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25 June 2017


Bill Tozer

The Great Divide must be a Western Civ thing.

A haunting insight I read during 20016 election came 2-3 weeks before Election Day. Polllster Pat Caddell said he could sense something out there that was not showing up in the polls. The polls were swinging all over the place with ABC showing Hillary up 12 points. I ran inside the Alamo to withstand another wave of intense carpet gombing. Pat said the anger is still there, had not gone anywhere. Readers will recall the derogatory discribtion "angry old white men" hurled at my ilk at every opportunity for months prior. Maybe years prior. But the anger was still there and the root underlying problem was still there. Pat then nailed the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. He wrote at the time:

"First, the American people believe that the country is not only on the wrong track but almost 70 percent say that America is in actual decline. The concept of decline is antithetical to the American experience.

Second, for more than three centuries, the animating moral obligation of America has been the self-imposed obligation that each generation passes on to its children a better America than they themselves inherited. This is what makes us Americans. In Armada’s polling we found that a majority of Americans believe that they are better off than their parents were. But a great majority says that THEIR children will be worse off than they themselves are today. This is the crisis of the American Dream. And it is no surprise that a majority of Americans agree that if we leave the next generation “worse off” that there will still be a place called “the United States” but there will no longer be an “America.”
Wow. We already knew that 70% felt America was going in the wrong direction in one poll, but for the first time in his career, Mr. Caddell (he was Carter's pollster in 1980) found a large number of our countrymen were saying the 'Decline' word. And growing for two straight years before Nov, 2016. Ametica is in decline. Deeper meaning than wrong direction.

On one side, the elitists, academia, Leftist media, and Lefties across the board were incapable of wrapping their heads around the concept of America in decline. Literally impossible to comprehend, much less apprehend the idea of decline. America is moving forward and moving closer to the blessed Global Utopia with each passing year to them.. Stay the Obama course. The winning formula to get to The Promisec Land.

On the other side, voters wanted to throw a roadblock on the Liberal Agenda Death March of Bataan, wanted their culture back, wanted their sovereignty back, wanted their country back, They (those bitter clinger Deplorables) clearly sensed that left to their own devises, the Progressives would led us to the place Pat described as "that there will still be a place called “the United States” but there will no longer be an “America.”

The Great Divide. The stakes have never been higher.


Speaking of Great Divide......

How long before we start seeing JoKe back here touting his favorite new billionaire.

Bill Tozer

Bill Tozer

Sanity returns. Don't worry, it will pass.

Bill Tozer

The Great Divide is alive and kicking.

Happy 4th of July

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