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14 June 2017


Bill Tozer

Might be on topic. Either the college is lying or the professor is lying. Don't think the truth is somewhere in between.

Money quote:
"On Monday, Weinstein told Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show that he didn’t know if it was safe to return to teaching at the Washington college, which has had issues with roaming mobs of social justice warriors armed with baseball bats. Police told him that they were ordered not to offer him any protection."


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 June 2017 at 06:11 PM

Evergreen College should be plowed under.....the ground sown with salt afterwards!

Scott Obermuller

re fish at 7:12 - They tried to end the plague by burning the poor parts of London. The rats just fled to infect the other, unburned areas.
The Evergreen rats need to be corralled where they are. Please just keep them there and not have them out loose in society.
And remember their same mindsets are already at work in places like Sacramento and DC.
I can't agree enough with George in citing the book 'Coming Apart'.
Our nation was formed when folks were much more self-reliant. That did not mean they were out there on their own. The lone cowboy myth is just that - a myth. As a percentage of population, there were very few actual life-long cowboys. Most folks self aggregated and cooperated at the local level and the general rules were largely agreed on by a large majority.
'It takes a village' has a nice ring and does have a basis in truth. But the politicians pushing that message now have no interest in what the 'villagers' want. Trump was elected largely because the village was tired of Washington and many of the state capitols shoving garbage down their throat and telling them to like it.
The left has now officially lost their mind because they have no mechanism to deal with not being in the position of autocratic power.
Persuading the populace to vote them back into power based on facts and logic won't work as they have left that arena years ago.
So we see an outburst of physical violence at one level and and an outburst of political violence at the higher levels. Fear mongering that Trump will cause the planet to be destroyed any day now is the constant message from the MSN and the left-wing entertainment establishment. The poor will die by the millions by starvation and lack of health care is the incessant drum beat to the light thinkers of the world. Is it any wonder there is so much savagery and anger from the useful idiots of the left? The idea that there can be healing is nonsense when so many in positions of control are so intent on inflicting the wounds of hysteria and fear.


The Evergreen rats need to be corralled where they are. Please just keep them there and not have them out loose in society.

Difficult to do...their "education" has prepared them to swarm and disperse carrying the nonsense elsewhere. Diversity officers, Paid activists, antifa cannon fodder....this is their programming!

Level it as an example to others!

Bill Tozer

Seems to me that the current Victim of the Month Award goes to the female gender. Or, more accurately, the current Villian of the Month is men. Men are indeed such brutes, no agrument here. At least the Social Justice Warriorsrecycle their victims of the month and we all know recycling is a good thing. Always a silver lining.

So, the men beasts are having yet another moment in the doghouse. Think gays are about to take their turn again as victims ever since BLM and the Trangsgenders pushed them to the back of the bus and out of the limelight. Ah, I forget whose turn it is to wake up in the morning and be the Victim flavor of the month.

Dozens to choose from, so I will limit the male bashing to just two.

Oh boy. Those women are starting to get resentful of the Transgenders stepping on their toes and stealing what is rightfully theirs...... but that topic is for another day.

Identify Politics is mana from heaven for those who have common sense. I hope the Left never changes. Never get tired of winning. Ridiculing them is the cherry on top, a added bonus.

Bill Tozer

Safe Places

Bill Tozer

Could it be the fact that the acting, directing, and story line sucked? A comedy centered around a male stripper lying dead in a haze of cocaine and booze at a bachelorette party may have turned both men and women off. Weekend at Bernie's worked, but that was then, this is now.

"But no. Director Aniello repeatedly spoke about the film as if it were more an exercise in redressing gender inequality than a work of entertainment. She told Vanity Fair: “Our younger selves were told boys are more important, watching mostly movies about men, directed by men, telling men’s stories. I guess I just never got that message.”

"Far from ‘doing its job,” Rough Night may have set the celluloid comedy sisterhood movement back several years."
Ouch. Men are such beasts.

Bill Tozer

Here is an interesting yet sensible take on The Addendum from an unlikely source and angle.

From our neighbors to the north, all I can say is if you did not see this coming, it shows your nuts.

Boy, those born woman types are getting a wee bit uppity. Wonder if this 'Born Woman' movement gathers steam and what happens when they face the hammer of the Government. I bet people's feelings are going to get hurt. No more safe places for Born Womam types I reckon when the dusts settles. Similar story to the battered women's shelter in BC that did NOT want "those who never experienced menstration" to shower and bunk with the clients of the shelter in no uncertain terms. The shelter also doubled as a Rape Crisis center.

I guess I just was not made for the brave new world

Bill Tozer

Progress report? It ain't looking so good.

George Rebane

BillT 1011pm - Yes indeed, social justice demands that everyone must be held to account. By their very nature, snowflakes are sensitive to the slightest infractions.


re: GR@10:37PM

Speaking of which...

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