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06 June 2017



The IMF Finance and Development magazine has devoted an issue to Millennials and the Future of Work

The Future of Work
The digital economy will sharply erode the traditional employer-employee relationship
Arun Sundararajan

Pension Shock
Young adults in advanced economies must take steps to increase their retirement income security
Mauricio Soto

Education for Life
Labor markets are changing, and millennials must prepare and adjust
Nagwa Riad

Playing Catch-up
Youth today are not building wealth the way their parents did
Lisa Dettling and Joanne W. Hsu

Bottom line, Millennials are ill-prepared to deal with the world they will soon be responsible for managing. There will be no "safe spaces"

Paul Emery

Speaking of Trumps Tweets George this is what his Press Secretary says about them

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Spicer was asked if the White House considered Trump’s tweets to be “official statements.”

“The president is the president of the United States so they are considered official statements by the president of the United States,”

Bill Tozer

RE: College diplomas from the "special place."

"For starters, students at ESC don’t receive grades—they receive “narrative evaluations” that give them feedback on their performance while preserving their self-esteem. Such an approach, Evergreen says, allows professors to take stock of student performance as a whole and take students’ skills and abilities into consideration when awarding the pass and fail. (Students, by the way, also get a say in the process.)

Students also take only a single set of classes each year. There are no semesters (that’s probably sexist anyway), and students plan their own path to their chosen major"

jon smith

The president is surrounded by advisors - so called experts in their field. It seems that every advisor on his staff has advised Trump to lose the tweets. The guy is so self-absorbed and reflexive, that any advise, even the most basic and commonsensical are lost on him. It is staggering that the most powerful man in the world has such little commonsense, and so little use for the opinions of those who are at the top of their respective fields.

Todd Juvinall

Oh I think his tweets are great. Unfiltered by your leftwing ilk and media. Direct and to the point. If he did not tweet he would still be attacked relentlessly for something else. And to say he has no common sense is laughable. You libs are simply used to smooth talking political liars like Obama and Pelosi and have no clue about real common sense. Trump is doing fine in the face of the liberal/democrat lies and attacks. Just now Senator Warner asked if the panel experienced [pressure and any other unethical attempts by Trump to influence them. All said no. Yet Warner sped by their answers trying to put words in their mouths. That is your ilk Smith, liars and charlatans and they have been handed a whip for flaggelation today.


Posted by: jon smith | 07 June 2017 at 07:53 AM

.....and your side nominated a candidate who couldn't beat a guy with all these foibles!

jon smith

Todd I agree with you. I think his tweets are great too! They spread doubt, distrust, and general turmoil among his staff. He incriminates himself and rips the foundation out of his own most cherished goals such as banning Muslims from coming to this country. His tweets have become some of the strongest arguments used against him. Common sense? I think not.

George Boardman

The ACLU certainly enjoyed Trump's tweets on the Muslim ban. Their lawyers said they didn't need the help preparing their arguments against the ban for the Supreme Court, but they'll take it.

Trump's truly clueless. Just the kind of guy who appeals to Todd.

Todd Juvinall

But Boardman, your guy Obama and his clone Hillary got beat by that clueless guy. I suggest you may want to reeducate yourself on what a victory means. And I chortle all the way to happiness. My goodness you are clueless yourself. And for a really old fart like you that means liberals really are unhinged.

Smith, I say who cares what you think? You have no clue either. And my guess is the SCOYUS will uphold the law and that favors a Executive victory on the travel ban.

I just love you unhinged libs and now we see your ilk on this Senate committee today making absolute fools of themselves.

Bill Tozer

Hmmm. Some don't like to be left out in the cold.

jon smith

TJ 9:13 "And for a really old fart like you that means liberals really are unhinged."

Being >15 years your junior, I never cease to be amazed when seniors demean themselves based entirely on age. Maybe you should open a Twitter account so the world can observe the progression of dementia. You and Trump can compare notes.

Todd Juvinall

I have a Twitter account and I tweet with lots of people. I and they have our senses unlike you unhinged libs of any age. So try harder, your insults are too funny!

George Rebane

Gentlemen, the topic here is President Trump's tweets, and not the mudballs you can fling at each other. No one cares what you all think about each other, but some (I for one) do care about the perspectives about current events and more basic themes you issue from your individual perches and perspectives.

Scott Obermuller

Lynn Wenzel, IMHO, was not defending free speech as much as she was trying to downplay another example of the left's violent actions and imagery. Free speech does not include incitement to violence and illegal acts. I realize there is a fine line to be drawn in the case of what Ms Griffin did. I'm sure there are folks that will point out she didn't actually advocate the actions she depicted, but those same folk must also admit the photo did mirror recent actions taken by ISIS against innocent victims.
Trying to conflate what Griffin did with what Lenny Bruce was actually arrested and jailed for - illegal drugs, fraud and obscenity - is a quite a stretch. Lenny's comedic routines found to be objectionable in law in the past would be ho-hum nowadays. Griffin's horrific display will never be found to be in good taste or even pass as comedy ever in any civilized society.
I would expect that anonymous threats would be brought up as an excuse to slam conservatives without any proof. Again - this is conflated with actual criminal acts by the left to shut down conservative thought.
Ms Wenzel lauds the free market, yet laments the decision by a non-governmental agency to not have Griffin appear in Grass Valley.
This is hardly the same as tax payer supported schools continuing to cancel or not allow conservative thought while tax payer supported law enforcement agencies signal to the left they will allow the left wing thugs to have free reign in their violent and destructive activities against conservative thought. Ms Wenzel did not attend the editorial board meeting because she would have been challenged to provide logic and proof for her opinions.
Her final thought that 'democracy just took a hit' is absurd. Neither Ms Wenzel nor any other citizen is in any way precluded from any sort of political or social discussion nor is she or anyone else somehow prevented from voting or participating in any political actions of any sort.
By her own words - "I believe Kathy Griffin made an error in judgment by pandering to the lowest impulses in our society."
Yes, she did. And the free market has decided it would be better served by those who did not make 'an error in judgement'.
Griffin was not arrested nor has the govt intervened in any way to hinder her employment as an entertainer.
I say we should pay a bit more attention to those govt agencies who take our money at gun point and then deny us our rights under the equal protection clause.

Don Bessee

Interesting that you bring that up Scott, I have seen email traffic regarding the 'threats'. Some folks have been actively trying to find a police report corroborating the threat and they have been unable to do so. Either way the end game was that every venue across the country did the same as the arts center in GV. So that fact alone undercuts Wenzel's whole spin narrative. ;-)


The Dixie Chicks thought playing politics (LIB politics) was a great idea too.

CNN Forced to Issue Correction After Comey’s Written Testimony Refutes Report.

"Also associated with this report..... a local Nevada City man was taken into custody briefly after he was found gibbering incoherently and turning in circles while wearing an all tinfoil hat and tuxedo jacket. Authorities say they found the man repeating over and over.....going to be fun........going to be fun....going to be fun interspersed with periods of uncontrollable sobbing.

The man was not thought to be a danger to the community at large and was released later to a minder and put to bed without further incident".

Now here's Bob with the weather!

Bill Tozer

Re: Update, The Kathy Griffin dustup has yet to settle.

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