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08 January 2018


Paul Emery

apparently Bob did not read the final recommendations the CAG group made to the Board or Supervisors to be presented tomorrow. I don't have time to do line by line comparison but here are the final recommendations for you to look at.


Jaye Smith

These so called MJ experts that local governments are hiring, are not worth the money. The county should just look a air photos of the county and create a new zoning classification for MJ in areas that are already dotted with big grows. At least that would be a start. Since the grows are already there, non growers who don't like it would want to move but because of the zoning restrictions they might be able to make some money on their properties if they sell.


Well Jaye,, apply that same logic to mining, and see how far you get.

George Rebane

Walt 1155am - Are such mining and cannabis growing 'logics' commensurate - i.e. make the case that they are.


Well George Mining has gone on in some form or fashion just about everywhere in this county. Try doing that today. Yet those who are pro weed think they can grow "big" anywhere.
As Smith says,, " air photos of the county and create a new zoning classification for MJ in areas that are already dotted with big grows."
It costs millions to get one little mine going out in the boonies.(legally)
And that's doesn't include the tree humper lawsuits that are numerous and expensive.
Yet we are now seeing just how destructive dope growing is to the "precious" environment, but no bitching from the usual suspects.
From "clear cutting" and illegal grading, unpermitted structures
diverted water courses, and over use of fertilizers... Hardly a gripe to be found.

If you just happen to find a gold deposit on your property,( luckey stiff nonetheless) just what makes you think you could extract it?
Your better off these days making your big bucks (and with less hassle) turning the house into a dope farm.

In this county,,"weed good!...Mining,,,BAD....."

George Rebane

Walt 1237pm - I wasn't able to either derive an applicable 'logic' from your explanation, nor did I understand how legalizing existing grows on remote private parcels necessarily comes with all the destructive practices you cite. The new ordinance would necessarily contain constraints on how to responsibly grow the weed. What am I missing?


George. Getting a permit to mine is damned near impossible.
Unless your willing to shell out BIG bucks. And that's still no guarantee. Today, anyone can grow weed. Yes, even you.

The mines didn't close because they ran out of gold. Thank big gov. of they day. The price was fixed below profitable extraction costs.

Bottom line,, no,, your not going to operate a mine in this county.

I give you the Idaho Maryland Mine fight.(Grass Valley)
The Blue Lead. (Boondocks )
All spent plenty to play by the rules..

Don Bessee

I just wanted to note that I am still covered by the CAG code of conduct until the committee is disbanded tomorrow afternoon and am unable to comment until then. ;-)

George Rebane

Walt 103pm - What does all that have to do with the upcoming MJ ordinance? Are you telling us that because it was "damned near impossible" to get a mining permit, it will be the same with permit to grow weed in a county designated/zoned region of private parcels? How do you connect those dots? Do you have privileged info from the Supes that the rest of don't have?

DonB 116pm - you mean all the MJ comments you've been giving us have not violated the CAG code of conduct? How about giving us some more of those then until they untie your tongue?

Don Bessee

Dr. R- I have kept in the lane on my comments but I have things I wish to address and will after I am released tomorrow afternoon. ;-0)

Don Bessee

Lets stir the pot.


Paul Emery

Of course they support more law enforcement Don it's job security for them. Remember law enforcement opposed the 21st Amendment that tossed out prohibition. If we left ut up to law enforcement it would still be illegal to have a glass of wine with dinner. sheeaz,you're so obvious and predictable.

Don Bessee

I thought that @425 would get your pony tail twitching. lol ;-)

Bonnie McGuire

As I've often said, I love the first Amendment because I value educational free speech. What others have experienced bringing to my attention helps me to see a bigger picture. Those who think they know it all because they went to college suffer from tunnel vision they learned before hands on experience. That's only the beginning of a lifetime of experience and learning. When I look at the Hubble photos of the universe, and all those planets, and galaxies that exist, we know nothing about them. How can anyone think they're an expert on anything. Today I read about Chief District Judge Gloria Navarro (Los Vegas) ruling that federal prosecutor acted with willful disregard for constitutional rights of Cliven Bundy, his family and militia leader Ryan Payne for failure to properly turn over what some claim to be over 1,000 pages of evidence over to their defense lawyers.
I remember all the biased news destroying those so-called nobody citizens that were being slandered by other ordinary citizens who believe and follow what direction the media is told to follow. Sorry, but I remember overhearing televisions Channel 3 reporters hoping their interview with my parents wouldn't be edited. I now realize this was part of my real hands on education.
And I realize this would appear not to have anything to do with the subject at hand...except it does. The problem with most in America today is that although they applaud the sacrifice of all our beloved men all over the world supposedly for OUR freedom, those in charge of America and education have no education and understanding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Consequentially, nor do most people. This is the problem we're having in America regarding the war within. If they did they would automatically feel when rights and the law is being manipulated and being abused. They wouldn't be throwing stones at those who said something contrary to the smooth talking handsome salesman.
The marijuana problem should be obvious. Who gets to control the money of something anyone could grow at home if they needed it for medical purposes? Human rights, or something else? If you're a sincere Environmental advocate, think about the stink and pollution. If you're an elected official pray about it and consult God and our Constitution. Yeah, I know you think I'm a ding-bat...but ya know what, I've seen and call it my God given education I now love. We're all being educated and being tested by a higher intelligence.

Paul Emery

How does it feel Don to be a hero in the illegal MJ cultivation scene. Nothing they want more than to have the Feds take over because no one will be around to enforce the law. Don you see NCSD enforcing Federal law? Do you see squads of feds romping through the fields? Can you imagine the impact and expense on Federal courts.

Anyway go for it Don and be their hero. Might even name a pipe after you. How about the Bessee Bong.

Don Bessee

It seems that not only did it set the pony tail twitching it made it burst into flames! @819 ;-)

Bill Tozer


Did you not just say on air “we will have to wait and see” concerning the Session’s statement to your interviewee? I just started laughing. Imagine Punchy saying “we’ll just have to wait and see” about anything. You are one funny old man, Punch.

Boy, one hour he speaketh one thing, the next hour he doeth the opposite. Keep digging Punch. And please remember you promised not to reply to anyone who does not address you by your preferred name Paul or Paul E...lest you have another senior moment.

Paul Emery

Glad you're listening to my newscast Bill. Can I interview you someday?

We will have to wait and see Bill. That's a logical assessment of the situation . Do you disagree? Do you know what he's going to do? Who knows how long he's going to last. Mueller will be closing in soon and Sessions has no friends at the White House for sure and he'll be one of the first they throw overboard like they did Flynn and Bannon.

Bill Tozer

Punchy, you cannot reply to me because you said you will not longer reply to anyone who does refer to you by your preferred pronoun. You lied. Paussy, you are a friggin liar. Liar. Punchy is a liar. Liar. Look in the mirror, liar. Liar! You are a liar.

I hate liars. I don’t do interviews with frighin liars. Punchy is a bold face liar.

Paul Emery

You crack me up Bill you don't think I take it seriously do you ? Think I care in the least bit what you think ? You should stay off-line after drinking time though you really make a fool yourself

George Rebane

Gentlemen, you seem to be drifting into kindergarten name-calling that's more than a bit off topic. Please take such tete-a-tetes to the nearest sandbox where less is expected of your repartees.

Paul emery

I was on topic George before being interrupted by Bill the boozer


George Rebane

PaulE 1050am - Yes, Mr Tozer draws his copy from a wide spectrum of content, but as one who is equally adept in that department, you may want to one-up the gentleman by showing some class and adroitly dodging such slings and arrows. Your audience will take note.

Don Bessee

Even after the pot audit in Sac city you get this-


George Rebane

DonB 722pm - For the record, are you now free to speak your mind about all the goings on?

jon smith

Don B 1/8 2:08- " I have things I wish to address and will after I am released tomorrow afternoon." You must be frothing at the bit to get this secret information into the public, but . . . cat got your tongue? You were basically ignored and derided by the committee as being a kook. You have no credence, no weight, no ability to deliver. You might take this as a sign to run for office?

Don Bessee

Yes Dr. R, I have been actively exercising the restoration of my full 1st rights tonight. It seems the 'jon' had somehow imagined he mattered or had a place on that list. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Good report, Dr. Rebane. Went exactly as billed. The panel’s recommendations went to the BOS, no action taken, played out exactly according to the script. Comments were just filler and theater.

I wondered why you ran the cannabis post at all since we all knew in advance that no action would be taken Tuesday, and, not surprisingly no action taken with the usual comments from the panelists and general public. Apparently no exact details were put forth, again according to the script. Did like your Update; points 7 and 8.

The only surprise was: “Panelist Tom Cross again suggested a blue ribbon commission — a smaller group that would continue to work with the county toward a new ordinance — as well as a pilot program for a few growers.

Supervisor Hank Weston questioned if a smaller group would fall under the state's Brown Act, which requires certain governmental bodies to have open meetings. County Counsel Alison Barratt-Green told Weston that if county staff selects a technical team, the Brown Act wouldn't apply.

Supervisor Heidi Hall supported a smaller group, though Supervisor Richard Anderson wondered about that panel's purpose.” ——The Union

Well, if a broader based panel of 16 citizens was not good enough, a smaller one will? A work in progress. Gotta agree with Supervisor Anderson. After all these months and multiple meetings of the carefully selected citizen’s panel, what is the purpose of creating a “blue ribbon commission”? Does sound fishy at first glance. Try, try, try again until you like the results, I reckon.

When Government is faced with a complex problem, their usual reaction (not response) is too kick it over to a blue ribbon commission...for further study. Then when the commission’s report is finally submitted, it is torn to sheds by those who do not like the results....and the ball is back in our elected representatives laps right where it started. Sure, another commission is needed....he says be continued........

“Back to you,Tom.”
“Thanks Maria. In Cincinnati, a train carrying chorine gas derailed causing evacuation of....”

George Rebane

BillT 826am - I posted this cannabis piece due to the high RR reader interest in legalizing MJ in Nevada County, the submittal of the CAG report represents an important milestone in this saga. What progress it portends is as hazy as ever, but I did find it amusing as to how the MMJ and RMJ interests were represented as counterpoints, one more open and visible than the other ;-)

And thanks for your expansion Mr Tozer.

jon smith

DB 11:42 - I was at the BOS meeting and know a few of the audience on both sides of the issue. I can assure you that you have no weight with CAG or the BOS. You were only added (begrudgingly) to the committee because you whined like a six year old child. Everyone knew your extreme, unmovable views going in and wanted a committee that was flexible and willing to listen to opposing views with enough of an open mind to be a participant and not simply be a foghorn. It will be entertaining to hear your perception of what happened. . . and why you were treated so unfairly (again).

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 9:18 am

Thankyou for your gracious reply considering the purpose of your original post was to critique the gaps in The Union’s 1/8/18 article. Mea Culpa. Aha, that’s why you wrote it.

I was thinking the same thing as you. A retailer can buy his wares from any State Licensed pot grower. It’s not a matter of life or death. You can bet that with only 1-3 dispensaries (all in your burg) in all of Westetn Nevada County for now, the local yokels will damn sure be looking outside of our County when they get licensed. Like, how many growers will it take to fill demand for patiences with medical scripts locally?That would be like having 18 plumbers looking for work in the little town of Washington.

Sure, the dispensaries should buy local first as good business practices and great goodwill, but if push comes to shove, you don’t want empty shelves. And our local dispensaries will also be damn sure to have growers from nearby counties courting their business. So much product, so few outlets. Figure GV will have a big ole dispensary in due time and undercut its rivals. Called Cannibas Outlet or something.

Another aspect we are flying in formation on is recreational vs. medical. I miss Patty Smith. She was Florence Nightingale for sure. Single issue: true suffering patients. Didn’t give a hoot about recreational pot. First to say the illegal patches and irresponsible folks were giving her passion for herb medicine and advocacy a bad name. Screw them. I told her that the black market guys don’t give a crap about her or medical Marihuana. They just see dollar sign in their eyes and the others no longer want to live in paranoia about getting busted.

We all knew from day one that this was all about legalizing grass to consume at one’s pleasure, just like buying a fifth from the liquor store. I remember in the late 60’s that guy in the grey VW bus standing on top of his van holding up his big cardboard “NORMAL” sign in from of the VA in Santa Monica. A regular fixture to the entrance to the grounds. Drugs, sex and rock-n-roll.

As a sidebar, read yesterday that hip-hop-rap garbage has finally replaced rock-in-roll was the new #1 listened to genre and the Lefties have screwed up seduction of the opposite sex for the rest of us for awhile. Guess that just leaves drugs. ;)

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