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19 July 2017


Paul Emery

To the best of my knowledge there were 45 states that refused to turn over folder information Another Trump flop

Paul Emery

Sp-voter information


Golly, Punchy, didn't look very hard, did you?
"States bristled but at least 30 will give personal voter data to Trump"

Yesterday's Sac Bee

Also, Paul, your breathless proclamation of an historic low for Trump's approval... 42%. No, it wasn't unprecedented... it was the same low that was made last March or April. The same bloody graph.

Actually checking before you type... not your style, is it?


re: Gregory @2:43AM in the morning

Perhaps he is just going for the higher estimate based on states not giving 100% of some list to the feds, usually because they don't have that data tied to voter registration, or that it's specifically against state law to release some data or the other. Tailoring the request to the peculiarities of each state would be a bit of a hassle.

Of course, the higher number makes for a better story and as usual becomes the game of Telephone that results in ridiculous stories. The more exotic the claim, the more the Trumphate Army will wear out their special pillow while thinking of the good they've done for The People.

In terms of the Norm Saeur story above, California was always going to be the flash point as a state that desires to make it's own immigration law. The Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy appears to be well in place, and the more Dry Feet you get, the inertia increases. Regardless of the environmental effect, downward pressure on wages, or displacement of cultures, the party is never big enough.

Bill Tozer

Well, Dr. Rebane has patiently watched us circle the wagon on Voer ID, but I will go there on last time, expecting different results of course.


The truth is the Left wants illegals and the dearly departed free access to the ballot box. They care little for the sanctity of the voting process nor the rule of law. They actually believe that we are not a nation of laws, but a nation of feelings ruled by men and the other genders. All disguised and wrapped up all pretty like in the misguided box called compassion. Come on in all ye who are forbidden to cast a ballot, the water is warm. You will only be violating not one, but two Federal laws. Three if you count that have no permission to be here in the first place, four if they have obtained a fraudulent ID to vote, five if they assumed another's Social Security number, six if they......


Bottomline for our fakie fakie newsman donning his ever so nasty pussy hat:


Peter Van Ant

Two thoughts: If the Russians want to hack into the voting rolls why give them one big data base in DC. Safer to have them distributed. To my knowledge mail ballots are sent only to registered voters.


@ Van Ant
The postal guy didn't say a word.

Don Bessee

Why would they need to hack them @936, you can buy discs from every state if you want to? ;-)

Todd Juvinall

The only thing I see that I have a problem with is the SSN. If that got hacked it would be a mess. But it is the law that the rolls are something we can purchase for political reasons.


re: Don Bessee@11:02AM


Here's a thing to keep in mind though.



"The only thing I see that I have a problem with is the SSN."

I think the horse is out of the gate on that one. I expect that I could buy SSNs a thousand at a time for a few Bitcoins.

In other news:


No doubt the local Green Libertarians are all for shipping guns to beheading specialists.


Our pet LIBS say there is no voter fraud.
Here is a list of convictions.
http://thf-legal.s3.amazonaws.com/VoterFraudCases.pdf about 20 of which are here in Ca.

At least the ACLU got shown the door. They must LIKE voter fraud.

I say the Left has plenty to hide.

Bill Tozer

Norm Sauer said it well. Just mention voter fraud and Punchy and the rest of the asswipe Lefties get instantly hyper-defensive and demand proof and links and say it's all bull pucky and they run around all upset like some hot button just got pushed. Very odd. Can't even bring up the subject without them racing to bust open the fire box and pull the alarm. Then they get all happy and calm down, realizing they dodged another bullet. No proof! "Maui Wowie, that was close."

Oh yeah, back to Norm Sauer's words. He put it a different way: He called it denial. Denial and refusal to be transparent. Add hanky panky. Why mess up the only good thing the Dems have going for them besides Auntie Maxine?

"There is no good way to guarantee voter integrity without pristine voter rolls. And the Democrats continued denial of voter fraud, refusal to be transparent, and their questionable manipulation of our voting laws will only perpetuate dirty voter rolls and undermine the integrity of the vote of each of us who are lawful citizens.

For me, this is unacceptable, and it should be for you, too."

Bill Tozer

From today's The Union: Hits and Misses (July 20).

"MISS: To complaining about "rampant" voter fraud without showing evidence of any"

Hmmm. See what I mean? As predictable as the sun rising in the East.

Paul Emery

I'm amazed that this crew trusts the Federal government with all the voter information they will have access to. I thought they were into States rights. What a laugh.


Paul. It depends on just "who" the FEDS are at a given point in time.
You are more than happy with "the FEDS" running your health care, yet bitch about such a little thing as your voting info? The FEDS can't ruin your life looking at your vote preference, like they can with your medical info.
You have a warped sense of priorities.


re: The Paul@1:09PM

I take it that you have no interest in federal intervention in state elections, the Voting Rights Act for one thing. How long have you hated minorities?

As a practical matter, you can argue that the feds should worry about national elections and specifically listed items, like enforcement of national boundaries. I don't doubt that legally, states could cook up any way they like to issue Electoral College votes, however.

States, OTOH, seem better suited to me to all those things the federal government wasn't set up to deal with...like health insurance for everyone.

So far as I can tell, Green Libertarians are in favor of pushing private matters to the state, state matters to the feds, and federal matters to international institutions. It's for the good of The People, don't you know.

Back to your research, Poll King.

Todd Juvinall

Walt | 20 July 2017 at 01:23 PM

Good smack down. The Feds can get all the info by going to each county if they want. The on;y state I heard that deos not do a registration is North Dakota. Bit Paul Emery wants to turn or has turned over his body to the Feds yet won't let them see he is a registered voter. Maybe he isn't as I still can't seem to locate a Paul EWmry on the rolls.


Well,, that should be it for Paul the rest of the day. He usually heads to his safe space after getting chewed up and spit out when he gets cought making stupid statements.

Paul Emery

Todd send me your email and I'll forward you a screen shot. I won't post it on this blog. Simple. I already gave you my email address but you didn't respond.

Don Bessee

When he gets caught making stupid statements.' Walt are there any other kind of po' ol' fakenewsman statements?

The fakenewsman is ignorant (willfully?) of the amount of data that is readily available to the feds much less the data miners. If he ever saw what is for sale from political consultants his hand would be a claw permanently stuck in pearl clutching mode. ;-)

Norm Sauer


Judicial Watch, of which I am a member, is an organization dedicated to government transparency. Tom Fitton, its president, had a panel on the issue of voter fraud on July 7. The discussion by very knowledgeable panel members is worthy of perusal. My article was based largely on their knowledge which led to further research and checking for verification.

See: www.judicialwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Transcript-2017-Voter-Fraud-Crisis-Panel.pdf

Voter fraud is an issue all Americans should be concerned with, on both sides of the aisle. Do you Paul remember the Democrat IOWA caucus where voter ties between Hillary and Bernie required six flips of the coin, and Hillary won all six!!! If you were a Bernie supported you should be concerned. Actually, any Democrat should be concerned. I wasn't nor could i ever be again a Democrat, but I thought it stunk to high heaven. Later email releases by Wiki-pedia showed the "fix" was in for Hillary, too.

So, Paul and other Dems. You may gloat in California because all is going your way. But, is this the world you really wish for yourselves and all Americans? Where everything is prearranged and crooked?


NORM!... Glad to see ya' make it.


"So, Paul and other Dems. You may gloat in California because all is going your way. But, is this the world you really wish for yourselves and all Americans? Where everything is prearranged and crooked?"

lol. Is that a serious question? The world is at stake, dammit!

Bill Tozer

Never get tired of being on the winning side of an issue. Yep, I trust Putin more than the CA Dems everyday of the week.


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