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24 May 2017


Scott Obermuller

Sounds good to me. Often times a comment can be applicable to more than one comment stream, so the redirection could point to a couple of current (or past) threads. Thanks for being inclusive and progressive George. In the classical liberal sense, of course.

jon smith

For us it is all entertainment and you carry 100% of the load. I wouldn't consider such a time and energy burden myself, but thanks for the fun. I must admit though we mostly disagree my mind isn't completely closed and I have admittedly learned from you and yours. You have made a difference. Thank you. In no way could Todd handle this.

Scott Obermuller

"For us it is all entertainment..."
Us who?
There is an entertainment factor at certain points.
I'm constantly learning. Just now, I found out some folks think discussing current issues is just like watching Gilligan's Island. Hmmmm.

Todd Juvinall

Glad to see your invention is returning to your possession. I found I could not stay up with it as you do. Thanks.

Don Bessee

I remember this, its the smell of fresh kitty litter! Shall we play the budget proposal for 500 Alex? Drain the swamp! ;-)

jon smith

Scott- I am entertained by the self righteous who believe their pronouncements are on the order of world events. Most of us see them as entertainment on the order of Dr. Phil.

Scott Obermuller

"Most of us see them as entertainment on the order of Dr. Phil."
Who's 'us'? Got a mouse in your pocket?
Would have no idea about Dr Phil. Never watched him.


A charity for the 2010's.

Todd Juvinall

Dr. Phil? Who is that? And entetainment? I for one like reading many different opinions even those from people like Smith. He Makes me laugh with his ignorance.

George Rebane

Ah yes, another warm riposte from Mr Juvinall ;-)

Bill Tozer

Two cents after giving Scenes a shout out for his 7:37 am.

When Dr. Rebane dropped the Sandbox, things went relately smooth and on track for about 36 hours. My initial knee jerk reaction was two-fold. First, I welcomed the challenge to stay on topic and comment only on the topic. I welcome the challenge to become self disciplined, no matter how great the urge to inject something else. IF the topic was something I only had a laymans' knowlege of (a particular field of science, algorithms, the goings on inside the Chinese government or about Pacific Islander trade...or found that topic something I did not fell passionately about, I refrained from posting anything. Yep, that worked for 24-36 hours, but I remained hopeful I would not comment (or respond to another's off thread comment) and show some good old fashioned will power.

The second immediate reaction to Dr. Rebane kicking the Sandbox over to Todd was "Where in the heck will Paul put his daily polls? He won't go to Todd's blog and I checked again all of the posts and subject matter presented and there was no place to stick polls that day or the next. Like being between a rock and a hard place. He soon got himself out of the fix. And I followed,....but I do not blame anyone but the man in the mirror.

Bottomline: I do have will power, self discipline, and self control. I just refuse to be a slave to it. BTW, did anybody see Rasmussen polling yesterday? Trump job approval at 48%, highest it's been so far. With all the crickets, I assumed nobody read it or found it not newsworthy. Or we all showed discipline and saw there was no home for it. Not a peep from the patient. Good job gentlemen showing restraint.

Anybody read our local Union yesterday about the mind boggling estimates for CA run single payer?? The price is just too damned high. But, crickets. Odd. That article should have found a home somewhere in the fakesnewsman's numerous comments about Single Payer under the topic of something else.

I love links about the Social Justice Warriors and their dangerous folly. It portends our future. What happens on college campuses spreads like gangrene into our general society and government. Lena Dunham shuts down a campus cafeteria selection (sushi) because of cultural appropriation. We laugh, think it's crazy and dumb. Then a small hole in the wall eatery run by two nice loving ladies is shut down because they served burritos from their burrito hut. Their crime? Cultural appropriation. Not laughing at the silliness of it all as much now. Shenanigans are taking a nasty turn in the name of Justice.
So, those who want a full blown blue blue deep blue Nevada County better be wary what they wish for. Even I am being influenced. Also in yesterday's Union (on-line) was mention of the Sushi place in Nevada City. Heard it is pretty good and popular. Anyway, I looked at the owner's name and shouted out "Busted! That's cultural appropriation! Shut it down!" Nobody will be laughing when it comes to Nevada City and restaurant owners are judged by the color of their skin, not the content of their food.

The Sandbox is a good fit for my Heat Street and Breitbart links on the Cultural Wars. Gawd, I love the topic.

George Rebane

Mr Tozer et al - you silver-penned devil, your 937am scribble clearly deserved to serve as the 'opening prayer' for the resurrected Sandbox. The threshold has been passed, the Sandbox is again open for business.

Paul Emery

Actually Trump is down 11 in Rasmussen since Jan. In Jan he was 59% approval today he's 48% Currently he doews not lead in an major poll.

Here's a link with my data


Posted by: Paul Emery | 25 May 2017 at 10:03 AM

....still president Paul.

Paul Emery

Profound observation Fish

Bill Tozer

Take it to The Sandbox fellers. The War (against off thread comments) Is On.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 25 May 2017 at 10:19 AM

As profound as breathlessly reporting poll results daily.....


fish 1019

well played

George Rebane

Gentlemen - the new and improved Sandbox is now open. Please deposit such comments there. This post is ABOUT reinstating the Sandbox, and NOT a Sandbox per se. Thank you.


gr 124

well played

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