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16 November 2016



The folks in the left who threw away the last election by uniting common folk of pallor (amongst others) by leaving no pejorative label unused, have decided to double down and get dirtier.

Now "white nationalist" and Alt-Right are being conflated. Apparently Alt-right has been used by some Breitbarters (including Steven Bannon) and now they're trashing Bannon with this brand spanking new "white nationalist" label that sounds more than just vaguely Klannish.

Let me repeat a link to a Reason piece:

Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash

Another piece from the same millennial author

He liberally quotes from leftist Brit comedian Jonathan Pie in his rant that everyone has probably seen (links in the reason piece if you've missed it) that includes this nasty bit:

"When has anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted or labelled? So now if you're on the right or even against the prevailing view, you are attacked for raising your opinion. That's why people wait until they're in the voting booth. No one's watching anymore. There's no blame, or shame, and you can finally say what you really think and that's a powerful thing. …

All the polls were wrong, all of them, because when asked, people can't admit what they think. They're not allowed to. The left don't allow them to. We've made people unable to articulate their position for fear of being shut down. They're embarrassed to say it. Every time someone on the left has said 'you mustn't say that,' they are contributing to this culture. …

It's time to stop ignoring your opponents or worse trying to silence them, it's time to stop banning people from speaking in universities, it's time to stop thinking that reposting an article on your Facebook page is political engagement, that banning a gymnast from doing what he's good at because he insulted someone's religion somehow achieves something."

So, now painting Breitbart and anyone associated with it as a "white nationalist" we've gone to a new level... I read both Breitbart and Mother Jones on a semi-regular basis and while I don't have either bookmarked, they both have similar standards... MJ is unabashedly muck-raking in the classic sense of the word... that's who Mother Jones was. So was, and now is, Breitbart. So what?

Bannon's detractors are looking for "dog whistles" that signal his knowing (wink wink) racist readers... which is exactly what the McCarthyite right were doing in the 50's. In short... the Left really have become what they hate. If that's you, you might try stopping it or *I* might feel forced to vote for the next Trump on the ballot and I might have this year if we didn't have the Electoral College, so be careful what you wish for.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, I have no idea what a Alt-Right is. Been waiting for someone to lay it out in an article so I see what it is. Somebody called Milo and his employer "Alt-Right, but I saw a Milo interview where he briefly touched the subject by saying a"Alt-Right" and just shook his head, giving me the impression he did not find the term up to his standards.... without elaborating. Haven't a clue. I might even be one for all I know. I had to go look up the definition of misogyny after the Gentle Giant pinned that new word on me. Heck, whatever a Alt-Right is, I hope it is not akin to the extreme hard right in Europe. Them are wackos. Am I a Alt-Right, am I Wally?

Scott Obermuller

"The correct appellation for the Catholic appointee would be ‘illegal alien rights advocate’."
And by golly - they have a whole slew of brand new 'rights'.
Rights that I don't even have. Still asking if anyone can tell me what laws I get to break openly and get the red carpet treatment from my govt. Anyone?
I believe alt-right applies to anyone that is conservative in a old fashioned libertarian sense but won't go along with the National Review crowd or the old guard Republicans. Sorta. NR is actually quite gay friendly, but has a lot of Never-Trumpers. Alt-right folks (self identified) tend to be a pretty mixed lot including dope smokers, long haired red necks, and trendy city hipsters that are openly pro free market, gun toters and law and order types.
In other words - take your pick. You have to check in with Taki or just read this:
I think it's a lot like 'hippies'. By the time the press identified them they had all left the Bay area.

Todd Juvinall

I heard today that Bannon coined "alt-right". Is that true?

Scott Obermuller

my last 2 posts just disappeared. Post either one but not both, please.


An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right

The alternative right, more commonly known as the alt-right, is an amorphous movement. Some — mostly Establishment types — insist it’s little more than a vehicle for the worst dregs of human society: anti-Semites, white supremacists, and other members of the Stormfront set. They’re wrong.

Previously an obscure subculture, the alt-right burst onto the national political scene in 2015. Although initially small in number, the alt-right has a youthful energy and jarring, taboo-defying rhetoric that have boosted its membership and made it impossible to ignore.

It has already triggered a string of fearful op-eds and hit pieces from both Left and Right: Lefties dismiss it as racist, while the conservative press, always desperate to avoid charges of bigotry from the Left, has thrown these young readers and voters to the wolves as well.

More HERE.

Don Bessee

It seems the socialist set wants to make alt-right a pejorative, we should not care about that. The real name for what propelled Trump to power was the WINNERS, We The People! ;-)

Bill Tozer

RE: The Union letter about being nice to Iran. Remember, we don't want to call sychopaths and bunch of sychopaths. It might piss them off and turn them into sychopaths. Oh my. Obama's Legacy Iran Policy looks like it might be stopped, then rolled back. Good strategy. Defensive then offense. Hold back, then roll back.

From the Alt-Right: Boom!


My post vanished also? What is going on?

George Rebane

Have overruled TypePad's overzealous definition of spam and published your comments. Apologies, and thanks for the heads up.

Bill Tizer

Guess I be an Alt-Right, but without the style and flair for words. Oh well, I have been proudly called worse..

Good links and much food for thought. Wonder if they had anything to do with that Google robot going around spewing non-PC socially unexceptable words to the horror of the inventors.. I did think it was rather funny. Those rascals do play a mean keyboard. I still blame the Bernie Bros for the vulgar way they slammed the old Friends of Bill and FOH on the Internet. Shameful, just downright unspeakable. Ah, maybe Hillary got hit by both the radical Alt-Left Bernie Bros and the Alt-Right. That would turn anybody into The Fearful Candidate. She deserves,to get good and drunk after that. Good thing they like Trump. Kids now days say and do the darnest things.

Todd Juvinall

Two lib snowflakes at Northwestern, home of the FUE were charged with spray painting a swastika and the name Trump on a school church. This is what liberals do.

Will the FUE disavow this heinous act?


The next time somebody bleats about more money for "education".........

Fakhra Shah, a teacher at Mission High School, drafted the plan with the goal of empowering students, she said.

“This is anti-hate,” Shah said. “This is not just anti-Trump.”

On the heels of Trump’s stunning Nov. 8 victory, Shah wrote a letter to staff, in which she said, “A racist and sexist man has become president.” She also urged them to use a new, optional lesson plan that will allow students to say what’s on their minds.

"It’s a call to educators to take that anti-racist stance, to take the anti-sexist stance and to tell the students, ‘We are there for you. We will talk about this,’” Shah explained.

The plan also asks teachers to tell students they don’t have to “go back to where they came from” – as fears and rumors of deportation run rampant.

According to Shah, the lesson plan is about being open regarding the President-elect’s agenda.

“I want to be clear that we are not brainwashing anyone,” Shah stressed. “This is about a dialogue.”

"Dialogue"....where the Steves, jeffys, Bens, and Fakhras scold you and tell you just how evil you are and secretly (or in some cases not so secretly) wish you were dead.

Todd Juvinall

We all know the teachers are now social engineers and liberals all. Our poor kids. We will see a rush to private schools to escape these kinds of people brainwashing our kids. If they just shut their pie holes and taught them math etc. then all would be fine. But they cannot help themselves. This woman should be fired before she does more damage.

Todd Juvinall

Here is a little ditty from CNS. My my.

"( – Republicans added to their historic 2014 gains in the nation’s state legislatures with the addition of five state House chambers and two state Senate chambers in last week’s election, while Democratic control was reduced to levels not seen since the Civil War."

Bill Tozer

Random thoughts: It does us no good to act like the liberals do. I have been thinking about Gregory's repeated warnings (implied mostly) not to go down the same road taken by the Left, I.e., name calling. Don't get me wrong. I am convinced they hate our guts and will gleefully put us in the Gulag if unchecked. Yes, they must be stopped. They have the uncanny ability to mess up a wet dream. Everything they touch turns to crap via by design or unwittingly through the law of unintended consequences. They believe we are evil, yet the news is flush with evil deeds and hate speech committed by the Leftists on a daily basis. The more hard core Leftist a place is, the more the violence and destruction we witness on the streets. Think Portlando.

My advice is to keep on ridiculing their antisocial behavior, but don't call them stupid. That's really gets their goat bigtime. Show some understanding. Imagine if you will what kind of unprepared uninformed mess you would be in if you were raised and schooled by unhinged liberal teachers and not allowed to think for yourselves. All you know what to do in life is to repeat what Social Justice Warrior professors taught you to attract friends and get laid. A very sad state of affairs.

Give them time to sort it out. They have very little coping skills in the real world. The planet is not a big enough safe place for them. Their toolbox is missing the right tools for the right job. Just saying, open your heart and thank the Almighty that we do not have to march a single yard in their shoes. It breaks my heart to gaze on their poor lost souls watching them gasping for air trying to cope with reality. Sometimes it is so painful I must turn away.

How about some understanding? Look at their worldview. No wonder they are so distraught. They live in a world where everyone gets a trophy and no losers. It is a logical outcome:

Now, with all those pleasantries said, we much remain on guard. Lena Dunham (all straight white males should be killed) is in Sedona, Az asking a beautiful red rock for guidance. Makes sense since a bucket of rocks had more smarts than her. What a dummy. :)

George Rebane

Most people consider 'ignorant' to mean that the database is deficient, but the processor may or not be deficient. On the other hand 'stupid' means that the processor is deficient, but the database may have some useful content. 'Butt stupid' and 'double dummy' are used here to denote someone with demonstrated deficiencies, usually irredeemable, in both processor and database. Hope this helps ;-)

Bill Tozer

Thanks, good doc. Yep, who are the angry white males now? They are becoming blue in the face. L
Off topic, but I decided to lighten it up. Thank you for your indulgence, dear reader.


Makes sense since a bucket of rocks had more smarts than her. What a dummy. :)

Not enough attention from mommy and daddy......

Scott Obermuller

Sometimes it's hard to tell. An example would be Hillary's use of a private email server in her home to conduct official State Dept business. Aaaaand she only lets the FBI see certain emails and scrubs the server. Aaaaand the tech guy pleads the 5th. Aaaand she has Sheryl Mills and Huma Abedin conflating State Dept and Clinton Foundation duties while accepting huge 'donations' from foreign entities that coincide with 'favors' from the State Dept.
All of this is absolute fact. Even the NYTs has admitted it. ALthough never all at once in a single article.
Yet there are still millions of folks that should know better that will still tell you with a straight face that "Hillary was exonerated".
Lying? Stupid? Ignorant? Some of each? All of the above?
I can't read minds and none of them will engage in a dialogue about the issue, so there'll be some name calling that's accurate and some that's not.

George Rebane

Speaking of the sophisticated art of lying that we all have been exposed to in this election season, I invite you to review a more detailed examination of that fine art presented here some years back.

Bonnie McGuire

Todays news blab is interesting. I don't know about you, but I've had the feeling that Hillary was promised she'd be the first woman president. When she ran against the first black had to go according to history? Blacks were given voting rights before women. However, according to Muslims (she's been supporting for votes), women aren't worthy of such a high position.
Evidently, if this news blab is true...Hillary blew up over her betrayal election night. At the time, didn't it seem strange that the Democrats lost after all the years the dead voted for them? Wow! Wonder what's coming down the road for America....

As to the protestors, I'm reminded of a verse from Music Man: "Why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way, we made our kids what they are today".


Speaking of teachers as social engineers, our daughter's friend in Trump Country was surprised to see their young son making a wall with his Lego's. The little tyke said he was building a wall to keep the Mexican's out. He said they were doing it at school.
Ah, so sweet!

George Rebane

BradC 315pm - From the tone it sounds like you believe teaching our kids border security for our country and keeping out illegal aliens is somehow subversive or perverse or both. Do we understand you correctly?


Brad C, in what town does your daughter's friend's son attend school, and how old is he?


C'mon guys be reasonable.....Brad needs his cheap lettuce.....and has admitted as much here!

Paul Emery

Ignorance George? How do you rate the intellectual agility of those who supported Donald Trump for President. Do you consider him to be the best of the Republican alternatives?

George Rebane

PaulE 355pm - given the alternative of a lying, crooked, corrupt, foul-mouthed, ballistic tempered shrew, Donald Trump was the only reasonable alternative for intellectually agile voters. Was he the best possible Repub offering? Of course not. What's your next question?

But I'd rather have Trump at the nuclear trigger any day rather than some incompetent who hasn't had the guts to make a hard decision in her life. The way she treats staff explains why she only attracts the genuflecting double dummies who surround her. When the unexpected critical call comes, this woman would either fly off the handle in a rage or be/become somnambulent with her adult beverages, meds, and other divers calmatives.

Bill Tozer

This is what happens when you remain a progressive beyond your 40's. The Russians have taken over Wikipedia!

Bill Tozer

Oh Paul, are you feeling anxious? It's Trump the best alternative? Well, look at his accomplishments:

What a difference a month makes. Can't wait for next month's change.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery asks what all the losers ask when their ass is kicked in defeat. When I won my first election, a top tier county employee came and told me right after the victory "you may be a good campaigner but that does not make you a good Supervisor". I fired his ass as fast as possible. You obviously thouht a small government pot smoking governor was the best candidate Paul Emery. So for you to even make a snide remark about Trump is out of line.


Nice backhanded insult there Paul. Now go parooze the web, and see how many "enlightened" Lefties are now saying they voted for Trump. You have plenty of turncoats among your ranks.
Just because I dig ditches for a living don't make me stupid or an idiot.


Ignorance and intellectual agility are two completely different things, Paul.

Trump, with the help of a news media happy to push Trump as a DNC preferred GOP candidate, was intellectually agile enough to dominate the GOP for about a year, winning the nomination and then beating "Crooked Hillary" in the final race.

It will be interesting to see how Hillary and the Clinton Foundation fare in the coming months and years.

Paul Emery


Thanks for affirming my question. It had nothing to do with what's her name I only questioned the intellectual ability of the Republican masses.

Gregory,my statement had nothing to do with the intellectual agility of Trump only the Pubsters in their choosing him as their choice for President.

Todd, you as a Supevisor did not have the ability to fire anyone. It took a majority of the Supes to make that decision. I'm curious as to who that was or whether it was another figment of your imagination. Are you willing to share with me who you "fired"? Yes Todd Gary Johnson did not fare well in this election, you are right about that.

Bill Tozer

Lies? Now the deplorables have their own science blog. What is next? I am afraid, so afraid.

Paul Emery


I take it you don't consider "grab them by the Pussy" to be founl mouthed.

George Rebane

Everyone hear about the anti-Trump course that the San Francisco School District is promoting in its schools? 50 years of pseudo-subtlety in propagandizing education is coming to an end. Desperate times call for desperate measures - blatancy will be tried next.

George Rebane

PaulE 557pm & 558pm - Paul, your logic continues impeccable or is it unpickable? Your question about Repub intellectual ability had everything to do with Hillary since she was the other choice which inspired your question - otherwise it would have been the sound of one hand clapping. And how you concluded your 558pm is beyond my meager ability to fathom the liberal mind.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery uses the word "masses" in describing Republican voters. Dog whistle for commie there Pail.

Since I was a Supervisor and I was there I know what I am talking about. And it is for me to know and you to find out who they were. You really have no clue. Is that a intellectual problem Paul Emery?


Paul, have you ever had a woman let you grab her by her fun parts? Accent on the "let you", the forgotten part of that illegal recording of Trump. "Let you" connotes consensual but the railroading of the Hillary campaign's framing of the scheduled Trump scandal had news stories and targeted polls at the ready. I even think you were telling me that was the end of Trump, the GOP was at the end of its rope if Trump was still on the ballot after that. Yep, dead meat. Yessirree bob!

It was a private conversation, illegal to record in the State of California. I've heard wealthy men and sports 'heroes' speak that way in the past. It's also something Bill Clinton was known to have done in the past.

Paul Emery


Just to clarify your statement: You as as Supervisor personally fired a
county employee because he questioned your ability as a Supervisor.

He said "You may be a good campaigner but that does not make you a good Supervisor". I fired his ass as fast as possible.

You personally fired his ass Todd?

George you write "corrupt, foul-mouthed, ballistic tempered shrew"

What standard do you use for Foul Mouth and does that apply to Trump as well

Bill Tozer

Trump Derangement Syndrome comes right on schedule and will stay for a long long time. A good sign. Paul, need some Play Dough and hot chocolate? Or do you prefer crayolas and pictures of puppies? What, Trump isn't acting like a politican? Well, Paul, that is because he isn't one so quit expecting him to act like one, duh.
Trump has only run once for political office in his entire life. And he won. Let that sink in. Man, he is one heck of a quick learner. Suck it up, buttercup.

Paul, this should shoot fear right down your spine. We are going to use the Constitution to save the Constitution. Be afraid, be very afraid. Boo!

WALT: good news. Nothing to do with Trump. The Tea Party hit the elections in 2010 and make their mark. Then they scored again in 2012, 2014, 2016 and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, they are bigger than ever and gaining steam. I told people on the Left that the Tea Party ain't going anywhere, but they did not believe me. :)


Todd Juvinall

Yes Paul.

Don Bessee

Well at least PE has a fresher sub set of Derangement Syndrome now.

You can try and refocus the conversation but the point is you slimed all of Trumps voters, US proud deplorables which includes me.

I would be happy to swap mensa test numbers. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

DonB, yes he does. I think he needs to take his syndrome out against Gary Johnson. A loser pothead. My goodness, how dumb do you have to be to support that loser?


Pretty dumb Todd......I voted for Johnson!


That's a two term GOP Governor loser pothead to you, Todd, and the Libertarian Party has broken 500,000 registered voters, the first 3rd party to do so against the modern GOP and DP parties.

Todd Juvinall



Gregory, our daughter's friend is 5-years-old and lives in Southeast Colorado in a farming community.

I doubt a 5-year-old understands the concepts of, as Dr. R puts it, "border security for our country and keeping out illegal aliens".

All the kids probably gets from Trumper rhetoric is that Mexicans (non-white foreigners) are bad and we should fear them.

Let the indoctrinations begin.

Todd Juvinall

BradC, you need to reread your above explanation. No sense.

Bill Tozer

Well, it is starting to make sense.

When Donald Trump won last week, teachers did not show up to work at public schools across California. Exams were canceled, letters sent out by a UC-Davis chancellor urging us to excuse absences if we deemed it appropriate (which no doubt most of the grieving faculty did, but most of my students did not). At King’s College, Cambridge an “Anti-Trump Solidarity” Facebook page emerged in time to offer a “safe space” after sending out an email to all graduate students tempting them with coloring books and crayons. In other words, after months and years of enforced ideological homogeny, rather than stimulate conversation, the Democrats’ loss is treated like a catastrophe requiring a return to an infantile state.

George Rebane

BradC 853am - Your conversation is all over the place Mr Croul, I'm not sure who here is following it. In any event bringing the 5-year-old in is neither here nor there re the pro-illegal aliens propagandizing programs that the union schools are now attempting to ramp up. We are merely commenting on the desperate post-election actions of your people. Your attempt to make us defend them doesn't make any sense (save perhaps to the liberal mind).


Brad C, I suspect the reporting chain between the little boy and this blog has been somewhat blurred. Your first comment talked about your daughter's friend having a son playing with blocks, and now you're (8:53) talking about your daughter's friend being 5 years old.

"All the kids probably gets [sic] from Trumper rhetoric is that Mexicans (non-white foreigners) are bad and we should fear them."

3rd hand anecdotes and progressive imaginations Gone Wild! aren't particularly useful here.

Bill Tozer

Brad C, you are echoing Brother Ben in the same octave. Before the emergence of Trump, Brother Ben could not bear the thought of a boy from Mexico staring at a border wall. The poor lad, hungry and in tattered clothing, looking at a wall that he cannot cross over. What about the boy? What about his feelings? I can relate. I remember being cold and hungry standing near the tracks one dark night viewing the passenger coaches filled with people smiling, laughing, dining, and sipping on fine wine in the warmth of good friends and good times. It's not fair. I was on the outside looking in. I felt marginalized.

Brad, I have no reason to doubt your story. The Brother Ben agrument is the same emotional reaction that dragged us into Black Hawk Down, accelerated Europe into the mess they are in now courtesy of a child washing ashore on the Greek rocks, and even mentioned Hillary's last debate about some child in Syria sitting in the back of an ambulance. It must have been important to her cause she mentioned it twice. I never saw the photo of the ambulance child, but I know that is the green light to send troops and treasure and start save the child.. In the case of little boy's feelings when he lifts his eyes upon The Wall, it means giving up sovereignty and yes, giving up more blood and treasure. The world is full of poverty and hardship.

Indoctrination? No worries. Mommies and our schools will straighten that kid out. A child interpretes things from a child's viewpoint. No doubt the child is picking up impressions. Heck, my sister is still afraid of ventriloquist dummies after all these years. Must be a reason not one movie star said if Trump wins, they are moving to Mexico. I blame Hollywood myself.

Bill Tozer

The Alt-Right? Keep thinking about the link Scott and Russ posted. One sentence stuck out to explemify the big picture. The Alt-Right viewpoint is politics is downstream of culture.
Now it makes sense why Pat Buckanan was acting like a gleeful little kid with his juices flowing. The Trump momentum brought Pat back from the dead and added years to his life. Now it makes sense. Even Newt has a spring to his step. Yes, Ben Shapiro had his nasty split from the "Alt-Right" (Milo is a coward) over the Constitutional Conservative stuff, but Ben is more of the letter of the law type while Milo is a self proclaimed provocateur. We need a bunch of Ben Shapiros and we need a Milo, but just a limited number of Milos. :).

The Great Divide from the "Native Conservative" point of view.

Bill Tozer

So, politics is downstream from culture? Maybe so.

"The Yes California group has been around for more than two years, Evans said. It is based around California taxpayers paying more money to the federal government than the state receives in spending, that Californians are culturally different from the rest of the country, and that national media and organizations routinely criticize Californians for being out of step with the rest of the U.S."

George Rebane

BillT 106pm - Thank you for the link Mr Tozer. It illustrates in spades how terminally stupid is the local loony Left, as they have demonstrated over their comments in these pages. Yes California's liberal majority is markedly different from America's mainstream cultural amalgam. They realize that their mangled mindset in no way can meld with most of the rest of the country, and that's why they want to pick up what they think are their marbles and just leave the Union. They don't even want to try separating themselves into a more coherent culture and launch their own state a la the State of Jefferson people. Unfortunately they don't realize the economic ties they will continue to have to the remaining US, something that never eluded the SoJ movement. Nevertheless, the outing of their ideological druthers is refreshing and should be educational to the local Lefties who have been in denial of the obvious cracks that point to the Great Divide.


BTW that Alt-Right white nationalist I'd never heard of before Steve Bannon got tied to Trump's hip is running his convention as we speak. Spencer.

He has 200 people attending. My guess is the number of journalists covering it is about the same size.

A manufactured scandal... he's obviously happy for the free coverage.

I've still not seen any words penned, typed or spoken by Bannon that justifies the "white nationalist" label the DNC-approved journalists have been trying to pin on him.

Russ Steele

Another liberal city in trouble:

More will follow if LA goes bankrupt.

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