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01 July 2017



I've been told that, in the not so old days, the Nevada County constabulary classes used to give the homeless a free ride to Auburn. I'm not sure what is more heartless... transporting the down and out to a bigger town down the road apiece or Reinette S's plan, supported by RLC, to house the houseless in oversized dog houses (or, possibly more accurately, oversized coffins) for shelter.

I see the little boxes made of ticky-tacky going up on Ridge between Hughes and Alta are to be priced from $400k and up... how much of that are "mitigations" paid up front to the City of GV and to the County of Nevada? How much of that are features demanded by the building department(s) involved that cost more than they are worth to homebuyers? In th good ol days, cities and towns would welcome homebuilders and not soak new homeowners with every imaginable fee and other not-paying-attention taxes that get the support of all existing homeowners whose property's value is pushed up by the cost of new construction.

I recall Scott Adams Dilbert once explained investing to Dogbert as "Basically, I give money to my stockbroker and then he buys nice things for his family". At the moment I give the County something in the vicinity of $3k every year and they buy nice things for their families and plan a cushy retirement. If the county can't also do some nice things for the homeless, perhaps the trip to Auburn and Reinette's St. Bernard sized shelters should be tried once more.

George Rebane

From a reader and correspondent I received the following short dissertation on 'A Libertarian Universal Basic Income' - worth reading especially by mid-road dwellers who won't see this in their usual 'literary fare'.


Homelessness is a Community Choice.

The growing problem of homelessness in Nevada County is suffering from the same problem as economic development. The Community cannot decide what it wants to be, what it's future goals are. Each of the tribes living in Nevada County has a different solution to the problem, and you cannot get to a satisfactory future when each tribe is following a different path to get there. Community issues are solvable when there is a consensus of how to solve a problem, and everyone is working on the goal.

Cannon was in the camera business, and they wanted to be in the copier business that was owned by Xerox. The Cannon leaders know they need to change the companies culture to challenge a world leader. The companies goal became clear - Beat Xerox. Everyone in the company had one goal, from the Janitors to CEO, and every pay grade in between. After the program launched everyone employed by Cannon knew how their tasks from washing the floors and cleaning the toilets to running Board Meetings would help Cannon become a world leader in laser copying and printing.

Some tribes claim that homelessness is a choice. Other tribes argue that choice is a myth. It is not a myth the community has a choice. Will the tribes choose to come together and solve the problem, or will they continue to blame neighboring tribes? RL Crabb is only presenting the views of two of the tribes, and worse yet he's distorting the opinion of what he calls the bunker tribe.

My prediction is that Nevada County will never solve the homeless problems, the same why they have not addressed the economic development issue. There is no consensus on the real issues or the potential solution.

Bill Tozer

Assault? No worries. Everything they do blows up in their faces or hands.. Just saw a couple digits go flying up like fireworks somewhere around Wet Hill. Looked like a thum and forefinger from here.

Homelessness is a national and global problem. If Nevada County can solve homelessness, then it will be the first community in California to do of Folsom Prison in these parts.. They solved hunger as well.

rl crabb

Some problems defy a satisfactory resolution, and I doubt homelessness will ever be totally eradicated. Even so, there are a few dedicated volunteers in our county who refuse to give in to that scenario. It just seems to me they could use a bit more support when you have people willing to do the heavy lifting.
I came here and asked what your answers were, and I only repeated your responses. Was it fair? Was there any context or nuance? No, it is after all, just a comic strip.
But that's how we've come to frame the debate nowadays. Without any middle ground, one side creates their own solution until the voters toss them out and the other side creates their solution and it doesn't solve the problem either.
Republicans are discovering that right now. After eight years of chest-thumping and braggadocio, they can't make health care cheap and available anymore than the Democrats could. Somebody's got to pay for it.

Don Bessee

Crabman- $13,400,000.00 +- is what is expended on homeless issues in Nevada County. That's the County number. The static population is 350 say the reports. That's a lot of cash. Is the problem too much overhead? ;-)

Todd Juvinall

DonB same for public transit. When I was on the Transportation Commission we did a inhouse study and determined for the cost of the system we could buy all the riders a car of their own and have money left over. But those buses are still going now. There is no stomach for ideas or solutions since the RL's will skewer those trying and so it goes.

Todd Juvinall

One last point. People and institutions like Crabb never solve anything for anuyone. All they do is carp. And then blame those trying to fix something. If a developer said he could fix the problem Crabb would attack him as a profit monger living on the backs of the homeless. That is why Americans have no use for the input by those charlatans.

Bill Tozer

Yo Crabbman
Yo Crabbman
Yo, Crabbman. I always cut you slack out of respect for Doc H. He once called me from Boulder right after he bought that condo and did the quick marriage thang. Anyway, he gave me a hits up and I figure if he came over to your place every Christmas and I just missed him by an hour or two in PV. and if his last hours were heading over to your place, well, I owe it to Doc H. forever to be nice to his good buddy.
Thus, I shall say to you, Mr. Crabbworm, you right about healthcare. Those freebies like kids on til 26 and laying the welcome mat out for those with pre-existing ain't free.
Who is going to pay? Why you are Mr. Woodworm, that's who! That sure is a pisser, ain't Earl. I can see why you and perhaps Boardman are so on edge. But, it sure helped your little lady out and that was great and probably was the only thing about Obamacare that worked, without going into the gigantic law of unintended consequences. It's on the death spiral.
Don't worry. Mr. Trump won't cart you off to the poor house. What, you are afraid you are going to die or something below Obamacare is repeal and replaced? Patience, Grasshopper.
Whoopie, we are all gonna die!


"Without any middle ground, one side creates their own solution "

The assumption here is that there's a linear continuum between two sets of solutions with something in the middle that actually works. I'd say it's more a side effect of the tendency to form up teams than it is anything else. People, especially people who have no experience in the matter, are filled with a million solutions to any problem, and the problem itself is all over the map.

In my personal experience, we've always had economic cycles and varying degrees of success for people at the bottom of the ladder. I think that the main difference on the street has been aggressive policing and the current lack of it. Whether that's fair or not is a different matter.

rl crabb

It was Thanksgiving, Tozer, not Christmas that my brother from a different mother would join us for our annual feast down memory lane. We were both liberal rednecks, sons of Nevada County, a place I'm still happy to occupy. I get plenty of flack from the left as well as the right these days for pointing out little inconsistencies like the radical nurses-gone-wild over the failure of their single payer bill. Showing a picture of a knife in the back of California and death threats to the Assembly speaker don't seem to carry the same weight as Kathy Griffin.
But that doesn't matter here in Bunkerville. I'm a traitor to the Great Cause of Trumpery for pointing out what a fuckwad this guy is. I don't apologize, and I'll shut up when I die, which you seem to be saying would be an improvement. Same to ya, buddy.
And Todd, did I not point to "developer" Chuck Durrett as someone who has offered to help out with the homeless question? Oh yeah, I did. Guess you're too busy obsessing over the deviancy of lesbians to notice.


The snarky and dismissive "There's no profit in it", supposedly the reason for you not getting answers here, is belied in the numbers cited by Bessee: $13.4 million a year to provide services for about 350 souls in Nevada County, or about $38k per homeless person. Let's accept that as true for discussion until more reliable numbers are thrown in the hat.

RL, follow the money. None of the folks here are experienced in spending so much and showing so little for it. If you showed some interest in reading rather than scribbling, Milton & Rose (she was also a noted economist) Friedman went through the calculations if the day in their book (not cartoon, words without pichers [sic]) "Free to Choose". If you'd rather not read, click here.

If you'd like to cut to the chase:

Tom Sowell might describe Nevada County's problem that the homeless here aren't getting much of the $38k that is being spent on their behalf

Todd Juvinall

rl crabb | 02 July 2017 at 07:41 AM

Oh please, you libs always tell us how "balanced" you are and it is a joke. You attack the right all the time and bnever have solutions for anything, just snark. Oh my you get some blowback and cry like a baby. Durrett is not a developer in the common sense of one. I am talking about men like Tony who did Morgan Ranch. Durrett is just a dreamer. Tony Medler was a doer on a large scale.

As far as obsseing over a lesbian, nope. Don't care. My point was why dsoes the community have to endure the weekly information about her sex life? And I gave you the definition of deviancy which simply means "different" from the norm. If anyone is obssesed it is you. Your constant snark and badgering is really as old as you are. If you want some "respect" then do something useful.


RL, 741am, that's President Fuckwad to you. He won, and the Russkies didn't elect him.

Let's recall what Bill Maher said:
“I know liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy [President George W. Bush] like he was the end of the world,” Maher told panelist David Frum, a former speechwriter for Bush. “He wasn’t.”

Maher continued: “And Mitt Romney, we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars, I was so afraid of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much, or yours. Or John McCain.”

“They were honorable men who we disagreed with. And we should have kept it that way. So we cried wolf. And that was wrong,” Maher said.

Keep whining about Trump, RL. Get it out of your system. There will be another election in 2020. Keep it up till Nov 2020 and it might be VP Pence running in 2024.


re: Homeless.

According to this,

250 is a good approximate value I think, plus the math is easier.

According to this,

"The County works in a myriad ways to prevent and address homelessness through direct funding, partnerships and contract services in three County departments: Housing, Behavioral Health and Social Services. The County averages about $8.5 million annually across these departments directly to individuals who are homeless or at risk of being homeless; to homeless non-profit programs and to other non-profit organizations."

It doesn't sound like the strictly homeless account for all of it, but it wouldn't surprise me if the total annual amount spent in the county was $10M. Mr Bessee's numbers don't sound half cocked.

$10,000,000 / 250 is what? $40K / yr?

Draw your own conclusions about where the money actually goes. It's probably not dissimilar to the local 'non-profit' environmental, economic/business, animal welfare, etc. groups. Nice work if you can get it. There's probably more grant writers than engineers in the area.

Bill Tozer

Earl @ 7:41 am.

Oh Crabbman, I don't ever want to shut you up or outlive ya, with or without paying my respects to Doc H for a headups worth its wright in gold when I was between a rock and a hard place. I have been misunderstood!! No one understands me!! Sob, sob. Only myself to blame, no doubt.

I meant if Doc H loved you and your bride, then that tells me there are parts of you that are probably good all in all. :). There, a smiley face. I even agreed that Obamacare and different versions of Senatecare is going to be one big cluster. Impossible, IMHO, to insure everybody for less. And everybody is going to have to pay and nobody is going to save $2,500/year on premiums. It is going to cost a bundle and not be self supporting, just like Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income (the name of Social Security). A floor, a safety net, no bells and whistles. Health insurance is not the same as health care.

It has to be over 25 years since I drove a poor broke woman down to Marysville or Sacramento or maybe Yuba City to take her to see a specialist. She was on Medicaid in GV. Had some muscle/nerve problems in her forearm and couldn't grip her fingers in one hand. Her walking stick/ cane hand. She did what all of us who paid cash (me) or was on Medicaid did at the time. Go to the Miner's Clinic and go see Dr. Dawkins or Steve Starr the nurse practioneer. Or maybe she had that one Doc near the hospital that took Medicaid, can't remember and don't matter to the point.
What's my point?? She had to wait 4 months just to get an appointment with the closest specialist that took CA Medicaid and it was out of town and the appointment was just to have the Doc give her an appointment and see her. But, that appointment was not for fixing the problem. That appointment was just for Show and Tell. The specialist agreed she needed something done and she was scheduled another appointment to come back for the 6 months!!!

That was 25-30 years ago when CA's bank was flush and more people working and less folks on welfare. Have no idea if things have changed, with Medicaid since, but I reckon not. I sat in my doctor's office in North Auburn after Obamacare's first open enrollment came out. The receptionist was flooded with calls. People frantically searching for a Doc that took Obamacare AND who was taking new patients. I could overhear the nice gal on the phone urging callers from West Sac and Antelope to try to find a closer Doc to their homes and my Doc was booked and taking only a limited number of new patients. That is all I know about Obamacare, save to add that my Doc stopped taking any Obamacare patients after a few months cause the reimbursements were too low, the paperwork was so darn time consuming, and he almost lost his shingle above the door because his fees where not paid in a timely matter. He had to stay afloat for months out of his savings waiting to be reimbursed,....after he hired additional staff to handle the extra caseload of paperwork.

So, looks like longer wait times, less doctors, and adding more patients. Something has to give and it will be quality healthcare. They call it rationing.

Fish said it best when Obamacare rolled out, using the Eagles' Hotel California" song. "Welcome to the Hotel California.....but you can never leave." Or, everybody in, nobody out.

Boy, you have been grumpy lately. What, too many homeless folks hanging out in the creek behind the garage?
Obamacare or Republicancare is one humongous mega complex problem with many moving parts. Best to go slow and get it right..or improved at a minimum. But, we can't go slow. Obamacare is unraveling in many states outside of CA as you read this. Time is of the essence and not a luxury we can afford. Holy crap. Guess you and millions of others are hoping to turn 65 and get on Medicare. That will help our respected grey headed immensely and spare the poor suffering soul from that healthcare abortion known as Obamacare or Medicaid.

As Gomer Pyle's momma said, "Haste makes waste." YouCrabbman, you are turning into an angry old white rural dude, which makes you the enemy to the Alt-Left. Go figure. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile, Mr. Wormwood. Just gotta make it to 65.

As far as the homeless problem in the creek, consider the wolf. Do not mistake his silence for weakness or not caring. Punchy comes over and takes our silence as agreeing with something or not repudiating something. You apparently think our silence as uncaring, mean spirited, or just not worthy of sounding the alarm. Consider the wolf.

George Rebane

I sure hope that by now Bob has disabused himself of the 'bunker mentality' characterization of how issues are discussed here. Were he of a mind, he would jump into the rich discussion of the Nevada County homeless problem evinced in the above thread. He can do so nowhere else, or he can just ignore us and take another shot across our bow later.

Don Bessee

I dug up the briefing slides from the Board of Supervisors 1/20/17 planning meeting. Slide 23 outlined costs of homelessness by category. I was off a bit but the total is 13.21 mill not 13.4. Here is the breakout;
Financial and food assistance- 7.46m
housing assistance- 3.2m
mental health/substance abuse 1.38m
case management/outreach .56m
temp housing .43m
emergency shelter .18m


Fish said it best when Obamacare rolled out, using the Eagles' Hotel California" song. "Welcome to the Hotel California.....but you can never leave." Or, everybody in, nobody out.

This may be (or maybe not) a minor correction William.......the "everybody in, nobody out" was young Ben Emerys solution to the healthcare issue! All in to Medicare! In that, everybody would pay (into a system scheduled to go broke in about 18 years give or take) and everybody would be seen (no mention about what this would do to the scheduling dynamic or resource consumption profile of the system) no questions asked and receive every last procedure necessary to restore that person to the very picture of health.

Nevertheless I'm sure that Ben had all the details worked out. He probably thought it best to not burden the discussion at the time with the minutia of his healthcare plan!


So basically we could just cut a check for $3k or so for every homeless person every month. Some factotum making $36k/yr at the county could do the bookkeeping and mailing of the checks.

I mean, what could go wrong?

Don Bessee

If you throw in the new homeless coordinators 150k + you get 13.36m, round up to 13.4mill. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

PAul Emery?
Paul Emery?
Paul Emery?

Since you are obsessed still about polls, I found this on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It might convince some that polls could be skewed. Have fun.


"He probably thought it best to not burden the discussion at the time with the minutia of his healthcare plan!"

Rather like The Paul's '3k-deductible-and-go-to-Yubadocs-for-the-small-stuff' plan, as if those don't exist already.

Any health insurance plan (which isn't healthcare, of course) that doesn't *start* with how it's paid for and how it proposes to drop costs is not one I'll spend a ms of time on. If you start with what's free, then you might as well stick the thing directly into a shredder.


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 02 July 2017 at 12:50 PM

Well he just seemed so pleased with himself at the time........


re: Don Bessee@12:44PM

and I thought you were kidding.

R1. The County should complete the selection of a Housing Resource Manager to
coordinate efforts to provide housing and services for homeless people in the County.

R2. The Housing Resource Manager should be given the task of working with all
stakeholders in finding ways to allow for the creation of more affordable housing in the

R3. The Housing Resource Manager should be given the task of working with all
stakeholders to provide a seamless delivery of services to homeless people.

lol. They're always paying the wrong people in this world (h/t to Dexter Gordon).

Todd Juvinall

You all should watch that video. And see Maddow's long face at the end. Priceless!


re: TJ@12:56PM


re: TJ's video.

Thanks for posting that. Like one respondent said, 'This has aged like fine wine'.

Music begins @ 00:18

rl crabb

Please excuse my delayed response. I have this thing called "a life" that sometimes pulls me away from the keyboard. (And I do not have a cell phone. You know those things are slowly eating our brains, and then the empty cavity is filled with govmint chemtrails and poison NID water.)
Yeah, I am an angry old white asshole. When fate sticks you with a moniker like Crabb, what you gonna do?) And why not. I've been riding this political merry-go-round for 40-odd years. Politics is supposed to solve problems and settle disputes to ensure the well being of the E pluribus unum, but it just spins faster and more and more riders are opting to jump off. It's tempting.
And then there's all that wasted homeless money. It's scandalous, I know, so why isn't there more effort to fix it? Why not try something new? Is it the fear that we'll just create a homeless ghetto? The woods around town are there already. (No, there isn't any camp behind Crabb Hollow. There's a wall of blackberries that that I can barely keep at bay with modern technology. The primitive tools of the homeless would be overwhelmed in minutes.)
And I know it's a crap shoot trying to help those who, for whatever reason, have ended up on the streets. I just saw a post by beloved western author Chris Enns, who attempted to rehabilitate a young couple and now regrets it. Some are just predators, looking for an easy mark.
And I have some experience with the problem. Some years back I took in an old friend who had fallen on hard times. I was kind of surprised when he showed up with a buddy in tow, but I took them both in and fed and housed them for six months. It was a burden, considering my income, but it was the right thing to do and both of them reimbursed me later on. Sometimes it does work.
Despite the theory that if the GOP economy will fuel enough jobs to gainfully employ all the dwelling-challenged, it doesn't answer the mental illness that is the heart of the problem. When I read the daily police blotter, it's apparent that there are a lot of lost marbles rolling around the streets and backroads of Nevada County. You know as well as I do that "jobs" is not going to fix it.
And Greg, having you accuse me of snarkiness is truly laughable. You have the thinnest skin in three counties, and it's a pleasure to not have to constantly monitor your ongoing arguments with Misters Frisch and Peterson. I don't mind the dead air on my blog, since most of my dialogues are on Facebook these days. It's a much more diverse audience, and there are lots of photos of cute kittens.

Todd Juvinall

So you have no solutions I see. As long as the Constitution allows the mentally ill the right to decide their own fate we will never get this fixed. So we try to fiox those things we think we can. Like build themn a small doghouse. People have the "right" to be homeless. And the "right" to be a cartoonist. But we citizens cannot force them, either one, into a instituion for their own good.

So somehow I suppose we need to have some laws change and then take that 13 million we spend here in our little county for the hoemless programs and force the issus. But it must not be that important as far as I see society's desire to faix it. Maybe it doesn't need fixing? Maybe this is the new "normal"? Maybe there are always going to be these people and we must adjust our lives. So being empathetic might not work.


RL, yes, your echo chamber has no dissenting voices now that Frisch, mandersonation and Chris Hodgkinson can speak their mind without a single discouraging word challenging them. Peace is at hand in Crabbville. Nice pivot away from the issue of the particular snark in question, your cheap parting shot in the above 'toon, "There's no profit in it". Not only snarky but an entirely false take away from the arguments of anyone here, whether libertarian or conservative.

The profit is entirely in the Rude Center approaches. Hire a small army of well paid county professionals to supervise how the money is spent to house the houseless and write reports that detail how their budgets are inadequate to house all the houseless. The problem the local houseless have is that a small fraction of the $38k that is being spent per year on their behalf actually get turned into stuff the houseless need and what does get done is take away their ability to choose. They are treated like children and we shouldn't be surprised when some start acting like children.

In other words, RL, you turned your other blind eye and tin ear to what is being said to you.

Now, part of the problem is that there are many on the Right that demand the poor be treated like children, be closely monitored and be made to squirm for every dollar spent on their behalf. Thus bitching at the $38k being spent to house the houseless and ensuring little of that money will ever go towards providing services.

Now, to see what the County can do to pay the pensions of all the folks retiring with the expectation the County honey pot continues to provide until their dirt nap starts.

George Rebane

ToddJ (845am) reprises the important clog in looking for a fiscally feasible solution to the homeless whose numbers are made up of people ranging from mentally ill through the not-so-smart to the just plain old-fashioned bums. There is no reasonable solution to the ‘homeless problem’ as long as we insist on treating the demonstrably dysfunctional members of society as if they were normally capable people who just chose that lifestyle, and then insist on providing them the wherewithal for a normal quality of life. A reasonable approach would be to collect the dysfunctional and care for them as wards of the state, with the proviso that they could be released on their own recognizance with a minimal demonstration that they would not return to the streets.

Back in 1972 we all empathized with the homeless, and passed the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (q.v.) in California to keep the mentally ill out of mental health institutions. Little did we know the subsequent collateral damage that that feel-good law would do. Today the feel-gooders have no clue on fixing the problem other than use it as another political cudgel against Right. And there’s plenty of profit in that.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR at 1039

Yes I agree the problem is not solvable. I recall there was a problem in a SAT test about salesmen's best routes in the country or some such. No solution to that problem.

As long as the law says that each homeless person has the right to be homeless, regardless of reasons we will deal with this. Hopefully, the liberals in our community like Crabb will have some empathy and compassion and take these folks under their wing. And supply them with their other needs. We tried to fix it many times but the left needs foils for this problem they created and up till now as you said, they have pinned it on the right.


"As long as the law says that each homeless person has the right to be homeless, regardless of reasons we will deal with this. "

My own feeling is that local police have a tremendous amount of latitude in how they deal with street people. The limiting factor will tend to be activists with signs defending some group's right to be a PITA.

In a macro sense, it just strikes me as a natural side effect of the modern diversity religion. The force that a community can bring to bear via habits or shame has been diminished, leaving explicit law enforcement as the only mechanism useful to get people to behave. If there's no aggressive law enforcement, know the rest of the story.

Now, if we could just build hand-pulled gypsy wagons, that might solve everything. I'll get on that after 5G is defeated.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Crabb:
Best be careful. After they come for me, they will set their sights on you.

Well, you did call yourself a white anal cavitity, did you not? :). This Idenity Politics just does not jive with the melting pot Ideal.

Bill Tozer

A very real cause of homelessness is unemployment due to social media.

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