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27 November 2017


Todd Juvinall

I thought both columns were very good. Of course, that nut Steve Willer is ripping into Sauer on the Union comments under his post. I returned some of the fire. GeorgeB is coming around as he sees like Reagan did. The democrat party has left him behind as they travel way left.

Don Bessee

Its awfully funny that same folks who screamed cultural appropriation at every Halloween costume last month are using a false racism line defending fauxcahantas today. Wouldn't lizzy be the racist for stealing affirmative action points from the real ones? Why not use a war hero Navajo event to slam the woman who made a career off phony Indian heritage? I would like to hear what the code talkers think of her stealing a slot at Harvard that was meant for an American Indian that could have gone to one of their families.


Scott Obermuller

Boardman's column was OK as far as it went, although it was mostly a lot of 'the sun rises in the east' type of boilerplate. Why not write that column a year ago?
Had to wait until the dust settled to find your morality?
"That's what you should expect when you mock or dismiss the patriotism, religious beliefs, and conservative social values of people."
Funny - Boardman is guilty of doing just that on a regular basis.
"The party's post Trump proposals look like they were written by the Sandernista wing. "They apparently will be funded by taxing businesses out of existence."
Been that way for decades, Boardman. Do try to keep up.
"PRESIDENT TRUMP apparently prefers an accused sexual predator to a liberal in the Alabama Senate race …"
You can be 'accused' yourself, Boardman - do you have some kind of proof?
Are we now supposed to not vote for anyone who has been accused?
Clinton had credible accusations of forcible rape against him. Maybe Boardman will provide the links to the opinion pieces he wrote against folks voting for Clinton.

Don Bessee

Don't hold your breath Scott O. ;-)

Don Bessee

The Clinton mafia in full swing and how may of those folks are still doing the backstroke in the swamp on the left side of course.


Bill Tozer

Concernin the Russia-Syria-Iran-Democrat Party-North Korea’s connection, it’s certainly a snake pit. Saw Iran threatened to nuke the crap out of Europe yesterday or the day before. Hmm. I thought Iran was merely seeking uranium and centrifuges for domestic energy production. Weaning itself off fossils fuel...”oil, that gold, Texas Tea. Going green and all that carbon footprint stuff. Nuclear electricity production.

Sidestepping the Russia-Syria issue, allow me to focus on Iran. Iran is the number one threat to the entire free non -Muslim world. Us. You and me and everyone we see daily. Iran truly craves for the day when it’s all out destruction of the globe, the blood is flowing like a river so many feet high, and the little boy comes out of the well. To bring this to pass, only an all out launching of nukes raining down on all free people’s heads will make their top wish come true. Unprovoked first strike to get the boy out of the well. Amnagedom, then Peace on Earth if you will.

This makes ISIS look like schoolboys playing a improv game of baseball in a vacant lot after school. Not enough blood so Caliphate just won’t get the boy out of the well. Iran has the motive and will have the means sooner rather than later.

To take a page from a frequent poster here, allow me to connect the dots.

Obama/Hillary sell Russia our uranium. Russia sells the yellow cake to North Korea. North Korea. The US sends pallets of cash to Iran so they can buy from North Korea the stuff needed to blow the hell of The Great Satan, Little Satan (Israel), Europe, and other unsuspecting countries. Blood must flow like a river in the streets. Gushing.

Sweet dreamies.


The Future by Daimler Benz

Note the sentence that computers will be smarter than humans in 2030 also all future inventions will involve your smartphone, including monitoring your physical health.

My comment, unless the government intervenes. I will soon have an embedded continuous glucose monitor by Dextron that is compatible with smartphones, but to get it paid for by Medicare I had to sign an affidavit that I would not use my smartphone only a crappy little black and white display provided with the device. Dextron promotes the use of the smartphone. I will soon be questioning this government control of my health. Stay Tuned.


Posted by: Russ | 28 November 2017 at 10:19 AM

…..but to get it paid for by Medicare I had to sign an affidavit that I would not use my smartphone only a crappy little black and white display provided with the device.

Safe to assume that no rationale was ever provided for this requirement?


fish. Dexton said to contact Medicare when I asked the guestion. They had already bent their spear fighting the issue.

Scott Obermuller

Russ - thanks for the link to the article. I would say I find it fairly accurate with a lot of scepticism about cheap electricity and the 100 dollar farmer.
One thing that seems to never be directly addressed is the multiplier effect on the number of needed jobs staffed with humans due to increased automation and AI. The biggest reason there will be less noise, traffic and collisions isn't self driving cars - it's the fact that almost no one will be going to work. And all of the side trips, errands and other collateral movement will cease. How much of our economy is tied to the fact that a goodly percentage of us go (or use to go) to work every day? Not only will machines be taking over needed tasks but a huge number of tasks (jobs) will simply disappear.
I predict many govts will actively forbid much of the coming automation as a way to preserve their economy. How successful that will be is an open question, although my money is on total fail. I'm not sure if it still does but the Japanese govt used to forbid direct selling from wholesalers to large stores. They deliberately forced the population to put up with an openly inefficient chain of supply to allow lots of mom and pop type of small stores to operate in small shops as a way of keeping the older population employed and enable most people to shop easily within walking distance of home for most of their needs. What they couldn't lug home on their own, they had delivered - another large employment possibility. It meant much higher prices as the goods went through several un-needed layers, but the off set was full employment.
So - there is certainly history with a govt not allowing efficiency.
The Amazon effect is the polar opposite. And in our constant striving by certain govts to be 'green', greater efficiency is a big key to being greener. A person that stays home watching TV all day is greener than a productive person that travels to work and has a lot of outside activities.
A population of drugged, VR addled eaters living on their state issued stipend has got to be the greenies dream for humanity.

Scott Obermuller

We're all going to die. Once again the left wing idiots trot out their ignorance and proudly display it for all the world to see.
So the hurricanes are worse than ever because the total dollar value of damage is higher than ever.
Why are people like this allowed to handle sharp objects and drive cars?

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Matt Lauer is now done for. These perv democrats are Paul Emery's heroes! Better get some new ones Paul.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 29 November 2017 at 11:02 AM

Garrison Keillor too!

Todd Juvinall

FISH, really?

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