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21 February 2017


Scott Obermuller

There's a push for free health care now in Cali. Including illegals.
Here's the latest:
"A (not-so) modest health care proposal: Two Southern California Democrats, Sens. Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins, want the state’s health care system to look more like Canada’s, replacing private insurance with a government plan that covers everyone — including undocumented immigrants. On Friday, the two senators introduced Senate Bill 562 as a “spot bill.” That means it was introduced with few specifics other than their intent to create a universal health care plan."
Just come across the border and waltz into the doctor's office or hospital. Whee - it's all free!
This will work wonderfully.


Maybe it's all just simply a matter of ecological overrun instead of any particular set of bad policies. The irony of California having a high Gini score is not lost on me.

re: 6:07AM. Centralized health care seems to work well enough in some places, but it's usually hard to compare the systems since they are complex and have evolved over time, plus the underlying culture is usually quite different. One thing Sens. Lara and Atkins should keep in mind is that a universal health plan is a larger beast in terms of $$$$ than the entire state government.

re: Milo. It's interesting watching how well-organized and financed the anti-Milo push has been. The public is being played like a fine fiddle.


Bill Tozer

I wish they would quit dipping into highway funds and pissing the money away on other "needs".



One trillion in unfunded liabilities?


Scott Obermuller

As the control over California is now and really has been for a while a strictly Dem operation, it would help to look at the Dem's goals vs the results.
As mentioned above, Cali has probably the highest Gini spread in the nation.
Here's more cheery news:
California has a third of all welfare cases in the nation.
Cali pols were so sure their new 'top2' scheme would make political campaigns cheaper, but:
Brown likes to brag that Cali has a 'surplus' but admits it can't even fix the potholes without new taxes. As Bill mentioned - what happened to the tax money that the people were promised would fix the roads?
Of course, it's all the fault of 'global warming'.
As if Cali never had droughts and torrential rain before.
No state is perfect but if you judge Cali by the standards of the folks running the circus, it's just getting worse and worse.
Yet - they still want more of the same and keep digging deeper.

Bill Tozer

Scott, California is #1 in the nation for poverty rate. Now, where to put all the indigents? How about at the beach!


I have posted some history of California drought and floods at Sierra Foothills Commentary.


The State has a long history of droughts broken by floods, only to return to drought. The state started to put in place an efficient water management system for a modern state, and then stopped before completing the project to save the fish. We are coping with a near mega-flood like many in the region's past, with a neglected and half finished system. We are just lucky this is just a mini-mega-flood. Had it been the real thing, the damage would be much greater. That said, winter is not over yet, more storms to come.

Todd Juvinall

The train to nowhere will be underwater.

Bill Tozer

Todd, Dianne Fienstein's husband got his hands on a billion dollar contract for a section of the "bullet train", lol.

When all is said and done, the "Bullet Train" will be no faster than a freight train is today as they will share common rails in parts and the cost for a passenger ride will be prohibitive for all but those flush with cash and have time on their hands. The CA legislature is finding work arounds the clause of making it self supporting. Join private/public funding is not going as planned. If the experienced companies that built Bullet Trains across the globe will not touch The Moonbeam Slow Train, then that should tell you something.

Bill Tozer

State of Jefferson looks a lot more realistic with each passing week.


Scott Obermuller

Bill at 8:17 - I saw that when it first came out in the news. It seems the poor in Cali have new rights to all sorts of goodies every day.
There certainly is no end to the many things dreamed up by politicians that require a transfer of funds from me to thee with govt taking it's cut off the top.

Bill Tozer

Scott, it looks like Southetn Cal is overtaking Frisco as the Liberal Capital of America. Not even MA would go for such foolishness. Maybe NY, maybe not.

Every so often, I get scathing correspondences from WA state residents telling me how the state has gone to the dogs and they all blame Californians that moved up there around Seattle for the wacky big government solution Alt-Left freakos that ruint a formerly nice state. Of course since I live in CA, it's all my fault! I tell them we send them our very best, lol.

I think Frisco should be concerned. First, Seattle overtook Frisco as the Enlightened Intellicual Hell Hole of the Left Coast, then Portland took the top spot with Frisco dropping to third place. Now it looks like S. Cal is moving up a notch and Frisco falling to 4th place. What is the world coming to? Raise taxs and declare bankruptcy.

State of Jefferson is looking better. There are just some things in life move important than money. Once we get 38 statehouses, if might even look plausible. Let my people go!

Scott Obermuller

Gee - where is Paul on this topic? And the rest of the fabulous lefties that love to espouse the goodness of Cali's looney tune trajectory?
I thought they would rush to prop up the folks that are running the state so well. Oh well.

Bill Tozer



Why did no one care about the damn dams?

The story has been amply reported locally and nationally. But what the press conveniently leaves out of its coverage is the underlining theory behind the dam inaction: climate-change apocalyptics had convinced the Silly Putty-brained California powers-that-be that rain was never returning to the state. Quite literally, new dams, and improvements on old ones were rejected because a doomsday cult had convinced politicians that water was “over,” that the drought that began in 2012 was not a passing thing but an “era,” something that would last decades if not a century. And why build new dams if there’ll be no water for them to hold? Why refurbish old ones if there’s no chance they’ll ever be filled again?

Much More HERE.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer


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