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13 August 2016


Bill Tozer

Now, now, Dr. Rebane. If you watched Trump's long speech in its entirety yesterday on line as I did, you would not have written as many words in your post. It was Presidential Campaigning to the max, mostly on the economy, what Hillary did to upstate New York (citing the long Washington Post's front page story last week), her plan, his plan and even held up charts and graphs. Then onto ISIS, immigration, Syrian immigration, our foreign policy, domestic policy, SCOTUS pick list, and other issues, including the 2nd Amendment.
All in all, Trump drew a very comprehensive picture that our nation has been run by very stupid people the last 8 years. Very stupid.

Me thinks you need to catch up and see what is going on with Trump today, not last week. Back to unscripted fire in the belly. Like it or not, what we have here is a bit of populism tossed in the mix with conservatism. Remember, conservatism at its core is a wing of the Libertarian beliefs and values. Trump is taking his message straight to the people. What else can he do?? The press won't, so its Trump speaking to overflow arenas...Ah, the good old days. Taking the message over the media and over the Liberal heavily guarded domains and straight to the people. The little forgotten backbone of America.

Gregory was on to something when he said Trump got millions of dollars worth of free advertising for his 2nd Amendent choice of words. At Eerie yesterday, he discussed all these "bombshells" and said to the crowd that his "Obama is the founder of ISIS" remark was scarism, but to be honest, not that much scarism. Lol. Love it. He is putting doubts in the voters' minds over Obama's weird attachment to The Muslim Brotherhood, economic policy, gun rights, ad infinitum. If he does not, who will?

The NeverTrumpers are basically the Romeny cult of the Republican Establishment. They made a big splash for a couple of days. Where are they today? Tomorrow? Sure, they sent some unknown Mormon Tabernacle Choirboy out as their man, but they are already folding up the tent and calling it a day. Going back to whatever it is they do, I reckon.

We all know where the MSM stands and how they cannot not be biased. Yes, a double negative. They cannot not be partisan. Everybody they know and everybody they went to school withand all 2,000 of each of their FB friends were 100% confident Briexit would never fly in a hundred years or that Trump would never never win the nomination. There is nothing but distortions of truth from that quarter. Sure, it gets to me now and then, but at least Trump has smoked them all out....out to where they never have exposed before.
They (MSM) are even patting themselves on the back over what a takedown job they are doing, ROFLMFUEO.

George Rebane

BillT 1205pm - Indeed Mr Tozer, from your mouth to the RNC ear.

George Boardman

I think this post needs a new headline: Crooked Hillary and Dishonest Donald.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 329pm - so noted Mr Boardman.


Dishonest? Not from my point of view. Every time they try to paint what Trump says in a bad light, is always proven that what he said was accurate.
So Boardman,, just where has Trump been dishonest? Hillary is the natural born liar.
She lies about the lies she said in previous lies.


Trump is guilty of a huckster's hyperbole while Clinton's lying is pathological, and was recently implicated in the murder of an Iranian scientist whose only crime was cooperating with the US State Department whose Secretary was later found to be extremely irresponsible with classified material.

Boardman, your attempt at drawing a moral equivalent is pathetic.


Did some looking. Only one or two little heard of LIB rags of the net say Trump is "dishonest". Yet not a peep about the whore of Wall st.
You should have heard the Tom Sullivan show the other day, where he was going over Hillary's tax returns. Funny how the IRS hasn't paid them a visit. Opps, my mistake. The IRS is only concerned with Repub and Conservative incomes. I wonder how many times Trump has been audited, VS the Clintons?

Scott Obermuller

Dishonest Donald??!! Probably the most honest man running for office ever. And that's a problem for him.
Is he incorrect about some facts and does he make political promises he can't possibly keep? Yes.
I don't see any ability to work with congress in the ways that our precious little snow flake solons are accustomed to. I'm sure Trump thinks he can go directly to 'the people' and force the legislative branch to accede. And there's 'the phone and the pen' made famous by our current doofus-in-chief. I'm sure the Dems are suddenly realizing the methods they cheered under Obama can certainly come around to bite them severely under a different admin.
Hillary is crooked and dishonest. Trump is just a wild card. The left has to make up stuff about him because his policies I don't like are the same ones pushed by the Dems. They can't attack him straight on, since they would be invalidating many of their own policies.


"Dishonest Donald??!! Probably the most honest man running for office ever."

I doubt it. Just in my lifetime, I suspect Jimmy Carter buries Trump in moral rectitude.

He was also one of history's worst Presidents, but I don't think his relative veracity was the reason... he was just lousy at making decisions.

Scott Obermuller

Carter???? Hahaaahaaa... "I'll never lie to you".
My father nailed it immediately. "That's his first lie.".
Carter got away with his humble peanut farmer routine and the nation bought it - hook, line and sinker.
No - he's not evil like Hillary, but he wasn't the "Mr Smith Goes To Washington" either.


He even admitted he has lust in his heart, giving lots of Evangelicals permission to buy that issue of Playboy... to read the Carter interview.

Scott, you're just a hater ;)


Going down the Carter years memory lane... remember his brother Billy pissing on the airport tarmac in the company of the Saudis who were paying big bucks to have Billy arrange access to B'rer Jimmuh?

I never did get a can of Billy Beer. He was Jimmuh's evil twin. Or at least his inebriated twin.


I also recall Carter's mom hoping the last and least of the Kennedy boys wouldn't run for President and risk getting shot. I guess Democrats like Mrs. Carter and Mrs Clinton, who suggested she couldn't drop out of the '08 race in May because Obama could get assassinated in June (leaving Hillary the last Democrat in the race) get a pass because their heart is pure.


Boardman is now pulling a "jon"? make some wild statement, then run and hide, not to be heard from in days.
The ball is in your court Boardman, back up your claim.

Norm Sauer

You can parse Trump's word till you are blue in the face and it will get you no where. Reason: people believe what they want to believe. The MSM puts words in his mouth he did not utter and the people who won't listen to Trump himself are willingly misled.
The crucial issue for all candidates for POTUS should be release of their medical records. These are more important than tax records for the reason the health and stamina of POTUS is vital and a prerequisite to the office. I suspect Trump's health is excellent as he neither drinks or smokes, and he is reputed to have excellent energy.
There is a serious concern with Hillary's health, however. Since she had head trauma about 4 or 5 years ago there have been episodes of bizarre behavior and balance loss. And these episodes have occurred in 2016. Some have speculated Parkinson's disease, others post-traumatic stress disorder. Stay tuned for this will be harder to bury and walk away from.


Good call Norm. Trump needs to be in tip top health to keep that wife of his "happy".(if you get my drift) The LIB press would try and make a capital case if Trump had a prescription for Viagra alone. " TRUMP takes VIAGRA!!UNFIT FOR OFFICE!! News at 11:00!!"
Hillary's gray matter problems probably stem from liar overload. With as much BS as that skull must house, we are seeing the short circuiting in progress. That "Max Headroom episode" video where even the reporter steps back in shock is pretty good proof.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt. Mr. Boardman is just stuck on the liberal mantra. You know the song and dance. We did not support Obama because we couldn't stomach having a Blackman in the Oval Office. Thus, any probing into his experience, past, accomplishments, even mentioning his radical Black Theology church of 12 years was racist, therefore A) off limits to intellectual inquiry and B) anything critical is racist, end of agrument.

Support Trump? Racist. Nazi. Islamophobe. Mexican hater, albeit illegal is not a race, but that does not matter. End of conversation. Boardman's pat answer is nothing new, nor unique in liberal practice.

I submit that there was been no other ethnic group that has been pounded on, disparaged, and made out to be the number one problem of mankind than the white straight male. All criticism of the white male is exempt from all the social rules that the libs apply to every other group, except with perhaps the Jewish community. The left is free to pound on, slam, crush, spout prejustice and outright inflated lies against the common enemy: the white male, aka, the bitter clingers hanging onto the guns, Bibles, and 19th Century way of life. They are to be scorned, discarded, and silenced. All bets are off when dealing with the white male in the PC circles of journalism, education, government, and every sector they pollute. Lying about the white male and conservatives is ok because the Left is fighting Nazism. The ends justify the means.

I also submit that the USA has equality been pounded on by left for years. It's all (white) America's fault. We are bad. We are the destroyers. We must pay and atone for our sins, aka, give people and nations money...more and more money with no end in sight. Right every wrong with money. Borders are bad. Self reliance is cruel. More money paid to the non achievers is good. It's Holy Money.

So, if we are a bunch of Nazis and racists, then the rules of fair play and truth do not apply. Nothing applies as all is fair in love and war. That is how the left stacksthe deck. There is no rape epidemic on Americ's campuses. Redistribution of wealth does not create wealth for the masses. Making nice with our enemies like Iran does not make the world a safer place. Refusing to call Islamic radical terrorists by the proper label does not make the problem go away. Focusing on feelings and everybody is a winner instead of results does not prepare the student for a math test or life. Eliminating the losers by making everyone a winner makes for all of us losing. The old joke about CA high school students slipping farther behind in reading comprehensionand math goes like this: The test results suck, but at least the students feel good about their efforts.

America is more divided now than it was 8 years ago. Everybody is a victim, and the victimizer is the racist white male of the Right. That is the poster boy Bad Guy as everyone is going tribal. We are farther away from being a color blind society than anytime in recent memory. Liberal policies and practices have resulted at groups at each others' throats. To point this out is to be slammed as a racist who has yet to check his White Privilege at the door.

As far as this election goes, I submit that BLM with be a minor campaign issue. The movement is only as strong as the media coverage they generate. No cameras, no movement of substance. They had their moment of fame (again) last summer. U of Missouri was the big one. Cameras then left to cover other things like Transgender bathrooms and BLM lost their place under the spotlights. Then the media rushed off to Orlando, which really got BLM's goat. They said the Orlando massacre was due to White Privilege. What, not white homophobia or Islamic terrorism? I must have some racist inclinations to even question BLM's statements.
BLM is learning that we do only one victim at a time. We have transgenders as the victim of the month, so BLM goes to the back of the line along with the homosexuals and college rape victims. Wage gap issues, Islamaphobic kids throwing a pig's head on a business storefront, and BLM will be back in the headlines as the victim of the month will be recycled when a new one can't be found. And the only consistency is that it is not only permissible but encouraged to pound on relentlessly the White Male Devil and the USA as the cause of every ill. Every victim needs a Monster to point to as why they are not getting their due. Without a racist perpetuator, there can be no victims.

Then along comes Donald Trump and says we have lost our way and our current liberal friends have screwed, blued, and tattooed America and we the people. The liberals have politicized the IRS, FEC, EPA, DOJ, and now the Military. But, the libs gleefully close their ears, eyes, and minds. Afterall, if am a racist, then no need to even acknowledge anything from my little corner of the world. Nothing to see here. He is a racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pay him no mind, give him no forum.
Take away the Left's screaming "You are a racist!" and they have no counter agrument, no substance, no viable solutions. The King is naked.

Hurling names like Nazi, dishonest, racist, Southerner, redneck, etc, is All Boardman and jon and Dozer have in their arsenal. That is ALL the Left has in the quiver. Take that away and they have nothing. Very sad, quite pathetic. Zzzzzz


Bill. You need to be the scale balancer. Every time Boardman has some screed in The Union, you get the same amount of ink. Boardman has had free run and gets printed unopposed for way to long. YOU my friend, have the ability to stick it to Boardman is ways not many can.
Not to mention the Left in general.
Plenty of us always look forward to what you print. I do believe you alone could get readership up for the local fishwrap.(if people were actually allowed to keep their catch around here.)

Russ Steele

This should be interesting, George Soros Hacked

Hundreds of internal documents from groups run by prominent billionaire liberal donor George Soros were leaked online Saturday after hackers infiltrated the groups.

The 2,576 files were released by DCLeaks, a website which claims to be “launched by the American hacktivists who respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people.”

The documents are from multiple departments of Soros’ organizations. Soros’ the Open Society Foundations seems to be the group with the most documents in the leak. Files come from sections representing almost all geographical regions in the world, “the President’s Office”, and something named SOUK.

So, how many were to Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Family Foundation? Eventually the hackers will find the smoking gun. The problem is will the MSM recognize it for what it is?

Read more:

Bill Tozer

Russ, could be interesting and could be mundane. It depends on how astute the readers of the documents are. Boy, we have Gucci Bag 2.0, some kids, some Romanians, Russians, some Chinese, probably some Israelis, French, Eric Snowden, Julian Assange, and who knows who else waltzing about inside the DNC Information Highway money trail.
The only suspect we can count out today is the murdered 27 year old DNC staffer who was found dead on the streets with nothing taken or disturbed....except his life. They called it a botched robbery. With nothing to go on, I will call it a murder in a nice area of affluent Whitey Town of a young staffer who reportedly had something to share with the FBI. Just rumors....and that is how rumors start. :)

Opps, the point. Was it a week or ten days ago that Eric Snowden sent out an odd two word tweet to a personal contact of Julian Assange. The tweet read "It's Time." Hmmm.
Boy, I hope that "it's time" did not mean Soros's financials. If so, that was a big letdown. If not, then let's get ready for Showtime. :). It's time to put the popcorn in the nuker.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt. Thanks for the undeserved compliment, but no thanks.
1st. I am frequently wrong as humans are. Just some know it, some never will. The more I post, the more my errors increase. I am not well versed in any subject, topic, and am the proverbial jacks of all trades, master of none. I wonder how Dr. Rebane manages to suffer me. I figure most people just skip my ramblings anyway. They are only important to me.

2nd Mr. Boardman is not the problem. I have developed a passive-aggressive relationship with him. He can be on track at times and off track on other times. That is just my opinion. It you add up Paul, Brother Ben, GB, you, and all of us, we all cry "that's not fair!". Heck, even kids in the playground sandbox cry out "that's not fair". We are born with a sense of justice, of fair play, and a sense that bad behavior should not go unpunished (I hope).
3). Mr. Boardman and Dr. Rebane put it out there for all to see in The Union. Why someone would want to go through all that grief and backlash is not for the faint of heart. That takes guts. Then again, it takes even much more guts to defend your position and be open to contraire exchanges and admit when you are wrong or see the merits of an opposing view. I am a coward by just posting here, thankyou very much.

Starting with a possible FUE sock puppet and extending through time to Dozer, I have purposely worked on neutralizing their weapons. Call me violent? Yes, am I am coming over to corn hole you right now and burn your house down and pluck out your Grandmother's eyes and piss on your daddy's grave. That shuts them up, usually as their shaming fails to do its job for once. Call me racist, Nazi, homophobe, Islamaphobe, misgonist, bigot, and my reply is "Yes! I love it! I wear it has a badge of honor." See, once they fail at shaking that finger at us and trying to shame me to get with their program, they have nothing left in their arsenal. Zero. The dumb shits have not figured out you can't shame a psychopath.
Call me what you will. I am guilty as charged and name calling gives me a big electric Woody. Bring it on.
What puzzles me is all those who decry injustice are the first to turn a blind eye to righting a wrong when their ox is being gored. No longer do they clamour that bad behavior cannot be allowed to go unpunished. They say "nothing to see hear." Just look at all their writing about HRC. Not a peep. It's all Trump said this, Trump said that, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. But I say Hillary DID this, Hillary DID that, Hillary has done many bad things and the responses is crickets or "Bush did it too, why pick on me and not Bush?" The hypocrisy of all this is making Hillary's past and present actions less important than Trump's words. The ole avoid and minimize your side's weaknesses and exaggerate your opponents faults. That is what a good lawyer is a supposed to do in the adversarial system. I do take pleasure than not one person here has not only NOT defended Hillary, but not one poster has yet to make the case why she will be a great/good/adequate President. After 30 plus years in public life, no one can rattle off her accomplishments that might make me think twice about HRC?? Does she have any good points? Not one? Please, do tell us stories about HRC's good character. But noooo. All we get is we are Getman wife beating uneducated toothless rednecks that are obviously in desperate need of The Great White Father in Washington telling us exactly what to think, say, and do. I say go fuck yourselves to that noise. FO and Die. The world would be a safer, kinder, more compassionate happy place without all the race baiting divisive liberal control freaks around. They peddle misery. And their solutions do more harm than the problems. Yes, FO and Die.

The liberal ideology is the most rigid ideology this side of Theocracy. It's the same, actually. They both are worshippers. One worships a religion, one worships the State. Both offer only tyranny and oppression. Get the hell out of of my life. The liberal ideology's vehicle for implementation is Victimhood. Class envy, class warfare, cultural warfare, lesbians verses gays, and on and on it goes.

Once supplied old guns to a film doing a period Cowboys and Indians film for HBO or somebody. Zane Grey novel stuff. Had a great line in the movie. The bad guys were on the trail of our good guy to ambush and kill him. The good guy circled back and got the draw on one of the bad guys in waiting. The bad guy tried to reach for his gun too late then begged the good guy to not shoot. "Please, please, please" don't do to me what I was planning to do to you type of thing. The good guy replied "how come those who cry for mercy the loudest are the least likely to give it?" Bam. Next on the list. .

Todd Juvinall

ON FB the libnuts are saying Trump should be held to the positions of his father, there they claim he was a racist for not renting his own property to people he did not want. And then when I pointed out that the Orlando killer was in Hillary's back should therefore be held to the same standard, the libnuts ostracized me. What a hoot!


Thanks for proving my point that you SHOULD!! You would drive up the incomes of every Lefty "rent-a buddy"(therapists) in the tri county area.
As for this,,"That takes guts. Then again, it takes even much more guts to defend your position and be open to contraire exchanges and admit when you are wrong or see the merits of an opposing view." Boardman has yet to come out from under his rock to "defend" his charge against Trump. Seems there is a yellow stripe running up Boardman's back.

You have a talent for word writing my friend, in a vary "Trump" like fashion.
Yes, The Union would have to redact half of what you would write. Plenty of black lines between words.(Love it) You tell it like it is. No cowardice in you what so ever.
We need more like ya'.

George Boardman

If the following compilation of Trump's statements doesn't convince you that Donald is dishonest, nothing I can say will save you from your delusional state.

Todd Juvinall

George Boardman | 14 August 2016 at 01:46 PM

Who really gives a rats ass anyway? I hear the voters from both sides say the people running for office at all levels are lying sack of sh**. I suppose if we went back to the old days of Hillary in Arkansas and compared her positions then and now we would see the same things.

So I say right back at you and your favorite gal.

Working the Republican booth was fun this weekend. So many thumbs up and shout outs for Trump. So many thumbs down and nasty comments on Hillary.


That's all ya' got Boardman?,, Huffpuff?,,Really???, You sure grasp at straws sometimes. No other LIB toilet news is even trying that one.

Just which fence sitter (picket fence at that) is going to change their vote from Trump to Hillary on that piss poor example?

Your one notch above the late "jon" at this point. I await your next drive-by turd fling.
It took you long enough to scour the net just for that one.

This belongs on this thread.
Once again it comes out," uh,,, Trump was right."

So much for "dishonest" Don.


BTW Boardman, LIBS are looking for ANY excuse to tar and feather someone on the right.
Who would be more inclined to get a visit from the cops? Someone who happened to use a picture of Hillary or Trump for target practice? Some LIBS like to shoot too.

Remember. CNN made up the story about Trump getting a visit from the secret service.
Totally bogus.
And Twitter blocks Conservative posts, but have yet to be found to have blocked any from the LIB side.

So I say LIBS are dishonest as a whole.

Bill Tozer

Ok, how about some laughs.


I wonder if Boardman wants a President with brain damage. Better look at Bill's post Boardman.

Hay Boardman. So Trump changed his opinion.(your huffpuff "evidence")
Let's take your latest piece in The Union for example. (dope) I was all for legalization
way back when, now I'm not. Does that make me dishonest? Let's hear it.

George Rebane

re GeorgeB 146pm - While the flip flops are real, it's hard to see how they differentiate Trump as a politician from equal video clips that can be assembled of Obama, Clinton(both), Reid, Pelosi, ... . Perhaps that can be done if you only pay attention to one side and not the other.

Scott Obermuller

Boardman apparently doesn't understand the time element. Trump said one thing in 200X and another in 201X.
When the facts change, Trump changes his tune. That's not lying, Boardman. That's a re-evaluation according to new information.
Yes, it's convenient, but it's not lying.
Lying, Mr Boardman, is saying something that you know at the time you said it, to be factually untrue.
Apparently your upbringing didn't include such basics. More's the pity.
Trump has all the money and power he'll ever need and he can get a lot more by not running for office.
Hillary on the other hand...
The local rag today ran a dispatch from the Hillary Clinton for Pres as a feature article.
Apparently she was desperate for cash and felt helpless as any lawyer married to another lawyer would in trying to provide for her family. And what about little Chelseas' college fund? OMG. Well, obviously, we have to start investing in crooked land schemes and any sort of hazy financial deal to come along. Bill told her that they were the poorest folk to occupy the White House since Truman. And when they left the White House with all of the swag they could load into their convoy of vans and limos, they were destitute.
That's right, folks - Hillary as victim!!!!
She's not pure evil, she's just trying to make her way through life as best as one can.


I wonder what Boardman has to say about this?
If this isn't illegal, it damned sure should be. Unethical for sure. But when have LIBS ever cared about ethics? (that's only for the Right to be held accountable to.)


Scott and others, it isn't the time element that is the issue with the Trump flip-flops... it's the change in what Trump was doing.

In the earlier years, he was a businessman currying favor with the people whose whims could make or break his projects. That's the game. It's why Trump gave money to the Clintons... it was (and is) pay to play.

As P.J.O'Rourke noted, when what is bought and sold is controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators (and Hillary was a Senator, remember?).

Now he's a politician and free to piss off the ones he once had to suck up to. In fact, he pretty much has to piss Hillary off in order to make a case he deserves anyone's vote over her.

Bill Tozer

Come on, somebody toss me a bone here.

Bill Tozer

My goodness. They don't even try to hide it. A straight line between State and the Foundation with no pretense. Thank goodness 14 of the 30,000 e-mails that the FBI could not find because Hillary destroyed them have shown up via a FOIA. 14 out of 30,000 is a not even a drop in the bucket, but it's a start. Nothing to see here.

Yep, they really do think we are that stupid. Such contempt for the ones she is fighting for.

Scott Obermuller

"At this point, what difference does it make?"
I'm sure Hillary will say that after a nuclear strike or some other calamity.
And it really gets to the heart of this whole election.
No, she doesn't think we're stupid, she knows we aren't going to vote for her anyway, so she just doesn't care. The folks that are going to vote for her don't care how crooked she is because they don't see that it affects them at all. So she just has to (with massive help from the news media) frighten the bejeebers out of the swing voters that Trump is satan on earth and the election is hers.
The electoral college that the Dems say they want to get rid of is once again their friend. At least for now.
This election is one wild ride and it ain't over yet.

Ben Emery

Trump is exactly what the Republican Party has been about for decades now. The problem with Drumpf is he doesn't use dog whistle or weasel words to convey his message of bigotry, misogyny, authoritarianism, ignorance of other cultures, and an unabashed capitalist who is up to his eyeballs with the global economic system in place that is fueling a large majority of our modern day woes.

Clinton is the Democratic coming out party of abandoning the people and openly doing the bidding of industry with the open agenda of using our military to secure resources and their transportation in international pipelines all over the planet. Iran is on her the top of her priority list.

American first past the post politics has come to the end of the road and we are leaving an absolute disaster for future generations to deal with. The Greatest Generation although with good intentions started us down this road and it has been the boomer generation that has hammered the final nails in the coffin.

Stein or Johnson 2016 and it is time to abandon the first past the post undemocratic system we are forced to live under. The two parties that control the levers of our (the people) government have sold their souls to the highest bidder and in doing so has handed over the controls to the worst of the worst, greedy capitalist who see profit and power as the only purpose of a good life.

Ben Emery

Bill Moyers Essay The End Game for Democracy

Norm Sauer

Never disregard "the people." Check out this comprehensive poll and be encouraged.

George Rebane

NormS 1128am - The direct link to the polling article is -


Posted by: Ben Emery | 15 August 2016 at 11:14 AM

......but Ben.....don't leave off the best part!

The part where Uncle Phlegmy folded like a cheap suit and gave a full throated endorsement of "Madame Coin Operated Legislator".

"Brothers and sisters.......brothers and sisters..........."

Yeah.....he was up there on stage fucking over the hordes of naive, starry eyed, Bernie Bro would be revolutionaries....looking like an old man who had just shit himself.....big old grin on his face!

I imagine right now they are dusting off those Asian trade treaties in preparation of jamming them through in the first hundred days of the Hilbot administration..... all brought to you courtesy of the progressive wing of the democratic party!


Here's some reading for young Master Ben about his hero, Bill Moyers

Ben, the second sentence of your 11:14 doesn't have enough accurate content to only be wrong; once again, you're listening to the voices in your head telling you what Trump is saying, not the words Trump is saying, not to mention what Republicans have been saying for years.

Todd Juvinall

Have you all seen the video of the scumbag rioter in Milwaukee? Get those damn rich people to give me their money he says. Thanks Obama!

Peter Van Zant

George: I haven't checked out
your column recently. Vacations and such. While I do not agree with all your analysis, it is never the less a reasoned and reasonable position for the public dialogue. But, note worthy is that it is issue oriented piece without off the charts name calling, unlike some of your commenters.

Bonnie McGuire

Gov Walker had to activate the National Guard because of rioters. This is what the President, activists and media are causing in America. Now it's easy to see why the police have purchased those armored vehicles.


PVZ 2:32

Yet you tolerate Pelline's namecalling and the namecalling by his commenters in silence. Why is that?

Imagine the communication that could have resulted had you decided to actually mention what you objected to in Rebane's post, rather than just comment on the boorishness of one or more of the folks who roost here and managing to tar everyone by your lack of specificity,

Todd Juvinall

Gregory 3:35

So true. My experience and it has been ongoing for thirty five years, is they never hold their ilk to the same standards. Never even mention it. Sort of like Pelline and Frisch. On FB I decided to engage the liberals their and try to bring balance in their screeds for the readers. My right, their left. It takes them about one comment from me and the namecalling begins. I am juvenile (even though my name is right there) I am drunk. on drigg, a racist, bigot and misogynist. On and on. And that is for saying Bambi is a sweetie! Oh an he had a full script in 93 calling me a "greedy developer" and worse. I was responsible for GASP, wanting to build affordable housing for his constituents. But all is forgiven. We see the results of liberals in charge.

So we will never ever see the PVZ's or his ilk say they are sorry, admit they are wrong or change their mind on anything. We simply have to outvote them.


Todd, it's human nature to give your friends a pass, or if not exactly friends, not defend them from folks who can be characterized as foes. You and Paul Emery are bookends, both hurling insults only to make the other feel bad and look worse, while really only damaging yourselves.

I'm sure PVZ doesn't think himself wrong on a great many things... catastrophic anthropogenic global warming being one of them. The La Nina cooling is hitting right about now and it will be interesting to see how weather going the wrong direction will be handled.

And on top of that is a wimpy end of Solar Cycle 24 and a forecast Cycle 25 that is distinctly Maunderish... how will the cAGW rallying cry survive the Thames freezing again in the winter, not to mention the worldwide loss of winter growing seasons, maybe even a failed summer harvest or two. Would a President Hillary bend with that as her reality?

Scott Obermuller

Greg at 3:35 - I think PVZ was referring to Boardman and Emery. Both show up here throwing rocks with nothing to back up their slime.
OK - sarc off.

Scott Obermuller

And Greg at 5 - Get with it, man.
It's been changed again to "extreme weather".
There's always bound to be some sort of 'record breaking' weather event somewhere in the world and now that we can be informed about what goes on in every corner of the world, there can be countless breathless accounts of how there is increasing (say it with a scary voice)
'extreme weather'.
The fact the 'record' that was broken was originally from 100 years ago and the difference is practically the same as a rounding error, makes no never mind.
'Extreme weather' is proof the left needs to control your finances and life style.

Bill Tozer

Farmers Almanac issued its Mea Culpa for missing El Niño this year, but have full confidence in saying it's going to be a cold Old Man Winter this winter in the NE and along the Canadian Border with Michigan being mild for some reason, then cold winter continues to the Coast. Rainy Pacific. They call it right 80% of the time.

This explains everything. Cannot blame the children for the sorry state of education, the press, and the next generation of liberals. It is what they were not taught that shows so glaringly.

Hillary or Trump?

Bill Tozer

Milo is the man.
"Throughout this election cycle, Trump has been attacked as a bigot and a reactionary on immigration. With this new plan, though, he has proven beyond doubt that he’s the only person running for President who can stick up for chicks and queers.
Face facts, guys. It is the political Left that wants to flood America with violent homophobes and misogynists, not Trump. No-one with a clear-eyed view of Muslim culture can believe otherwise."

Bob Hobert

Some of the best commentary on Ruminations I’ve read! I believe the enthusiasm is indicative of the electorate – we’ve had enough. BTW – you can usually ‘google’ those articles that are paywallled by the WSJ, i.e.

Todd Juvinall

The press, from top to bottom is really doing their best to boost Hillary. As we see, they constantly drumbeat every syllable of Trump while hiding the Hillary faux pas. Having seen this tactic locally, way back when the City Council wanted to replace the Police Chief, ending in a recall of four of the five, I can tell you the left knows how to discourage those on the right.

Thank goodness for FOX and Rush and a few others. But the drumbeat of mutual hate by the media is amazing. I have never seen as much. For those that don't recall, the Alinsky tactic took out Romney a good family man with the same tactics. And the left has made out political process polarized as the left knows they can say anything about a person on th right and experience no consequences.

Shame on the Republicans and Right sided publications for being assholes and not uniting. If Trump wins it will certainly be a eye opener for their tactics and attitudes.

Bill Tozer

Good morning.
I was not going to touch this article because of my biases and former years of advocation for the outcasts of society. But........I will touch on this topic because the upcoming election does indeed point to where we are heading as a country and a choice to slow the arrival of the impending train wreck. The world has gone mad, stark raving mad, IMHO.

HUD’s proposed regulation instructs homeless shelters to disregard the “complaints of other shelter residents” who feel uncomfortable living with someone who is transgender.
"It is likewise prohibited to deny appropriate placement based on a perceived threat to health or safety that can be mitigated some other less burdensome way,” the proposal says.

As someone who labored with the outcasts of society back in the day, I find this article unsettling at best. My efforts were focused on creating a safe place for those who were addicted to substances (drugs and alcohol) and by its logical extension the homeless and helping out those recently released from our penitentaries (my most rewarding experiences). For fun and for free. I was part of a dedicated minority creating safe places before the phrase "safe place" was cool.

Women were especially affected as many women where kicked out of their homes by a fed up boyfriend and had neither family nor tools to survive except a pretty face and the next lonely guy. As time progressed and the aging process marched unabated, many women could not simply smile at a guy anymore and get a free place to play homemaker. Add substance abuse, loneliness, and the cold hard reality of the Mean Streets, safety became the most paramount issue to survival. . The only types some women could attract over time were fellow aging addicts, the extremely violent, misfits, and society's rejects. I am not picking on women, but there are thousands of women co-habitating out there that have in essence turned themselves into prostitutes to someone they despise or is a wife beater to keep themselves from ending up on the streets again, without any survival or self sufficiency tools to make it on their own. Thus the vicious circle of attracting lower and lower companions...along with rape and rip offs which comes with the terrority.

To tell these women to FOand Die because they feel "uncomfortable" (unsafe) when a confused or manipulating man want to sleep and shower with them in their safe place does more harm than good to the traumatized women. Unbelievable. Where is the common sense here? Many of these women suffer from PSTD.
This a akin to our Federal Government forcing unskilled illiterate Syrian refugees into communities, like it or not, end of discussion.. The Feds go out of their way to put hundreds of refugees in small rural setting or in already impoverished communities and told to put up, shut up, or else the full force of The Federal Government will come down on your heads.
I suffered through a 29 minute video of a small town city council meeting on line.
"What group do you represent, what are the names of your members?" the elected control freaks in power SHOUTED at a lone individual who patiently waited for open comments and voiced her concerns in a most calm low key manner. She was one of just two people who had heard that the small Islamic refugee community was soon to be tripled or quadrupled in size with new Syrian Refugess. She answered (caught off guard by angry line of questioning) that she is not part of any group or allifiated with any group and was just a neighbor who heard rumors that hundreds of Syrian refugees were being placed in her formerly quite neighborhood. She was called a out as a liar and member of a hate group and an Islamophobe and ostracized. I was dumbfounded.
Akin to so many other examples I could cite chapter and verse.

If anyone wishes to debate that Liberalism is the most rigid ideology around, I would welcome an exchange. I stand firmly by my words. Liberalism is a rigid ideology and its solutions do more harm than good. Homeless women's shelters? Asking questions such as "I have heard so and so and was wondering what City Hall heard or knows" cannot even being raised or asked about. It must not be allowed. Rigid. Harmful. Dangerous. Tyranny. Oppression. Authoritarian.

Posted by: Bill Tozer |

Don Bessee

UH OH! Someone forgot to give Dr. Drew the DNC talking points before going on air. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Well, the best thing Hillary has going for her is to get the hell out of the limelight. Everytime the media focuses on her, it is bad news. Very bad. Best to keep her under wraps, away from the press, and out of sight, out of mind. She needs her beauty sleep. Guiding by het appearance, she needs a lot more beauty sleep that this life offers.

Hillary did say "if you would stop asking me questions, then I could stop lying." Nah, she did not say that, but it fits the narrative. :)

Russ Steele

Atlantic Magazine this morning: Get ready for the era of The Bitch.

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November, it will be a historic moment, the smashing of the preeminent glass ceiling in American public life. A mere 240 years after this nation’s founding, a woman will occupy its top office. America’s daughters will at last have living, breathing, pantsuit-wearing proof that they too can grow up to be president.

A Clinton victory also promises to usher in four-to-eight years of the kind of down-and-dirty public misogyny you might expect from a stag party at Roger Ailes’s house.

You know it’s coming. As hyperpartisanship, grievance politics, and garden-variety rage shift from America’s first black commander-in-chief onto its first female one, so too will the focus of political bigotry.

Some of it will be driven by genuine gender grievance or discomfort among some at being led by a woman. But in plenty of other cases, slamming Hillary as a bitch, a c**t (Thanks, Scott Baio!), or a menopausal nut-job (an enduringly popular theme on Twitter) will simply be an easy-peasy shortcut for dismissing her and delegitimizing her presidency.
On the other hand, any critique of her policies will be labeled an attack on a woman, just like any critique of Obama's policies is a racist attack. If Hillary wins, we are going to be in for an uncomfortable 4-8 years of blogging.


If Hillary wins, we are going to be in for an uncomfortable 4-8 years of blogging.

Who is? I see the next presidential term as absolutely glorious for the blogosphere.

She won't get nearly the pass that "Senator Voting Present while awaiting coronation" received during his administration. Obamacare is slowly imploding and she's on the stump talking about how great it is! She's going to be handed a recession that O'Dummy really earned but for which she will have to answer! She wants to out Merkel Merkel on middle Eastern immigration.

I look forward to 4 years of a "Bitch"'s going to be fun, fun, fun!

Bill Tozer

My my. If Hillary wins, say goodbye to Amerika as we know it. Don't stick your snout behind the curtain. It's a new smell for the youngins. I don't care what you were told, the Nazis playing Suzie Homemaker with their Easy Bake Ovens do not smell like that. It is starting to reek of Stalinism. Heck, even Russia needs an extreme hard core fraction of the far far left (or right per EU pc speak) to accomplish its evil agenda of domination.....taking all there is to consume in the guise of we are all children of the universe.

Gotta smoke them out.

Todd Juvinall

Virtual tie in the USC/LA Times poll today.

Bill Tozer

Ok, a vote for Hillary is a vote for the destruction of America. This link is our future and our present. Having our POTUS and Hillary stay the course with the shots being called from over yonder and having the goals of Globalism gloriously resonating here with all the America haters. They hate the flag, our country, our culture, our borders, our values and our independence. They hate Christianity and wage war in their hearts against individual rights. They especially hate any attempt to increase our Sovereignty. They hate our laws. They hate everything . Notice Twitter banned 235,000 accounts? Turning over our internet to faceless foreigners? Our press sounding like Pravda.

It's getting simple. You are either for the roadmap laid out by Obama via voting for Hillary or for the billionaire who left the reservation and is sticking it to Da Man.
No voting present. No needing 9 months to think about it. No making the choice what it is not. Globalism or Trump. Borders, military, economics, SCOTUS, immigration, foreign policy,'s all in the choice. Follow the George Soroses of the World or back Trump.
You going to have to choose. Sophie's choice to some, a no brainer to others (left and right). You have to choose one or the other.

Don Bessee

People are finally pulling the curtains back on the madam liar liar pantsuits on fire's circus. Weiner the tweeter and Huma are in the middle ring today.

RR has previously discussed this and how it all plays in Huma marrying and sticking with Weiner the tweeter.

Don't ya love the way MLLPOF's team threw Colin Powell under the bus and he crawled out from under it and threw Madam Liar Liar Panstsuits On Fire under it in exchange!

Bill Tozer

Oh no!, not Nigel on the list. Well, proof that the Corruption Slime Queen has nothing left in her quiver except the KKK card. After her let race baiting arrow fly, she is out of ammo. Proof she has nothing, zip, nada, nilch. She done spent her wad. Nothing to see here except the Slime Corruption Queen.

Bill Tozer

Now, listen up. You'll get back on the reservation, you hear me.

Don Bessee

No one saw this coming; Quanell X the New Black Panthers boss is saying blacks should truly examine Trumps outreach and reexamine the relationship that blacks have with the democratic party.

'We as black people have to reexamine the relationship- where we are being pimped like prostitutes, and they're the big pimps pimping us politically, promising us everything and we get nothing in return.'

With madam liar liar pantsuit on fire's voter already showing very little enthusiasm, could this further suppress turn out as well chipping off a few percentage points of the black electorate? If ambivalence truly sets in and they stay home, its curtains for madam liar liar pantsuits on fire. ;-)


August 14, 2012... Smilin' Joe Biden was telling a black audience of reliable Dem voters that Romney wanted them back in chains.

Now Romney is remembered by Dems as an example of a nice Republican of the sort the party used to nominate. Why didn't the GOP vote for the nice nominee this time? It shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Bill Tozer

Romney? Isn't he the dude that murdered a poor blue collar worker's wife 7 years after Mitt sold the man's company and his wife later came down with cancer? Image Mitt or John or Jeb going after the former First Lady calling her Crooked Hillary or a bigot. Not in this lifetime. I may be wrong, but I just can't see Trump asking the Progs if what he says is offensive or seeking their permission to speak his mind beforehand.

What is important to black voters? 1) The economy (65%). 2) Education.
What issues are important to black voters? 95% support The Dream Act, 50% support Marriage Equality. 50%? About the same that supported CA's Gay Marriage Prop, maybe more.

Room to pick up a couple percentage points for The Donald and room for Hillary to lose 4-5% of the black vote. Trump may have 1% of the blacks per polls, but Hillary is still in the mid to high 80's range. I actually saw one poll where Trump was pushing 9-10%, an anomaly no doubt..

Don Bessee

Didn't Romney get 6% of the black vote which was more than Dole the time before?

Don Bessee

The Clinton News Network has trustworthy numbers like its namesake. Only 32% of people said they trusted CNN to be objective, not even a majority of dems. said they trusted CNN to be objective. Surprised? ;-)

Bill Tozer

Oh Don, they don't want Clinton News Network to be objective. That would hurt Hillary and help Trump. Never happen. All is fair in love and war. I ain't taking it no more from those race baiters.

Oh my, how violent.


Another good reason for Trump to win.
Ahd Trump takes a two point lead on the news.

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