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20 February 2018



On health care, Trump offers up affordable coverage, and LIBS go blind with rage.

I'm sure all our male LIBS went and got mammograms and pap smears that was in their mandatory "O"care coverage.

Robert Cross

And here I thought the CFPB was created to protect citizens from grifters like Wells Fargo and instead they were instituting socialistic practices designed to disrupt the American way of life.


Try reading any contract before you sign it Bobby. Before taking out a loan,be sure you have the ability to pay it back. Concept above your pay grade? Need a gov. agency to do it for you?

Scott Obermuller

R Cross 3:06 - You bring up a good point about Wells Fargo. But the CFPB didn't stop it from happening nor did it really do anything about it. I honestly have no idea in the world why anyone would bank at Wells Fargo after all of that came out. All that needed to happen was for all of their customers to go elsewhere. Wells Fargo goes belly up and the other banks take notice and start playing a lot nicer to folks.
But Americans are too damn stupid and lazy to spend 10 minutes switching to another bank. So, they like being abused. Everyone has their kink.
I stopped doing business with banks over 40 years ago. If you don't like them, why do business with them?

Don Bessee

Botox Nancy does not care about the CFPB excesses, she has her own bank and is getting called on it!

Are you in abject poverty?" the woman shouted at Pelosi, who is routinely listed among the wealthiest members of Congress.
Pelosi and her husband Paul Sr., a Georgetown-educated businessman who runs a venture capital firm, are worth about $100 million.

"We're not talking about that,"


Scott Obermuller

I remember Boxer being called out about the House banking scandal. She replied - "Oh, and I suppose that Hitler balanced his check book, too".
I blame plenty of Rs as well as the Dems but claiming that balancing your check book is some kind of NAZI thing is just too much.
No wonder we are buried in debt.
Oh - I know - Paul Krugman thinks that more debt will clear things up. Well, at least he did until Trump came into office. He sings a different tune now.
Oh well - as long as we can look forward to a cashless society, who cares?
They'll keep putting zeros on just ahead of the decimal point and we're all good!
Bit coin, anyone? Ha ha ha.

Don Bessee

Keep it up Nancy, keep it up and those deplorable crumb snatchers may give us a veto proof senate-


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