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07 August 2017




So far as I know, there's no Federal Shield Law.

It strikes me as a whole body of rules that should be re-thought. Anyone is a reporter (and can live anywhere) in the era of the internet and none of the reporters report news, they all write editorials.

George Rebane

Scenes 639am - Indeed. However, don't stop there. We look forward to your usually astute analysis of and answer to the question I pose in my commentary - as you suggest, do rethink the rules.

Bill Tozer

Quick! Emergency! Hurry before Trump squelches the report and it's too late! Leak it now, of mother of mercy, leak it now. No time to waste.

"But those who worked on the report are pushing back against the claims, saying the version that was obtained and posted in full by the New York Times has actually been online and available to the public for months."

“The Times' leaked draft has been on the Internet Archive since January, during the public comment period,” Kopp said.

A White House official on Tuesday said the New York Times story is “disappointing, yet entirely predictable.”


re: GR@8:26AM

I'd really have to think on it. My gut feeling is that current law concerning the press is a holdover from the days of large urban newspapers and the oligopoly in broadcast radio/TV. Modern times are slipping back into the sort of thing you saw with colonial era political tracts and 18thC-style pseudonyms, and I can't say that elevating some members of the press to a fourth branch of government makes as much sense now.

Probably what we could stand to see is not so much law, but a tendency for people to write whatever they like and for the government to actively work towards privacy. My dream is that something like the NSA exerts all of it's power towards computer security and privacy, the lack of which is much more dangerous than the occasional crime or terrorist act IMO. People need to protect themselves, of course. When it's not only the .gov but Green Libertarian corporations like Google which actively trawl your email, you've got a problem

Bill Tozer

Scenes: Did you recently refer to the game called Telephone, or was that Fish?

Wonder how long before Punch E breaks the news to us.


re: BillT.

Probably me I think. Most of the anti-Trump stuff is from a website that quotes a website that quotes a website that got it from some anonymous guy.


re: BillT@3:33PM

Climate. Bummer that nothing is ever that simple.

I just wish that the climate change folks weren't always trying to hijack all public policy with that banner in front of the march. I have a funny feeling that if you sat down and worked out truly effective ways to decrease human-produced CO2 emissions, they really really wouldn't like the results.

Mary Wanna

Trump declassifies the leaked info on North Korea to help his buddies at Fox and Friends so it is all OK! You can feel the love!

George Rebane

MaryW 423pm - Wow, would you please explain that?

Bill Tozer

Don't read the Wa Compost, but it is in any President's perview to declassify materials. The sky is falling! Only about 8 -10 hours late with that story, Mary W.

Mary Wanna

By disseminating the leaked info on his White House approved official Twitter feed Trump has effectively declassified and confirmed the leak.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. I best call the Governor and get him right on it. That Trump sure is a novice, unlike the moles held over from the Bush/Obama years. They know how to do it the right way. Give it time. Trump will be a pro at that game soon enough. Bet Trump will stop by and miss on McCain's grave in a couple of years. Golden Shower. How wonderfully ironic.

Me thinks thou protest too much. But, what do I know. Go ahead and get your mangina all a'Twitter over this. I will start making some sandwiches and lemonade. This should be fun, Buttercup.

George Rebane

MaryW 450pm - and is that not the president's legal prerogative under our constitution?

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