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06 June 2016


Jon Dozer

There comes a time to stop the entirety of the SOJ nonsense. Its a few years late, but that time is now.

The CEO speaks truth.

Harold Hildebrand

"I was flabbergasted that a County employee, high ranking as he may be, would publicize his opinions in a public document."

What about the "yes on W' dog, pony, and powerpoint show the sheriff was taking around the county? He is politically campaigning for a ballot proposal that he wrote (more or less). Can he do that? Was he doing that on taxpayer time or his own time? Was he wearing his uniform at these "presentations? Was he speaking as a county employee or a private citizen?


Posted by: Jon Dozer | 06 June 2016 at 07:41 PM sounded just like Jeff Pell.....errr.......Dirty Harry when you said that.

I think I need a cool washcloth to soothe my fevered brow!!

Bill Tozer

Nothing makes libbie's head explode as the mere mention of the SOJ.
OK, what about this dog and pony show from the NO on Y crowd? Apparently they are now partaking of their product earmarked for sick people suffering from cancer, not to mention the economic impact on our social services and lost sales tax revenue from the local nick-nackery merchants.

12 p.m. — A caller in the 12000 block of North Bloomfield-Graniteville Road reported that his dog, which is buried at his home, has cameras embedded in its eyes. Those cameras were looking into the caller’s brain, which holds over $40 billion worth of government secrets.

Must be some good dog and pony shows going on.

Paul Emery


Not sure what inspired Haffey to go off on the SOJ crew. SOJ is a well intended but ultimately flawed proposal to equalize representative government for rural Nor Cal Counties.

Tomorrows local election will be very close in some areas. Democrats are now the majority party in the County and with the predicted Bernie Bump could enhance the standings of Heidi Hall and No on W both of which have waged effective and well funded campaigns. Duane is doing himself no favor by not taking a stand on W yes or no that makes him look like a weak candidate afraid to take a stand on this years most contentious issue. District 1 has in the past been the Democratic stronghold in the County and with the increase in Dems registered could swing things Heidi's way. Peter VAn Zant easily won two elections with a much smaller Dem percentage.

Not making any predictions except saying things will be close.

Jon Dozer

"Not sure what inspired Haffey to go off on the SOJ crew".

I would imagine inspired him is the desire to MOVE ON and stop wasting County and taxpayer time and money.
Haffey, his staff, his colleagues, and the BOS have dozens of important agenda items to attend to in 2015. Not a single minute should be spent responding or dealing with anything to do with the SOJ.


Posted by: Jon Dozer | 07 June 2016 at 07:36 AM

Not a single minute should be spent responding or dealing with anything to do with the SOJ.

Excellent.....back to the less masculine, slightly whinier tone that we've all come to appreciate from the "jon".

George Rebane

re JonD's 736pm - The endless hubris of a progressive - if it isn't on his agenda, it should be on no one's agenda. What other expressed desires of 3,000 to 5,000 Nevada County citizens should the BoS spend "not a single minute" dealing with or responding to? A cricket response would be quite suitable.


Haffey either speaks for a majority of the Board or not, so if wrath is to be directed anywhere, it should be there.

I wonder if many Berners will stay home now that their votes will be wasted, Hillary won before California's hard left had a say.

Jon Dozer

As CEO, Haffey is simply analyzing the facts of the economics and logistics, as SOJ relates to Nevada County. Part of his job. He states the obvious-
We are hundreds of miles from the Oregon border region- the left behind regions of CA, the sweet spot of the SOJ idea. We are a diversified economy, tightly connected and dependent economically on the Sac and Bay Area regions, our true dance partners- not to Modoc and Humboldt. Clearly those regions are hurting, with little chance of effective representation. LaMalfa territory.

Jon Dozer

Point remains the Mr. Garcia continues to have ample free speech opportunities to speak during each meeting of the BOS, send letters to the Sups and County, wear the hats, t-shirts and bumper stickers and solicit support from local citizens and business for the SOJ idea. Haffey is up to his eyeballs in the more important daily and long term priorities for the County. He made a statement and don't think he'll make any more now.

Patricia Smith

I don't see the financial viability of a State of jefferson. All of the counties signing up for the SOJ are the poorest in the state and they don't have a way to embellish their income other than to increase mining and timber. Most of the SoJ leadership are against the one homegrown product that could make this area an economic powerhouse, namely medical marijuana. If they embraced taxing and regulating this commodity, they could garner enough support and financial independence to break free. I guess they hate MMJ more than they want their freedom?

George Rebane

PatriciaS 127pm - Your analysis echoes the voice of the stasists. The new SOJ is not restricted to rehabilitating its traditional economic sectors. With a new tax structure and a refreshingly sparse regulatory environment (and congenial climate withstanding), all kinds of businesses (from CA, OR, WA, and points east) and workers will flock to SOJ given its proximity to major markets eager to consume its products and services. The cashflow and balance sheets for the new state will look nothing like the calcified Haffeys today conceive. This may be news to some of our readers (you?), but money naturally migrates to where it is most productive.

Patricia Smith

George, with the mindset of the SoJ, we will never know if it would work because they alienate too many people to ever get the support they would need to make this happen.

George Rebane

PatriciaS 245pm - In what way are you alienated by the SOJ folks?

Patricia Smith

George, the SoJ claim to want smaller government - except when they want to prohibit patients from growing medicine in the privacy of their own backyards. Even CABPRO came on board because of property rights issues. I find the SoJ positions to shift with the wind depending on who proposed the subject in question. They are also short sighted in not embracing the opportunity to tax & regulate MMJ since the tax would only apply to users of the products, but could supply a financial boon to everyone else. Instead they support spending our taxpayer dollars trying to stop the unstoppable (fiscal irresponsibilty). The last thing i would want would be to live in a state that has the same mentality as our current officials. (My way or the highway attitude).

George Rebane

PatriciaS 615pm - pray, where did you hear that?

Bill Tozer

Patricia, I hope we can agree on this, if only in spirit.
Any Statehood consideration is more than one issue. Even the Mormons had to give up polygyny as a condition of Utah's acceptance into the Union. They still practice polygyny in places in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Who knows what a new state would do about growing medicine at this conjecture. Maybe yes, maybe no. It's all fluid, nothing carved in stone.

Claudia Taylor

I whole heartedly concur with Mr. Garcia and sent an email to Mr. Hafey myself. It is posted below:

Mr Haffey,

Getting right to the point, you were hired (with some of MY tax dollars) for your management skills, not to state anything that even resembles a political opinion on official documents. To do so is totally uncalled for!

I'm referring to the negative reference you made regarding a very viable effort to bring sanity, ethics, and constitutionality back into governance through the establishment of a 51st state--the State of Jefferson. This state would geographically include 38% of California that has been economically decimated by the poor management of existing "managers". With all due respect, you are part of the problem. Continuing to just simply accept what is handed down by the state causes decisions to be made that are not good for the North State. Did you ever stop to think that maybe a lot of what the State is doing is not good for the State but rather just a way for some people to line their pockets or gain power and prestige? You and the BOS are supposed to interpose for the citizens against all factors that do not protect life, liberty and property (excessive regulations, mandates, nonsensical laws, etc.). After all, didn't you take an oath to abide by the California and U.S. Constitutions?

Again, with all due respect, your opinion about the SOJ has no place in the budget report . . . especially when you have not attended any functions where you could actually learn about the State of Jefferson. Eddie Garcia told me that you even refused to speak with him individually. Maybe you'll accept an invitation from me to discuss it over a cup of coffee. Are you open-minded enough to do that? I'll pay for the coffee.

I respectfully ask that you make a public apology for this overstep of the boundaries of your job.


Claudia Taylor
Avid Supporter of State of Jefferson

rl crabb

Lassen County defeated Jefferson 58% to 42%. Your proposed state is getting smaller every day.

Jon Dozer

RL, now it appears that the choice for Capitol City of the SOJ is down to Alturas and Yreka. Potential economic powerhouses that will attract righteous capital.


More than a third of Lassen wanted Jefferson... far from a majority but that's a lot of people who feel disenfranchised by the current Sacramento hegemony.

Now is not the time to carve up the state... like a drunk or a junkie who has not hit bottom, the Golden State thinks all is well, just needs another bond fix. Maybe 10, 20 years longer.

Todd Juvinall

RL, If you look at the stats in Lassen employment, you will see the government is the largest. No surprise there.


Posted by: Gregory | 08 June 2016 at 04:45 PM

Now is not the time to carve up the state... like a drunk or a junkie who has not hit bottom, the Golden State thinks all is well, just needs another bond fix. Maybe 10, 20 years longer.

Ding, ding, ding.........we have a winner!


If a SoJ is created, who's gonna pay the current state and local public employee pensions?

Answer: what pensions? Ignoring the smoke and mirrors, they are not fully funded and, eventually, the pot of money in CalPERS and STRS will be reallocated in a way that stiffs the lowest paid retirees the least, but everyone will get a haircut. That's what happens in a bankruptcy.

Public employees and retirees in Greece also screamed bloody murder, it's an important part of the grieving process.

This can't happen until after the junkie hits bottom.

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