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11 April 2017


Bill Tozer

Follow up to my 12:19 pm:
Defended, then yanked. The news was not fake, but the author was. Ok, whatever you say. If only it was this simple. Nevermind the blatant racism and sexism.....with my two eyes open......looking at the Enlighted Ones.

Pillay [the editor] stated, “we hope, as reads continue to rack up on this blog, that those who are tempted to fire off an angry email to us would first engage with the underlying analysis in Garland’s blog.”

Pillay also declared that “Garland’s underlying analysis about the uneven distribution of wealth and power in the world is pretty standard for feminist theory.”

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, what name are you registered under. There is no Paul on the rolls. What year were you born?

Todd Juvinall

Looks like this fellow is still PO'd at ne and George. But he needs to get over it. Many people dies by the hands of Japanese Imperialist and the protestations against the shortened version of the names is laughable. Frisch then chimed in with his own outrage de-jour against George. What a hoot! All from Crabb's cartoon shown here.

Tom Odachi says:
April 15, 2017 at 8:50 am

What a disingenuous comment from Rebane!

The one time I commented there to inform Todd that his use of the word “Jap” was offensive and a racial slur — he berated me for being overly sensitive, because ‘Jap’ was just an abbreviated form for Japanese!”

Other than Steve (Frisch), there was no effort to correct Todd.


More "tax day" idiocy from your fellow citizens.....

Paula Pennington, 67, said she attended the rally for a “simple reason.”

“It comes down to that if I have to show my taxes, he should too,” she said.

Why would Paula have to show her taxes?

MSNBC understands..... but only grudgingly!

No law requires presidential candidates to release their tax returns, but history does.

In 2012 I guess they decided to go full Dershowitz (or others depending on who is to be believed....much like Friedmans "Spoons v Shovels argument)....if you can't pound the law or the facts.....just pound the table!


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 16 April 2017 at 07:54 AM

There is no Tom Odachi Todd. "Tomodachi" is "friend" in Japanese (I guess using "Pikachu" would have been a little too over the top).....and under "Pellines Rules of Internet Order" any criticism made under a pseudonym can be dismissed without penalty!


Regardless of your political leanings you have to acknowledge the "coolness" factor of the offering!

"@realDonaldTrump: Look at that, you son of a bitch."

"To our knowledge, the Aphrodite 1 launch was the first political protest in near space," a member of the group wrote to The Washington Post in an email. (Members of the Autonomous Space Agency Network, or ASAN, are anonymous as "a way to discourage the use of the group for the ego or vanity of individual members," the person said.)

Read more here:

Paul Emery

You've already done that Todd. I think you're having memory problems. You were the one that informed me that I'm still a registered Democrat. Remember?

Todd Juvinall

Yes I do but for some reason it is now been purged. Just answer the questions. What are you afraid of? Name registered under and date of birth.

Todd Juvinall

Interesting to see up close and personal the thugs of the left attacking women and kids and tossing M-80 and bottled water at the Patriots yesterday.

Paul Emery

Who cares Todd. You're weird.

Todd Juvinall

We all care Paul Emery. Answer the easy questions. What name are you registered under and what is your birthday> Nothing weird abot that. You are dodging so there must be a reason. Have you committed voter fraud?

Paul Emery


I choose not to continue this conversation with you unless it is in person upon which I will show you my documentation for voting the last election. Let me know if you want to do this or not. The choice is yours.

Todd Juvinall

So you won't tell me or us your name as registered and your age. Wow! You are hiding somethiung and it is sooo cool! I bet you are using a phony name, a AKA!

Paul Emery

Yours to worry about Todd. What a hoot. See me in person that's my offer. This is the last time Im talking about this online.

Todd Juvinall

Are you a fugitive? Why would anyone be afraid to tell us a "public record" as you said you have. Did you committ voter fraud?

Bill Tozer

Yes, it is only just that simple! Paul is a fugitive alright. Indeed, our own PE, the former Green Libertarian (already?) vowed never to vote major party again. I swear, cross my heart, hope to die. Obama done broke his tender heart. Can't take that one back....or can he? A fugitive from the Ghost of Christmas Past. He is going to take his coffee pot, a resentment, and go form his own perfect man made political party. It is that simple!

Paul Emery

Keep it up Todd. You are surpassing yourself on this one. I love it.

Bill Tozer

No worries Paul. Some cupcakes even vowed to move to Canada (burrrrr!), so you are more sane than them. And, not even you could pull the lever for My Gal, so it shows you have some semblance of moral left. Always a silver lining.

Call Mr. Berkheimer and give Betkheimer's Solution a try. No, which faction of the Social Justice Movement do you want to join forces with? Helpful hint: Beware most of those Social Justice Warriors who have recently graduated from our fine institutions of higher indoctrination. They think you are THE problem....being white and privileged and inherently a social and sexual predator, seeing you are a Y-T and all.

Best of luck out there 3rd Party Pollin' Paul. Watch out for them SJWs. They don't like you on bit. Be sure to check your white male priviledge at the brand new 3rd Party door.door. And please, take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your ears, paleface. Send selfies of you wearing your Pussy Hat.

Paul Emery

Oh Oh looks like Biker Bill is starting to have another one of his spasms. No wonder why women don't participate in this blog. Go ahead and fume away Bill. You and Todd need this kinda outlet. /glad I can provide you with a target. Here come the nasties from Biker Bill. At least he's creative about as opposed to Todd who is as predictable as a ham sandwich.

Sorry George about this, With these guys this is the way things always end up. So Todd call the Sheriff and tell him Paul Emery is really DB Cooper. There should be a reward for you and you'll be famous...

Todd Juvinall

So Robert Raymond born 1944 is you? Got it. Why do you call yourself Paul? And Robert Raymond is a registered democrat. I should have been a detective.

Piper Laurie's Former Shrink

paul, its pretty easy to figure out Bill and Todd. The extensive levels of anger and nastiness comes from the multiple episodes of rejection from women in their lives. As you infer, Todd differs only in that he was born with an inferior brain and therefore is incapable of reaching the extreme levels of wordy anger. Both of these guys share a very unhealthy obsession with extreme right wing shit. Their one trick pony lives share the obvious and very real internal shame from being total losers in episodes of loving relationships, in their case (I think, not totally sure) heterosexual. Thats about the worst human condition imaginable. Something is very wrong when people consider 200 million of their fellow Americans as an enemy.

Todd Juvinall

Piper Laurie's Former Shrink | 16 April 2017 at 09:58 PM

Another sock puppet and loony lib. Too funny!


Posted by: Piper Laurie's Former Shrink | 16 April 2017 at 09:58 PM

Your "handle" is a little wordy but I appreciate the obscurity of the reference.

Don't mistake the counter trolling of Rebanes Ruminations resident Matlock impersonator as anything other than that.

Bill Tozer

Oh, if it were only that easy. I have been misunderstood! Was in a great mood last night. Yes, too many typos, but what else is new.

What I was trying to convey (and failed in doing) was that with all the hundreds of links showing what the Cupcakes are saying, doing, thinking, believing.....well, I just don't see Paul forming a coalition out of small splinter groups because Paul is an old, white, priviledged and male. That is the exact type of person our thousands of SJWs (and their thousands of professors behind the secluded walls of academia) are demanding that you white old males shut up and listen....and submit. Go to the back of the bus, you privileged ones....except Bernie. Thus my "take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth" line. It is exactly what the liberals are telling those who disagree with them and their rewriting of history.

Now, if I was fuming last night, I would have said something simple like, "Well, they act that way because they have never been stabbed". No, I just don't see any new strong valid united group of Socialists forming a 3rd Party as long as they do not extend the Live and Let Live philosophy to those they deem outside of the herd mentality. It's a one way street with those splinter special interests. Sure, they are united in opposing and hating on Trump, but beyond that catylist I see no lasting motivator. Thank goodness for the Constitution as written.

Oh, were it only that simple we would have 4 Parties to choose from every year.

Paul Emery

I keep telling you Todd I'm really DB Cooper. You've got the scoop. Go with it. Write book. You'll be rich. all the Sheriff.


So Paul DID take my advice. he went and got a "renta-buddy". (the above self described shrink) Good for him.
Now my words of advice to all. Give up asking Paul ANY questions. He has proven he will duck, dodge, and flat out ignore,, then leave you hanging like Apollo 13.

Todd Juvinall

Walt, you have him pegged!

Bill Tozer

Paul's mentor Muhammad Ali could bob and weave and float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. It's that sting like a bee that our rope a dope commentator needs to work on. Shoot, we all need to work on things. Progress, not perfection. At least I complimented Paul when I tried to say (with typos killing the compliment) that even Paul could not bring himself to pull the level for My Gal Hillary..which shows he has a sememblance of moral fiber. Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Walt offered some sound advice. Live and learn.....again and again.

Oh, were it only that easy. This reminds me of one time a fearful woman living behind the guarded gates in LWW relayed to me her wacky concerns. She said there was some boat ropes in the water behind her house on the lake and was quite concerned that the ducks/geese would get the rope tangled around their necks or webs and drown. Hmmm. Like, hey crazy lady, I am just a visitor along for the ride with her friend and you want me to do what?? No matter what I said about ducks being known good swimmers , her fears remained. Heck, I wasn't going to jump in the water and mud to pull up a tow rope so ducks would not drown. "Hire somebody" is how I left my friend's friend. That was simple. Addressing wacky fears is not so easy. :)

Off to a new topic. Middle of the road topic sounds better.

Paul Emery

This is getting more confusing by the minute. Todd, you don't believe I'm really Paul Emery, that I'm really someone else using that name as a fake name so how can you have me "pegged" if I don't really exist. Why are you unwilling to meet me in person and straighten this out? You're really a weird one Todd.

Todd Juvinall

I think you are the weird one here Paul Emery or whoever you claim to be. I have listed the only Emery from the voter rolls that live on or near you website page on Cedro or whatever. So you either are a phony baloney and have never been registered or you are using another name. Simple. So which is it?

Paul Emery

Meet me in person Todd, no big deal. I'll post my voters guide addressed to me when Trump releases his tax returns. Other wise, who cares. You must have a lot of free time Todd.


I wonder if the usual suspects will respond with the same hysterical outrage that we usually see after somebody pays a political price for their vote?

Assembly Democrat stripped of committee chairmanship after voting against gas tax increase

I'm guessing no....Badthinkers must be dealt with harshly!

....for their own good of course!

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery for a guy with Trump Derangements Syndrome you sure are paranoid about publishing your public recirds on voting. Are you in the Witness Protection Program? Greek mafia escapee?

Paul Emery

All of the above Todd plus I'm DB Cooper and Spiro Agnew was my God
Father. Greek Republican crook.

Don Bessee

How boorishly boring, stick an Easter egg in it and talk about something interesting. ;-)

Paul Emery

I agree Don. Todd is obsessed. coming to the Pot Forum tonight? It will be the latest on State Law evolution. Anyone who can't come can hear it live on KVMR. Also we're broadcasting a tape delayed replay of Representative LaMalfa'S Town Hall Meeting in Orovile tonight.

Todd Juvinall

Jeff Sessioms is coming for you.

George Rebane

Mr Tozer et al. I don't want to see anybody fading in the stretch here. No matter how hopeless a socialist third party seems, it's up to each one of us to encourage them to form one, because that's a three party system that will warm the cockles of most hearts trading ideas here.


Taped delay? Ahhhh... So some digital monkey business can be done. Change a word here delete one there, remove that altogether.
Never trust a Lefty in media with taped voices of others. That's what gave us "black lives matter", and "hands up, don't shoot". All from doctored recordings. And don't forget Trayvon Martin. Yup, it IS "that simple".

Todd Juvinall

Walt, you don't trust PE to stop messing with the tape eh? LOL! Just like NBC and Dan Rathers.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 3:12

The 3rd Party roots have been sown and green spouts are popping up everywhere. Now the Pomona College student body has joined the Socialist Party's swelling numbers. The ole expression 'Like herding cats' comes to mind.

George Rebane

BillT 743pm - Excellent Mr Tozer! How can we encourage them expand their message and attract more like minded to their cause?

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