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08 July 2017



This is a good read.

But get a load of this.
"You probably won’t quit.

The quit rate for Federal employees is currently running around one-half of one percent (0.5%), which is still below pre-recession rates of 0.6 – 0.7%. Even if the quit rate for Feds doubled to 1%, that would be less than half the current rate for the private sector (2.4%).

You worry about pay, but the Congressional Budget Office found that unless you have a PhD or professional degree, you are making the same or more money than in private industry, so unless private sector wages increase dramatically, looking for a new, higher-paying job is a non-starter. "

Since when shout gov. workers make more than the private world?


Really isn't this just the Times version of "Bum Fights"....where you take some Sterno addled homeless guy/gal and set hm loose while recording the shenanigans!?

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has decided to take “the gloves off” to encourage others to see President Trump's the way she does, the House Democrat said in a New York Times profile published on Friday.

George Rebane

Walt 1213pm - Since their votes are continually bought and paid for by the Dems (politicians and bureaucrats). But then again, you knew that Mr Branson.


re: Maxine Waters

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Where to start? Maxine lives in a 4.3 million dollar pad in a neighborhood that is 6% black within her district.

Ok, this memes war.

How about one from our liberal neighbors in the land of the frozen tundra:

I will show restraint and keep my powder dry. No use kicking a dead mule or jackass.



Some thoughts on "that government really is the employer of last resort." One sunny afternoon in the Safeway Parking Lot in Grass Valley I was engaged in conversation with the lady who was running the Small Business Development Agency about 15 years ago. I was complaining about the slow response from local government agencies in dealing with economic development issues. "Russell, your expectations are just too high," she said. "Just what were you expecting, these are not the brightest Nevada County has." She continues in a motherly voice, "Our best and brightest A students go to the best Universities their parents can afford and never returns. B students go to State Colleges on student loans and never return. C students work in family business or get a job with someone they know. The D and F students get government jobs." Rolling her eyes as she continues on her way, she offered this advice over her shoulder," Russ, cut'em some slack -- lower your expectations."

Government response came up in a conversation more recently on the Bocce Ball Court with a retired state lawyer. He said, "the bottom third of my Law School graduating class took government jobs rather than take the Bar Exam."

I guess it is our high expectations that are the cause of our frustration, not the level of government performance. They are doing the best they can with their limited skill sets, and we are expected to cut them some slack.

Bill Tozer

Russ @ 1:47 pm

Rolling her eyes as she continues on her way, she offered this advice over her shoulder," Russ, cut'em some slack -- lower your expectations."


John Kasich is turning into a progressive RINO.

Turning into!?

C'mon republicans run Kasich.....I'll vote for whomever runs against, socialist, communist, Satanist whomever!

You can't tolerate turncoats in your camp!

Todd Juvinall

Pruitt at the EPA is one shrewd dude. Getting rid of the dead weight and the "overseers" is paying dividends already. And I hope he does what GWB did when he finally wrestled control of somne of the departments. They were in lawsuits and he had his people settle them against the government. We learne that wih Clinton. A eco group would sue the BLM and Clinton would stipulate for a eco victory. Sly. Maybe Pruitt will do that.

I usede to like Jascig=h but he became a RINO to get elected in Ohio. My guess is he may be missing the point of why his state went Trump. And to his own demise.

Bill Tozer

Dr Rebane wrote

"Were it possible for progressives to be embarrassed by such shows of intellectual acumen, then perhaps they might even reexamine what union dominated government schools have (not) been teaching our youth for almost two generations."

Well said, sir. Time to do some back to schooling.
1) Schooling:

2) Schooling:
You go girl. I gleam so much from my favorite older feminists that believe absolutely 100% in using their brains for thinking, no matter what.....or what the "new feminist" repercussions are. Money quotes...or pick your own.

A 1950s-60s liberal, she contrasted the exalted civil liberties, individualism and dissident thought and speech of that time with what she termed the “grotesquely mechanistic and authoritarian” nature of liberalism today. “It is repressively Stalinist, dependent on a labyrinthine, parasitic bureaucracy to enforce its empty dictates,” she said.

She called attention to American leftists’ interesting contradictory views of science. When it comes to their acceptance of climate change theory, science is just fine, although Paglia described it as “a sentimental myth unsupported by evidence.” Where transgenderism is concerned, however, leftists “flee all reference to biology when it comes to gender.”

“The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible,” Paglia stated. “Every single cell of the human body remains coded with one’s birth gender for life. Intersex ambiguities can occur, but they are developmental anomalies that represent a tiny proportion of all human births.”


Gotta love the NYT.

Bill Tozer

Good news from the NYT. :). Happy feet dance!


High stakes diplomacy.

Todd Juvinall

I saw this on FB this morning. If true it appears the San Francisco voters have even had enough of this guy. Maybe there is some common sense in the big city?

Steve Frisch

Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 09 July 2017 at 08:42 AM

The article is from November of 2015

Vicki Hennessy is currently the Sheriff of San Francisco County.

George Rebane

ToddJ 842am - SteveF's 941am correctly disputes your hopeful assessment that SF has advanced in common sense. It is interesting that for ideologues who promote overall collectivism, they do have the ability to unblinkingly support the violation of fundamental federal laws having to do with its constitutional mandate to secure the country, a function that begins with securing borders and evicting illegal aliens. And at the same time these same people argue against any dissolution of the central leviathan, and yet have no problem supporting policies embracing illegals whose sentiments and very presence promote such dissolution. The ongoing wonders of the liberal mind.

Todd Juvinall

SF values are rolling across most of California to the chagrin of rational people. The Sheriff was booted and it appears the new one is preaching mostly the same "sanctuary city" stuff. Oh well.

Bill Tozer

@ 9:59 am
"The ongoing wonders of the liberal mind"

I have no problem with this. It's a statement that America is back leading again and I ain't talking about leading from behind. Only the liberal mind could possibly have a problem with this.


Gotta love art projects:

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 12:42 pm

Gotta love the rich irony. Like a roofer, the joke is over their heads.

Scott Obermuller

re today's update - The amusing thing is the scenario about the frightening future in America under this 'secret' conservative regime is actual reality now in our country's largest, socialist run cities.
A lot of what she predicts will become true no matter who is running the country. What she will not talk about nor even contemplate are the proven complete failures of govt redistribution of wealth. Our leftist friends carp continually about the unequal outcomes in a free market system, but will never acknowledge the fact that areas in the US that have the greatest amount of inequality (and are the most violent) are the areas run by the left.

George Rebane

ScottO 525pm - You nailed it. The ongoing exemplar of the Left's hypocracy is extreme liberal Marin County's desperate efforts to stop 'affordable housing' enforcement in a county that is 97% white and totally discriminatory toward blacks. Their rep in Sacramento is having a hard time presenting arguments for a bill that would exempt Marin County from doing its mandated share to build affordable housing. They are having a hell of time tiptoeing around arguments about 'environmental degradation', 'increasing crime', and 'changing the culture of the county' without blowing their cover and showing their true colors. Of course, none of the lamestream is covering this, but at least for some of us it is a delicious experience to see the progressivse writhe in yet one more of their obvious and odious hypocrisies.

Bill the Tozer

This is a great time to remind the readers that Nancy Pelosi's congressional district is exempt from The Endangered Species Act. To be more precise, the water coming out of Hetch Hetchy that supplies agua to Nancy's District is not diverted to feed the little smelt as all other rivers from the watershed in Northern California are required by law. She done got a waiver from the laws and rules of the land that we little people have to abide by.


Look what jumps out to bite Comey in the ass.
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Mary Wanna

Baby neocons are blaming Obama because
Trump couldn't find a room for the G20.
But of course it was not because only 9 positions of 124 have been filled at the State department.
Welcome to the Idiocracy.

Don Bessee

And yet they get more done than 0 ever did @ 855. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:09 pm.

Yep, and don't be surprised when indictments are handed down on Hillary, The Clinton Foundation, Eric Holder, and a cast of seedy characters. They are bad people. Very bad people. Trump don't like bad people.

Wanna @ 8:55 pm

Paul Emery

Trump got a thorough slap back from Lindsy Graham for his pathetic overature tp Putin that they work together to police cyber interference in politics,

“Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe,” he said following their talks at the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

"On “Meet The Press” Sunday morning, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) called the plan “not the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, but it’s pretty close.” Graham slammed the president for “forgiving and forgetting” Russian tampering in last year’s election, and said the move only increased suspicion of the Trump administration.

“The more he talks about this in terms of not being sure, the more he throws our intelligence communities under the bus, the more he’s willing to forgive and forget Putin, the more suspicion,” Graham continued. “And I think it’s going to dog his presidency until he breaks this cycle.”

Don Bessee

Haven't we already heard the po' ol' fakenewsman resorting to the two old muppets in the balcony yelling fire and where's my Metamucil? McCain and Graham are a washed up vaudeville act that was never funny to start with.

De ja vue all over again there our little druid. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Mr. Bessee:


re: DNC files. Make of it what you will.

Todd Juvinall

Ke;;yAnne Conway was "interviewed" by a dude from CNN on Trump's son's meeting last summer with a gal from Russia. The CNN dude was grilling her like she was on the stand. She kicked his ass. CNN is not credible.


nothing to do with Trump and Russian and polls.

An interesting ongoing issue that is going to grow:

Dunno how much longer there will actually be 'knobs' for programmers to tweak given how an AI might grow itself. It'll be interesting to hear about profiling and bias vs. AI's over time.


...and finally,

Dammit, I want to get paid to write papers like this.

Todd Juvinall

I think the G-20 was a huge success for America. Trump stood his ground with the hoaxster on global warming for one thing. I have never seen such hysteria by government officials and eco-nuts since watching "The World at War" series number one. All those people are mesmerized by the hoax like the Germans were with AH. Amazing. Never thought I would see that in America and Europe. Maybe the Europeans have a self destruct gene?

George Rebane

Scenes 807am - Bayesian prediction is based on a solid footing of correct discrimination that is politically banned as 'profiling'. Profiling works, and lives are saved daily using profiling in both medicine and law enforcement.

"heteronormativity" !!??

[later] Well, I looked it up and found out that I subscribe to most of heteronormativity. To get a snootfull go to -

Bill Tozer

More from the National Liberal Mind at Work....

George Rebane

Scenes 807am - thanks for the link. It read like many of the papers in the technical literature over the years. All of it corroborates the planks of the Rebane Doctrine described herein over the years. Yes, Bayesian inference works superbly; yes, it discriminates; yes, it develops and uses profiling; and yes, it is opposed by all the usual liberal suspects who existentially don't give a shit for black lives, and only use it for what political benefit they can derive from stoking the fires of racial divisions in our country.

So for all of our leftwing readers, the reality is that when you throw a mountain of crimes data from an urban (or any) region at a deep learning algo, you will get out a crime prediction system that exhibits all the political incorrectness progressives have brought into our culture, but you will get a system that works - saving both lives and money. For a broader understanding of why it works, I again refer you to Nicholas Wade's 'A Troublesome Inheritance'.


Before the next "poll update", take it with less than a grain of salt.

Paul Emery

Don B

the Senate recently passed SB 232 which would impose sanctions on Russia. It passed 92-2. What is your view on this bill which is now in the house. Here's a link.




Love it. The FEDS want voter info, and the LIBS go nuts.
Yet when the LIBS ask(demand) employment records, ,,,, yaaa,, usual response.
"The heads of six caucuses in the California Legislature are asking lobbying firms to provide them with demographic data – including race, ethnicity, gender and openly gay or lesbian orientation – on their employees."

Paul Emery

Walt 10:27 AM

Rasmussen is their shining alternative to the Liberal bias polls but guess what?

Rasmussen still has Trump down by 10.


A blast from the past.

Gotta love these guys.


...and before I go. A bonus photo feature.

Don Bessee

Speaking of govt employees, as was expected Hillary Hodge just announced for supervisor. ;-)

George Rebane

DonB 329pm - Really?!! You mean my reported rumor about that in my 5jun17 230pm comment was a genuine scooplet? Wow ;-)

Steve Frisch

I think the Governor just bought himself a bunch of Republicans in the California Senate and Assembly, but will you guys stick with them :)

Don Bessee

Si Dr R, you did @ 536. ;-)


Concerning the latest non-story.


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 10 July 2017 at 08:46 PM

I think the Governor just bought himself a bunch of Republicans in the California Senate and Assembly, but will you guys stick with them :)

Brown, who has traveled the world evangelizing about the perils of climate change, last week invited global leaders to a San Francisco conference on the subject next fall. He’s argued alongside industry groups that cap-and-trade’s market approach was the most prudent, cost-effective way to meet the state’s aggressive targets.

Lets be honest….old Jerry is senile….and there really aren't republicans in the California legislature any longer. Democrats and Democrats-lite.

Read more here:

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