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18 February 2017



Closer to home we have local representatives playing BS games. Seems like a petty chicken-shit move to me.

"Local conservation, community and tribal organizations are calling on U.S. Representatives Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock to hold a public town hall meeting on water issues after being prevented from attending an upcoming meeting about regional water issues with federal and state representatives.

The Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (MCWRA) promoted a February 24th all-day symposium, “The New Trump Administration – A View from the Top,” as an opportunity for members and non-members to hear from state and federal representatives, including Congressmen Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock, about “their views on the new Trump Administration on regional water interests.”

On Tuesday afternoon, more than a dozen local leaders, who had purchased $40 tickets online, had their money refunded and were told in an email from MCWRA Executive Director John Kingsbury that due to member interest in the February 24th event, “space capacity prevents us from being able to accommodate your registration. The registration fee will be refunded.” According to the MCWRA website, the organization has 67 member organizations. The hosting facility at The Ridge Golf Course in Auburn holds 300 people."

Don Bessee

Didn't you copy that from the Dark Lords Liberal Lament Land? 67 organizations are members, and the capacity is 300, add in the organizers and congressional staffers, say that leaves 275 seats. So that would allow 4 tickets per organization, what's your beef? I guess that's what passes as snowflake drama now. Fake news with faux indignation. WAAAAAAAAA! the members want the tickets, I am not a member so you disrespect us by not taking tickets from legitimate members and giving them to us even though we are not entitled. Well wait, we are entitled and privileged and victims of fascist hate because you stick to your silly members first rules. Snowflake logic at its finest. ;-)

rl crabb

When Mary Nichols (sp?) came to town to push AB32, I don't recall Tea Party Republicans being turned away. Isn't it odd that ALL the left-leaners are excluded.

Todd Juvinall

I plan to show up for any Townhalls. I recall the big McClintock one on Ocare back a few years ago. The alt-left was there but so were we. They libs that Crabb defends created a gauntlet that we had to go through. Their attempts to intimidate were defeated.

Don Bessee

Crabman - Isn't it odd that they never cared enough about the MCWRA to join it yet now that there is an opportunity to disrupt they suddenly care? ;-)

Bill Tozer

Mr. Crabb @ 12:37

That's because the Tea Party Republicans were not going around clubbing people and knocking the elderly over, duh.

George Rebane

Never heard of the MCWRA before, but it's easy enough to look up and discover its purpose and members, here -

I don't know why anyone would deny members dibs on attending their own sponsored symposium. Apparently there is no ideological restriction on becoming a member (e.g. NID is member), so what is the beef of the non-members if they are excluded because of space limitations? Messrs Croul and Crabb will no doubt make that clear to the rest of us.


Bob Crabb@12:37PM Bob, I was at that presentation and I do not remember all the seats being filled. It was not a well-attended presentation if my memory is correct, the left knew what she was going to say no need to attend.

Bill Tozer

I think this can all be settled with a beer summit. In Townhalls, there is talk of giving constituents preference when the throngs show up. I have not forget the time when Code Pink was protesting outside Pelosi's McMansion and she came out and told them, "You are not my constituents." Shoo now, be gone with you..

Beer summit and maybe some wire fencing.

rl crabb

Ah, how short memories are around here. I can recall many a meeting concerning NH2020 that was disrupted by angry fist-waving Republicans. Threatening Supervisors and their young children. Anonymous mailings. Don't bother denying it, I had a front row seat. And Todd, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Bill Tozer

Anybody get clubbed, spit on, maced not in self defense? Beat up in the parking lot? Hmmmmm? The Paradigm of Morality speaks!


Yes RL,, I would be pissed too if Supervisors were advocating "volunteers" (rabid ECO kooks) to jump fences and "inspect" private property for anything and everything "endangered" and/or sensitive. No warrants, no asking for permission.
I don't recall Dizzy Izzy ever being assaulted, or even coming close too being.
Unlike the ALT-Left who are out to attack at town hall meetings.


RL, I don't recall the public meeting on public property(?) for state government purposes by the CalEPA head being disrupted by free speech foes of any sort, and digging into the background of the upcomin' event, that is a private meeting.

I'm all for a meeting open and free to all who promise to leave quietly if they are disruptive. Just read the fine print on the free ticket you're issued.

Here's what I had to sign before the Libertarian Party let me join:
"I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."

I'd sign it again any day. It doesn't say you can't hit back with appropriate force, and no, nonspecific 'microagressions' declared after the fact in a continual wave of snowflakes attending classes in Disgruntled Studies are not, in fact, "an initiation of force"

Put that in the small print of the "by accepting a ticket, you agree to our terms and conditions etc etc" on the meeting webpage.

RL Could you describe the disruptions of which you refer? Anything like the Black bloc Crystal Night at Cal and elsewhere, or like the various talks by the that British comedic love child of Lenny Bruce and Ann Coulter that have been forced to be canceled by force usually less than that of the Berkeley blackshirted Black bloc heads?

Bill Tozer

Speaking about Hot Times in the Old Town Tonight, those enlighten progressives sure have filthy mouths. :)

Look, everybody knew that the Alt-Lefters are the face of opposition to the 2nd Amendment, but now they have become the face of opposition to the 1st Amendment as well.
Why don't y'all just have a big ole donneybrook in the parking lot and get it out of your systems. I show up with a simple tire iron. Better than that stupid poetry reading you did on The National Day of Protest.

Yo dangerous faggot, they don't like being called stupid. Just in case you didn't know.


A tire iron Bro Bill? Too short for a hippie be good stick. A nice hickory sledge hammer handle is the proper tool for the job.


Posted by: Gregory | 18 February 2017 at 03:13 PM

Yeah Gregory, I was at the meeting in Penn Valley when we had to clear the room due to a bomb threat. SBC had staff who received threatening phone calls, including me and I was not even involved in managing the program. I was a low level staffer at the time. Some of our staff was harassed in pubic ion multiple was County staff. Izzy had the vilest materials distributed about her and her children, who were young at the time were heckled going to and form school.

One of the leaders of the "pro-property rights" group was arrested for attempting to take out a contract kill his neighbor.

Short memories around here boys...and many of you were there...egging those people on and turning a blind eye to the threats.


BTW let me me not the first to condemn the activities of the Black Bloc...I personally know people who stood between Black Bloc protesters and the police in DC on inauguration day, putting them selves at risk to take a stand against political violence... it is reprehensible....but no different really than the men who are on trial for aiming guns at the heads of federal employees and local sheriffs at the Bundy Ranch standoff...which none of you condemn.

Bill Tozer

Well, Steve, that makes you a victim. You are the victim of the day! Everybody gets their turn being Queen for the Day.

Walt, that just to block their clubs and chains. I will be there to walk old ladies across the street and help them find their cars.


Never acted like a victim Mr. Tozer...even though my wife received many of those phone calls...and I ain't a victim. I don't back down.


Posted by: stevenfrisch | 18 February 2017 at 05:18 PM

....but no different really than the men who are on trial for aiming guns at the heads of federal employees and local sheriffs at the Bundy Ranch standoff...which none of you condemn.

Not so much Winston.


Yeah, screw you and the horse too Fish. If political violence is wrong on the left it is wrong on the right too. But you guys reveled in the edge of violence at Bundy Ranch and Malheur and provided a platform for celebrating the event. You are the ultimate pot calling the kettle black.

By the way, the old right wing in Nevada County is going to get their asses handed to them over the next few years at the ballot box. The organizing going on now is like nothing we have ever seen in my 30 years in the county and it makes the tea party organizing pale in comparison (no pun intended.)


"Yes RL,, I would be pissed too if Supervisors were advocating "volunteers" (rabid ECO kooks) to jump fences and "inspect" private property for anything and everything "endangered" and/or sensitive. No warrants, no asking for permission."

Total complete frigging lie Walt. Total lie.


Yeah, screw you and the horse too Fish. If political violence is wrong on the left it is wrong on the right too. But you guys reveled in the edge of violence at Bundy Ranch and Malheur and provided a platform for celebrating the event. You are the ultimate pot calling the kettle black.

There was no endorsement of the Bundys actions by me fact in you recall this was an argument where you actually got me to concede the point that the grazing rights granted to Bundy could be rescinded. I stated openly that I was glad nobody was shot...on either side. I took no position on the activities at Malhuer (it was, if I recall correctly very lightly discussed at RR's) other than to chuckle when people mailed those holed up in the occupied facilities dildos instead of the Care Packages requested.

By the way, the old right wing in Nevada County is going to get their asses handed to them over the next few years at the ballot box. The organizing going on now is like nothing we have ever seen in my 30 years in the county and it makes the tea party organizing pale in comparison (no pun intended.)

Oh I'm quite sure....Paul Emery in particular is awaiting the arrival of your "Blue Cocoon" to use as his burial shroud, his libertarian protestations notwithstanding.

You guys have a nice time.

Scott Obermuller

I see the leftista are back in force to conflate 2 totally different scenarios. I guess if you are losing, it's time to start lying.
The circumstances surrounding the Bundy Ranch and the Malheur occupation are completely different than the dozens of times lefist thugs shut down or completely prevent peaceful assembly and the free exchange of ideas the left doesn't like.
Yes - there was a plan for people to trespass on private property for the accumulation of data. It was cheered by the greenies at the time.
It was never implemented, thank goodness. Cooler heads prevailed and it was shot down.


The liar is YOU Frish, I know full well, because I CAUGHT those "county" trespassers, on MY land taking "inventory". So kiss my ass.

Bill Tozer

How about a nice group hug?


Posted by: stevenfrisch | 18 February 2017 at 05:29 PM

Total complete frigging lie Walt. Total lie.

Wow....that was so Trumpian!


Bill Tozer

"One dark night night, while we were all in bed
Old Mother Leary took her lantern to the shed
and when the cow kicked it over, she winked her eye and said
there will be a hot time in the old town tonight. Fire, fire, fire!"
-----Chicago Fire Campground Song

rl crabb

I do remember the overreach of the 2020 crowd. The need to control is part of their DNA. Having said that, I don't remember any act of violence on their part during those difficult years. If anything, it hardened my opinion that the left and the right in this country are out of their f*cking minds. Usually, that view is reinforced by visiting this site, and those on the other side.

Todd Juvinall

But that's what we think about your site too. Nuts running the asylum on your blog. What a hoot!

Douglas Keachie

Well I see things have gotten nastier since I was last here.

The Drumpskis' can show No Greater Disrespect for this country than saying the White House is not good enough for them and then forcing the government to protect their own private fortresses, and provide transportation to and fro, at the expense of tax payers.

Drumpski and the Repubbys now CONTROL any health care plans going forwards. Where the heck has the "really terrific, best possible, greatest health plan ever" gone to? Seems more elusive that the Lock Ness Tessie, or whatever flavor of the same is running loose in our local lakes and dams.

$100,000,000 net worth should be enough for anyone. Give them a Gold Star on Wall Street, and tax at 99% if they insist on more.

But allow full deductions for donations to foundations who do educational, medical, or environmental work, that does not directly benefit commercial enterprises. Once you've hit $100,000,000, surely it is time to give back to the country that has so richly rewarded you and your family

BTW, foundations that employ any of your blood relatives (same generation as you or below) are not eligible, even if they meet the other criteria. If you adopted kids, yes give them one more break, and reward you for having done so.

Tell me again how this is going to be a disincentive to the rest of us, and how we will sit on our asses, just because we can't amass more than $99,999,999.99? I'll throw you a free pity party, at Trump Towers.

Got a vision that calls for more than 100 million? Good, go walk Wall Street and get together with other Gold Star members and put it together that way. If none are interested, your idea may have a few flaws.

There, that ought to hold you for a while. Please provide links to sites where you claim I got these talking points from, since I know your will claim this is not original material, in advance.

BTW, I am still a member of the original Berkeley Free Speech Movement. We are still over 1,000 strong, and supported the 1,300 or so peaceful protestors, but not the never identified Black Shirts. All those cops and not one of the black shirts were tackled and arrested. True ninjas, no doubt. Here is the letter sent by the FSM prior to speaking engagement:

This is being sent to 1045 folks on the FSM-A list by the Board of the Free Speech Movement Archives, a California non-profit (since 1998) that collects and preserves FSM history and educates coming generations in the spirit of the Free Speech Movement.

Hello all,

Yesterday the Daily Cal published as an OP ED a letter from the FSM Archives Board. You can read it here:

We urge you to register your comments on the Daily Cal site, where everyone can see them. Responses to this email will be seen only by the Board.

This piece is available to you in the future on the FSM Press Bibliography:

And also on the collection of post-2010 Board resolutions here:

Finally, the letter as we submitted it is reproduced below for your convenience:

The Daily Californian

To the Editor:

As veterans and historians of the Free Speech Movement, we are writing to comment on the forthcoming visit to Berkeley of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos is a bigot who comes to campus spouting vitriol so as to attract attention to himself. His modus operandi is to bait students of color, transgender students and anyone to the left of Donald Trump in the hopes of sparking a speaking ban or physical altercation so he can pose as a free speech martyr. His campus events are one long publicity stunt designed to present himself as a kind of hip, far right, youth folk hero — sort of Hitler Youth with cool sunglasses. “Look at me, I’m so rad, the PC police won’t let me speak on campus.” That’s his whole shtick in a nutshell, along with bigotry.

Banning him just plays into his hands politically, which is one reason why we were glad to see the UC administration refuse to adopt such a ban. True to form, however, Yiannopoulos and his Berkeley College Republican sponsors nonetheless put on their phony free speech martyrdom routine when the administration asked them to pay for security needed to ensure that the incendiary bigotry of their event does not end in bloodshed.

Berkeley’s free speech tradition, won through struggle — suspension, arrest, fines, jail time — by Free Speech Movement activists is far more important than Yiannopoulos, and it is that tradition’s endurance that concerns us. “The content of speech or advocacy should not be restricted by the university”: That’s what the pivotal Dec. 8 resolution says, as adopted by the Berkeley faculty’s Academic Senate when it finally backed the FSM’s free speech demand in 1964. Under the terms of that resolution, even the worst kind of bigot, including Yiannopoulos, must be allowed to speak on campus. So the UC administration was acting in accord with those principles when it refused to ban Yiannopoulos.

We were thus disappointed that so many Berkeley faculty signed an open letter supporting such a ban and criticizing the UC administration for refusing to ban Yiannopoulos. The best way to battle his bigoted discourse is to critique and refute it. And really, that is not hard to do. Just have a look at his speeches, which are devoid of logic and humanity. For example, one of his speeches we read online finds him arguing against criticism of racial slavery in the U.S. since many societies had slavery, which is basically a kind of moral relativism for dummies. If even a 10th of the 100 or so faculty who signed those pro-ban open letters showed up to ask this bigot tough questions or held a teach-in about what’s wrong and unethical in his vitriol (and in the rest of the so called “alt right”), they could puncture his PR bubble instantly, avoid casting him in the role of free speech martyr and prove that the best cure for ignorant and hateful speech is speech that unmasks its illogic, cruelty and stupidity. At a time when we have a bigoted president taking office in the White House it seems especially important for universities to expose and refute bigoted speakers — banning them evades that responsibility.

We urge students to express their opposition to the bigotry of Yiannopoulos and all speakers on campus whose views are hateful, and to do so non-violently, in ways that do not prevent such speakers from making or completing their remarks. Those tempted to block access to or disrupt speeches by such reactionaries should resist that temptation and reflect on FSM leader Mario Savio’s criticism of the disruption of UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick’s speech at Berkeley in the Reagan era. Savio said that, for the sake of Berkeley’s “very precious” tradition of free speech, Kirkpatrick had to be accorded the right to speak. While conceding that her militaristic views might seem intolerable, Mario argued that “for our own good we need to find ways of tolerating what is almost intolerable.” Making a distinction between heckling (raising tough questions in a robust manner) and disruption (drowning out or in some other way preventing the speaker from completing her remarks), Savio urged protesters “to stay on this side of the line that separates heckling from disruption.” This would “prevent what she represents from crushing our liberties—which we can use … to oppose and I hope eliminate what she represents.”

Finally, this whole controversy leads us to call on the Berkeley College Republicans to reflect on their own approach to organizing. While you do have the right to sponsor hateful speakers, how does it serve the campus community, your classmates, or the party of Lincoln to do so?

Board of Directors,
Free Speech Movement Archives
Robert Cohen, Bettina Aptheker, Susan Druding, Lee Felsenstein, Barbara Garson, Jackie Goldberg, Lynne Hollander Savio, Steve Lustig, Anita Medal, Jack Radey, Gar Smith, Barbara Stack


Well RL, Izzy and her cronies got kicked to to curb because of their militant ECO BS.
And Drew Bidwell(GOD rest his soul) Took Izzy's place in a landslide election.

Hummm.. I wonder how Dizzy and the gang will do when the ECO grants run dry? She whined and lied about gold dredging and mercury contamination, yet cheered dredging to remove the same crap for her own pet project.

The sooner free money is cut off the better.

Douglas Keachie

BTW, Walt, what on earth did they find on your land?

Todd Juvinall

rl crabb | 18 February 2017 at 02:20 PM

What are you talking about? You seem unhinged and forgetful about the past. NH2020 was defeated fair and square. Just like we defeated the Nuclear Free Zone, Izzy Martin, Bruce Conklin and the RQC (Laurie O by one vote in a loss, sweet!). All fair and square. No riots, no violence. As for Frisch, you were paid to convince people to let other come on their land without warrants. And the fellow arrested for trying to get a hit man was doing that to his neigbor in LOP regarding a small shared strip of driveway. Nothing to do with NH2020. So maybe you and Crabb should have some beers and reminince the fantasies you spout now.

Todd Juvinall

Go away Keachie. You moderate people off your blogs and come here? You are all about killing speech for others.


What? Keach has a blog??,, Does it have anything to do with theaters and video cameras?


DK @ 7:10PM


Don Bessee

DK is suppressing free expression of ideas? That sucks. ;-)

Scott Obermuller

Oh, thanks Keachie for the laugh.
In your stupidity, you exposed the hypocrisy of the left. They openly support a policy of making folks they don't agree with being made to pony up money to pay for their right to free speech.
There is still this ongoing nonsense of how it was just a handful of evil dudes that just might be in the employ of the Koch bros.
BS - the crowd was there to try to shut down Milo's appearance and harass and inconvenience the folks that wanted to hear him speak. They were totally supportive of the goons and there were a lot more than just a handful of goons that ended up causing the trouble that spilled out into the streets of Berkeley. The mayor of Berkeley egged on the fascists and the mob loved every minute. You might want to check out the video of the 'victory' riots afterwards. Op Eds in the campus newspaper later cheered the fact that Milo had been shut out. The cops did nothing. It was a disgrace. And it's part and parcel to a growing threat of the left shutting down and censoring free speech and our civil rights to peacefully assemble. The fact is there has been nothing on the conservative side to even begin to compare this with. Nothing.

Bill Tozer

It is good to express ourselves. I feel we all got to know each other better today. Progress had been made. Good to blow off a little steam and relax among my extended family and friends...A great big dysfunctional family.

So, how were the Townhalls tonight? I am just grooving here, chilling and no worries. Let me know what I missed. Another slow news day. Oh well.

rl crabb

Hardy har har. Thanks for reminding me why I don't bother to engaga with you fellows. My cat is more open minded, and he's dead.

Todd Juvinall

Yes please stop coming here with your closed mind. This is a fun blog and you are boring.

Bill Tozer

Sorry about your cat, Earl. Always sad to lose a member of the family. :(

Paul Emery

Oh Todd you are such a great example of an open minded person

George Rebane

rl 1049am - Does your "open minded" require that your point of view is accepted by your counterpart, or is a person also open minded when he carefully considers your position and submits a reasonable counter as part of the dialogue?

Todd Juvinall

Thanks for the compliment Paul Emery. I truly am a open minded man.


Paul open minded?? No way in hell. Give hime a trainload of proof AGW is based on political science, yet that carbon steel trap of a mind is welded shut.

Paul Emery


I consider you to have a somewhat open mind but not so much for most of the contributors to this blog who prefer to comment on someones mental health, drug use and body shape.

So Todd let me test you.

If there is verifiable evidence that the Trump campaign had regular contacts with Russian intelligence during the campaign what should Trump do?

Don Bessee

Oh God, not more PE hypotheticals. No intellectual contributions just fake news and why, why, why? ;-)


Paul. "O"'s real birth cert. will show up before Rusky election tampering is even really arguable.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, of all the people who post here I consider you the most closed minded. You are a broken record and have been since you got Bush DS.

So if Trump had contact with the Rooskies and was plotting against America, he needs to go. But if he had contact (he denies it) and it was simply to gain better relations, then I have no problem.

Oh and Podesta was apparently connected to the Rooskies for a long time and did a lot of money transactions with them. What would you do with him?

Bill Tozer

What should Trump do?? . Whatever Trump should do, he best keep on doing what he is doing.


We live in very interesting times...

What's the phrase our ex-President Obama made famous? "Elections mean things... We won"? While I didn't vote for Trump (repeat that because Earl's old friend is calling me many false and defamatory things for not being truthful about my politics... RL, Chris needs a shorter leash), my blood pressure started coming down on Nov 8 as soon as I tuned into PBS after dinner... not just from schadenfreude... the blackshirts were horrible losers but imagine if they started cruising Broad Street looking for possible Deniers... abysmal violent winners.

No, I wasn't rooting for a loose cannon with a bad haircut (shades of H.Ross Parrot[sic]) but I was rooting for a SCOTUS closer to the libertarian ideal, and an administration that wouldn't keep throwing money down the bottomless Warmista pit lined with Bad Science, enabled by the very trap Eisenhower warned about in his Farewell Address.

BTW I ran across a video of Minority Leader Schumer rehearsing his lines for the Gorsuch confirmation hearings:

Don Bessee

Todd @ 125, don't fall for poor ol' PE's games, there has never been anything brought forward that The President had contact with the Russians. Its all hype about Flynn and staff. Never the Prez. so don't reply to that fake news empowering the ol' poll head. ;-)

George Rebane

Well, you may have first heard it asked here, but now some of the big media kids are beginning to discover that the real question about Russia's influencing our elections is 'By what means did the accomplish this?' No one seems to know the answer to this as they continue parroting the baseless charge that Trump colluded with the Russians to swing the election.

Sorta reminds one of the Climate Change Chorus giving another rendition of their all time favorite, 'Consensus Science, Consensus Science!'

Bill Tozer

“Even here in California, if you could divide the state by building a wall roughly 40 miles in from the coastline, the state east of the wall would be as Republican as Utah.”

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