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11 August 2017


rl crabb

The county should have turned the ERC over to Cheech & Chong, seeing how that's where the money is coming from these days.


re: RLCrabb@6:54

Honestly, you could make that argument. The ERC could study the legal minefields inherent in MJ cultivation and sales and assist the infrastructure biz.

In terms of internet connectivity, I doubt that it's enough. All this handwaving about broadband ignores the likely result that we're talking about the bare minimum here rather than some sort of competitive advantage. It's expensive, but all communities will have to up their game. Where you spend the money first (in-town, business parks, houses out in the sticks) should be the only argument. No doubt we'll get to hear plenty from Ms. Senum about 5G and smart meters.

I might also suggest getting Sierra College to spend less on watercolor and pottery classes and more on vocational education. Not everyone is attempting to make a living at internet marketing consulting, although it's excusable to think otherwise sometimes. Junior colleges can be amazing resources, but the tendency these days is towards retiree hobbies and remedial courses to make up for poor local K-12.


If Nevada County builds the homes and broadband — they will come. That was Joel Kotkin's message at an ERC economic development summit two years ago. Was no one listening?

The homes.....don't hold your breath!

I'm sure that the same local gadfly who beats the drum for business would be manning the ramparts protesting if 10,000 new homes were proposed for your quaint little burgh! He would undoubtedly be joined by a significant percentage of your neighbors. And frankly I get it....the last thing I would want if I moved to a town like yours would be to drag bay area traffic, noise, and crowds along with me!

5G and high speed internet......wasn't this the thing the latest that Frisch was taking a flyer on?

George Rebane

fish 759am - I believe that is why RussS used the word "If"; he did not maintain that the homes could be built in this political and regulatory environment. And the recognition of the county's need for broadband predated the 'latest flyers' by at least a decade.

George Boardman

Dr. R: I assume your tongue was nestled firmly in your cheek when you quoted your friend about overhauling the legal and regulatory environment to encourage more economic growth. That would suggest our conservative-dominated Board of Super is anti-business, and we can't have that!

What they really are is anti spending money. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Forking over $135,000 a year to the ERC is an excuse for the county to avoid spending the money to establish and run a real economic development department.

While there is merit to brother Crabb's suggestion, I think Tommy Chong is too wasted from his years of indulgence to be of much help.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 210pm - Mr Boardman, I am a betting man. But no one I know would give me sufficient odds to make an attractive bet on Nevada County's electeds doing anything to overhaul our legal regulatory environment to encourage more economic growth. Agenda21 does not call for such foothill communities to grow and prosper - it calls for exactly the opposite as is taught through its ICLEIs which many (most?) of our county's government staff managers have attended. Re our electeds - I'm not sure what really happens to a person's mindbone when he goes through a campaign and gets elected. But as far as the voters are concerned, it doesn't seem to be a salutary experience when we look at their behavior in office and their determination to stay there.

Todd Juvinall

I chuckle when I read people claiming the locals have any power to do anything anymore. The last place we had was land use and the state and feds have removed most of that too. Without an economic "general plan" and zoning scheme that favors freedom you have seen the best days of California and the country for that matter. Now everyone is forced to wok within boundaries set by others. Try and build an affordable housing project. Won't happen. The laws are against that and pro NIMBY. And read the 1000 pages of zoning rules for your private property. You think you own that land you pay taxes on? Sure you do. So we will not see any progress here or anywhere in California unless you have the money to fight the lawsuits and delays. Just the facts as sad as they are. Sorry.

George Boardman

Of course, Agenda 21! Why didn't I think of that? What's the matter with me?

Todd Juvinall

Are you aware of the eco left manifesto for the Sierra's. They did this years ago and SBC has been their implementing counselor.


re: The NCERC.

It would be amusing to sit down with all of their plans, budgets, reports, since it was dreamt up and see they all came out.

I don't doubt that everyone involved is well meaning and honestly believes that the organization is valuable, but those kind of postmortems can really tell you a lot.

re: GeorgeR@2:40PM

The infamous Agenda XXI aside, I can't say that the country or city governments have much to say about most regulatory rule sets. It's a lot to ask just to keep water flowing, potholes filled, and riff-raff from taking over the street. Judge for yourself in what areas they excel, it sure isn't the last one listed.


Not 'country', it's 'county' of course.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 319pm - Now I don't know what makes me kinda think that you believe all this talk of Agenda21 is a bunch of bunk amplified. But I do wonder whether you have ever checked out UN's Agenda21 plan for the 21st century, and whether you have investigated who all at the Rood Center have attended workshops at the local A21 ICLEIs. Then you would really discover what might be the matter with you ;-)

Scenes 342pm - Now if you could ever reveal to me how I can evaluate today's progressive initiatives by laying "the infamous Agenda XXI aside", I would be deeply obliged.



George, use all your journalistic skills and just march up to the Rood Center and interview the County Staff. Make note of those that answer your question: "Have you ever attended an ICLEI conference, training seminar, or other educational events?" Note the number of yeses, note the number of evasive answers, and then give us a report, like the great reporter you are. Or you could search the CEO's Newsletter where he reports on staff members attending ICLEI training events. While you are doing your research check out the Nevada City and Grass Valley city staff and ask the same questions. Once you understand Agenda-21 the lack of economic development makes a lot more sense. Do not miss out on this valuable insight.

Russ Steele


In 2010 Nevada City was included in this list of American Cities supporting ICLEI Sustainability

I have included a list of 544 American cities in which ICLEI is being paid with tax dollars from city councils to implement and enforce Sustainable Development. ICLEI is there to assure that the mayors keep their promises and meet their goals. Climate change, of course, is the ICLEI mantra.


They are no longer listed as an ICLEI member organization, but were once on the list. The Internet WayBack Machine is a wonderful research tool. You should try it some time, the Interent never fogets.

Russ Steele

Correction to Russ@06:23 it should be directed to GeorgeB@03:19pm


Regulations are the #1 reason for "unaffordability" That's just the way it is.
And which side of the fence just LOVES regulations? (never read one they didn't like)
And don't blame the county in total(yes the County isn't blame free) Most building and land use killers come from the state. Then comes the local yappers who sue anyone who makes it through the reg. gambit.
IMM anyone? Yes, just bleed'm dry, and claim "high tech" will take the place of the mine.(Uh,, no they didn't) Tourism was to save the county.(yet shops closed in droves)
NOW we have dope to save the day. Yup, that underground economy kept us afloat they say.
Now that dope is the new savior, vary few will actually make a legal buck off it.. You can thank "regulations" for that. Sorry "Mom and Pop" growers, you didn't grease the political hands.(Yes,, I told you so)
BTW.. NID is going to stick it to ya' for big bucks All of a sudden you need a second water hookup to grow your weed.(and tomatoes) So now you know what the mine went though.
As they say, what goes around, comes around.


GeorgeR "Now if you could ever reveal to me how I can evaluate today's progressive initiatives by laying "the infamous Agenda XXI aside", I would be deeply obliged."

Honestly, I doubt that the average 'progressive' has any clue what that's all about, and I'm personally not sure that it matters all that much.

But, not to de-rail my main point, I've never had the impression that city or county government, and especially the elected folks with a big-chair-and-microphone, really control much of the regulatory structure. Building codes, federal and state law, public employee unions, a million traffic/safety/health rules, threat of lawsuit, etc. really drive most of the bus. Things they have some control over like general plans, zoning, and the like take years to grind through the mill. The fun thing is to listen to council or supervisor candidates, especially those who haven't held office, carry on about things that have nothing to do with the job.

I'll defer to Mr. Juvinall on those matters, but I don't think I'm far wrong.

Bill Tozer

Hey, giving some outfit 130k is a lot cheaper than hiring yet another County department head for about the same amount, but leaving the local taxpayers on the hook for health bennies, vehicle, and unfunded pension liabilities. Sure, the office is free, but not the computers and IT guys to keep it going.

If the ERC only gets 130k from the county, that is only 130k wasted and cheaper than hiring a lone Department head without staff. At least the ERC has a small staff and volunteers....for less. Akin to hiring the Homeless guru at the county. What, a lone county department head will end homelessness as we cover the cost of bennies and perks.....for only 110 k poured down the drain. A bargain at twice the price and half the price. As if we need another coordinator to write reports on problems much bigger than herself and beyond her control.

Are there problems out there? Big complex problems? You bet. Solution is always to hire a government worker and throw money at it. Won't fix a thing, but it makes us feel like we are doing something. Do something, even if it's wrong. It's the thought that counts.

If you can't fight City Hall, might as well join their team. Can't hurt too much can't help much as well


re: BillT@9:45AM

I have to stand corrected in any head shaking I do at things like the ERC. You're absolutely right.

If you semi-privatize county offices and staff them with volunteers, especially in these non-critical (ie. everything that doesn't matter) areas, you can save a boatload of money. At the same time, you can still claim that you're doing things for 'business development', 'diversity', 'getting the kids to quit smoking', 'sustainability research', and the like.

That's really pretty brilliant.


ERC, rent seekers?


George Rebane

re Scenes 954am - another good example of how non-profit service corporations can be put to good use -

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