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16 August 2017


Bill Tozer

Come y'all, gather around the campfire. Come and let me tell you a story about a man named Jed, poor Mountaineer barely kept his family feed.....just kidding. This one is on topic...or on thread?

Many moons ago, in a place far away, I couldn't sleep where a creek and a river met. The place was called Hangman's Tree. No amonrt of booze or elephant tranquilizer or hadhish could help me sleep. Spooky. Come to find out some things. The US Army once came on a peaceful exploring the countryside mission. What's over the next mountain sort of thing. The Natives asked an obvious question. "If you come in peace,why are you bringing cannons? Hmmmm?"
Well, things went downhill from there and soon the battle lines were drawn. Holy Firewater!, the Natives darn near pulled off a Little Big Horn, but smaller in numbers on both sides. One soldier escaped, otherwise it would have been no soldiers survived.
Word got back to the US Calvary, and the General came a'knocking. One sided bloodbath. Lines up 46 braves of fighting age, pulled aside 23 Savages (every other one) and done hung them on the spot....at Hangman's Tree. The blood spilled on the ground cries out loud for emy people. That is why I could not sleep or rest in Hangman Tree Park that night.

To this day, when I see Fremont, CA on a map or hear anything about Fremont, I think of Hangmans Tree.....far away. Let's change the name of Fremont, CA and erase the memory of that man forever. The bastard's name was John Fremont, hopefully never to be uttered again.

George Rebane

Re SteveF 309pm – If this stupid exchange were not humorous, I wouldn’t have the energy to pursue it. Frisch’s undies got in a bundle when I used ‘Dark Continent’ in place of Africa in a KVMR commentary of six years ago. The man went ballistic with his astute intepretations of knowing what I was really thinking and what I meant by the alternative use of that classical label. Here’s the entire commentary, see if you can feel his outrage.

In its comment thread I responded to his hysterics with the following -

I'm happy to have highly respected friends who know that the two semantic pedigrees of 'Dark Continent' as a nom de plume for Africa have no racial connotations whatsoever. They also know that there is no formal jurisdiction in LA County known as 'South LA', a large region of the LA basin that is generally comprised of poorer municipalities of populations that are highly diverse ethnically and racially. … None of them are so ignorant as to patch these two labels together from two separate sentences and ascribe them to a pejorative connotation of African-Americans. However, this is a claim that not all can make of their respected friends.

Now you can see the deep substance that underlies the gratuitous connections attempted by the Left.


"two semantic pedigrees of 'Dark Continent'"

I only think of it as an unexplored and unknown place.

You are cheating him of his outrage, though. Keep in mind that in Newspeak any word implying a color has racial connotation. It's doubleplus important to keep that straight.

And for God's sake, don't say 'niggardly'.

George Rebane

Scenes 415pm - Good counsel Mr Scenes, thank you.

SteveF 309pm - I failed to mention in my 405pm that I am very happy to see Mr Frisch again joining our other leftwing cohorts to joust on these pages. His occasional forays here are always informative, illuminating, and welcome. Without explicit and readily available examples of the progressive mindset, that those of us on Right (actually conservetarian) are engaging out there in the lamestream media and leftwing blogs, these exchanges would remain more abstract and cumbersome if we had to constantly reference distant voices from the Left. Mr Frisch's attendance serves to greatly alleviate that. Again, welcome!


Uh Oh....not even the Great Emancipator escapes the wrath of the vanguard......

Alderman says Lincoln bust in West Englewood burned



Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 17 August 2017 at 04:15 PM

And for God's sake, don't say 'niggardly'.

I love it when you play the "Oldies"!


Now that didn't take long,,,

The Secret Service is on the case. May she be frog walked in chains.


Posted by: Walt | 17 August 2017 at 04:48 PM

Damn Walt....you made the Big Time! All over a WaPo comment thread!




Not a bad article.


It's worth picking through some of the comments to pick up on the mood of the hoi polloi.


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 17 August 2017 at 05:02 PM

Yeah....that only took about a week! Hit tip to Wilbert though for not calling for Sugar Frosted Barry O's enshrinement upon Rushmore like Snitchy Al proposed.


Thanks Fish,, Gotta head into enemy territory now and then. Just leaving my own "piles" for the Left to deal with.

Don Bessee

I have to say its awfully frishy that a guy who once let a black guy talk to his office is running around calling everyone racists. I really have to tell my friends at CORE and the IFBC know some pasty faced guy from lilywhite land thinks I am a racist. They will get a good belly laugh and would likely pray for his socialist soul. What a maroon. ;-)


re: DonB@5:43PM

It's just another variant of this.



We have these asswipes demanding anyone in history who owned slaves to be removed from history. Old news. Now here is a thought. The vary same people should look into their own family history. And you can bet, that a good percentage of their ancestors may have owned slaves. Those that find out that their own kin owned slaves should immediately apologize and commit seppuku. It's only right. One could say they were born on the back of slavery.
Hay! Your Great Granddaddy owned one, so your as guilty as hell, just by blood. Yes. Guilty of your (fore)Fathers's sins.
Nope,, there won't be many takers. Cowards.


Now that Russians have been replaced by Statues as the primary problem facing the US (who cares about healthcare or jobs after all), I was considering how it might play out for political purposes.

First you have to decide who is properly evil. Slave owners? CSA soldiers or statesmen? Soldiers from the Indian Wars? Abraham Lincoln? There's a lot of negotiating to be done here. Court cases depending on the state. Statues? Name of cities? Roads? A big long mess. No proper museums allowed of course, this stuff needs to be disappeared.

There some chance that it ain't gonna be contained with digging up Nathan Forrest's body with eager shovels and calling it a day.

Lots of protests, public vandalism (named after Vandals for a reason), pulling down of public monuments of most anybody, lots of hue and cry and damage and spray paint. Plenty of opportunities for some folks to really deface the public landscape depending on their own POV.

You can end up in some really strange places once the ball gets rolling.

Bill Tozer

Concerning the 17aug17 update:

Let's jump right to the source. It's all about Natural Law. The Declaration of Independence, the Constituition, the Bill of Rights are all about Natural Law. Individual rights. Private property ownership, the economic distribution system outside of government ownership....all antithetical to everything our progressive desire. They lust and lust and lust for the Constitution and yes, the Declaration of Independance to be torn asunder so the new Social Justice can be achieved at last.
This also explains why our progressives' wanton desire resembles Communism and not socialistic Nazism. They are Marxists at heart. Their first love. Change the name, spray perfume on it to hide the smell of rotting flesh, give it a good douche, yet at the end of the day, it is still Marxism.

Marxism and Natural Law cannot cohabitate the same space. No "Coexist". The individual with private property rights is diametrically opposed to everything our progressive Leftinistas cherish and hold close to their bosom.



As you gentle readers may recall, I mentioned that it's common now to quote news articles via archiving services, screen captures and the like since the media has this new habit of changing the past as it sees fit.

A natural reaction to this:


So, now 'ethical' journalism consists not of running retractions, but of altering the original story. It's an interesting conundrum of the digital age, perhaps it's reasonable to change the past.

Also notice their enemies in all of this when you run purely anti-Trump or anti-Right articles, those are the people you come up against. I'm not sure what 'Right' means exactly. Nazis or Republicans or 'people from Oklahoma'. Perhaps they're all the same thing.

Step two, of course, will be independent archiving services that don't ask permission.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

- some English guy


In other alt-left censorship news


Note: gab is a free speech alternative to reddit.


An interesting observation from Nassim Taleb


retweeted by Taleb:


I'm thinking about how one might properly define a radical alt-middle. Compromises in public policy (healthcare, ecology) between the two sides, favor US citizens (the point of a country after all), advancement based on merit, but to slough off the race/gender/SJW/crazy white guy trappings you see online, in schools, on the street.

A common culture wouldn't hurt. The alternatives tend to include Yugoslavia or Singapore, and I don't see the latter one happening here.


SCENES,the LIBertarian Party is the party of the ALT-middle.

Freedom of choice on everything, you can swing your arms whenever and wherever you want, just not in the vicinity of someone else's nose unless they hit you first.


re: Gregory@8:28AM

I think I'm suggesting something with a stronger government presence in the things I mentioned. If the trade off is national health care along with yanking the identity politics people and departments out of colleges, I'll take it.


re: Me@9:24AM

This is a bad place to argue the case one way or the other, but I'm thinking that my alt-middle would also tend to fire up antitrust law to a far greater extent than many Libertarians might like.

I'm afraid there's some likelihood we'll go down more of the same however. It's usually wisest to bet on visual trends. I've been thinking a lot about this post:



On another matter, a prediction:

A push for the US version of the Great Firewall of China.

There'll be a strong tendency for US-hosted websites not meeting the standards of groups with political power, some heinous websites, some not. They'll move to Russia or wherever. Part 2 is a barrier based on national boundaries.


Now the head of Fox News James Murdoch thinks Trump is beyond belief. Trump is definitely adding to history.



Posted by: Scenery | 18 August 2017 at 10:02 AM

Jeez Keachery....when have you ever cared what anyone associated with Fox News said!

You morons can't even troll worth a damn!

George Rebane

The question that won't go away re the violence in Charlottesville - Would the lamestream even have covered the permitted white nationalist demonstration there had not the planned assault by anti-fas occurred?

Am I the only one who has noticed that EVERY leftwing first person description of events at the riot is NOT borne out by videos of the violence, including the disposition of the police? Both sides came equipped to rumble, but it took the second arrivals to create the desired event.


re: GeorgeR@10:46AM

I can't say that it's an age-old tactic, but it has worked darn well in the post war period. You attack somebody, wait for the response, make sure that the news camera is there, howl piteously.

In terms of whether the MSM would have shown up, of course they would. As I understand it, the Nazis weren't invited, but were likely enough to show up that it draws cameras like honey. With proper editing, that kind of thing makes for brilliant entertainment news. Scott Adams' model of mass hysteria needs feeding and it will be fed. Not a bit of this will make sense in 200 years of course, probably not in 20.

That isn't 100% of the violence of course. The guy in the Challenger hit a car that hit a car that killed a person (and then backs up at twice the speed in a straight line, darned remarkable). If premeditated, a whole different situation. There's so much video out there, that I expect that the trial will ferret out a tolerably true account.

Paul Emery


Would you support and or attend a rally where there were a significant number of supporters wearing and displaying Nazi or White Nationalist symbols?

George Rebane

PaulE 1105am - NO.


Paul, would you support or attend a rally where there were Black Bloc and other armed Social Justice Warriors intending a ruckus?

Barry Pruett

Really Paul? Really. I am disappointed that you even asked George that. Folks can be pro-America and not racist. Geez.

Paul Emery


No I would not attend

I'm somewhat clumsily making the point that we can support a cause and not support a march or rally. I am in favor of local jurisdictions (Cities, Counties and States) making these decisions (statues in public) and I distrust those on either side that are using local issues to further their ambitions.


So, for three weeks running the KKK marched in Charlottesville and were roundly ignored. The fourth weekend, a riled opposition with clubs and other weapons showed up to kick ass. Ass got kicked. Someone died.

I find it interesting that we've heard NOTHING about the neo-Nazi age 20,with diagnosed schizophrenia and bounced out of the army during Basic for not being able to 'meet the training objectives', who was driving the car. I wonder if he's so pitiful a wimp he's being kept underwraps... if he went schizo when the crowd started going nuts around him and was both lashing out and trying to escape... not exactly the sort of neo-Nazi to parade in front of the cameras to whip up a SJW frenzy.

I note the photo of the car as it is beginning to plow into the crowd has damage where the photo of the guy swinging the club showed hitting the rear bumper hit moments before.

George Rebane

PaulE 1142am - Well hell then. I must have made that very same point even more clumsily, because that was the thesis of my commentary and comments in the sequel, and in most of the years of this blog. Gotta try harder.

Barry Pruett

Truth Bomb. I am so sick of the nonsense.


George Rebane

BarryP 1229pm - Good one Barry. Now how can we encourage our lefties to take a deep breath and watch this?


This should be an interesting trial, although it might all fizzle out in a plea. Rather like Zimmerman (or Rashomon for that matter), everyone will build a narrative and find facts to suit.

Really good still images here. If you click they'll enlarge.


Worth considering. The brake lights are on plain as day right before he hits anything or anybody. That boy is a piss-poor terrorist.


More adding to history.......

AUGUST 18, 2017 SMASH ALL THE THINGS! New Orleans’ Joan of Arc Statue Vandalized With ‘Take It Down.’

Wait, which side did she fight for in the Civil War?

Hey you proglotard idiots this is the side you're defending!


Barry Pruett

George at 1:05p. Doubtful. If we are talking about the 6000 KKK members out of 330 million people, then we are not talking about piss poor education in the inner city, generational welfare, generational poverty, black folks killing other black folks, and jails filled with young black men. These issues are real heartbreaking issues that need to be resolved and on which progressives never help. Money does not solve anything. The answer is prosperity. The eighteen year old young black man in the city with a nine to five instead of being so poor his whole life that he ends up in a gang is a lot less likely to kill a four year old little girl with a stray bullet. How sad is that and it happens all the time in Chicago. Heartbreaking.

It is incumbent on all of us to fix our economic disparity in the inner cities. Folks should not have to live like that. It is un-American. But let's ignore that and pretend everybody is racist. Are there racists? Uh yeah. They were marching in Virginia. Is it right to protest racists? Uh yeah. Racists are stupid. Are racists a minority? Uh yeah. Is it right to beat someone with whom you viscerally disagree with? No. Now you're both stupid. We don't need to beat racist with baseball bats. We beat them with superior ideas because we have the high road and the virtuous path. We are all created in God's image. Remember racism is dumb. Period. But sometimes you just can't fix stupid. We'll keep trying but eliminating all racists is impossible until you can fix stupid.

Oh well. Enough of the rant. Let's keep talking about racism while we work to solve the other economic problems too. Multi-task people.


re: Jeanne d'Arc

lol. Is this for real?



Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 18 August 2017 at 05:14 PM

You have doubts?


Seems that the $PLC is a believer in the philosophy of "Kill....err...accuse them all, Let god sort em out!"

Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'...


Bill Tozer

Well, I ain't here to defend ole Dixieland, but after reading about what they are going to that little French lassie, Joan, I now see the reason why many of those statues of Confederate generals mounted on horseback have the horses' behind facing north.


Darned clever those ACLU guys.


It's a way to bail out from assisting groups on the Right while still saving face.

Their mamas didn't raise no fools.

Bill Tozer

And word from PETA yet concerning the toppling of horses?

Crap! Not the Latinos are going after redheaded white guys! Redheaded white guys don't have it that easy, for Pete's sake. Ok, everybody put your grievances out on the table, lay it bare in the open, and get it off your chests. At this rate the table will be piled high with all of humanity, nobody excluded.


Piper Laurie's Former Shrink

Still winning there you old white supremacists? Ah Ha ha! What a freaking joke. Funny watching all you retired old white geezers from your blue county spending all day ranting and raving while the Oranguatan in the White House has the worst week for a US President since Nixon 1973. Love it. Did you hard right Repubbies and white nationalists really spend an entire week figuring out a way to defend the indefensible while much of the rest of the GOP gets that Trump has crossed a line of no return? Rats jumping off the sinking ship en masse! Never seen anything like it. And to think Mr. Mueller (that's pronounced M.U.L.L.E.R) is still weeks away from indictments of Trump confidentes. Its going to get better and better to watch you guys twist and squirm. Great entertainment! Still winning, ha?


re: Piper Laurie's etc. etc.

"Did you hard right Repubbies.."

Well, that's all the hint you need as to the author. I can't say that I'm surprised.

Keeping in mind that Trump is an effect, not a cause, I'm mostly interested in trying to suss out the endgame. Is this the end of the West, or just one of those every 50 year sort of shudders?

I admit that the hysteria on the Left has a kind of religious flavor, but the groups in that coalition don't strike me as tightly bound enough with a kind of internal logic or creed to pull off any kind of New Order. You can certainly make the argument, and this will hit in Europe first, that injecting a huge cadre of rather militant people with a different religion/language/appearance will give you a form of politics normally seen in prisons over time. The warden and guards will have to amp up control or risk continuous riots and eventual dissolution.

I guess thinking that is what makes up a "white supremacist". Noticing becomes a revolutionary act.

In any case, culture can transcend taxonomy, as Taleb notices:


It appears that the few dozen angry gingers in Charlottesville are on the wrong track, but then so is the Committee of Public Safety that so dearly wants to remake this country.


An interesting angle to The Troubles, and the MSM's role as an active participant, is that you have to go to *Chinese* news sources for something that's tolerably straightforward and factual.


re: Historical side note:


re: Polls. I believe that Trump knows his base.


Todd Juvinall

These "clashes" are nothing compared to the riots we experienced as a country in the 60's. But the "journalists" today have nothing to compare the ones today since they were not alive or are too lazy to review. So we will get this frantic reporting every day and be told how important this all is. Pussycats.


So that's how it is. ANY speech that is said by the Right is hate speech. Anyone Right of center in now a Nazi, or Klan member.
The ONLY protected speech these days seems to be from the Left..


re: Walt@8:46AM

and by making half the population into Nazis, including a sitting President, you normalize Nazis.

There's a funny logic to all of this.

Bun Bun

The minorities are rioting again just like in the 60s. Only now the minorities are KKK, white supremacists, Nazis, and other pasty faced racial purity types.


Still Leftists, rodent.


Newspeak dictionary:

riot - noun. A noisy demonstration attacked by peace-loving groups waving sticks, breaking windows, beating down reporters, throwing urine filled water balloons.


Newspeak dictionary:

speech - noun. Something that is spoken; an utterance, remark, or declaration. If objectionable enough, is functionally identical to violence. Proper response by peace-loving groups is to meet with equivalent violence.

Bill Tozer

From Scenes @ 5:14 pm, 18aug2017.

"On Monday, more than 200 SJW zealots held a protest inside the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to take down the supposedly “racist” statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt. The protest’s organizers, NYC Stands with Standing Rock and Decolonize This Place......" blah, blah, blah.

Well, rather than pointing out the Native Americans "owned" blacks slaves, white slaves, slaves from any group they could carry off, including slaves from other Native American tribes with much glee (especially any settler's or other tribes women and children, but really really liked enslaving the young maidens),......rather than point that out, I will simply say three things:

1). Of course the SJW's attacked the Joan of Arc monument down in Na'lens, I figure when you are taught nothing in school about history, you know nothing about history, save for the list of grievances which somehow get taught with abandon. New Orleans has had the flags of Spain, France, the US, the Confederacy. and currently the flag of the US (again) fly over that city. Wonder if the statue of that French gal Joan is in the French Quarter? Who knows. All I remember about the French Quarter was carrying my hurricane glass, staggering from bar to bar down the street stepping over a few fellow drunks passed out on the sidewalk. Might have been a statue there. If so, I paid it no mind.

2). Never liked Teddy going off on safaris to Africa and shooting elephants for sport. That seems so wrong. Kinda contradictory as well since he was an advocate of protecting natural beauty and nature of the land by establishing nation parks.

3) The real bottom line (my point) is "200 SWJ zealots" carried out a protest INSIDE a museum..... 200? 200? 200 SJW zealots? Oh my, drop everything, kiss their rather overweight large round behinds and say, "Yes Masta, yes Masta" and tear down Teddy the Rough Rider Roosevelt's statue.
200 zealots can get rather loud inside a museum of Natural History. Now wait cotton picking minute. Hmmm. If we are going to move statues of historical figures inside museums, I don't think it will satisfy the 200 zealots one bit. Moving the statue around ain't going to appease the fanatic zealots. Needs to be melted down and sold as scrap. Hopefully the recycled scrap comes back as an electrical car in the name of poetic justice.
Inside a museum does not take care of Teddy's affront to visitors, be it in the entrance or in the basement.

“A stark embodiment of the white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted,” pontificated the group of protesters in a statement. “The statue is seen as an affront to all who pass it on entering the museum, but especially to African and Native Americans.”

The silver lining is we are dealing with a handful of asswipes. 200 SJWs? They can kiss my behind and go pound sand. 200? Lol


When are the statues of Bill Clinton coming down?

Bill Tozer

Going back to the "event" last weekend, the hidden story....nay, the buried story, is how many reporters, news folks, and journalists on the street covering the Antifa side were beaten, attacked, and assualted. Guess those zealots don't like cameras taking pictures of them. Hey, I can understand. If I am going to go out and crack some heads, the last thing I want is witnesses and evidence. Odd, OWS in Oakland beat the stew out of a network little reporter (Asian gal) when she approached them with a camera crew. They called her all sorts of nasty names as well, committing the unforgiveable sin of calling her the C word, not to mention racial slurs.
No witnesses! No cameras! No records! Just like what the reporters were told when Bubba and the Attorney General met for a quickie on some tarmac in Phoenix.

Bottomline: if I ran a news organization and my reporters were assualted, injured, and pummeled , I would be shouting it from the rooftops and make it the lead story.


This is almost as ironic as Doug KKKeachie referring to us as pasty upthread!

FACEBOOK bans nationalist's accounts over hate speech...

But keeps ISIS videos?


Bottomline: if I ran a news organization and my reporters were assualted, injured, and pummeled , I would be shouting it from the rooftops and make it the lead story.

Some must be sacrificed that the narrative might survive! Personally every time a reporter gets their noggin split, regardless of which side is administering the blow, I like to think an angel gets their wings!

Bill Tozer

Bunghole Bunny @ 9:28 am

The only pure race are in-breds.
Because I did not support our President's (Obama's) policies, I was called a racist for 8 years. Because I support our President's (Trump's) policies, and am called a racist. Just no pleasing some folks, I reckon. No use trying to get on their good side either.
I would tell the Lefties to go look in the mirror, but that would be a waste of time. Rather strange that if and when they look into a mirror, no reflection is seen. Gives me the heebee geebees.


I had a couple nice conversations with "normal" people around the nation. Not into politics, never go on blogs, busy with their happy lives, and get all their news from TV. Like most folks do, catch the evening news and start calling it a day.
The common denominator of these folks is that they have slowly become disguised with what's on the news now and turn off the TVs. The bias is all to apparent to them, my non-political friends. I just listen and then they move on to more important matters of their lives.
I may be wrong, but perhaps most folks outside the bubble feel the same way. School is starting, gotta be at work in the morning, and make a shopping list for tomorrow night's dinner. I think despite all the 24/7 ruckus and Trump Derangement Syndrome, the average Joe Q. Public just ain't all that into it. Do wonder how much of the population they respresent. Judging by the 2016 election results at all levels, I figure they respresent a rather large bloc of Americans. Just a guess.


George Rebane

It becomes more clear by the hour that there are millions of the leftwingers, and only a few thousand at most of the accursed neo-Nazis, KKK, et al. So to make their entire assault on constitutional America to have even a smidgen of acceptability (let alone reason), they have to identify and attack as white supremacists everyone else who doesn't agree with them and their desire to fundamentally transform America. If they don't succeed at painting all of us conservatives, conservetarians, libertarians, ... as racists, then it would be obvious to all others that their rage is much ado about nothing, save promoting their one world agenda under a global Leviathan.


the hysteria continues...







The wisdom of John Podesta:



The Boston Fiesta is afoot (h/t to Wm. Shakespeare)


Todd Juvinall

I submitted a 750 worder to the Union and the Sacbee. On Trump's defense. What are the odds of publishing? LOL!

Bun Bun

Commenting here on an ethnoreligious purity site where I am the minority makes me feel like one of the many fine people who were marching around the confederate maypoles last weekend. We shall overcome! Just another poor misguided soul who has lost his way?


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 19 August 2017 at 11:39 AM

In reference to your link above.

Confederate Flag Looking Tiles to be Removed from Subway

As seen on Instapundit, "...because all the other infrastructure work in NYC has already been completed!"


Posted by: Bun Bun | 19 August 2017 at 11:54 AM

You probably want to loosen the Hefty bag cinch on your head occasionally. I think you'll find it helps clarity of thought immeasurably Bung.


"In a feature story on Antifa protesters who physically assault those they disagree with, CNN lays out the narrative that the leftist protesters are driven to violence in an effort to achieve peace."
The only one really causing the violence ARE the Progressive brats.



Seriously, I wonder what the difference is.

Tim Pool: Why the Left Won't Do Interviews. [8:55]


George Rebane

bun 1154am - Do you have any idea or control over what you write, or does the processing go no higher in the spinal chord than around the belly button level? "ethnoreligious purity site"??!! I'd ask you to cite some evidence for that, but I'm not sure you would understand the question.

Todd Juvinall

Boston showed that when the cops are allowed to do their job peace reigns.


25 quatloos say "bun bun" is Keachie.

Another persona divorced from Reality is Frisch, whose hit piece at Pelline's reads, in part:

I know that George Rebane would claim that there is some hair splitting difference between “American nationalism” which he is a proponent of, and white separatism, which he claims not to be a proponent of, even as he advocates for the right of people to live in culturally similar enclaves where values are shared, never answering my questions about how in our society of laws governed by a Constitution that values equity this could be achieved.

For the life of me, the only separatist view I've detected here was from Paul Emery, KVMR's news director, telling conservatives to move out of town and move where they'd be happier (and, incidentally, Paul would be happier). And I think Frisch's "questions about how in our society of laws governed by a Constitution that values equity this could be achieved" were never uttered. Fake. Only in the mind of Frisch, who put on his ruby slippers and tapped his heels together three time stating... well, it couldn't have been there's no place like home because, unfortunately, the Emerald City of Chicago is a hellhole and all too real.


"Frisch, whose hit piece at Pelline's reads,..."

There's no action at Cartman's Place, so this is just the words of a kid who wants into the clubhouse but nobody cares. No matter. I'll happily read any long form screed he generates here and think about it.

John Medlar speaks (a major organizer of the Boston event).


Hah. I knew it was all about gingers. It's probably gingers all the way down.

Bill Tozer

@ 1:30 pm.

Well, you just had to go there, didn't ya? :). Heads up, incoming this afternoon.
I was doiing my open minded thang and going through the dial on my new fancy ray-dee-o, I listened to a guy read Engels or one of his like minded Marxist thinkers. The phrase poped out at me when he kept reading the words 'Social Justice' from the text. Aha. Social Justice and our "no fat shaming allowed" Social Justice Warriors. A connection?File that in my ever expanding Encyclopedia of Worthless Information.
Had it occurred to anyone that they are not going after generals and Lt. Generals or Joan of Arch or Teddy Roosevelt, but rather their horses? Common denominator, modus operandi (this week's magic buzz words) the same. Conincidence? I think not! So, if anybody like me is concerned that some might get triggered by Trigger, no worries. Trigger is safe on a private estate....safe for the moment.


Ok, no good memes about commies, so I will stay on the topic Add To History, and not...:

Let the historical record show, in order, these two events.



Ah hell, here are a couple of Pinko Facist ones, not in any chronological order:





Posted by: Gregory | 19 August 2017 at 01:30 PM

Another persona divorced from Reality is Frisch, whose hit piece at Pelline's reads, in part:

I know that George Rebane would claim that there is some hair splitting difference between “American nationalism” which he is a proponent of, and white separatism, which he claims not to be a proponent of, even as he advocates for the right of people to live in culturally similar enclaves where values are shared, never answering my questions about how in our society of laws governed by a Constitution that values equity this could be achieved.

One might assume that we would achieve this using economic means as it is done now in Malibu, and the Hamptons, and in Bel Air, and in Truckee, California. Certainly not a perfect solution but it does provide some features of a "cultural enclave" (similar incomes). But of course changes are in the works.....I wonder how many extra special Section 8 vouchers paying higher than the normal rate were used in Steves neighborhood?

Anybody know if Truckee has had its percentages joggled a bit since the AFFH was implemented?





"Had it occurred to anyone that they are not going after generals and Lt. Generals or Joan of Arch or Teddy Roosevelt, but rather their horses?"

It's a good point. I think that equestrian statues just simply irritate some people. A lot of them probably haven't seen one before, so maybe they think it was an invasion of centaurs in the last century.

Seriously, I'd say that there's a subset of the American population that doesn't like heroic military statues, thus the trend towards the 'wounded comrade' style as of the last decade or so.

It's something of a lost (or losing) art as large scale, lifelike sculpting is a skill that's thin on the ground anymore...cowboy art may be the last holdout.

Something you won't hear on the news:


However, on the news:

pithier version: https://imgur.com/a/uhRtq

I think I'll quit with the Newspeak references, it's too easy. At least Eastasia is out of the picture for now.

Bill Tozer

Shucks, I blew that last one. Got too fancy. Mea Culpa...not really. The historical record shows, in chronological order:

1) "And just like that, everybody stopped talking about Russia." And
2) https://www.facebook.com/lastamericapatriots/photos/a.235087906641439.1073741826.235086849974878/906341476182742/?type=3&theater

Ok, it ain't about statues or free speech or Dodge Challengers or who is the biggest David Duke of them all. Hint: that be Donald J. Trump, in case you were wondering. Nope, It's all about racism, duh.


Let the historical record show.......


Ah heck, maybe things don't go better with Coke. Aha! I can almost see the Stars and Bars.



Ah heck, maybe things don't go better with Coke. Aha! I can almost see the Stars and Bars.

I'm almost convinced to let them pull down all the confederate monuments. Aesthetics aside.... ain't no thing to me as my ancestors showed up after.....you know.....you know!

Kinda want to see what they'll go after next! And who isn't enjoying politicians of all stripes rolling on their backs and exposing their bellies in an attempt to outdo the next greasy pol and appease the mob?!


Crap....almost forgot.....they can ban Coke.....I like the more politically and racially palatable Pepsi anyway!!


Just to boil it all down.



This is how you win the media wars,



Posted by: Scenery | 19 August 2017 at 03:19 PM

Oh that's so two days ago!


Obviously, this isn't uncommon.


But it made me wonder about the logic of attack. I wonder if an important step on the way to being patched is to take a swing at somebody. More importantly, to be seen doing so.


The Purple Overeater is extolling a Yale professor of history today... thought I'd share one of the fellow's proglodyte prognostications made last May Day (when else?) at Salon:

" Historian Timothy Snyder: “It’s pretty much inevitable” that Trump will try to stage a coup and overthrow democracy
Yale historian and author of the new book "On Tyranny" says we may have one year left to save American democracy"

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future. Maybe he and Gore should get together and learn the virtues about not putting timelines on bullcrap predictions.

BTW I thank all for the thanks for posting the link to the excellent Scott Adams piece, but it weren't me that did the original posting. But I will post it here because it is excellent

And his latest

No, I've never cast a vote for President-as-moral-compass-in-chief. I also think "Dr." Terry McAteer's virtue signaling on Trump's statements after Charlottesville were 180 degrees out of phase with reality.


I guess my earlier question has been answered! I know what the next grievance will be! After Confederate Memorial statues......they're going after racist celestial mechanics!

American Blackout: A tour of the solar eclipse’s path reveals a nation that fought to maintain a different sort of totality.

Just like the old joke....."World Ending: Women and Minorities Hurt Most!"



Bill Tozer

But it made me wonder about the logic of attack. I wonder if an important step on the way to being patched is to take a swing at somebody. More importantly, to be seen doing so.

Sweet Miss Louise, Scenes, are you really that naive? You wonder? It's all about who has the bigger flapping in the breeze schlong., Scenes. Bragging rights. Hillary or Maxine?


'" Historian Timothy Snyder: “It’s pretty much inevitable” that Trump will try to stage a coup '

Bwahahaha. When your 'unconstitutional' acts consists of things like restricting visas from some countries, an act that common sense tells you is within the job description of 'President', you have to wonder what these guys are smoking. Considering restricting the gender-confused from entering the military is hardly what I'd call a political cataclysm. Imagine what a President who dealt with bonafide problems would make of this. An FDR would laugh his ass off.

No need for a coup anyhow unless GEOTUS wants to be President in 2021.

Now, unseating a President via extra-legal means might just meet that definition, but I hope the system isn't crooked enough yet. The government that erupts from that may be truly feared. Keep your web presence down or expect to move in that case, the apostates will be found and punished.

It's like a bunch of kids telling ghost stories to each other. Who knew that electing an economic nationalist would cause such trouble? It's a great time to be alive.

I can certainly see some flavor of martial law or confusion in who has the reins of power occurring with a sufficiently large external push. A truly big economic downturn, EMP/solar flare, plague, great big civil insurrection (although I expect that a Vigilance Committee would also arise in that case), but those things are textbook Black Swans.


re: BillT@5:27PM

Call it a rhetorical question, a soft version of making a point, a hint thrown to the breeze. Extra points for me for working in 'patch'. Gangs have their own internal logic that hasn't changed since the time of Adam's kids.

re: Fish@4:37PM

RFLMFAO! You guys are killin' me here. That Atlantic 'science' article is great.


A nice little story.

Make of it what you will.


Bill Tozer

Gregory: read the other Scott post. Tanks a rocket.

Boston Baked Beans. That Trump says things In a way that drives them so far up the wall we have to pull them off the ceiling. Sweet.

Darn, Trump really does not even think like a politician. It's truely amazing.

Relax. This is what we are up against:


Boy, they sure loved Trump when he was the race baiters' Sugar Daddy. Every single black group in NYC from tiny neighbor gyms and community centers on up to the big green would hit Trump up and not be turned away empty handed. For years. Decades. Even got a reward presented by Rosa Parks herself. What a friggin racist that Trump is


Also for years now, The Botox Queen Nancy has been in Congress since 1984 or 87 and she just now noticed the Confederate flags inside? Mercy. Now, that prune knows how to think like a politician. She gets an A.
Yo Fatso! You are right and so is historican Timothy Snyder. You have much to be "concerned" over and about. Much dread. Much concern. It's all lining up just as you feared.



Coupla Boston pics. Ignore any text as it's probably not useful.

Masked heroes:

White supremacists:

Excitement and drama:

The two sides:


Given that only about 50 white supremacists showed up at that gazebo, and 20k-30k masked heroes showed up for Team Blue, as a thought experiment I was considering what the results of the upcoming Constitutional Convention should be. Nothing fully fleshed out, but you might as well bow to the inevitable.

A serious version of this might be a good post for GeorgeR (hint).

Just a few bullet items that pop to mind, the Bill of Rights is low hanging fruit here.....

. Rewrite of the second amendment. Restrict gun ownership of any type to duly appointed representatives of the government, national guard, military.
. Rewrite of the first amendment. A tricky one. We already have legal censorship due to information monopolies held by private companies, but that should be codified somehow. Perhaps a list of specifically illegal forms of speech. Court cases can expand on this, but start with a list of protected groups and how they are protected in terms of speech by others.
. Rewrite of the fourth amendment. Specifically allow all 17 intelligence agencies and information corporations, under license, to search and store anything about anybody. Gotta hunt down violators of the 1st amendment after all.
. Remove third amendment, an anachronism.
. Complete rewrite of fifth amendment. A new prime directive based on equality of outcome. Some protection still exists for property as long as the prime directive is met.
. Rewrite of 6th amendment. As before, but with special handling for protected groups as listed in first amendment.
. State law goes by the wayside. In the interest of economy, a set of federal statutes are written to deal with all current state issues.


. I'll add a 0'th amendment, this being the digital age and all. Guaranteed right of permanent entry to the US from all people worldwide. Voting rights, new fifth amendment rights immediately applied.

Honestly, it would be an interest work to generate. The Antifa/DNC/BLM/progressive/Green Libertarian statement of government. I admit that they aren't all the same, but they share common interests. What would those committees generate?

Bill Tozer

Well. Let's not take away from history, let's look at it one last time:



OH yaaaaa... This makes PERFECT SENSE!!!! ( What is WRONG with your Progressive children?)

Where is an asteroid impact when you need one?


This is the Left for ya'...

"Mayor Michael Singer had trouble talking over the screaming protesters at the meeting, and eventually told them, “I’ll have to call you to order” and threatened to “start expelling” people who kept interrupting.

His threat did little to calm the aggression in the meeting, as attendees yelled “we don’t care what you have to say!” and “we don’t care about the rules!”

George Rebane

re Walt 700pm - again we are talking of millions of such on the Left and a couple of thousands of white supremacists on the other side. Both sides reprehensible; culture counts.


“we don’t care about the rules!”

An absolutely perfect motto, the feelz is the important thing of course.

"again we are talking of millions of such on the Left "

I doubt they get very far in Phoenix, although there's been a bit of peaceful rock and bottle throwing.

Trump appears to not back down a bit. I'm starting to think he has the measure of the situation, it looks like he's building a new political party on the fly.


re: Walt@7:00PM

Good video, thanks. My gut tells me that there is no room for compromise between the two sides there. The practical answer is to just maintain the status quo for a bit, but the aggressor will not allow that.

I wonder what the next step will be.

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