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13 March 2017



Fox News California Beach Bum Living Off Food Stamps For Years

This is a reality check on who is abusing Food Stamps. I will bet interviewing SPD and Brier Patch checkers would identify some of Nevada County's Mountain Bums living the good life on Food Stamps.


Fox News California Beach Bum Living Off Food Stamps For Years

This is a reality check on who is abusing Food Stamps. I will bet interviewing SPD and Brier Patch checkers would identify some of Nevada County's Mountain Bums living the good life on Food Stamps.

Paul emery

I'm not At all in favor of food stamps being used to buy Hostess Twinkies Food stamps or a massive subsidy for the junk food industry I say restrict them to good healthy food staples and teach people how to cook

Paul emery

That's food stamps are a massive subsidy for the junk food instead

Scott Obermuller

Gasp! Paul Emery is now officially a heartless right wing bastard.
He now proudly marches with Rush Limbaugh arm in arm.
He smirks as countless young poor children die of starvation in the mud.
How cruel! How evil!
See how that works, Paul?

Paul Emery

AS usual Walt you don't have a clue as to what I'm saying. I'm in favor 0f FOOD subsidies not SHIT subsidies.
Subsidize good healthy food for those in need.


In honor of the good weather, here's an oldie but a goodie.

Scott Obermuller

Paul at 10:13 - Sadly no, Paul doesn't get how it works. Went sailing right over his head.


This has nothing to do with Mr. Boardman, who has no kids on his lawn I bet, but I like the article.


It's interesting how one of the arrows in the Green Libertarian quiver is the idea of weaponized immigration. You might have to ask how often Mexico has used the same concept as a bargaining point in negotiations.

Paul Emery

How what works Scott? Pretty simple-only healthy food available for subsidies.


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 14 March 2017 at 07:46 AM

It's interesting how one of the arrows in the Green Libertarian quiver is the idea of weaponized immigration.

Yeah.....I've raised that issue numerous times with "The Green Libertarian". Metaphorically speaking he runs around in circles with his fingers in his ears la la la la la whenever it comes up.

Anybody know if Paul has children?

Paul Emery

You're jumping around on me Fish. Last thing on my mind was healthy food for subsidies. Do you have a problem with that?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 14 March 2017 at 08:13 AM

Wasn't responding to you.


re: PE 7:53AM.

Actually, I'd like to encourage that kind of thing. It's a welcome change from polls and Whack-A-Mole.

It's already done to some extent. It's worth a bit of research.

Defining more ineligible foods would be a tricky matter. Is apple juice a form of junk food (probably)? Ice cream? Milk? what's the difference between the two?


PE 753

Such are the problems when one chooses to mind other people's business, whether the minders are right wing or left wing.

Bill Tozer

------PE @ 10:13 pm answers to Walt who has yet to post a single comment on this post. Then PE uses all caps on his foul mouthed four letter word. Hmmm. Bad example of bob and weave, and rope-a-dope. Unless he is the dope.

--------PE @ 8:13 am: "Last thing on my mind was healthy food for subsidies."

Ok, no subsidizing healthy food with food stamps. Last thing on my mind as well

-------@ 8:04 am. Don't know for sure the answer to question posed, but common sense says stupid people should not breed.

Todd Juvinall

And PE chews on LaMalfa. The left is such a cartoon.

Scott Obermuller

Paul at 7:53 - you confirmed my view that what I had posted went right over your head.
I'll explain. You have a perfectly sensible view of only providing food aid to folks buying basic food necessities.
If Rush L. or George or I advocated the exact same view the left would howl like wounded dogs. If our president tried to implement the exact same change in our national food stamp program, there would be rioting the next day.
So, as I pointed out, you've joined the wicked, evil right wing conspiracy to starve poor people.
OK, now for Paul's sake - 'sarc off'.
The food stamp program is riddled with fraud. There are neighborhoods where the ebt cards are openly bought and sold or traded for drugs, guns, sex, - you name it.
And for Mr Boardman, yes - folks do buy lobster and expensive steaks with ebt cards. I suggest Mr Boardman take a few trips to certain hoods he won't find in Nevada Co.

Paul emery

OK Scott no problem It's no interest to me anyway how people would or wouldn't react to anything that Rush Limbaugh would say but it's important to you so have at it. As I recall there used to be an option to food stamps that was indeed basic good food but that's to before food stamps became a subsidy for junk food industries Perhaps our congressmen could donate some food too hungry people since he's getting paid millions of dollars of Corporate welfare

Bill Tozer

"Perhaps our congressmen could donate some food too hungry people since he's getting paid millions of dollars of Corporate welfare"

That is exactly the difference between conservatives and liberals. A conservative would never tell Paul, me, or Bill Gates what to do with their money or how to spend it as they please. A liberal will always incessantly tell you what to do with your money, how to spend it, and on whom.

Love the story of when the city council of Cupertino approached Steve Jobs requesting he build a wanted recreational center for the city. He told them if they wanted one, they should build it themselves with all the taxes he pays the city.

I am personally opposed to giving food stamps to any able bodied single person of working age...with few exceptions. Hunger is a great motivator. Hunger drives a man to labor better than motivation seminars. People who are the United States without permission should not receive any food stamps either. Illegal is not a race, it is a crime.

Paul emery

Bill Bill Bill I am a taxpayer and some of my money goes to our congressmen's family to subsidize their private business what's right about that? You are opposed to food stamps for poor families but have no problem with $1 million going to our congressmen's family for what ?

Todd Juvinall

PE cracks me up. Our Congressman? He was a private sector farmer until he ran for office so I suspect he paid a lot of taxes on 1800 acres of farmland.

Todd Juvinall

I think we would be better off not rushing a replacement for ObamaCare. First repeal it in total. For those that are on it, phase it out and if needed give a voucher until things settle down. When the democrats crammed this down the throats of America, they lied their way to passage with subterfuge and payoffs. I expect a free market solution is the best way which was in place prior to ObamaCare. And I recall the democrats said there were 43 million without medical insurance back then. So now only 10 million or so are on the mess called ObamaCare. What happened to the other thirty million? The democrats said "all" would be covered. Another lie.

So let's calm down, repeal the mess and transition into a free market with some safety nets for those that need it. Perhaps enhance Medicaid for now to cover those working poor.


So Todd I take it you have no problem with farm subsidies such as those received by our Congressman. Last year the total in farm subsidies came to around 20 Billion, according to the Heritage Foundation. You are ok with that right?

Bill Tozer

Paul, please read what I wrote. There you go again putting words and arguments in other people's months. Typical. Some things do not change. I never said I have "no problem with 1 million going to our congressman's family." Where or where Paul did you ever come up with that statement? Did you pull that out of your butt or your head or are they interchangeable synonyms?

Yes, I am opposed to food stamps to any able bodied single person with few exceptions. Abled bodied single persons. I would have said able bodied single males, but that would not pass the equal protection clause nowadays. Exceptions might be for a single person providing daily care of an elderly parent for a few months.. Abled bodied means able to pick up a rake and go door to door asking if one could clean up the front sidewalk or yard in exchange for a sandwich or bowl of soup....outside only of course. No different from the barter system of exchanging services in Nevada City, for example. People work in improverished nations all day for a handful of rice. Hunger will drive a man to improve his lot in life like no other methods will when push comes to shove. Hunger will get you motivated without the bull pucky couch potatoe 'analysis paralysis'.

Yes, I am opposed to giving all and any persons food stamps that break into our country and have taxpayers like you buy them food for being here when they are forbidden by law to even be here. How absurd is that! We should not reward bad behavior. They have zero right to set foot on sacred US soil without seeking and obtaining prior permission. Again, very few exceptions. There is always the 'one offs'.

About corporate welfare, I am generally opposed. But just because corporate welfare exists (for a myriad of reasons), does not mean that two wrongs make a right. This topic deals with views of food stamps. Because GM got to screw the bond holders and little widowers teachers' pension funds over royally under Obama, does not give carte blanche to dole out food stamps with impunity.

Remember Paul, single able bodied does not mean healing up from injuries, going to school, shacking up with some down and out toothless woman with 5 kids, those mentally insane who are typical of those lost pitiful soul walking down Broad Street....If a man will not work, he shall not be fed. 'Will not' are the operative words. Now, charities can do as they please....and do.

Paul Emery

uestion was from Paul Emery

Paul Emery


And your vie3w of subsidies for our Congressman?

Bill Tozer

At first glance, barring junk food from food stamp purchase options seems reasonable. Yet, people buy what they like to eat, whether some nurionalists agree with their choices or not. We, in CA, have already banned ATM withdrawals from welfare accounts at ATM machines located on cruise ships and some casinos. If you are on welfare, what are you doing on a cruise ship heading to the Bahamas? Sure, your Dad could have bought you the ticket, looks bad. There are strings attached. An abled bodied person with no dependents of working age should have a bunch of strings too many to make it worth your while. Same with SSI. How many growers busted with 70k worth of product are on food stamps and crazy money (disability for can't coping with life) when revealed in the paper they are asking for public defenders and are on the public dole? More than one is too many.

I realize I am the exception, not the average joe. I lived in a broken down car with two infants and no job, no transferable skills, and down and out. Parked on the street and we hid under blankets at night. Wrote hot checks for diapers and formula, and always paid the stores back. Met with the managers and bookkeepers and made arrangements. I applied for child care help cause most of the meager money I earned went to the daycare lady. Sierra Childcare Services (or whatever they were called) left a message that said they are putting me on top of the list. Number one priority. I went down there and simply could not take a penny or fill out a form. Could not do it. I did promise them if the kids went hungry I would apply of food stamps. Never did. I watched them eat and anything left over I ate the scraps.

I could not ever tell someone to pick up a rake (borrowed) and go door to door if I did not do that myself. Worked for me, maybe not someone else. That old car got towed to the junkyard many moons and several family vacations on distant shores and a few houses ago. Hero to zero, Yale to jail, Penthouse to the outhouse, riches to living in a car...with two kids, to currently somewhere in between.

One thing has stuck with me. Old Cherokee woman on the rez in Oklahoma told me decades ago and I ran with it since? If you take the whiteman's money, you sell them your soul." That my story and it ain't changing. Never been in the mood to sell my soul or my self worth. Price is too steep.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 March 2017 at 12:36 PM

Your story is better than mine.....

After my divorce went back to college and slept in my car because I couldn't afford to pay rent....used to wake up with ice crystals in my mustache. Sold blood plasma twice a week to eat and put a couple of gallons gas in the car when pick up work wasn't available.

Still have fond memories though! It does help one focus.

Paul Emery

I'm all for direct healthy food for those in need and not food stamps.


re: PE @ 1:38PM

'Direct' means boxes of food instead of debit card with rule set? Remember that SNAP /CalFresh is probably nearing 10% of the state. Imagine the amount of work to be done at a county or city level.

It might make for a interesting jobs program, though.

George Rebane

PaulE 138pm - Sounds good Paul. What kind of "direct healthy food" program do you have in mind that would avoid the abuses suffered by the food stamps program?

Bill Tozer


Ah, I forgot about selling plasma. Once my arms were so scratched and stabbed from dragging brush that the Palsma center thought I was shooting dope and refused to take my blood. Finally a doctor examined my arms and believed my story. Phew. Yep, too old for that nowadays. Ice crystals in the mustache? Oh, the memories of that magic hour before dawn when the cold and moisture seemed to work its way through the bones and into the marrow. Burrr. The Big Chill. Electricity on demand is something I never take for granted....even to this day.
It's one thing to be a starving student sleeping on floors and living off a bag of dry cereal, but I guess neither one of us thought we would be back in the cruel cold outside after marriage and playing house....or playing Big Time Charlie (in my case).

Food stamps? Actually, I care less what others do than what is in front of me today.
In the 30's there were no food stamps, no unemployment, the Great Depression and The Dust Bowl years. Hoover called government feeding people a slippery slope and had the Red Cross and those kind of organizations pass out seed packages.
Knew an old crusty crab that worked on the Hoover Dam or the Grand Coulee Dam back in his youth. He said that when the workers saw some guys approaching looking for a job, they would chase them off with their picks and shovels. "You ain't taking MY job! Get outta here!" They were focused, lol
Hard times make ya tough, easy street times make you soft. What don't break ya will make ya. Ebb and flow.
Food stamps? Guess they are passed out like candy nowadays. If you apply for Covered California on the phone, they automatically put you on food stamps if you qualify without your asking. Know 3 people who applied and all 3 were signed up. Two refused the food stamps and it was like pulling teeth....had to start the process over with repeated instructions of no food it is against the rules or something. The third caved in and took the food stamps. So, I am the least qualified to discuss the matter about others' choices. We all live with our choices, be they good,bad, or indifferent.

Who knows. Someday I might sell my soul if I ever believe there is no hope, no way, no how, and no Providence. Or,if I just give up caring. That day is not today. I have no control over what others do, as hard as I try to fight the concept.

Scott Obermuller

from Paul: " It's no interest to me anyway how people would or wouldn't react to anything that Rush Limbaugh would say but it's important to you so have at it."
OK, I give up. Maybe some one else can have a go at explaining the point I was trying to make to Paul.
Let's try this, Paul - how about you go down to SPD and when you see some one using tax payer money to buy junk food, start pulling the items out that you just told us you didn't want them to have. Tell the worthy they shouldn't have this crap and you are going to take it away from them.
Go ahead, Paul. Back up your big time 'green libertarian' ideas with action and I think the other person involved will explain to you in no uncertain terms what I can't seem to get you to wrap your brain around.

Bill Tozer

Well, since Dr. Rebane started this post by referencing Mad Magazine, it's only fitting that I finish the comments with a reference to Mad Magazine.

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