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16 June 2017



Economic Resource Council (ERC) Executive Director Leaving for Vice President and Venture Banking Manager Role at Five Star Bank

Nevada County, CA – June 15, 2017. The Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC) announced today that Executive Director Jon Gregory, who led the organization for the past 3 and ½ years, is leaving to become Vice President and Venture Banking Manager at Five Star Bank. Five Star Bank was founded in 1999 in Sacramento by a group of local entrepreneurs (including entrepreneur and commercial development icon Buzz Oates). The Independent Community Bankers Association ranks Five Star Bank among the top 25 independent banks in the nation among its peer group ($500 million to $1 billion asset size), coming in at #18 in the nation. Five Star Bank has 6 offices ranging from Elk Grove in the South to Redding in the North. Gregory will be working across the full region, including the Sierra Foothills.

ERC Chairman of the Board, Mary Owens, stated, "We believe this is a win for all. NCERC is on solid footing financially, and we've put a strong foundation in place for executing on our recently completed 3-year strategic plan through the Task Force and Committee structure we've established. A search is already underway for a new executive director who is a certified economic developer." And, she went on, "in his new role as Manager of Venture Banking at Five Star Bank Gregory can more effectively add value to our efforts by bringing new sources of capital, expertise and connections to Nevada County's entrepreneurial and tech-based businesses."

According to Gregory, "Five Star Bank has been very proactive about being entrepreneur, venture, and tech-business friendly, and intends to expand its efforts in this regard. We have aspirations to be like Silicon Valley Bank is in the Bay Area, which became the banking partner for thousands of tech businesses." He continued, "I've known CEO James Beckwith and SVP/Chief Banking Officer Mike Rizzo for over 10 years and together we strongly believe there is a growing opportunity for entrepreneurs and tech companies to start, grow or relocate in Northern California outside of the Bay Area. We want to help them flourish."

Gregory expressed positive sentiments about his time at the helm of the ERC, stating "I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to lead the ERC and assist the board of directors, volunteer stakeholders and staff in bringing forward a number of initiatives, renewing a strategic focus on tech and growth companies, and combining it with a recognition of the importance of the unique cultural arts and outdoor amenities that make Nevada County such a special place." Gregory plans to actively volunteer on ERC Task Forces relevant to his new role at Five Star Bank, and he will continue to serve as a General Partner of the Virtual Reality Accelerator Fund.

Steve Frisch

Wow, love the cartoon, it kind of reminds me of the guilt by association that often gets thrown around by people that equate progressive political philosophy with communism, socialism, communitarianism, Agenda 21, and anti-capitalism. Kind of tough being on the 'other' side eh?


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 18 June 2017 at 09:14 AM

Say....you boys working down in "Perception Management" are doing a bang up job!


Close Tag dammit!


Wow, love the Frischian misdirections.

Bill Tozer



George Boardman

I don't mind you criticizing what I write, but I expect you to accurately characterize what I write.

"Passing the buck" refers to the fact that the $200 billion to prime the infrastructure pump was proposed by Trump, but will be paid for at the local level.

By the way, I get it. I pay my share regardless of where the government money comes from.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 202pm - Au contraire, my inaccuracy is that I apparently gave you too much credit in knowing that the $200B in Trump's plan does indeed come as seed money from the feds. The references to this abound - for example, here's the one from Politico: As expected, (Trump's plan) laid out a vision for $200 billion in direct federal spending over the next decade on needs such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads and expanded broadband, along with incentives for states, cities and private investors and efforts to reduce the burdens of regulations. Emphasis mine for your convenience. More here -

George Boardman

My observation was based on the following from The Wall Street Journal, June 9, "Infrastructure Runs Into a Divide":

"...the administration has said it will shift more responsibilities to pay for infrastructure to cities and states, in some cases providing incentives to local governments that are willing to raise fees and tolls on residents to do so."

We'll see who's right.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 402pm - don't know whether or not you mean to prevaricate here. But you and I were specifically talking about the source of the $200B 'seed money' for infrastructure work. In your 202pm you claimed the source of that would be the states, I cited what the president revealed initially and has now inserted into his budget - the seed money source would be the feds. It was ALWAYS known that for the remainder (i.e. $800B = $1T - $200B) Trump wants to "shift more responsibilities" to the cities and states. So I don't know where you are going with your claim that I inaccurately characterized your column.

Jack Cominsky

In the 30+ years that I've lived in this community, the ERC has accomplished ZERO. Zip. Nada. The only thing "unique" that Jon Gregory brought to the table as the head of the ERC was his ability to "turn foils." For those unfamiliar with the term "turn foils," it refers to one's ability to deliver a compelling (Power Point) presentation without actually producing any measurable results. Mr. Gregory definitely has a knack for that, but as far as I can tell, there is nothing in his resume that would indicate that he has any ability whatsoever to produce any tangible results whatsoever.

It will be interesting to see if Mr. Gregory is able to produce even a few drops of rain in his new position at the Five Star Bank.

And insofar as his continued involvement in the "Virtual Reality Accelerator Fund" aka, "The Green Screen Institute" is concerned, good luck with that. Making that turkey succeed is a fool's errand if I've ever seen one.

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