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09 June 2017


Steve Frisch

I suggest they don't stop until they find the blue dress. You KNOW there is a blue dress somewhere.


Attaboy, Stevie. Be ridiculous. Don't break character.

So now we know how Comey maneuvered the political process to get a special counsel appointed: he leaked a document he produced after a chat with Trump. Where it stops only Mueller knows.

I've heard as little as three months and as long as a year or more, but it's all just speculation at this point since Mueller isn't talking.

Steve Frisch

The question Gregory was " what point do they stop..." Starr was appointed to investigate Vince Foster and Whitewater and did not stop until he found the blue dress. That is not a ridiculous point.


Starr didn't stop at the blue dress, Steve.

Bill Tozer

Steve Frisch @ 6:22 pm.
Steve, but it sooo much fun reading about it. The public' right to know and all that back of the neck tingling stuff. Let's you know you are alive. Care for a cigar dipped in nature's honey?

Well, we are only humans and all humans have their faults and peccadillos.....some more indiscreet than others. Some we just learn to live with. Feet of clay, head of iron, and all that classical Greco-Roman stuff.
Here's to snapping my thong at you, Mr. President.

Don Bessee

It was reported to day that Muller said he expected to wrap up in 3 months. ;-)


LIBS have rendered a verdict, now they desperately search for a crime with jack shi* of any proof or evidence. "I think and hope" is good enough for them.

Bill Tozer

Charles the Krauthammer said Trump faces a coverup without a crime. Hard to argue with that.


See this yet?

"The letter also demanded all other memoranda Comey may have provided Richman and gave him only until midnight Friday"
Seems that was last night. Not a weeks from now.
Lets see if that gets produced. If not, things may get worse for Comey.

Bill Tozer

Where will it end???
There is a clip going around of MSNBC's Chris "Tingle up my Leg" Matthews saying the Russian collusion theory has fallen apart. 1 min, 45 seconds played on FOX and other sites. But, thats just a side show. Found a longer clip (26 seconds longer) that tells the real story, the rest of the story. Why, why, why was Trump so worried by what Flynn might say? Why was Trump so defensive?? What did he tell Flynn in private that he is so afraid Flynn testifying to? What is it???? Why, why, why?? Stay tuned, there is some bounce yet in this dead cat.

Pssst Chris. Why was Trump so defensive? I dunno, but the man I have been following for a year is always kind of defensive. Sometimes real touchy. What Trump have you been following? I followed the Trump who did not even bother to hire a pollster for the first 7 months of his campaign. He is the one who crushed anyone who dissed him. Why is Trump so defensive about Flynn, the now "figure not central to the Russian probe"? I dunno, but we will surely turn over that rock. Under the rock you will find Flynn hiding Trump's tax returns. Score!
Round and round she goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

George Rebane

Calling for Mueller's probe to end in a few months from now is probably premature. However, consider if his investigation drags on well into the mid-terms of 2018 without any material proof of anything pertaining to his original charter. 'Managed leaks' from along with fake news about the still ongoing investigation could be engineered to affect public opinion on matters political, and therefore impact the election. That's a powerful lever which I predict will be pulled in the only way that matters - against Trump and the Republicans.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 9:50 am.

Spot on, sir. The bigger picture has always been to keep this going for 17 more months, until the 2018 election. It's not Trump, it's Trump's agenda that must be stopped. The Dems are in disarray right now with the Establishment-Alt Left split. Perez is getting booed and first indications are he is doing a terrible job at his real job of running the DNC.......fundraising.

The Dems need time to regroup and get on the same page, or at least come up with a message. In the meantime, MSM has stepped in and taken over to help their little brother out with 24/7 Fakenews hysteria.
So far, the plan seems to be working. Last I looked, only something like 163 or the 540 slots in the Admission that need Senate approval have been filled. Most of the vacancies are not even on the schedule for future hearings.
Then, they need (will) go after anyone close to Trump one by one to isolate the President and thwart any of his policies from being enacted. Sessions is next under the gun. It's a full court press to stop anything Trump in its tracks for the next 17 months.

Yes, looking at Robert Mueller's bio and past deeds, he may or may not be unbiased. Either way, count on much foot dragging and new persons of interest to be investigated like the Strawman they are. Knock one down, another will pop up in its place. Wac-a-mole if it starts to wind down prematurely.

This is now not about Russia, despite the task that Mueller is charged with (Russian attempts at hacking, influencing, and making mischief in a US National election). No, this is about stopping Trump's agenda before it gets out of the starting gate...for at least the next 17 months. Time, to the Alt-Left media is of the slow walk.

Off topic and an interesting side bar, Mueller stepped in to lead the FBI after the Waco, TX debacle. He told Sen Barr to go easy on an FBI agent that was in hot water for firing into the compound, facing possible serious criminal charges. Go easy on the agent. He's good man and shouldn't be put through the wringer and jailed........

Off topic again, but time will tell if the hypothesis that the Democrat Party is just a subsidary of MSM instead of the more conventional belief that the MSM gets its marching orders from the Democrat Party. No matter. Both are down the ladder on the pecking order.

Bill Tozer

Duh, this is a no brainer.
Money quotes:
1) “Why would anyone think that voters would be happy with a health care agenda from a president under FBI investigation for colluding with a foreign hostile power?” Ferguson asked.
Some Democrats also see an unexpected upside in talking about Russia: It gives them a new issue to use against Republicans.

2). “We can't keep campaigning on the same tired messages we've been using since 2010,” said one Democratic strategist, who requested anonymity to speak candidly. “In case people haven't noticed, we keep losing."

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