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03 June 2017



For the next time one of the usual suspects blathers on about "peer review"!

Do penises cause climate change? Discuss

The academic hoax that shows how generations of kids are paying good money to study pure, unmitigated, mind-warping drivel


George Rebane

Here's another reason not to play ball in the globalists' climate change game.

H/T to correspondent.

Bill Tozer

Private Jenkins says to his lieutenant. "Sorry LT, can't move off with the squadron on the next mission. Got some medical stuff to do that will take me out of combat for 1-2 years. Sure glad those treatments will be over in just two shorts years, about the same time my hitch is up. Geeze Whiz, those therapy drugs are expensive! ,Glad i don't have to pay for them."



Tragedy in London this evening as the specter of climate change drove innocent muslims to commit horrible crimes at London Bridge!

Bill Tozer

Follow up to Fish's 9:21 am, the first comment in this Sandbox.



No Students Are Proficient in Math And English At Six Baltimore City Schools

Six schools in Baltimore have exactly zero students who are proficient in math and English.

WBFF reports Project Baltimore led an investigation and discovered five Baltimore City high schools, along with one middle school, do not have any students who scored high enough to be deemed “proficient” in math and English on state testing.

All taught by highly effective teachers under the observation of union thugs to make sure none of these highly effect teachers are laid off or fired. /SARC Off

Bill Tozer

Bill Maher received a slap in the wrists for his houseboy comment. No big deal. What he should of got was a swift kick in the family jewels. I have never heard such talk in all my born days. Wake up and smell the apple? Those Lefties sure have been developed a potty mouth from top to bottom since they got smoked out from behind the curtain of the Greater Good. They seen so angry. That Maher is one angry white dude. So is DNC Chairman Perez, Hillary's houseboy. Why so angry? Very vulgar.

Trigger warning.

Be careful what you wish for. That 11 year old kid is a bully. Just ask Rosie.

Bill Tozer

No big deal. I once called Obama a boneless brown trout and only the fakenews dude got upset with the usual incredulous moral outrage. Somehow the words I penned got interpreted as a "spineless N word". Must be some filter he was using. But, it's all water under the bridge. Nothing to see here except vile language from the Party of Enlightenment.



Wonder where "jon" is? Nary a peep since yesterday!


Probably face down in one of his Turkish "friends" laps!

Todd Juvinall

Rumors abound a County Supervisor was arrested for a DUI!

Todd Juvinall

Russ, I just listened to a AGW alarmist on FOX News. My question is this. He acts like carbon into the air is a zero sum game. Doesn't the planets plants absorb most of the CO2? And where can a person find the total intake of the planet's plans versus the output?

Steve Loomis

HALL, HEIDI MARIE 56 6/4/1961 F B17029076 6/3/2017 11:43 PM N GRASS VALLEY, CA SUPERVISOR
GVPD 4013 G1701652 660 MINNIE ST 23152(A)/23152(B) DUI:ALCOHOL/DRUGS $5,000.00 M

Chg #



Agency Case

Arrest Location


Statute Description

Steve Loomis

Now that's "leadership".

Todd Juvinall

Here is the jail booking info site


Bill Tozer

Oh my. It's HH's birthday today. Happy Birthday Ms. Hall.....and many more. Here's a smile to grow a mile, a pinch to grow an inch, and a sock to grow a block. Now make a wish and blow out the candles.

George Rebane

ToddJ 842am - Todd, the earth's carbon cycle is known only in part; it's complete cycle is still not known, with major components missing and/or not known that they are not known. That is the dirty little secret that the IPCC and its more vigorous spokesmen have tried to hide for years. This ignorance alone (never mind the historical data and current measurement shortcomings) make the general circulation models perform so badly, and of a form that does not survive critical examination by people versed in complex large-scale computer models. All this and more has been covered for years in these pages. This situation has not changed, only the political bamboozler voices have grown louder since their basis on science has crumbled.

Todd Juvinall

It is fascinating to me the left and the promoters of the hoax are never asked the obvious question bt the press. "What is the net affact" of carbon dioxde into the atmosphere. Anyway, the left also thinks there is a fixed number for the income of the humans paying the bills. You cannot fix stupid I guess.

Bill Tozer

The Left believes strongly in centralized government. No man is an island, no country is an island, no government is an island. We need one big central government run by unelected bureaucrats on distant shores to achieve Nirvana.

Did you see how many billions and billions of US taxpayer greenback dollars were funneled through the Paris Peace Accords....er....funneled through the Paris Climate Accords straight back into UN? Guess Trump was just cutting out the middlemen.. Middlepersons? Anywho.

Speaking of achieving Nirvana.....


Todd @ 8:42 AM and George @09:20 AM

George is right, there a lot of unknowns in the carbon cycle. Here is a link to everything CO2:


There are three volumes that examine the latest thinking and experiments. Also on the front page of the CO2 Science, you will find some videos demonstrating some of the know facts. Hope this helps.

Todd Juvinall

Thanks Russ, there is some interesting analysis here.



Exiting Paris agreement brings out emissions deception by mainstream media

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

President Trumps great and defining global decision to exit the flawed and unnecessary Paris climate agreement has driven the climate alarmist mainstream media (MSM) over the brink with articles frantically supporting that only government dictated mandates should be used to establish how global energy demand and use must be controlled.

An L. A. Times article for example falsely implies that state governments lead by California (OMG!!) must take command of future U.S. emissions performance and deliver Obama’s ill-advised emissions reduction promise that President Trump has now wisely decided to abandon.

The emissions reduction leadership role for California championed by the L A Times is touted despite the fact that our state doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how it can achieve its SB 32 emissions goals nor does it have any idea of how many tens of billions it will cost nor care at all about how the state will end up dictating how all Californians must live their lives.

Full Essay with Graphics that demonstrated the free market success in lowering emissions without government meddling.


Todd Juvinall

On the FUE. It is interesting how the left parses everything and then tries to change history and the fact to protect bad behavior. Just as Kathy Griffith is doing. Terry L was arrested and ten served. He admitted it. And because some chicken shit nameless Judge says he is now "not" the public is supposed to believe that? Sorry but a big segment of the people don't believe that and are not going to let the system get away with that ruse. And it is curious why the FUE protects these scofflaws and then attacks the good people of the community. No wonder he is hated and shunned.


........and the wheel is spinning.....spinning......spinning.......! Where will the pointer land?

Sheriff: 'Multiple fatalities' in Florida shooting

C'mon ......."white guy"........let it land on "white guy"! Progressives could use a win........it's been a rough couple of weeks!



Thirty percent of Jobs Created Since 2010 are Fake

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) seems to be alone in its belief that the entrepreneurial environment in the US is improving. We believe that the BLS has been artificially inflating the monthly payroll numbers via the birth and death adjustment. This overstatement is not trivial in nature – the adjustment added 30% of all jobs reported since 2010.


Numbers and graphics showing this deception are shown at the link.

The jobs numbers were create the same way the government created global warming -- adjustments to the base numbers.

George Rebane

Hilary Hodge Redux – The Union’s editor was admonished by a reader in her 5jun17 letter.

Gosh — you guys must be short on copy if you have to allow Hilary Hodge to talk about her sexual orientation in her column. I dare you to ask your readers if they care one molecule about Hilary's sex life. Surely — there are far more important subjects to discuss.
When you run out of worthwhile copy — call me and I'll write something that will surely generate more interest.

Elaine Ashton
Grass Valley

Ms Hodge's proclivity in these and other matters was first raised here.

... and then most recently here.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, you may find this article of interest. It's from very lib VOX, but they do write with some flashes critical thinking now and then on non-news stuff. Best bigger pic I have read in awhile. Its all tribal. The Great Divide. It's why we have a two party system here, IMHO. Kinda long. You can skip the middle.


Oh, concerning the Hodge Podge, I have yet to read the coming out story. Just ain't interested in her private life, I reckon. Without looking, I bet there is a whole bunch of "I, I, I, I, I's" in there. It would have been brave twelve years ago. Nowadays, it just reeks of self absorption and "me, me, me" in the guise of openness, vulnerability, and honesty. Just not that into her or reading about her first false alarm evacuation experience. Maybe some humor might make reading her stuff worthwhile.

George Rebane

BillT 106pm - You are, of course, on the mark Mr Tozer. Interest in Ms Hodge and her scribbles for me will depend on how serious are the rumors that she intends to fun for a BoS seat. Now that the other HH there is in a bit of hot water, maybe the new HH will give it a go.


Over at The Union, I clicked over towards the comments on a Heidi Hall arrest story, and found the following posting from Linda Campbell, retired "educator" and currently an elected trustee of the high school district:

As a lifer, or though no choice of my own, I was brought to Nevada County as as child and graduated from NU 73..Though had no intention of coming back after leaving to obr ain an College education, I did return (just for awhile..) and found the teaching position of my dreams, I ended up working and retiring here...However, back in the days of my youth, due to the "brain drain" when Bourne shut the mines in 56, it was also the same time that Nevada County had the highest rate of alcholoism as well as one of the most economically disadvantaged counties in the California ...And at that time, which was true among most rural, poverty ridden towns, in terms of alchololism, the line was between ones that could hold their liquor and those that couldn't.
However in this geographically isolated fishbowl of a community, if you were a supervisor, judge, or the so called "elite", you could actually call the police and instead of arresting or citing you ( and at that time, dui, were considered misdeamnors) they would drive you home....However, times have changed, and Ms Hall was duly arrested by GVPD, and based on the article above, She is accepting responsiblitly for her behavior, or being accountable for her actions. Also am a constituent of Ms Hall's and will continue to support her as my representative, because she is standing up and doing the right thing and not the politcally or basing her actions on what's best for her...

But thats what cracks me up,our local bully right wing politicians, are using this as a means to polticize the enemy, or playing bully politics. Because most of these people, I have known of or have known members of thier families over my 50 plus years here. For instance , Todd Juvinall (Juvenile, based on long term observation) is one of those who are throwing stones from his glass house, as well as most of the local faces that made up the so called "Grass roots conspiracy to take our Country back (actually attended meetings and heard that) . And thats all what these people are doing, using good old fashioned bully politics as a means to attack the opposition, or "They".

So please, The Tea party, Central Committee of Republican party, Cabpro, or whatever titles, you all give yourselves, please stop your bully politics. Because all you are doing is proving that your crowd is a bunch of small town hypocrites, ..or Judging others for the same life sins, political bullies are guily of doing themselves. And that is based on my own personal knowledge of being a lifer or local in Nevada County....

PS, and that includes those who say they speak for god, or who use religion as a means to condemn and judge others...the well documented intent, was to separate church and state, or to protect the "State" from theocracy or a state religion....no matter what religion..

The spelling errors, the mixed metaphors, the errors of grammar and punctuation... it hurts to think of the kids this person shepherded through high school civics, not to mention the damage she continues as a district Trustee.

Well, she did spell the problem alcholoism and then alchololism a sentence or two later. A cry for help, perhaps? More on today's spelling list:


Posted by: Gregory | 05 June 2017 at 04:19 PM

Those misspellings look remarkably like how I would misspell them were I trying to imitate "drunk speak" in text. Maybe Linda likes to knock a couple back while penning her missives to your local paper.

Bill Tozer

Come on guys, this is not the time to into Spelling Nazis or the Grammet Police and get all uppity and PC like. Perhaps later would be a better time, you bullies, you.


Bill Tozer

Call me sexists, but I like this ball busting woman.


Bill Tozer

That Trump is something else. Make him stop, pleazzzze make him stop.


Oh my, he's back. Yep, he better sell more books that Chelsea in a few hours. When there is a will, there is a way.


Paul Emery

"A man walked into his former workplace on Monday and opened fire on employees, killing five people before turning the gun on himself."

Not a peep from our President about the carnage as a result of crazed people with guns. He'd rather pick a fight with the mayor of London.


Todd Juvinall

Well Paul Emery I guess you should send your advice to Trump and let him know what he should be doing.

Paul Emery

What do you think Trump should do Todd about gun violence in America?

Bill Tozer

Trump should keep calling out the mayor of Chicago for the out of control gun violence and g keep getting those Gangbangers off our streets and out of our country. Deport criminals and violent crimes go down. President should keep calling out the mayors or Chicago and Baltimore for them to get off their asses and clean up the sections of the ghettos and filthy barrios were the crime and murder rate is out of control. Send aid for more police training, more cops, and call in National Guard is necessary to put the sewer rats in prison and throw away the key. That would be Step 1.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 839

Public executions of killers and a pillory for those that brandish.

Otherwise the people that own guns legally in America should be left alone.

Paul Emery

The problem is Americans really don't give a shit about it. More on the story

"Initial reports out of Orlando, Florida, prompted fears of terrorism. Less than two days before, terrorists had carried out a car and knife attack in London that left seven people dead, stirring President Donald Trump into a bout of fevered tweeting. Next week, Orlando will mark the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001.

But as details began to emerge from Monday’s crime scene ― a warehouse owned by Fiamma Incorporated, an RV accessory company ― it became clear that the bloodshed fit into a far more ordinary but far deadlier pattern of U.S. gun violence, and specifically of workplace shootings.

To some, that seemed to be a reason not to give too much attention to the carnage.

Morning broadcasts on CNN and Fox News covered the Orlando incident as developing news, but reports tapered off after police confirmed there was no link to terrorism. MSNBC appeared not to mention the shooting at all, according to a HuffPost review of Monday’s programming. (MSNBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

The modest level of attention given to the Orlando massacre, one of the deadliest shootings yet this year, is just the latest sign of how desensitized many Americans have become to the ravages of daily gun violence."



Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 June 2017 at 09:08 AM

The problem is Americans really don't give a shit about it.

....yeah.....you probably could have just stopped after this statement.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 June 2017 at 08:23 AM

He'd rather pick a fight with the mayor of London.

Well who wouldn't?

.....and Paul.......still President.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, why did you not defend the President when the Mayor of London attacked him? Seems to me that a good Amwrican would say to the Muslim Mayor, "shut up"! But you would rather show your support for those attacking our own. That tells me a lot about your allegiances.


A CA. LIB gets some heat and runs for the door.

Paul Emery

Todd writes

"rather show your support for those attacking our own."

Quite the contrary Todd, I am supportive of doing what I can to curb gun violence in this country that claims thousands of lives every year. There have been around 140 mass shootings in our country so far this year. What is Trump doing about it? How is he (Trump) raising the conscience of the American people to try to prevent this carnage?

There have already been more than 140 mass shootings this year, according to a tally from the Gun Violence Archive, a not-for-profit corporation that defines a mass shooting as any incident where “four or more [are] shot and/or killed in a single event... at the same general time and location, not including the shooter.”

This is in our country Todd, not in England yet
Trump ignores this and has not mentioned one word about it during his short time in office. I find this deplorable and sad and it shows how deeply in trouble we are as a nation and a culture to ignore this tragedy in our own homeland.

Trump chooses to pick a fight with the Mayor of London while we slaughter each other daily in our homes, schools and streets.

Have a good day Todd.

Todd Juvinall

PaulE your reading skills are in need of help. I did not ask you about guns I made a statement. And I asked you why you support a Muslim London mayor over President Trump. Try again, read my post.

Paul Emery

I responded to you by saying why is Trump ignoring slaughter in our streets, schools and homes and picking a fight with the Mayor of London. What the Mayor says is of little importance to me. What's happening in our country is. He's our President and why don't you hold him to task?

Paul Emery


This is from an editorial from the Conservative Wall Street Journal editorial staff talking about Trumps lack of discipline and loyalty to his staff.

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be justified if he resigned, and this is merely the latest incident in which Mr. Trump popping off undermined his own lawyers, If this pattern continues, Mr. Trump may find himself running an Administration with no one but his family and the Breitbart staff. People of talent and integrity won’t work for a boss who undermines them in public without thinking about the consequences.”

In other words, in 140-character increments, Mr. Trump diminished his own standing by causing a minor international incident, demonstrated that the loyalty he demands of the people who work for him isn’t reciprocal, set back his policy goals and wasted time that he could have devoted to health care, tax reform or “infrastructure week.” Mark it all down as further evidence that the most effective opponent of the Trump Presidency is Donald J. Trump."


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 06 June 2017 at 10:22 AM

Yeah Todd...... Punchy isn't telling you that the majority of the 140 incidents this year (indeed in any year using their methodology) is standard street crime in exactly where you would expect to find it.


Todd Juvinall

Fish, that is why no one engages fake newsman PaulE anymore. He can't even read and comprehend our answers or even answer our questions. He is the best example of fake news.

Paul emery

OK Todd You asked why I didn't defend Trump in his encounter with the mayor of London My response then is Trump is not defendable he took what the mayor said out of context and didn't listen to what he said

So there you go I answered your question. So there you go I answered your question I can go into more detail if you prefer


Gunvioencearchive.org is an obvious ploy to conflate suicide by gun with homicides and murders in order to muddy the waters of the gun control debate.

Most fatal shootings are suicides and if someone is hell-bent to die, the lack of a gun won't stop them.

Not surprised Paul found the site


Posted by: Gregory | 06 June 2017 at 11:09 AM

I think Punchy was more worked up about the "mass" shooting stats.....no suicides there.....which upon closer inspection is really just routine street crime as the database indicates.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery you still did not get it. The Mayor of London has criticized your President and you never defended him. Treason.

Paul Emery

Todd, you've got to be kidding. I'm going to hear treason for not supporting the president and the stupid things he said to the mayor of London I suppose you were never critical of Obama when he was president and his foreign-policy To quote you What a hoot. And why the emphasis that the mayor is a Muslim ?

Scott Obermuller

from Paul - "The problem is Americans really don't give a shit about it."
Well no, Paul - Americans do care about gun violence. But after years of trying to implement solutions that we know will drastically reduce gun violence and being slapped down by anti 2A types I think Americans have begun to weary of speaking out.
The hard left desperately wants to disarm Americans and they think a continual stream of gun violence is their best hope to achieve this goal.
Most of the softer left (and the ever present Middle-Of-The-Roaders) are just useful idiots who complete their circle of avoidance of personal responsibility by not owning a gun and wanting everyone else to do the same.
It's the same as the Euros starting to accept life with constant terrorism. They realize their govts won't do anything about it (in fact their govts are importing it) and the individual citizens can't do very much, so they shrug and get on with life as best they can.


LOL!!!(OH that hurts) Paul now speaks of "O" and comes to his defense? When anyone else brings up our now gone Muslim sympathizer, we get his canned response about how he didn't vote for him, or is done speaking of the past.
Good going Paul. Face it. The 2ND Amendment is alive and well.

Paul Emery

Behind double digets in all polls

Current - 13
last month -3



Getting a chance to read up on things, That Mayor of Londonstan bitches about Trump and his stance with Muslim extremism, yet throws parties with nations that ban people with Jewish passports. (That means no Jews allowed Paul) So the Brits elected an antisemite.
So Paul,, want to see Big Ben turned into a Muslim Minaret and calling Muslims to prayer five times a day? Replace the Queen with a Ayatollah ? The Mussies sure would.


Tell ya what Paul, you can sit on that poll and spin. Enjoy the ride.
Your polls are meaningless. The only one that counts is the election. You lost. Deal with it.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 June 2017 at 01:01 PM,/i>

We've had three polls a week for the past four months all with double digit declines (negative numbers?) in Trump popularity.......funny....with numbers like that you'd think that he was about to be removed from office or something.



Don Bessee

In another blow to our fakenewsmans ongoing narratives including a bombshell coming from Comey Thursday is the announcement that he will NOT be saying Trump tried to interfere.
How's that search for evidence going po' ol' PE? ;-)


Posted by: Don Bessee | 06 June 2017 at 01:42 PM

Dammit.....we were promised a bombshell today......A BOMBSHELL!

Paul Emery

Patience Don and Fish

Paul Emery

Yeah I lost Walt. Gary Johnson was a real disappointment.


More bad news for Dan Rather of Nevada City. The leaked Russian monkey business had nothing to do with Trump. Another Progressive goes to jail.

Paul Emery

How many Jewish people were invited by the Saudi's to their little meeting with our Puntah Trump?

Bill Tozer

Bill Tozer
Crickets on the Fla Shooting? Yep. So far.

I have yet to read the story about a disgruntled person hunting down his fellow man in Fla. Florida? FLA makes the news a lot when it comes to crime and weirdos.

Why the crickets? Conditioned I guess. Stories like Casey Anothey, gang banging in the urban eyesores, punks doing drivebys at some girl's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party (luckily they can't shoot straight much more often than not), mothers drowning their kids, the ex killing the mother while she is drowning the kids before killing himself, on and on it goes daily. Nowadays I don't read 99% of the stories. Today, I saw the story of a neighbor running over and stopping a guy from killing his kid (non firearm incident apparently). No thanks, I will skip the article.

Conditioned. Like the time I saw Jaws in the movie house on a rainy night. When the movie ended (as did the rain) and the patrons exited, there was the sound of shrieks coming from the street. Seems people were so mind blown after Jaws and there was a big puddle out in front, the folks first reaction was fear and were hesitant to step over the puddle against the curb. "Shark!" Screams. Seems so lame now. Not even worth mentioning but the audience was not conditioned.

Another terrorist attack in Britain? I just glance at the headlines or open the link to see the pictures. Saw that somebody was yelling Allah Akbar in Toronto and maybe France. Not even opened the links. Small potatoes, happens all the time. Hmm. Toronto is getting closer, and it's Allahu Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkbar, but I digress.

Casey Anathony stories happen now at least twice a week. Crickets. Yeah, is a bull pucky agrument to say 50,000 people die in traffic accidents and Punchy is worked up over 149 people who died in mass shooting by lone gunmen mostly. Apples and organges.

It lawlessness, pure and simple. Lawlessness, not guns. Like the citizens of Ancient Rome subjected to mobs of dagger wielding criminals run amok. Robbing, stealing, raping, vandalizing, bloodshed. Lawlessness.

That how I see things as they are, not how I wish things to be. A preacher would say "The times are evil" or "the times are growing more evil", with the emphasis on more evil. Breakdown. What's left to do besides declaring martial law?

More laws won't change a thing. More candlelight vigils, more doing the sit-in thang on the House Floor, more lovingly placing a 'Co-Exist' bumper sticker on your cars.....that ain't getting it done.
After Gabby got plugged in the melon in Arizona, the storyline was the rhetoric was the catalyst, the gun the tool. Ban both. Rhetoric has gotten worse. I was not offended at all by Katy Griffin did or whatever her name is. That's what they do. That's what I do. Conditioned to it I guess.

Look, if I use a gun or a club, it ain't the weapon. It's lawlessness, the disenigration of the value of life. Or, a a parsons might say "good will be called evil and evil with be called good." Oh, yeah, Trump should have had a public statement about the disgruntled former employee in FLA. So far, his style had been to call the grieving families privately and even months of followup calls himself, with financial support to these strangers from his own back pocket. Trump could have said more ,no doubt. He did not. Happy now?

Why, why, why? The experts predicted that a Trump win would cause gun sales to decline (law and order man) and soar with a Hillary win (she coming to take away your guns). Gun sells are through the roof. Articles about it just yesterday. Why? Because people look out the window and see lawlessness. They turn to the TV and see the same thing. It's how it is, not how we wish it to be. Time to be proactive, like clearing a defensive space around your home in case of wild fire. Arm up.

Paul Emery

Yeah, no problem dropping 10 points in a month in a poll conducted by the only Trump friendly news service (Fox). It's like Spinal Tap getting cancelled by Boston on their rock and roll tour and the manager saying "We don't need Boston. It's not a very big college town."

Paul Emery

sessions next to exit?

White House press secretary Sean Spicer refused to answer a question on Tuesday about whether President Donald Trump still has confidence in Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I don’t have a comment on that,” Spicer told reporters during his daily briefing, when asked to describe the president’s confidence in Sessions. Pressed further, Spicer said, “I have not had that discussion with [Trump], and if I haven’t had a discussion about a subject, I tend not to speak about it.”

Spicer’s non-answer follows a New York Times report on Monday that describes Trump’s growing frustration with his attorney general, whom the president reportedly blames for the escalation of an FBI probe into ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials."


Poor Paul. Can't handle the facts, and as usual changes the subject.
London has an antisemite Mayor, yet ol' Paul yaps about the Arabs.

Paul Emery

Can you provide some documentation Walt as to your assertion that London has an antisemitic Mayor?


Do your own homework Paul. You claim to be a "news man".
I don't deal in BS like you constantly do.

Paul Emery

So Walt unless you provide some basic verification I assume your post is bullshit and there is no need to comment on it.

By the way this is proof you are full of shit

"The mayor of London has urged a zero tolerance attitude to hate crimes in the capital as he met genocide survivors.

Sadiq Khan said the city remained inclusive and global, following four antisemitic attacks over the weekend. He made the remarks as he met genocide survivors at City Hall at the first in a series of events in the lead-up to Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said on Sunday that officers were investigating four hate crime allegations aimed towards north London’s Jewish community.

Speaking after Monday’s event, Khan said: “I ask all Londoners to report any form of hate crime, no matter how trivial. A brick with a swastika on it thrown through a window of a Jewish home is not a trivial matter and needs to be addressed.”


Bill Tozer

Somebody needs a hug. Sometimes you just wake up looking at vultures on the headboard.


Since Dan Rather of Nev. City can't find his own backside,,
"In January, Mayor Khan called on the Government to rescind its offer of a full state visit to President Trump whilst the president stands by his travel ban policy – despite Khan hosting a party with dignitaries from 11 nations that ban entry of Israeli passport holders to their countries."
Pretty two faced antisemitic to me. It's OK when they do it.

Like I said. I don't deal in fake news like you.


Paul Emery

That's all small stuff compared with whats happening attorney General Sessions, who has offered to resign, combine that with The revelation that National Intelligence chief Dan Coats was asked by Trump to go easy on Flynn in the same way that he asked Jim Comey to do so and that NSA Director Mike Rogers is scheduled to testify tomorrow in open session This comes after word leaked to the media two weeks ago that Donald Trump had tried to convince Rogers to publicly push back against James Comey . Rogers refused, and the NSA chief documented the incident in a memo.

Combine that with Special Counsel Robert Mueller hiring big guns as investigators. Mueller’s biggest hire to date was Andrew] Weissmann, who is taking a leave from his current post leading the Justice Department’s criminal fraud section.

Also Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein will testify to the Senate tomorrow one day before James Comey and may recuse himself from further investigations in this matter leaving who knows in charge of the Justice Department in this matter.

That on top of the NSA having evidence that Russians military intelligence executed a cyberattack on at least one U.S. voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials just days before last November’s presidential election.

This is just beginning. That's todays Bombshell guys. Tomorrow will be bigger.

Going to be a blast

Bill Tozer

Oh, Walt, can't you connect the dots? Whatz wrong with you?


Ban them before they murder the planet.


Ok, Walt, it's your turn. Give it a go

Don Bessee

Po' ol' fakenewsman PE broke his pearls again! That's all yesterdays news, on the bombshell scale that merits half a toss n pop. ;-)

Paul Emery

Sure Don It's yesterdays news. Tell me then why are the hearings happening tomorrow and Thursday? Most of this became public today. Trump is planning to tweet away on Thursday when Comey testifies. What an idiot. No wonder why he can't find a good lawyer. He was rejected by four firms before he hired his old buddy who helped him during groping accusations and there were plenty of those.


Wow Paul, give you what you asked for, then you tuck tail and run with not a word to say.
Just change the subject in patented Paul fashion. Half dead I can still best you.

Don Bessee

The po' ol' pollhead is obviously not up on the big sharks. Trumps guy is the modern Roy Cohen. Sounds like po' ol' PE is trying to conflate Bill Cosby with the President like a typical fakenewsman. ;-)


Oh ohhh,,, a poll that may send Paul over the edge.


Bombshells or lady fingers, Paul? It's the latter if there really isn't a crime by Trump & Friends at the core.

I just hope you'll not be too disappointed when and if nothing happens according to your expectations.


Paul might have started drinking early today. No predicted "bombshell".
And it's already out that Comey isn't going to say what Paul wants to hear.

Todd Juvinall

My comment on the ridiculous Lynn Wenzel defense of Kathy Griffin.

"You sure have a low standard for public discourse. I though your candidate said "when they take the low road, we take the high road". And you defense of pedophilia is breathtaking. My goodness, free speech to you means porn in the face of our kids? No wonder the culture is so course with people that think and act like you suggest is just fine.

I feel bas for those that think like you. There are proper standards. I recall Bob Hope and his generation of comedians who never said a four letter word yet made us laugh. Now you and your ilk like to see a Presidents head on a pike and guffaw and call it protected speech. You are a sick puppy honey."

Bill Tozer

This is the story that could be/should be the biggest scandal of the century:



Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 June 2017 at 07:41 PM

This is just beginning. That's todays Bombshell guys. Tomorrow will be bigger.

Going to be a blast

So far....not so much.

Coats, Rogers Ruin Democrats' Narrative: "Never Felt Pressured To Do Anything Illegal"

"I have never been pressured, I have never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way with shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship to an ongoing investigation..."

I wouldn't sweat it though.....it's bound to get better any time now!



Here is something to brighten Paul's day. (since everything else has come back to bite him)

So Paul,, answer this. Just where is the 2/3ds vote going to come from to make that happen?
There is always this new idea.
Pelosi has a "new" strategy...." Reverse Nuclear option" she says it works like golf - low score wins!


In these stressful times a little diversion is sometimes a welcome respite......

How Bill Clinton Brought Back the 1911 Pistol


Paul Emery

Trump at an all time low in the RCP consensus polls -15.6 negative How low can he go?

Paul Emery




In Green Libertarian sports news:


It could be worse. I can imagine a 25 year old 15 year old transgender athlete showing up from the Middle East into Europe.

Don Bessee

Po' ol' pollhead @1147, he is still better than slick willy was at this point in his first term. ;-)


LOL... Ol' Paul can come up with is another worthless poll. Scrapping the bottom of the chamber pot just to say anything is called desperation.

It sure must suck to have your own "bombshell" blow up in your face.


Watching the fun and games, the LIBS got a taste of their own non answers.
But non took the 5TH like so many "O" and Co. grillees did.


One question for Paul.
So what if Trump asked for loyalty? Would you want to have someone around that would stab you in the back if given the chance?
I bet you would demand loyalty from your wife or boyfriend. Or maybe your pot connection who could rat you out to the cops.

Todd Juvinall

DonB, you are correct. Bill Clinton was worse at this point in his first term. And He won reelection! So PaulE needs to prepare himself for more self-flagellation.


It's looking like ladyfinger time with the Comey statement...


Here is some REAL obstruction for Paul to chew on.

Can't wait for those indictments.

Don Bessee

Looks like the fakenewsman has taken to the fainting couch after the release of Comey's statement today.

Then you pile on the ongoing decrease in solar activity further messing up the global warming narratives. A hard day for party line parrots. ;-)

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