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15 October 2017


Scott Obermuller

I was going to say I'm more of a 3,3 but could easily drift around that neighborhood depending on how the winds are blowing that day and the mood I'm in.
One could easily introduce a 3rd dimension based on societal norms and acceptable public behavior. It gives me no end of amusement that the wild and crazy left wing hippies have the most problem with what kind of conservative?
Why - the homosexual and/or non-white and/or dope smoking sort.
Drives them crazy. That sort of conservative might be no more right wing than old Brother Bill, but by God, they are now all NAZIs of the worst sort according to the left.
It's no secret to those who visit here that my foundational beliefs are based on reality and scientific fact. This also drives the left crazy as they want to pretend that reality is relative to the ever changing 'needs' and 'rights' of humans.
Let the games begin.


I am with Scott, a 3,3 sounds like a good starting point, the more free markets and the less government regulation the better.

My guess, we are only going to hear crickets on this post from the left. Our lefty commenters will be unwilling to commit their true beliefs.

Scott Obermuller

+1 for Russ. I think you had more than a guess. Lefties have true beliefs. They are a mile wide and a nanometer deep. And they change according to whom is asking. And what the situation is. If it pertains to their own personal behavior, they are libertarians - if it pertains to those they don't understand, or don't like, they are total fascists. At least they have some sort of regularity.

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