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05 October 2017


Todd Juvinall

The US Constitution leaves the elections and the ways of choosing their Congressmen up to the states. It is pretty unspecific. The SCOTUS should bow out.


Ooooh look……..common sense gun control!

NRA Caves On "Bump Fire Stocks," Says They Should Be "Subject To Additional Regulations"

Looks like the NRA decided to sacrifice a pawn…….


Don Bessee

"Liberalism is white supremacy" according to BLM who shut down an ACLU event at the College of William and Mary. UH OH lefty civil war is breaking out. What does that portend for dem turnout next year? ;-)

Scott Obermuller

fish at 1:06 - Yeah, throw 'em a bone. Once we ban bump stocks, gun violence will go away and Chi-Town's monthly blood bath will cease. Stupid device - has very little to do with rate of fire past a certain point. You can only throw so much lead through a un-cooled barrel before you have problems. I've heard semi's popping off in the BLM lands nearby and some of those boys can pull a trigger pretty quickly.
It's all a big show of BS anyway. You can still legally buy all the components of a Timothy McVeigh style truck bomb and do in hundreds. Heck, that guy in Vegas could have just loaded up one of his aircraft with plastic gasoline jugs and pancaked it right in on top of the crowd and 58 deaths would look like nothing. Humans are so stupid, it makes you wonder how we managed to get out of the caves.
But, of course - "it's a step in the right direction".
Until the next mass murder, and it starts all over again.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 05 October 2017 at 07:28 PM

Indeed......best line I saw re the horrible evil, evil springs that can be fabbed up and integrated into a standard buttstock in someones garage in an afternoon....."A remarkably stupid yet effective way to turn money into noise"!


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 05 October 2017 at 07:28 PM

Indeed......best line I saw re the horrible evil, evil springs that can be fabbed up and integrated into a standard buttstock in someones garage in an afternoon....."A remarkably stupid yet effective way to turn money into noise"!


....and of course Instapundit weighs in most effectively!



Bill Tozer

I once did a report on “domestic violence” among teens. Stabbing granny 80 times, that kind of thing. Every school shorter was on head meds. So, this is not surprising:


Now, it is oblivious to the most casual observer that Botox Queen Nancy is insane, and after signing the Santuary State bill yesterday, Jerry Brown is criminally insane.

Bill Tozer


Harvey Weinstein, the chronic serial sexual abuser/predator of young women has announced what he will do to atone for his long list of evil deeds. He will dedicate his life to end the existence of the NRA. Oh, the libs love that! He is a friggin hero. Now, why didn’t Bill Cosby think of that? At least OJ is out and can continue his life mission to find the real killers of his wife (the one he beat the crap out of) and Ron Goldman. The real killers of Nichole Simpson, Ron Goldman, and all the people in Vegas is the NRA.

Liberals are insane,but we all knew that. Politics trumps race, gender, and the confused.

Bill Tozer

Re: Do black lives matter???



Your going to LOVE this one.

Never rent to someone with the slightest foreign accent.

Scott Obermuller

George - my posts are disappearing when I hit refresh.

Scott Obermuller

California Dems lead the way to stop gun violence.
Since guns are the problem, we need to give folks who shoot randomly into a crowd a lesser sentence.

Scott Obermuller

There was a hyper text link in the post - is that causing the problem?

Scott Obermuller

Just need the last one posted - no need to re-post them all.

Bill Tozer

Violence. Well, it ain’t violence if a gun was not used.

Did you vote for Prop 57 in the last election? Well, it passed. Pay particular attention to the list of what are considered "non-violent" crimes. Your "YES" vote gave these perpetrators consideral benefit including early release. And it looks like rape of someone unconscious or drugged and human trafficing involving a minor is on the non-violent list. Was this a good idea? California, you are about to find out.

“Violent” felonies per P.C. 667.5
 Murder
 Attempt Murder
 Voluntary Manslaughter
 Mayhem
 Forcible sex offenses
 Rape in concert
 Robbery
 Arson
 Kidnapping
 Carjacking
 Certain gang offenses
 First degree burglary where victim is present
 Any felony punishable by death or life in prison
 Any felony where D inflicts GBI
 Any felony in which a gun is “used”

Not “Violent” felonies
 ADW - deadly weapon & force likely [245(a)(1) and 245(a)(4)]
 Battery with Serious Bodily Injury [243(d)]
 Solicitation to Commit Murder [653f(b)]
 Domestic violence [273.5]
 Inflicting corporal injury on a child [PC 273d]
 First degree burglary [PC 459]
 Rape/sodomy/oral copulation of unconscious person or by use of date rape drugs. [ 261(a)(3) & (4), 286(f), 288a(f)]
 Human trafficking involving a minor [PC236.1(c)]
 Hate crimes [PC 422.7]
 Arson of forest land [PC 451(c)] causing physical injury
 Assault w/ deadly weapon on Peace officer [245(c)]
 Active participation in a street gang [186.22]
 Exploding destructive device

And all this time Obama was working behind the scenes weakening what constitutes a violent crime in the eyes of Immigration judges, thus lowering tons of felonies to misdemeanors. An illegal alien could rob you at knifepoint, but since a gun was not used, it was just not quite a robbery....it is classified as some other violation, a non deportable offense......not a the state level but at the immigration level.

Give them hell President Trump....

Scott Obermuller

re Tozer 7:28 - My previous post was about SB620 - it's on the Gov's desk, but in light of the Dems braying about gun violence, it might not go through.
from Fox and Hounds
" Yet SB 620, which has been sent to the Governor for his approval or veto, would loosen penalties for those convicted of using a gun in a crime.

Multiple shots fired during a drive-by shooting into a crowd of innocent people the shooter didn’t know, striking one–that’s the crime committed by the person Senator Steven Bradford picked as the poster boy for his legislation. It is truly puzzling why this attempt to kill multiple people was chosen as an example of why penalties for using a gun in a crime should be lessened."
Guns are the problem, not folks using the guns. Just seize the bad gun and melt it down and let the shooter go. That's the ticket.

Bill Tozer

I strongly disagree with this meme. How can you possibly lose what you never had? Riddle me that, Batman.


Now on a more serious note, if Dems would stop shooting each other, the homocide rate would drop 90%.

George Rebane

Administrivia - Apologies; am on travel with sporadic connectivity. Hope I've gotten everything erroneously collected in the spam folder posted.

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