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01 March 2017



Hat's off to ya' Doc. The kids have a great mentor to learn from. They should do real well.


I used the PayPal button to donate a modest amount, I hope that other readers can do the same.

Todd Juvinall

Russ you need to go to the Stoddard column on the Union and take part in the debate on Climate. The usual suspects are spreading their crapola.

Paul Emery

The bleeding continues. The weight of lies will bring a liar like Trump and his motley crew down every time.

"Flynn on Wednesday denied that he had discussed sanctions with Kislyak. Asked in an interview whether he had ever done so, he twice said, “No.

On Thursday, Flynn, through his spokesman, backed away from the denial. The spokesman said Flynn “indicated that while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up.”

Paul Emery

Sorry George, wrong place for that

Don Bessee

Reduced to re-cycling old fake news, eh poor ol' fakenewsman PE? You forget that the transcripts have been seen. The Russian brought up the sanctions and was told the new administration would be reviewing all polices. DUH! Flynn has the FBI's clearance on the contents of the call my little druid.

Sorry Dr. R, I know its off topic but we must be vigilant and smite fake news wherever it raises its ugly head. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Yo, Punchy, take it to the proper post. This is robotics. Oh yeah, don't be a free loader and donate on the Go Fund Me link in Dr. Rebane's fine post above. I donated. And please take your BS to the proper topic of the proper post. This is about Robotics, you burned out pothead.

Bill Tozer

Robotics will put a lot of people out of work....but we knew that. Here's a video Boeing using robots to built fuselages. The future is upon us.

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