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13 August 2017



Have some porn for Paul.

Nope,, not looking good for the "establishment".


Worth a look.

While they think of it as analysis, it's obviously a form of opposition research. OTOH, it's not a bad introduction to the animal, just bear in mind the inherent bias in a thing like this.

Bill Tozer

@ 5:54.Scenes, are you telling me that saying 'George Soros' on-line makes me an anti-Globalist? Guilty as charged. I be on the freign of society, in the deepest darkest bowels of the Internet. How cool is that!

Oh boy, I see some other phrases I used. Guess I better get up and shave my legs so I look all purdy like when the come to take me away and grab my thing! Hope the grub is adequate. Beggars can't be choosers.

In related news, my two almost favorite gals, Diamonds and Silk, are getting booted from YouTube. Getting booted? Darn hard to find then for 3 months now. Gotta dig to find them. Darn. I will miss those fine articulate women. Hey, there is always Twitter, until get booted off there as well.

Breaking news! Unruly protesters protestin' hate and abhorant hate have surrounded Jerry Lewis's statue and are pulling it down! Words out and Jerry's kids are forming a counter demonstration to counter the counter-demonstration. They are on the march, but the way they are moving, I fear theywill arrive too late. Alas.
There is that asswipe John Fremont's name again. What a loser. Now, that man was a real hater and Nazi before Nazi was a word. Wiskey, Tango, Foxtrot. That plague is still there? It offends me. Tear it down!!!

George Rebane

PaulE 237pm - Not even close Paul.

Scott Obermuller

From the 'green libertarian' -
" will be Republicrats as usual as it has been for at least the last 150 years."
It's kinda odd that Paul has never complained about a single Dem that I can remember.
Other than - "I only helped put him into office, but wimped out when I realized he lied, but I never actually complained about the fact that he lied - I only complain about Republicans lying"'
Or - "I didn't vote for her, but have never once voiced a single complaint about her - it's only Republicans that are evil".
And remember when the Nev Co BOS didn't swing the way that Paul wanted about MJ?
Suddenly Paul is all about 'local control'.
They can vote for anything they want and it's totally legit. And Paul has always voiced total praise for the local elected officials.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 20 August 2017 at 07:22 PM

I'm glad you mentioned this because I really don't see Punch behaving the same way if Hillary wins. Some tongue clucking and occasional disagreement over some minor point but not the constant obsession over popularity polls and "Can't wait to watch the Pubbies get rid of him......gonna be fun" schtick that he seems to be enjoying of late!

Don Bessee

Gentlemen, gentlemen, it is somewhat sad to watch the Russian dressing doused po' ol' party parrot have to slavishly carry that water like a good drone. Gotta run, I have to get back to the vast right wing conspiracy. ;-)

Scott Obermuller

And he's still POTUS. And Hillary Clinton isn't. Winning!

Bill Tozer

Oh Pollin' Pablo Pauchy, what will we ever do with you? My my. First you were all happy that you FINALLY got one right after your too embarrassing to watch screeds about Golden Shower and no way will Trump win the electoral college and a whole long string of being ass backward wrong. But, finally you could balance the books by getting one thing right: "Bannon will be gone tomorrow."

Ok, that's cool and Heaven only knows you needed a drop or two of good news for once, just a sip of water on an alien hostile hot barren planet.

But noooooo! You could not leave well enough alone. Just ain't in ya. You started listening to those voices in your cracked melon and went off on Bannon is a drug crazed sex fiend....or was that a sex crazed drug fiend? Sorry, but to call it right now you gotta prove Bannon, aka Mr. Porno King snorting lines off young ladies' torsos, really is a meth head with an erection lasting more than 6 hours. Or, was that just your usual fakenews man thang, your modus operandi, if you prefer?

So, adding up your statements you posted the day before Bannon left to be Trump's outside of government control rabid attack dog, I figure you did not call that one at all. The sum of the pieces equals the whole. Close, but no cigar and no blue dress. I reckon in your case, the sum of your posts equals the hole.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Oh boy, this smells of dirty rotten Nazi racism all over it. Trump is a horrid creature.

Todd Juvinall

From my twitter feed.

The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change

Paul Emery

Made some solid foreign policy positions Toee. Did you read the link to Ron Paul?

Todd Juvinall

Never read him. He is your hero and I consider him on the edge of sanity. So what government do you want when the two partys are toast? Still never answered that simple question. Are you a chicken sh**?


It's news like this that will keep Trump in office.

Paying jobs are better vote buyers than welfare checks.

Don Bessee

If anyone is paying attention to the after action details on our recent disgusting series of deadly military incidents? It is an avoidable toll of our finest. All the lefties and their craven 0 admin as well as his enablers in congress own those deaths. Those families of HEROS all got SEQUESTERD just like we all got OBOMACAREED. How many Cops this weekend? GOD BLESS the people who serve us all! :-(

Bill Tozer

@ 9:39 pm

Well, well, well. I seem to recall Pauchy Punchy declaring unequivocally that he will not address anyone who does not refer to his highness as Paul, or Paul E. Another lie. Perhaps another lapse in memory.

Credibility issues come with the territory for our fakenews folk, some more afflicted than others. It's like it's ingrained in in their pathology.


Make of it what you will.

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