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21 June 2017


Paul Emery

The fact that Republicans won in Republican districts is no exactly earth shaking news George.

Paul Emery


Do you believe the Russians attempted to interfere in our elections?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 21 June 2017 at 11:58 AM

When do we get new've been in rerun since last November?

Bill Tozer

Polls are like picking the pre-race favorite in the Summer Olympics. One runner may have set (or smashed) the World Record the previous fall. Another runner may have the fastest time in the world this year, while another World Class athlete is peaking exactly at the right time after his shocking win months earlier somewhere in Europe.

That all goes out the window when the starting run goes off. It does not matter who is the fastest runner in the world or best or who holds the world record or the Olympic record. All that maters is who crossed the finish line first in that race on that particular day in that place against that particular field. Nothing else is of concern when awarding the Gold Medal.

Elections or polls? Only thing that matters is who won the election, held on one particular day. There is not second place and no do overs, not matter which way the winds carry the polls.

Of course I have an example of this. Little Indian boy, a Lakota, born in poverty on a reservation where infant mortality rate is higher than Haiti. Highest in the Westetn world. Lowest life expectancy in the Americas.. Highest drop out rate in the nation, highest acholoism and suicide rates. Second highest poverty rate (another Rez takes that prize). Poor nuetrition and no mentors. And he was not a great nor renowned runner to put it kindly.
Makata Taka Hela won a collegiate cross country championship, yet his best time then was 2 minutes behind the best world class distance runners, He did not win the Olympic trials in the 10,000 meter run nor held any records. After qualifying for the Olympics, his best time was still a minute 9 seconds slower than World Record holder Ron Clark of Australia, who had smashed his previous World Record that fall. Ron Clark singlehandedly dropped the world record by 30 seconds during his career, maybe 45 seconds. Makata Taka Hela was an also ran in a race of the World's best. But, he took home the Gold that day, and was not among the favorites, the best, the brightest, the strongest, nor the swiftest. Not only that, he remains the only born male in the Western Hemisphere to win the gold in the 10,000 meter Olympic event..

I bring this up again solely because as soon as I saw Trump on that stage with 17-18 others in the R primary debates, I immediately thought of Makata Taka Hela, aka, Billy Mills. No rhyme or reason to it, can't explain it, can't put my finger on it, but Trump and Mills became synonymous in my mind and the catalysis for my labeling 2016, "The Year of the Reckoning."

Polls or elections? Only thing that matters is who won that particular race on that particular Election Day. One day, one Prize. Winner takes all. Keep your polls, I never get tired of winning. Look at Mills.

FYI : Mills tried to rejoin his Marine platoon buddies after the Games, but was placed stateside for Military show and tell PR. In 1965, Mills got hurt and never ran competitively again. Despite the accolades bestowed upon him and his many requests, he never got what was his greatest desire in life: to rejoin his fellow Marines in Vietnam. His biggest regret to this day. Something some will never understand, but I digress. Polls? We don't need no stinkin' polls. We got 100% of the prize.


But Paul "O" did his best to interfere with Israel's election, because "O" had no love for

Everybody is out to mess with someone. Welcome to world politics.

How come "O" didn't speak up? Do tell Paul.

But your assertion that Trump was "in on it" has been shot to hell.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is the best politician here. No matter how bad his ass is kicked in elections. No matter how off his polls are and we win. He dodges and weaves and changes the subject. So today, we kicked your butt in Georgia Six after you all thought you would win according to your polls. You spent millions more and ran a guy that was not even able to vote for himself. And you lost big. Sorry PE, you try to put lipstick on a pig and what you are selling we ain't buyinh. SC was another voctory. 5 for 5. Love kinbking the left's cheeks.

George Rebane

PaulE 1143am - You should share your equanimity with the lamestream and Dems who definitely think that their earth was shaken yesterday. They can't stop talking about it as I have pointed out. Perhaps only in our idyllic foothills this news has been no big deal. But the big news flash for you and yours is that the Dems have to win in Republican districts if you ever hope to retake the House.

1158am - Yes. (I think I've already answered you on this at least twice. And most certainly this sentiment has been reflected in multiple RR posts.)

Don Bessee

Elections have consequences. Don't tell the po' ol' pollhead that no one but fakenewsmen care about his worthless polls. Election days are the only polls that count. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt @ 12:24.

Walt, Walt, Walt. I am disappointed in you. Lest you forgot, Paul did not vote for Obama, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner or Eric Holder, thus he feels no need to defend or comment on their shananigans, high crimes, misdemeanors, and human frailties. He did not vote for Obama the second time because he found President Obama below expectations on certain bothersome actions and policies. Same with My Gal and Dr. Green Stein. "I did not vote for Hillary, Bill."
Geeze Louise, my buddy Walt, how could you possibly forget? Well, it's hot outside so maybe the heat got to ya.

Hey, Paul did not vote for Jon Ossoff and neither did I or anyone on these boards. Hmm. Come to think about it, Punchy did not vote for that big fat liar murderer Bush nor that Liar-in-Chief Trumpf either, but that don't stop him from commenting on our current and former Presidents for even one second. I could be wrong, but maybe Punchy has some hiddened biases. Who knows, maybe a Republican kid was mean to him in grammar school...or stole his date and took her to the prom. Maybe, maybe not.

Punchy is the best water carrier for the Dems in this neck of the woods. He wins a gold star, being such a loyal good boy. Never says an ill word of his fellow comrades. Resist!

Meanwhile, everything the Left does (including their water boy) blows up in their faces. But, but, but the historical record reveals that the minority party picks up House seats in an off Presidential year. No agrument here. I am deeply concerned thus far. Strike that. After an unbroken chain of victories, I am concerned, but not deeply concerned.



Paul, so you think Russian influence threw the November election? Which states?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Don Bessee

Follow the money. The DNC had its worst fund raising month since 03' only bringing in 4 mill in may (all spent in GA06).
The RNC had a record haul of 11 million for a total of 67 million (jan - may) and that does not include the Presidents buckets of cash rolling in.

Elections have consequences and cash is king. IS anyone tired of winning yet? ;-)

Bill Tozer

Putin can breath a sigh of relief. At least he is not being blamed for this one. Love it when they stick it to "The Man"....unless you happen to be "The Man".

Hey, wasn't Kimmy Ellis Hilary Hodge's choice to run the united CA State Democrat Party?? All that noise about the Dems being divided and cantankerous and pissed off and flipping each other off and dropping too many F bombs at the speakers to count at the State Dem Convention was all fakenews. Hilary said so and she was there! Boy, Hilary H and Punchy should team up and share the bubble move about in. Why have two bubbles when one will do just fine.

Elections or pollution? Tough choice.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 12:46pm

Well, outside the 40 acre township of Quaintytown, it's a whole different you rightly pointed out. Out there, it's finger pointing time. Finger wagging in your face time and they are so upset they plumb forgot about the Russians for almost a whole day. Inside the Local Bubble, it's "nothing to see here, move on. Oh wait, read some polls."

George Boardman

As you as we're on the subject of Russian meddling, I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Senate's 98-2 vote to toughen sanctions on Russia and take away Trump's power to lift them.

Not even the Republicans trust Trump when it comes to Russia.

Don Bessee

Didn't anyone tell those evil republicans in GA06 that they ruined our resident druids summer solstice? Bad republicans. ;-)

George Rebane

GeorgeB 153pm - An excellent point Mr Boardman, even if my post's subject was the election. But since you brought up what is a clear usurpation of the Executive's foreign policy mandate as called out in the Constitution, I wonder what you think would be the outcome if Trump decided to take this to SCOTUS. Thoughts?

Paul Emery

Never once have I said the Russian influence threw the election only that they meddled with our systems and were active supporters of Trump over Hillary. When Trump met the Ruskies in the White House he expressed a sigh of relief that because he fired Comey the pressure was off in the investigation into Russian meddling.

" President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, had relieved “great pressure” on him, according to a document summarizing the meeting.

“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

George Rebane

PaulE 206pm - Oh, were that connection made anywhere else but in the NYT another anonymous official.


-- DEM OPERATIVE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We no longer have a party caucus capable of riding this wave. We have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members. This isn’t a party. It’s a giant assisted living center. Complete with field trips, gym, dining room and attendants.”

Paul Emery

It's generally accepted that the quotes cited were real news George. Trump was scolded by his own supporters after that became public and it has never been denied as far as I know. Here's more from the link I provided

"The White House document that contained Mr. Trump’s comments was based on notes taken from inside the Oval Office and has been circulated as the official account of the meeting. One official read quotations to The Times, and a second official confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion."

Paul Emery

You can follow this link for many more exasmples of this stary based on the quote from TRump "“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,”

To make it easy here's a google link

Don Bessee

Come on ya po' ol' party parrot, we have heard it all before and no one cares any more now than before. Shouldn't you be off in the woods banging a rock today? ;-)

George Rebane

PaulE 253pm - The reason that no one besides the hopeful Left has accepted the "circulated as the official account of the meeting" as the actual official account of the meeting is that it is unsourced. It is just another one of these magically appearing leaked allegations with no imprimatur suitable for printing in the NYT.

Paul Emery

Never denied by Trump or anyone else George. It was a real quote. I'm surprised that you question it.


"Yet that hasn’t stopped the Democratic party leadership from taking this ball and running with it. As Jennifer Palmieri, a top official in the Clinton campaign, put it, Democrats should push the “collusion” issue “relentlessly and above all else. They should talk about it in every interview.” The New York Times writes about this conspiracy theory as if it is uncontested fact. Democratic officeholders have declared that the alleged “hacking” of the election was an “act of war” – with the NeverTrump Republicans echoing the party line – and the Twitterverse’s conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the dangerously loony contention that we are at war with Russia. What’s more, the wildest imaginings of the nutjob crowd are being taken up and amplified by “respectable” people like constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe.

In this way Hodgkinson’s Disease was incubated, its toxicity penetrating the mind of a suggestible and embittered little man until the poison had accumulated to such an extent that it burst through to the surface in an explosion of uncontrollable rage. Rachel Maddow is the theory: James T. Hodgkinson is the practice. The ultimate result is civil war.


Hay Paul. Care to comment on this?
All of a sudden LIBS don't want to hear it.
"House Democrats are continuing to block testimony from about a dozen witnesses who sought to appear before the intelligence oversight panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election."

Too many fingers pointing back to DEMS??? I guess more damage control is needed to deflect Lefty monkey business.

Paul Emery

Ruminations readers meet Don Bessee. I no longer correspond directly with him because if I did I would have to reveal details about his rather colorful personal history which I'd rather not get into.

Don Bessee

OH NO the po' ol' fakenewsman is gonna say bad things, you guys have been playing that game for 10 years and yet I keep getting the job done for my team.

I confess, I confess, my hottie had Russian dressing on her salad. ;-)

George Rebane

PaulE 338pm - And I am equally surprised that any professional in the news business would not question such a report (I guess half the country is equally surprised) - bottom line, we both have reason to be surprised.

Paul Emery


I researched the question and there was no attempt by Trump or anyone else to dispute the story or it's sources which were verified by various other sources. The NYT usually gets it right but of course not always.


Sure Paul, whatever ya' say. I give you proof with names and you duck the story.
A real sad excuse of a "news man". Can't even refute facts produced from a ditch digger.
Tough times Paul, but cheer up. it only gets worse for you from here on out.
No need to respond, since I'm on your "do not respond" list.

Don Bessee

Now Walt, Facts and fakenewsmen don't mix. It spoils the party parrot line. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane wrote on his post Elections or Polls-take you pick:

"Locally we see this pattern replicated by progressives who have long since abandoned embarrassment as the usual response to being so consistently wrong for so long with ceaseless citing of their favorite poll results – ‘Never mind the election results, keep looking at how much Trump’s approval rating dropped since last week.’"

And the punch line:

"So what to do? Well, the Russia affair still provides some traction, so let's go back to Allegation Alley and see whom we can mug next."

Dr. Rebane, your words and prediction has been fulfilled in a mere matter of hours, judging by a quick skim of the last 2-3 hours of comments. Amazing to watch. Yes, when all else falls, milk that Russian cow for all she got. Russia is the reason for the season, an ever present friend to a friend in need.

No matter the topic, no matter the election results, no matter the polls, for the Dems, Left, Alt-left, Progressives, liberals, Green Libertarians, and their water boys, it is all gets back to.....drumroll please....."so let's go back to Allegation Alley and see whom we can mug next." My, my, the proof is in the pudding.

You sir, nailed it, albeit I seriously doubt that you continue to be surprised. I am surprised that you are surprised, (per your 4:19 pm).


"Never once have I said the Russian influence threw the election only that they meddled with our systems and were active supporters of Trump over Hillary"

Paul E 2:06

OK, so they
1) "meddled with our systems" and
2) were active supporters of Trump over Hillary
but that didn't actually effect any state vote counts or determined the winner of the Electoral College vote... is that your assertion?

Regarding (1), could you name one of "our systems" that were compromised, and the nature of the evidence of (2) them actively supporting Trump over Hillary?

The second claim seems a corruption of that 25 page partisan report's conclusion, which assessed (meaning guessed) a bias for Trump because the believed Russian hackers tried but didn't get into GOP systems, but tried and succeeded in getting into DNC systems, neither of which are public systems involved with the election administration or vote counting.

Bill Tozer

Well, at least the put the word 'hack' in quotes. We are making some progress here. Baby steps are ok for those first attempts at trying something new.

But she added there was no evidence to suggest actual vote ballots were altered in the election hack."

Note to Dear Readers and Dr. Rebane. This is on topic because:
A) All roads lead to Russia, and B) the Russians hacked the polling data during the 2016 election as well as yesterday.
Elections, polls, Russia. It all is getting clearer by the day. The friggin Russians hacked the polls to make the Dems look stupid. And make the Establishment Fakenews Media look real real real stupid.
Come on Vlady, they already looked beyond stupid. Hacking the polling data, while amusing, was not necessary. Geeze, talk about piling it on.


From the BBC link Toz provided:

"Mr Liles told Congress DHS detected hacking activities last spring and summer and later received reports of cyber probing of election systems. But he added: "None of these systems were involved in vote tallying."

Mr Liles also said "a small number of networks were exploited - they made it through the door."

So, a number of systems were "probed", which I take to mean someone believed to be from Russia was trying to get access. In only a "small number" of targeted systems, was the network accessed. No claim of vandalism or theft is made from those "small number" of networks.

Now, such things are not new... so why did President Obama wait until after the devastating loss in November to order a report on how bad it had been, to be delivered before he vacated the White House? [cue the Final Jeopardy! theme music]

Bill Tozer

Oh boy, the Federal Election Commissionis expanding its probe beyond the Congressional and Senate Committes to go after the real threat to democracy, none other than that unAmerican evil traitor and Putin surrogate, Mr. Matt Drudge. You could see this coming a kilometer away. Hmmm. Didn't Lois Lerner catch Obama's eye for her outstanding work she did over at the FEC? Rewarded her with the gig running the IRS, but I digress. Matt Drudge? Matt Drudge colluded with the Kremlin? Aha! Eureka!

Too many money quotes to post. The whole article is one big money money quote.

"She also suggested that the FEC get investigators from other agencies, prompting a critic to ask, "why would the FEC take resources away from other agencies, like DOJ, that have far more authority to actually do something about Russia?"

What's more, she wants to assure public that state and federal databases are safe, though the agency doesn't have any authority over state elections boards, and has reportedly farmed out large portions of its U.S. campaign data entry tasks to workers in India."

Matt Drudge, the new fakenews man. Knew they would find something. Matt Drudge must be the new Rush, only more dangerous. Follow the money!!

Paul Emery

This is from Trumps Homeland Security team. End of argument

"Homeland Security official: Russian government actors tried to hack election systems in 21 states

People connected to the Russian government tried to hack election-related computer systems in 21 states, a Department of Homeland Security official testified Wednesday.

Samuel Liles, the Department of Homeland Security’s acting director of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis Cyber Division, said vote-tallying mechanisms were unaffected and that the hackers appeared to be scanning for vulnerabilities — which Liles likened to walking down the street and looking at homes to see who might be inside.

But hackers successfully exploited a “small number” of networks, Liles said, likening the act to making it through a home’s front door.

Liles was testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russia’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, and his remarks add some clarity to the breadth of the Kremlin’s cyber mischief. Officials in Arizona and Illinois had previously confirmed that hackers targeted their voter registration system, though news reports suggested the Russian effort was much broader. "

Read the whole article here:

Bill Tozer

When all else fails, point those fingers at Russia! Sad to see the Fakenews Lefties and their water boys reduced to being a one trick pony. Must be Putin Derangement Syndrome or somebody is slipping something into that fine Russian Stolichnaya 100 Proof vodka sold here in the States. It just can't be the American voters rejecting the Progressive's message across the board. Impossible. That is not even a consideration. How silly of me. It's all about Russia, nothing else to see here.

"And Democrats — despite the fervor among their base — are being forced to acknowledge that an anti-Trump message is not going to be enough by itself to win in 2018. Trump may have historically bad poll numbers for this point in his presidency, but Democrats are likely to need more than that to get back in the majority."

"And official Washington’s obsession with the Trump-Russia probe, while vitally important, is not something average voters are focusing on daily."

Bill Tozer

"This is from Trumps Homeland Security team. End of argument"

How precious. The science is settled, the Mercedes is in the shop, and End of Agrument. Well, that settles it......but what about those new voting machines supplied to voting booths in a frantic rush just before the 2016 election? All manufactured by a Soros owned company and boy did the lobbying to get those machines in place was fast and furious.

Opps, me bad. Paul did not vote for Soros either so we must not look under that rock. Besides, it's a moot point. The Agrument is over. Finally, it's all settled, except that part about the dog ate my homework. Let's do lunch!

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Must not look that way, must not find out what is behind Door #3. Lordy, Lordy, one can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

"Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testified before the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday, saying he was not pleased that the DNC did not turn over its compromised servers to the Department of Homeland Security for examination."

Host Martha McCallum asked Gowdy why he thinks Democrats might not want the DNC server examined.
"Let me hazard a wild guess: that there may be something else on that server that they didn't want law enforcement to see?" Gowdy remarked.

Must not go there. Must not look that way. Nothing to see here, move on. End of agrument. "Hey, check these polls out. Look over here at these polls! Now, for your entertainment, I will pull a silver dollar out of your ear and a rabbit out of your hat." Look this way!"

Elections or polls-take your pick.


The one BIG point our fake news guy just wont touch.(screw his boiler plate excuse)
This was ALL under "O"'s watch, and "O" knew about it. It was only a big deal when Hillary LOST.
Nope, Paul doesn't give a sh*t about that, no matter how new worthy that is.

Oh Yaaa..... Still no connection to Trump.. Sure sucks to be Paul. Still waiting for that "bombshell" you promised.


But here is some dirt on our greenies love affair will electric buggies.

About as "ECO friendly" as a tire fire.

Paul emery

Bill's reputation as a Putin cuddler remains intact. Bill and Trump last ones that deny Russian interference


""Homeland Security official: Russian government actors tried to hack election systems in 21 states"

I suspect that intelligence agencies from countries of any size at all did the same thing, along with a bunch of private parties. Given the tendency of the US to do the same thing in spades to others, I fail to feel any particular outrage. Who knows, the fishing expedition might end up with something of value someday, it just hasn't so far.

I do have to say that the breathless news flashes would be well served by learning what 'hack' means.

a (somewhat) oldie but goody.


Yet Paul is all crickets when "O" used taxpayer money to screw with Israel's election.
How soon you forget even after facts supplied.

Don Bessee

Shouldn't our po' ol' druid be out pounding on rocks and trees? Well at least pound sand fakenewsman. ;-)


Required reading for the Paul.

Your part of the problem, so you can share in the blame.

Todd Juvinall

Not one vote changed by hacking if it happened. But we see now maybe five million illegals voted. Trump was on to something.

Don Bessee

I just heard the unifying theory about why the DNC failed to allow inspections of their servers. The DNC had the back channel to Putin. It makes sense in a way, madam liar liar pantsuits on fire gave Vlad the uranium and took their money and set up a tech center in Russia which she was warned would be an intellectual property security problem for the US.

As Rachel madow says, if that happened then we know the rest of the story. The DNC went back to its roots and is a communist tool or a bunch of tools. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Bill's reputation as a Putin cuddler remains intact. Bill and Trump last ones that deny Russian interference

ROFLMFUEO! Yep, your are one sharp cookie there Punchy. I ❤️ Vlady!! We are expecting our first child on Dec. 31, knock on wood. Tax write off for 2017 and all that boring stuff. Yep, you busted me.

I have long maintained that the Rooskies have played mischief with our elections. Been that way for decades. We used to call that "propaganda". Nothing new.

The question I have and have repeatedly asked our crack newsman is exactly how does one (OR ANYBODY) hack a US election when each of the 50 states have jurisdiction over their state's votes and is scrutinized by hundreds, if not thousands, of eyes in each individual state before that state's tally is verified and certified???? Hmmm? How, how, how. Not why, but how? How?

1) Putting the Russians aside, how does one hack a national election in these United States when each state is independent of the other. I am MORE than curious to what mechanism someone or some foreign country would use to pull off such a monumental Herculean feat. Does anybody out there in cyber space have an idea?? Crickets.

2) As Gregory queried of Punchy, exactly which states were hacked? Montana? Vermont? Kansas? I know, I know!! They hacked California, the center of the known universe to all Progressives. That's it! But, how did they hack California? Crickets.

3) As Dr. Rebane queried of Punchy, how do you quantify the effect of Putin's "interference" of the Election that brought much wailing and gnashing of teeth. At least the snowflakes tears ended our drought here, but I digress. Nobody can answer that one because it is darn near impossible to quantify. It's one of those questions that one can only answer if he is higher than a kite or locked away in some insane asylum.
How many votes were changed, switched, redirected from My Gal to Trump as a direct result of Little Vlady's messing with us? Crickets.

So, Punchy , I still have an open mind and show me the evidence. Lay it out on the table. Did Putin hack the election (the whole enchilada) or not? Did Putin's efforts change one vote? Hmmm? Did Russian attempts alter the results? Hmm. What exactly is the end result of the Russian influencing our election? Please tell me.

Yep, no doubt the former Commie Bastards attempted to stir the pot. Idle hands are the Devil's workshop and all that. Attempts to influence? Maybe. Sure, I will say 'yes' to move this along. Successes? Not statically significant or measurable. Influenced the election? Nope. Tried to influence the election? Sure, they all do.

Now Dope-on-the-Ropes has pivoted from hack, collusion, to "influenced". 'Attempted to influence comes later', after he shoots his wad and pivots to another "hacking" scenario, dutifully following the talking points issued from on high. Follow the money! Blackmail and Treason!

Yo Punchy, you are one Dick Tracy, I tell ya. I have been exposed! The proof is that along with the Russians, I was standing on my chair cheering wildly the news of Hillary going back to Gates of Hell from whence she escaped. I cheered with abandonment, The Russians cheered and 60 million Americans joined us. It was an euphoric moment for Vlady and me. He is my snuggle bug.


The Russian author of a book, "All the Kremlin's Men" was interviewed on Morning Joe today... He had an interesting story, of years (7) interviewing many Russkies who make up the wide layer under Putin.

His resulting understanding is that Putin is more of a pleaser of the layer below than a director, and that layer below mostly anticipates what Putin will want.

When asked about the US election "hacking" he was adamant that his expectation is that it would have been multiple independent organizations doing it themselves... expecting Putin and the others in the Kremlin would be pleased.

No, that answer didn't seem to please Mika and the others.

George Rebane

We must remember that in the liberal mind there are only hard alternatives, no nuancing and nothing in between are allowed. If you don't dun the Russians on a given point, then by definition you are 'Russia cuddler' and you will do everything that they want you to do - no other alternatives about your attitude are possible.

Paul emery

Oh dear readers what you see now is the last of the once mighty cold Warriors making apologies for the Russians hacking into our elections Reagan must be turning over in his grave Let alone Barry Goldwater Strange bedfellows this crew

Paul emery

Dear reader's What you have here is the last of the Once mighty cold Warriors making excuses for the Russians Reagan and Goldwater must be rolling over in their graves

Don Bessee

Well Gregory the only real conclusion we can make from all the testimony is that the Republicans were smarter than the hackers and the DNC were dumber than the hackers. Its also reasonable to acknowledge that the DNC crew were also heavily afflicted with arrogance. Gods of the universe don't ya know. How much did Trump save on buying madam liar liar pantsuits on fires unused fireworks? ;-)

Bill Tozer

@ 8:44 pm.
Gregory, my own assessment of Putin dovetails with his background. He was never a KBG agent going around popping people in the back of the head or stuff like that. Nah, he was an intelligence officer who methodically and patiently gathered intelligence and just as methodically, analyzed and assessed the intelligence for its meaning, value, and usefulness. A highly disciplined man, not prone to knee jerk reactions. He responds, not reacts. As Scenes pointed out, Russia is a power sharing government, which each of the three power structures making peace with each other.

Interesting assessment of Putin by the author of All the Kremlin's Men. Akin to our Executive Branch's relationships with the Deep State and Intel agencies. Obama made his truce with them and they reciprocated in kind. Trump? Not so much. Not playing ball, not going along to get along. Oh my, it got ugly quick.

Remember that nice looking popular Russian President that Obama liked and told him he would have more flexibility after the 2012 election? Mr. Russian President is gone for all practical purposes. Didn't go along to get along with the other two powers that run the show in Moscow. Got ugly quick there as well.


Posted by: Paul emery | 21 June 2017 at 08:55 PM

I wonder if you realize how ridiculous you sound now that you think you've made a point.

All dope, no rope!

Don Bessee

As far as Goldwater fakenewsman, that was before my time. Now as to Saint Ronnie I know for a fact I understand his worldview and you do not. God Blessed Nancy and the 40th President. You forget that there are still family out there having an impact in the real world unlike you.

Your team can keep feeding the grapevine about me running for congress to cause division but that isn't happening.

I was at a meeting and did not see the 45ths speech live tonight. I just saw a rerun and boy oh boy did he crush it and connect on so many levels. ;-)


He clearly doesn't realize how ridiculous he sounds which is part of the fun of watching him chase his tail down the drain. Hopefully soon we will get another "you are all being mean to me and I am going home" post. Is it any wonder why the party of evil is getting their ass kicked? This is the best they can bring to the party.


From what I read more and more LIBS are gathering kindling and erecting a post. The call is on to burn the wicked witch of the West at the stake. Pelosi is in deep trouble. She raised all that money, just to loose again. Plenty of LIB seats are now gone, and she's getting the blame.(about damned time)


Paul, you seem to have the old USSR (dissolved Dec 1991) confused with the current Russia... the Kremlin is now more akin with Banana Republics, kleptocratic rule with nukes in the inventory as reminders of past glory.

Bill Tozer

Off topic, but kind of on the current thread.

A few years back, a small utility company got hacked. No, not that water company in Upstate NY, or Connecticut or someone in New England that turned out to be bunk. Or was it? This is something that did not make the news in the days of pre-TDS.

All I will say is the small utility/power/water company got "cyber attacked." Does anyone but me use the word 'cyber' anymore?, but I digress. Broke into their internet and shut down briefly the hydropower and controls. All I can/will say it was somewhere in the Fresno vicinity. Then just as quickly, everything resumed to "normal".
The assessment was that it was just a trail run for someone. Just to see if they could do it. A training exercise if you will. Sending out the scouts. Forensics at the time pointed to North Korea as the most likely culprit. I will leave it there.

Point is that many "cyber attacks" and hacks are really for intelligence gathering purposes only and are always looking for a backdoor, side door, or unlocked window to get in. Finding vulnerabilities. Break in and you get the employee of the month parking spot in front!

They (the mysterious THEY) broke into Hillary's private server by getting into Sidney Bloomenthal's computer. You remember Sidney, the guy who planted the birther story in 2008 and close trusted friend of Hillary.
We know many actors were in Hillary's server. Who wouldn't want to be? If the Russians were in there, they would have just left a pair of eyes to watch and read, undetected.. Probably a young Putin type, gathering intelligence and methodically putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Ok, back to Russia bashing! Or, if you prefer, "take a gander at the latest polls! The R's are getting nervous and will abandon Trump in droves! Just a matter of time, and that's the facts, Jack! End of Argument"..........pssst, you mean like what happened Tuesday night in South Carolina and Georgia. I could have sworn the R's from coast to coast all gathered around Trump and joined together to help a brother and sister out down South.

Did you see Paul Ryan's face? Man, he was grinning from ear to ear and looked 10 years younger. In fact, all the R's had a smile and spring in their step today. Lots of yucks and laughs, a most unifying moment. Winning does that. Losing does the opposite. The Dems today had slumped shoulders and looked like their shoes were filled with concrete, the way they did the lithumin shuffle. Not all of them. The other Dems were flailing their arms, pointing their fingers in each others' face and going about with bright red angry faces. But, we won't talk about that.
Hey, have you see these polls?!! Trump is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. He is toast, put a fork in him! Oh, not interested in polls? Look, The Russians are coming!

Elections or polls---you decide.

Bill Tozer

Opps, I forgot. The Dems (progressives, Alt-left, Democratic Socialists, Antifas, liberals or whatever they call themselves) are indeed the biggest threat to our Constitution, our nation, our rule of law not men, and our wonderful civil liberties than the Russians could ever dream of.

Bottomline: The bigger threat to our democracy comes from the People's Republic of the Democrat Party, not the former USSR Commie bastards Russians.

"Hey, look over here. I got polls!" Please look. Please.

Bill Tozer

So, this is why Trump was tweeting something about shattering the glass ceiling isn't for Dems, but for Republicans. Confusing when I read the tweet, but it all makes sense now. Did the R's appropriate the Dem's culture? Say it isn't so. Bad Trump, bad.

Barry Pruett

Paul: I read most of your posts. You likened Russia's actions to looking in the window of a house. Can you explain how "looking" equates to interfering?

To be clear if the Russians can look, the next step will be to actually interfere. I am seeing a critical thinking disconnect. Help me out.

Todd Juvinall

Trump's speech in Iowa last night was a good example of why Americans distrust the media. He had a packed house and the crowd was enthusiastic. The people booed the press, especially CNN when Trump smacked them. And throughout the whole speech people cheered or booed positions the press thought the deplorables were too stupid to understand.

Barry Pruett

Aaaaand neither CNN nor MSNBC would not even air it.


"To be clear if the Russians can look, the next step will be to actually interfere. I am seeing a critical thinking disconnect. Help me out."

I wouldn't bother, all that you'll get is that meaningless report that blames RT for the troubles of the world. All nations push on each other's elections, the amount of influence that flows from AIPAC or the Saudis appears to be pretty remarkable. Lacking a bonafide illegal activity by Trump himself, I just can't see what the fuss is about. By 'illegal', I mean actually illegal.


Bill Tozer

Comrade Bill here. Well, it's seems the operative new buzzword for the Russian "hacking" is.....drumroll'meddling'. Ah, a much nicer sounding and more accurate descprition of them dagnappit devious deeds our enemies done to our scared sanctity of the ballot box. Meddling. It sounds rather playful, yet mischievous. And intrusive. Meddling. Meddling is a word akin to microaggression. Still unwelcomed, but not quite murder. Meddling.

With those words aside, I am compelled to URGE ALL READERS to read Scenes's post from yesterday. Link provided below.

As we enter the new phrase of them Russian Bastards hacking our actual voting machines and registration rolls in 21 states, keep in mind who has been trying to hack into the State voter registration rolls and State records. Who? Why comes at a later date.
Was it the Russian Deep State, or was it our own Deep State? I respectfully suggest to the Dear Readers to bear this all in mind when you hear the words 'Jed Johnson' 'former Homeland Security Director', or just plain ole 'Homeland Security'. Yes, a suggestion is a subtle command, so please indulge me and overlook my control freak ways. Good link, but not really new news. Just something to file in the back of your noggin. Thankyou.

Wonder who would benefit the most from attempted hacks into the State voter rolls? Putin? My Gal? Who knows. More will be revealed, or maybe not.

Play it again, Sam

Man alive, what a long strange trip this had been. Keep on truckin'. Moon equipped.


Luckily, everyone else stays out of the US elections...mostly.

George Boardman

Since Todd and Barry appear to hang onto every word The Trumpster utters, maybe they can answer the following for me:

--Why did Trump propose a law at his Iowa rally that's been on the books for 20 years?

--Why did Trump tweet that Russian meddling in the election was a Dem HOAX, and then criticize Obama for not doing more to stop Russian meddling?

--Trump implied he taped his conversations with Mueller, let the speculation continue for several weeks, then denied that any tapes exist. Is that a good example of "fake news?"

Bill Tozer

What others are saying about the Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia....

Morning Joe

Trump is toxic! Good thing the Georgia Deplorables have his back. Nobody else does.

Elections or Polls?--take your pick.

Finally, the real culprit of Russian meddling in the elections. Hint: It was not the caused by A Rainy Night in Georgia as that man-boy Rachel claimed.

Todd Juvinall

These democrats and their media pals trashed the "draft" Senate fix for the failed Ocare and they did it before the document was released. Now do people understand why the dems and their media have no cred? My goodness I know what a draft is. I did read many over my life. And it is never the same at the end as things get discussed and changed. In California it is like the DEIR which is a requirement for a eco review. Then it becomes a EIR after the draft is fully vetted.

But listening to Chuck Schumer and his pals on the left in the Senate you would think this is the final document. All lies of course. I suggest that people not get all excited about this draft. It is going to be completely discussed and amended where necessary. And that goes for Rand Paul and the three other R's that are scared to death to place their views (other than negative) on this draft.

Don Bessee

It appears that Boardman does not get that we had 8 years of ignoring the laws on the books. Immigration rules chief among them. The existing rules were a baseline if you listened to the actual speech as opposed to this mornings talking points. But the whole point is the rule of law is the norm now. ;-)

Bill Tozer

MR. BOARDMAN @ around noon:
Oh Boardman, glad you stopped by to do the Liar-Chief tag team. Punchy must be still sleeping it off from last night. His stamina ain't what it used to be, and not surprising considering this heat and his age. Warning galore about the elderly staying indoors, but I digressed big time.

HERE is more of the off-topic story about sanctions you were asking about on this thread yesterday. Just trying to help a brother out, albeit now I am off topic too. This post is supposed to be about "Elections or Polls-take you pick". We bad.

Funny name for a Russian sanctions bill, is it not?

The legislation titled “Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act” was passed by the Senate last week on a 98-to-2 vote.

Todd Juvinall

George Boardman | 22 June 2017 at 11:47 AM
Since you seem to believe everything your lamestreams write I can attest to listening to the President. But unlike your ilk I don't believe everything Trump says.

On your questions.umber One I guess I missed that.

Number Two. Trump can believe it is a hoax yet still make the claim about Obama. I am sure you believe things that others say are a hoax yet you are adamant they happened.

Three,on thie mikes. You liberals have zero understanding of his hulor. I got it when he said it. He wanted you to spin your wheels as you took him seriously. Besides he said "I hope there are no tapes" which should have alerted you smart people he was jiving.

Hoenstly the left has no clue about Trump and his humor or his mannerisms. You all must live in a hole.

George Boardman

So Todd doesn't believe everything Trump says, but he can separate the truth from the lies. What a genius.


"Trump implied he taped his conversations with Mueller"-Boredman

No, he did not.

That one was almost as funny as Trump's musing that maybe the Russians could find a copy of Hillary's emails... that nearly had me rolling on the floor, laughing, in real time. I'm going to guess you didn't get that one, either.

Bill Tozer

In a selfless act of community service, I will step up to the plate and bring you THE POLLS. Sure, I ain't Punchy and it is only the Gallop poll, but let's help our brother out in these trying times for him. It is the least I can do while living on the altruistic plane.

Hillary is up two points! That's My Gal.

"Fifty-seven percent of Americans say they have a negative view of Clinton. That’s up slightly from November, when 55% of people said they had no love in their heart for Hillary."

Run Hillary, run. Please. The progressive are lost without you, like a ship without a rudder. We need My Gal, the self appointed leader of The Resistance! Third time is a charm. You can do it! It's your turn. Run, Hillary, run!

Yeah, I know. Punchy did not vote for Hillary. Well, neither did I. Common ground!

Todd Juvinall

George Boardman | 22 June 2017 at 01:16 PM

Thanks I am a genius. And well known for that. Liberals believe everything and are ready to follow the rabbit down it's rabbit hole. I am too smart for that. But again, thanks for recognizing my genius.

Paul Emery

George Boardman

Remember this crew would rather have the Russians run the country than the Democrats so it's a pretty odd group that Rebane has accumulated here. I don't take them too seriously. It's kinda fun to play here once in a while though.

here's an example

Bill writes:

" Opps, I forgot. The Dems (progressives, Alt-left, Democratic Socialists, Antifas, liberals or whatever they call themselves) are indeed the biggest threat to our Constitution, our nation, our rule of law not men, and our wonderful civil liberties than the Russians could ever dream of.

Bottomline: The bigger threat to our democracy comes from the People's Republic of the Democrat Party, not the former USSR Commie bastards Russians. "

21 June 2017 at 10:29 PM


"Remember this crew would rather have the Russians run the country than the Democrats"

Paul, that's bullsh*t.

Paul Emery


Pretty clearly expressed by by bill and not contended by anyone but me. Putin cuddlers.

So big bad Trump on Foreign Policy. Other than creating a few quickly repaired potholes on an airfield in Syria and dropping a big bomb in the desert of Afghanistan what has he done? Oh yeah, he's picking on pathetic little Cuba and swapping yucks with the Saudi thugs who won't let women drive and keep them veiled.

Making America great again.....sure.

George Rebane

PaulE 301pm - That sentiment was not "clearly expressed by" BillT at all. Your logic machine is still grossly out of whack. Stating which of two evils is the greatest in no way implies that the lesser of the two is therefore automatically desirable for running the country. It is such absolute off-the-wall leftwing thinking that no longer supports any basis for rapprochement between our Left and Right.

Paul Emery


Liar in Chief:

Donald Trump Admits He Didn’t Tape Conversations With James Comey


Paul, perhaps you need a lesson in reading comprehension. While I do not agree with the BT quote you seemed to think indicative of "the crew" here, it isn't a claim that the Russians would be better at running the USA than Democrats.

It is a clear statement from BT that the internal threat of leftist Democrats to our Constitution and the freedoms it recognizes is greater than the external threat faced from the Russians.

Paul Emery

Todd has also expressed the same sentiment Gregory

Paul Emery


It's safe to assume we have different interpretations of Bills screed.

George Rebane

PaulE 325pm - ... and there you go again. Wherever did you get the notion that Trump claimed to have taped any conversations?


Humm... Paul implied HE had a "bombshell".. Where is it Paul? Looks like your the liar here. (just applying your own standards. That knife cuts both ways.)

Barry Pruett

You probably missed this before...

"Paul: I read most of your posts. You likened Russia's actions to looking in the window of a house. Can you explain how "looking" equates to interfering?

To be clear if the Russians can look, the next step will be to actually interfere. I am seeing a critical thinking disconnect. Help me out."


George 329

It's most probably from the broken logic gene Paul carries in his political DNA.


Ahhhh.. Those supposed tapes. Like Paul, Comey took the bait.

"First and foremost, Trump’s bluff forced Comey to confirm publicly — on his own volition — Trump’s claim that Comey had, indeed, told the president on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation.

The media hilariously predicted, wrongly, that Comey would say otherwise, based on “sources.” Indeed, Comey could have said he did not recall telling the president that. But with the possibility of “tapes” looming, he had to make an admission to protect the broader credibility of his effort to damage the president through his testimony to the Senate."

Trump is ALWAYS two moves ahead.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Paul Emery can't stop putting words in others mouths. My goodness that takes some help from a psycolgist. To think we patriotic Americans would prefer Russia over what we have is plain loonacy on his part. So please get help. I thought you were fed up with us and left in a huff nver to be seen again. Another fib from PE


here's a view from a successful cartoonist...

Paul Emery

Todd, you made it very clear that the Democrats were a greater threat to our freedom than the Russians. It is therefore safe to assume that you'd prefer the Russians to the Democrats running our government because they are the lesser threat to our freedom and American way.

Paul Emery


If you read the Assessment that came out in January about the Russian intrusion into our elections you would find it is very clear in their view that the Russians intended to disrupt our election and that they favored Trump over Clinton. Here's a link and an excerpt.

From Fox News quoting from the assessment

“We assess with high confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election, the consistent goals of which were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.”


LOL Paul,, Right here in Ca.,, is pretty much under Russian style control. Just a kinder,, gentler type of Commie. Enjoy...


"Todd, you made it very clear that the Democrats were a greater threat to our freedom than the Russians. It is therefore safe to assume that you'd prefer the Russians to the Democrats running our government because they are the lesser threat to our freedom and American way."

I'd say that's a rather dishonest way to restate things.

You can certainly argue that the Russians, in Russia, with the amount of power they have over the US political system, are less a threat than the current coalition of Democrats + the intelligence community. The latter represent an existential threat to Western Civilization while the former are currently just something of a minor rival.

It's a nice try, though.

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