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22 February 2017



Will we embed the fine points of egalitarianism in our AI-driven devices? Will they then develop their own cultural find points and expect us to be understanding and accommodating?

George Rebane

Russ 903pm - I don't think that we will be able to "embed" anything into the first 'Super-AI' that will announce its advent to us.

But regarding this Benedict Option, I find it beyond comprehension how America's progressives remain tenaciously blind to the major societal trends and forces that oppose their global vision. That the Great Divide is real and people really like living peacefully with 'their own kind' is simply unacceptable, no matter the growing evidence here and in Europe. The comment streams of RR are ample testimony to how pervasive, abiding, and crippling this ignorance is. In their eyes anyone who desires such culturally cohesive communities is a racist, ignorant knuckledragger. Enlightened people desire a society that enthusiastically embraces a future culture-free amalgam of uniformly correct thought.

Paul Emery


Who are the judges that determine what "uniformly correct thought" is embraced?

George Rebane

PaulE 837am - List the tenets of today's politically correct beliefs. The people who subscribe to that set are the judges, and the lamestream 'journalists' who eagerly report on the infractions are the clarions.

Paul Emery


I think we can agree that journalism is part of our free enterprise system so why not let the free market decide what survives and is listened to.

Paul Emery


what is the difference when Trump says that certain media businesses are an "Enemy of the People" and him saying certain autos are unfit to drive. Is he not using his Presidency as a bully pulpit to effect commerce and free enterprise?

Todd Juvinall

I look back on the lamestream media as in control of one party and ideology for most of my life. The liberal/left/democrats. So they are the enemy of the people as they tried their best to negate the other half of the American people on the right. Now Trump is ccalling them out and when you see the denial and vitiol from them you can rest assured he is right.


Paul@08:58AM This is how Trump is using his bully pulpit to influence free enterprise:

Trump, top officials and CEOs talk 'workplace of the future'

By Matthew Nussbaum
02/23/2017 12:23 PM EDT

President Donald Trump met with executives of leading American companies once again Thursday morning, gathering 24 CEOs of prominent manufacturing companies as part of an round of meetings he's been holding with business aimed at boosting the economy.

But before the group sat down with Trump, they huddled in working groups on the second floor of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as part of an initiative spearheaded by senior adviser Jared Kushner.

The CEOs - who a senior administration official said collectively employ two million people at companies with over $1 trillion in market value - were split into four groups focusing on infrastructure, tax and trade, regulatory reform and the workforce of the future. Each working group had at least one cabinet-level official serving as a sort of moderator while the group chewed over ideas and aides sitting along the walls took notes.

Vice President Mike Pence, joined by Kushner, floated from room to room, dropping in to deliver brief remarks before moving along to the next.

In the infrastructure meeting, overseen by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, Pence dropped in to call for "innovative" financing efforts to jumpstart infrastructure projects, and one administration official praised Canada's revamping of its air traffic control system, citing it as an example of the kind of public-private partnerships the administration hopes to see undertaken here.

When Pence entered the room and worked his way around the table shaking hands, he pointed to Cohn and joked, "We all work for him."

In the Workforce of the Future group, Ivanka Trump, Commerce Secretary-designee Wilbur Ross and Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon facilitated the conversation, in which one CEO talked about the necessity of making manufacturing jobs more attractive to young people. Multiple people in the room praised European-style apprenticeship programs.

In the Tax and Trade group, Peter Navarro and Treasury Sect. Steven Mnuchin oversaw the meeting where multiple CEOs praised Germany for its robust manufacturing sector that coexists with high wages.

OMB director Mick Mulvaney oversaw the regulatory reform meeting, jotting down notes as one CEO complained about regulatory uncertainty and austere portraits gazed down on the group.

In his remarks in at least two of the meetings, Pence commented that he and Kushner believe it's in small groups where work really gets done.

In the White House meeting afterward, one CEO from each of the four groups was to report out on the sessions.

To view online:

George Rebane

PaulE 848am - ... and who argued for anything else?

PaulE 858am - Yes, he sure is. But that's what Presidents do, are free to do, and have done before. We as a people have become accustomed to accepting deceitful pabulum from the mouths of our leaders; another vestige and version of political correctness. Give me a plain speaker any time so I can decide whether/how to oppose or support him.

Bill Tozer


Russ @ 9:03PM.

The Nick Bostrom book struck me as surprisingly good, but then I'm not an expert in that area.


PE @ 8:48AM

Journalism is only now starting to exist in a free market due to the internet.

Interestingly, the Intelligence Agency-Media Complex appears to be coming to grips with the 'problem' of free speech in media pretty quickly. I don't expect it'll last too much longer.

George Rebane

Scenes 435pm - Nick Bostrom writes a good story but does miss the boat a bit on how super-AI will be achieved.

Bill Tozer

Surprisingly, this is on topic. Not all of us have given up on Western Civ, albeit they stopped teaching it in our institutions of higher learning.

George Rebane

BillT 755pm - That is what Bret Stephens, cited above, reports in his oped piece Mr Tozer.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. Probably so. I am just to lazy to take your suggestion about how to get around the paywall. Western Civilization courses have been dropped across the nation for years and has had its day in the sun from media reporting on the subject....several years ago. So much so that a large endowment at a Ivy League schools made offering Western Civ courses the trip clause in the multimillion dollar bequest. Once a core requirement for a liberal arts degree, it is now an elective, if offered at all.

Rather than circle the barn, may I suggest my offering collaborative or supportive information to your posts is not the same as offering links that are to be somehow taken as new insights. Perhaps you find the "echo" irriating, which is an unintended consequence. Duly noted.

George Rebane

BillT 432am - I was just informing similarly motivated readers 😊.


re: GR @ 5:52

I don't know that he missed the boat so much as gave a broad taxonomy of how these things might go down.

My own view is that regardless of well-meaning tomes by academics, the whole situation will evolve in a rather uncontrolled fashion. The value of strong AI is too high, and being first is too important, for the competing groups to do anything but go forward. I suppose that human advancement has always been a matter of 'here, hold my beer'.


re: BT @ 4:32AM

You can argue that Trump, in his own flawed way, is The West's immune system kicking in.

Bill Tozer

California seceding sounds like a cause that could bring San Francisco Democrats into a grand alliance with Breitbart.

A new federalism — a devolution of power and resources away from Washington and back to states, cities, towns and citizens, to let them resolve their problems their own way and according to their own principles — may be the price of retention of the American Union.

Let California be California; let red state America be red state America.

Bill Tozer

@7:28 AM.......
Scenes, duly noted. :). Yep, borders, common language, and sweet culture. There is no place like home and this is our house.


Bill Tozer

George Rebane

BillT 900pm - Thank you Mr Tozer for that VDHanson summary on Calexit - clear, complete, and concise.

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