

What's the bet they are indirectly run from the Clinton camp, but using Sanders uniforms. It's a win win situation for Mr. Tozer's gal in that case.

All this Hitler talk has made me thirsty. Time for a glass of wine.


Posted by: drivebyposter | 14 March 2016 at 01:04 PM

All this Hitler talk has made me thirsty....

The Rebanes Ruminations comment thread line of the day!~

rl crabb

drivethruposter 1:04pm - He did win California. Nobody knows how that election would have played out, but RFK would've put up a good fight in Chicago. McCarthy was too much like Bernie and no one really cared much for ol' Hubert.

George Rebane

rlc 122pm - Agreed. That was the year we registered as Dems and voted for RFK, and then that night ...


". Nobody knows how that election would have played out, "

That's true. OTOH, there were only three more states after California, and Humphrey vs Kennedy was at 561 vs 393 delegates when Kennedy was killed. Personally, I'd have to vote for party bosses + LBJ to likely hand the nomination to HHH in any case, although there would have been more of an uproar. Admittedly, given the Kennedy family ability to work the back alleys of US politics, RFK had a much greater chance than McCarthy.

It's probably a good reminder for me to consider former US Presidential candidates when I think of Hillary Clinton as being utterly corrupt. In the scheme of things, she's probably just your average office seeker at that level.

Bill Tozer

Did somebody mention Herbert Heracio Humprey?

“Richard Nixon,” wrote Hunter S. Thompson, “is living in the White House today because of what happened that night in Chicago.”

Hunter got that one right.

That fall, Humphrey was daily assailed by the kinds of haters now disrupting Trump rallies. Everywhere he went, they chanted, “Dump the Hump!” At times, Humphrey came close to tears.

That fall, Humphrey realized the monster he helped nurture.

My tormentors, he said, are “not just hecklers, but highly disciplined, well-organized agitators … some of them are anarchists, and some of these groups are destroying the Democratic Party and destroying this country.”

"In 1970, when President Nixon sent U.S. troops into Cambodia to clean out Viet Cong sanctuaries, and students rioted, Ronald Reagan called them “cowardly fascists,” and declared, “If there’s going to be a bloodbath, let it begin here.”

Good timing. Love stories from the old geezers that were there. "Power to the people!" Nothin new under the sun.

rl crabb

fish 12:38 pm - Forget the lottery. I'm going back to September, 1981, and putting a grand down on the 49ers to win the superbowl.

Don Bessee

I have to crack up at the reports that madam liar liar pantsuits on fire's voters are the high propensity lottery buyer types. CBS reports that madam liar liar pantsuits on fire's voters have the worst credit scores of all the candidates. I would have thought that comrade Bernie would have won that from all the occupy wall street types in his camp. LOL ;-)

Bill Tozer

Boys will be boys. Now we have food fights in the streets. Heard a few knuckle sandwiches were exchanged among the Love Feast. It's so nice to see everybody acting so nice and so PC. Even the mischievous,youngsters,took the night off and no protests going down. Peace out Bro dig yourfro.

Don Bessee

Whatever your view of Trump the fact that the red Chinese govt. is doing editorials against him has to be worth some votes just on the face of the Chinese fear factor.

Bill Tozer

Don, expect the onslaught on foreign governments nervous about Trumppress. It's been going on since Vinente Fox about 10 days ago. Now the Japanese, Chinese, and the whole EU is nervous as hell. Pus even the House of Saud. Doom, doom, doom if Donald J Trump keeps on hitting back and hitting hard. The Whole Friggin World is nervous, ROFLMFUEO.
I bet 20 years from now some researcher or student doing a homework assignment on the old 2016 Election comes across a memo or e-mail that links foreign governments pouring in millions funneled through PACs to Dump the Trump.
Bring it one, open the floodgates and give us all you got!
Mr. Trump, keep smoking the varmint out of their holes. You got our back, we have your back. Ain't the time to play nice or go jello legs. We ain't no Sunsne Patriots. Hit back, hit hard, hit often. We have our powder dry, torches at the ready, and the gullitine sharpened all nice and shiny. Bring it on.

Hey corrupt foreign governments, Soros types, and the Clinton DNC Machine: hopefully you can show us more firepower than those blanks and cap guns you have been firing. Wimpy, wimpy is all I can say you girlie men. Time to bend you over our knee and spank your bum bums.


Down Goes Drumpf! Down, down goes Drumpf! The adult in the room wins and hatred and bigotry takes a massive shot to the gut.

Y'all need to listen to your Uncle Jon.:)

Brokered Convention, Cleveland, OH! MARK THE TAPE.


I do so enjoy watching seemingly grown "men" swoon over politicians.


Here's a funny one. Not that we didn't know this. Despises the guy but needs work :).

Similar to Christie pining for the AG slot, with upcoming trials of his NJ cronies on the pending agenda.. Couldn't hurt to be the AG..

Bill Tozer

We will see how good of an AG Christie is after he is he has been in the Trump Administration for a few months.

Yo, Jon, hope you got over your man crush with Rubio. Yes, he is indeed handsome man, but your flirtations and yearnings over Beautiful Marco was kinda weird. Now, it appears your mangina is all a flutter for Gov. K.
Please, for your Peter's sake, wipe up after yourself.


George, back to the last update up top:

"When individuals attempt to violate FA rights, they almost always do that through some physical action that also and most clearly violates some other law intended to enforce privacy, maintain the peace, security in one’s person, prohibit trespassing, threaten violence, … . It is then that government, when it selectively chooses, steps in and prevents such actions motivated by and proximal to the intent to deny free speech and/or FA rights. That has been the clear method of enforcing the right to free speech in our Republic. To argue that this technically is not the government enforcing the right to free speech is to my mind a specious twist of what has actually been happening in our society."

You still have that absolutely WRONG. Freedom of Speech under the first amendment is the right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government. Nothing more, nothing less. As British subjects, the founders of this country didn't have it, and current citizens of Great Britain still don't have it to the extent we do in the US though they arguably have a very genteel and well behaved country (outside of the Sharia law regions, of course).

You certainly have the right to step onto a soapbox in a public park and start giving everyone your opinion, but I would have every right to stand nearby and give countering opinions, as long as I avoided "fighting words" which the government does have a right to counter. You also have a body of other rights which together might "feel" like the 1st Amendment to you, but they aren't.

I'm afraid the asshole with the Cal State 'Frisco Bachelor of Arts Poli Sci degree who absolutely hates you has it right and you would do well to actually read up on the issue. NONE of the relevant SCOTUS decisions on the 1st involve a private entity restricting the speech of another.

In fact ALL of the Bill of Rights are restrictions on the Federal Government, which have been found to apply to state and local governments in more modern history, with the normalization of the 2nd being the most recent. That's what the modern lefties are referring to when they speak of "negative rights"... things that tie the hands of governments, as opposed to "positive rights" which is their misleading words for entitlements to money and goods they did not earn but the government takes from Peter to give to Paul, whose vote they want to buy... but I digress.

Rather than spin more of your philosophy to prove to your satisfaction that the First is, in a roundabout way, actually granting your rights to speak your mind to friends in your living room, I suggest actually reading up on it.

Here's a couple online legal dictionary entries that may help:

"The right, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to express beliefs and ideas without unwarranted government restriction."

The entry for the 1st Amendment as a whole is more complicated but it remains solely the restrictions on governments to restrict the rights specified:

So George, I agree, you put together a rational and distinctly American case for the 1st reaching down into everyday life, but it doesn't. It's a straitjacket for the government that keeps them from censoring views they do not like. I'd say "nothing more" again, but that really doesn't fit, either. I think that was unique for the world in the late 18th Century and is still altogether too rare.

Bill Tozer

Excellent Mr.Gregory. Figured it was just telling Gov't to butt out. Somebody on the left saw it your way as well. If not, then there would not have been this great rush to get hate speech laws passed.

A quote of the day in video form.

Michael R. Kesti

Gregory 15Mar16 10:44 PM

The government does not have a right to counter "fighting words." It has the power. This is, again, not pedantry. The distinction is significant.


Splitting hairs, but yes, the government is granted powers, people have rights. A momentary slip, I assume you had no other hairs that needed splitting.


More Trumpness

Scott Adams speaks:

Russ Steele






Trump is alright.

Russ Steele, is that a bonafide ad or something the net cooked up? It's brilliant.

Russ Steele


This is a real 15-second ad. Rush mentioned on the air and has linked to it on his website. I saw it linked at PJ Media, Glenn Reynolds blog.


George, perhaps the Heritage Society has enough credibility for you. They write, in part,

"1. As with all of the Bill of Rights, the free speech/press guarantee restricts only government action, not action by private employers, property owners, householders, churches, universities, and the like.

2. As with most of the Bill of Rights, the free speech/press guarantee applies equally to federal and state governments, which includes local governments as well as all branches of each government. In particular, the civil courts are subject to the First Amendment, which is why libel law and other tort law rules must comply with free speech/press principles. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan (1964).

3. The free speech and the free press clauses have been read as providing essentially equal protection to speakers and writers, whether or not they are members of the institutional press, and largely regardless of the medium—books, newspapers, movies, the Internet—in which they communicate. Newspapers enjoy no more and no fewer constitutional rights than individuals. The one exception is over-the-airwaves radio and television broadcasting, which has for historical reasons been given less constitutional protection. Reno v. ACLU (1997)."!/amendments/1/essays/140/freedom-of-speech-and-of-the-press

You have it wrong, George.


George, rereading todays addendum, since you cited the Heritage Society in supporting your views on the 1st Amendment, perhaps it is time for you to revise your remarks.


Checking further, George cited the same link I did, and by reading the lesson plan on the Bill of Rights that Heritage supplies on that page, the "First, the guarantees in the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Clauses protect individuals against the actions of government, not against the actions of private individuals" is a quote from a Eugene Volokh essay that Heritage reproduces.


George Rebane

Gregory 453pm - You are free to take any part of Heritage's interpretation on the FA you wish. I have taken mine and will stand with what actually happens in real life and on the street with regard to governments' behaviors, and not with what lawyers argue under marble arches. You may want to test your theory by attempting to halt the speech of the Nazis or the Shriners.

I do think that we have now talked past each other enough, but you may not agree.


George, what part of "the guarantees in the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press Clauses protect individuals against the actions of government, not against the actions of private individuals" do you disagree with?

It was your citation and I see no need to "test my theory" as I agree wholeheartedly with Volokh and Company, nor do I feel a need to wander into a Black Lives Matter gathering to proclaim Michael Brown was shot lawfully by an officer of the law who had a rational fear for his life at the time.

Bill Tozer

Die Donor Scum: a case history.


Just to catch up, I checked out one of the debates on youtube.

Bill Tozer

Too funny Mr. drivebyposter. This election has something for everyone. Popcorn time. Shirts vs Skins, toe to toe, low blow after low blow. And the ref is related to the Boxing Commissioner. Oh goody.
Note to the faint of heart and those who cry out "Doom and Carnage" from Essentric Aunt Esther's attic room window: Best pull down hard on that seatbelt. The roller coaster operator is thinking bad thoughts and hates his job today.

Don Bessee

Notwithstanding the vying merits of the broader free speech thread, I have to acknowledge the erudite free speech that flourishes here. Thanks Doc!

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