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10 August 2016


Russ Steele

I can support the Congressional Reform Act of 2017. Let's get on with enacting it. Trump would be the perfect President to sign the bill.

Scott Obermuller

Well - it sounds great, but I've seen proposals for this going back decades. Obviously the health care aspect is new since the law is fairly new. Why does it go nowhere? Because the electorate are largely composed of the type of serfs people degenerate into after a few years of freedom. The founding fathers warned about this very thing. Folks (almost always on the left) really don't want and can't handle liberty and freedom.
They really do think their leaders should be some kind of royalty that shouldn't have to answer to the same laws that the proles do. The left has no problem with politicians and Hollywood stars and the uber wealthy living under completely different rules than those that these same people espouse. Clear examples of this are on view nearly every day. You can start with all of the 'gun control' laws passed by politicians who, (along with their families) are protected 24/7 with machine guns. "Guns have no place in schools." Who said that? Why - the fellow that has his children protected by guns in their schools. Our lefty overseers tell us we should all drive electric cars, but I never see them in one. On and on. Sorry to be so dreary on this subject, but we're talking about human nature here and it hasn't changed a whit in however many millennia you care to ascribe to us people critters.
It is a worthwhile subject and needs to be brought up once in a while as there are lots of new voters every year that will otherwise never hear about it.


I just heard that Trump said he is going to "beat" Hillary. First it was ordering the Russians to hack hillbillies 30000 deleted emails, second it was putting out a contract on Silleries life with the 2nd Amendment people, whoever they are and now he is gonna beat her.....

George Rebane

MikeL 637am - Not sure whether you're aware of what you said, but Trump ordered no such hacking of Hillary's 30K deleted emails. As explained here many times, such order was never given and could not be followed by Russia or anyone else at the time. Try to understand that the 30K emails were already hacked long ago when they were hackable on Hillary's unsecured servers. These emails were already stored by Russia and everyone else who compromised those servers. Trump merely asked Russia (or anyone who already had them) to sort through their stash, "retrieve" them, and share those "destroyed personal emails" with the American people.

Is that so hard to keep straight?

Bonnie McGuire

The Congressional Reform Act of 2017 is the way it should be. Common sense. Those who claim they're serving the people setting their own pay, perks and retirements? No wonder America has a problem.

Scott Obermuller

Well - yes, Bonnie. Unfortunately common sense isn't quite as common as it used to be.
How is it acceptable for the govt to seize folks' money out of their bank account or right off of their person?
No arrest or even a charge of anything criminal or civil. You then have to hire a lawyer to 'prove' it's your money and even then the govt will simply keep a large percentage. Our new Atty General called this a 'wonderful tool'. It's completely un-Constitional and outright theft.
Try to find any politician who will vote for the repeal of the enabling legislation. Try to find an American who even understands that this outrage occurs on a regular basis.
We (as a nation) get the govt we deserve.

Bonnie McGuire

Yes, as historians oft point out....government officials reflect the majority mentality of the society they represent.


The proposed Act would have the unintended side effects of transferring even more power to Congressional employees, and reducing the number of middle class would-be Congresscritters who would not be able to afford to the hit to their career unless they were, in effect, the landed gentry.

Perks need to be dialed back, to be sure, but not by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

George Rebane

Gregory 905am - Can you be a bit more explicit about your concerns?

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