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11 June 2016


Bill Tozer


Jon Dozer

Or perhaps the Silicon Valley movers and shakers have a better understanding of the world and its issues, having to hire and socialize with smart people from hundreds of nations. Its not simply USA USA USA. A more sophisticated cognitive process.

George Rebane

JohnD 755pm - That would be plausible, not because the smart people hail from "hundreds of nations" that have cracked the code on how to run an economically sustainable country with individual freedoms (because there are none of those), but because each of them is practicing the same corporatist gigs in their own countries.

George Boardman

Your comment about Silicon Valley billionaires makes no sense: Why would they embrace a party that wants to take everything they have?

Here are two real reasons they line up with the Democrats and shun the Republicans:

--These guys are mathematicians, engineers and scientists who are put off by a party that often resembles an arm of the Flat Earth Society with its embrace of creationism and general disdain for any science that doesn't validate what they believe. This is not surprising when you realize that much of the Republican base comes from the Southern Baptist Convention and other fundamentalist religions that preach a literal interpretation of the Bible.

--High tech companies tend to be meritocracies. They don't care what you look like or where you come from, they're interested in what you know and what you can contribute to the company's success. If Trump has done nothing else, he's laid to rest the myth that the Republicans want to be a big tent party. No they don't; they want to be the white man's haven. That's what you get when you embrace the Dixiecrats who left the Democratic Party after it backed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

The Republicans should add one more "P" to GOP for Grand Old People's Party.

Jon Dozer

Mr. Boardman said it much better than I.:) Thank you George.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 947am - I do believe you grossly misunderstand both corporatism and the takings of "everything they have" from the rich. In no case will the super-rich or even the mildly rich loose everything they have. They will be able to swim in the new autocracy without a noticeable impact on their lifestyles. The system is already so set up. The bottom line is that socialists (and you?) really know what generates wealth, but they cannot admit it to the sheeple that constitute their constituencies. So they have to play both sides of the street - publicly damning the capitalists while allowing them surreptitiously to avoid financial pain. To this we add now that even the conversations between the rich and progressive elite (e.g. Hillary) must be kept secret lest the ire of sheeple be raised.

Have no idea what you are responding to about "high tech companies tend to be meritocracies", that point and its relation to the piss poor STEM education provided by our union public schools has been treated for years on these pages. And it appears that you really have no clue about what's been going on in the Republican party that for years has been trying to attract the mass under-educated minorities from their voting patterns bought-and-paid-for by entitlement sinecures. That is a nigh near impossible task without first becoming the second Democratic party in the land. Recall the fundamental thesis of RR - we are beyond the tipping point.

Therefore rejoice Mr Boardman. As Irving Kristol reported on the culture wars some years back, "They are over; we have lost."

Russ Steele


Who are Trump Supporters?

The LA Time's has the details in graphic form HERE.

Regardless of Mr Boardman's claim the GOP is all white and old:

18-29: 15%
30-44: 26%
45-64: 27%
65+ : 34%


White 32%
Black 12%
Hispanic 11%
Other 21%


<$50K: 28%
$50-100K: 28%
$100K + : 22%

Democrats for Trump

The data Cohn's crunched was provided by Civis Analytics, a Democrat data firm, and is based on interviews with more than 11,000 Republican-leaning respondents since August. According to Cohn, this data presents the most detailed examination yet of Trump’s coalition.
New">">New York Times:

Republican Leaners: 33%

18-29: 29%
30-39: 32%
40-49: 32%
50-64: 35%
65+ : 35%


White non-Latino: 35%
Latino: 32%

You see the real problem for Hillary is that while Trump is not the favorite of the Republican Elites he appeals to Democrats across all age groups and ethnicities.


The best thing you are likely to read all day!

Russ Steele

Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton's Intercepted Emails

George Rebane

RussS 357pm - Good pick up Russ, keep us posted.

Bill Tozer

Hey, did you notice the Trump Dirt they have over at the DNC was allegedly hacked by the Russians? Hmmm. DNC Debbie said no donation rolls, important stuff, or finances were "hacked", just the dirt on The Donald. I dunno. Seems odd. Maybe they put the mud on an unsecured server so Hillary can find it. More than one witness has said Hillary just does not know how to use a desktop computer. The IT guys at State concluded it was beyond her understanding, with that menacing tower and big frightening keyboard and that horrid fan sound. Sure, blame the Russians Debbie Whatzhername-Sergeant Shultz. Sure they did. Them Ruskies are messing with our weather again.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer


Now, the DNC server was secure, unlike Hillary's home brew server.

Bill Tozer

Yo Mr. Steele.
Seems somebody had their thumb on the scale before the election cycle started.

Bill Tozer

Mean o' Jerry Brown. Heartless. This is a crisis and he is up in Sacramento twiddling his thumbs. Not a very good Jesuit if you ask me.

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